More than 500 firefighters working to stop the wildfires

The American Red Cross is helping more than 300 evacuees in shelters
4:24 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for More than 500 firefighters working to stop the wildfires
Imagine what those scenes a lot of people definitely would have to evacuate so we have Carlos Herrera from K Eckstein The Who was actually at one of those evacuation centers Carlos Harry doing and what's happening where you are. Well people are definitely started to wake up this morning you can feel the tense in. People not knowing what to expect not knowing what is going I spoke to a man inside of this shelter earlier this morning he tells me. He is a know anything about his family has an if he and his home is okay he does doesn't know what to think at this point more than 300. Evacuees are incited this church. Here in Chico right now there actually a serving breakfast they're being given out warm drinks water blankets sweaters and counseling services. As needed but again this seltzer is a one of three here in Chico that is already active pass. I'm Carlos when it when you see this sort of situation I'm I imagine people are asking like. When they may be able to. You know when the destruction may end inmate when they may be able to you know restart their lives again what do you hear from people what are they saying. I'll tell you countless people have come attorneys van asking what we know so far here's what it's looking like outside of this church not say usage imagine people looking for updates. They gather around this set up here right outside the church. And they're looking at their local news watching and hoping to hear the latest on the evacuations. On their homeless people hoping to know. From their family members in this has been the case. All morning launch is about 4 AM today people asking lots of questions in fact. We have Nicole are weird in here assume that actually who lives. Inept paradise when I asked you where you live where you and actually you tell me lo what's left of paradise right. You booths. From all the pictures at this in. On my phone that seems thank. Let me start area appear diocese. On. It police spent the night here in your car you work kind of turn away from this shelter. We must be returned a rain we reckon that the in and my mom wasn't comfortable. Without the dogs that we slept on an art car but we are checked in here so we can't get help if we need. Can you describe what you size you may your way to the seltzer. Lot of traffic. A lot of people trying to is it where they need to go. People blocking. Fire engines which was really upsetting my mother and I because they can be going to save your home. And a first coming down the hill to seeing the fire going up. Where is your home is your home OK as your family okay what are you know so far. As far as saying no I'm about 95% sure that my home is gone. I was over behind ace hardware down in the valley where the fire was coming up so we're pretty picture ours has gone my mom is here with me. And freezer and we got little closed little food but only enough for a couple days. What do you feel to think that you've had me go back to paradise and find out they're home is in there. Where. We've pretty much. Resigned ourselves to it we're hoping that her curvy and the still. There are so we can hook up with this real on there and do stuff. We're not but we're not expecting to find anything when we get it. Who collecting Q now many concerns this morning hats this seltzer in fact as I mentioned earlier this is one of three. The American Red Cross ulcers and Chico but there are capacity people who aren't walking in this morning are being told. That he should go to other shelters are in place by other local organizations by lots of concern because on the highways are closed there are no. Access to any motels or hotels in the area. In fact the closest gas cease into this seltzer is about three miles away. Is closed until further notice because they are completely out of gas I spoke with that manager that pastiche in this morning he doesn't know when. They will have more fuel so again highway 99 clothes no access to hotels motels have no gas. The concern here is what exactly are residents going to deal if this area. It is put under an evacuation order. Thank you so much Carlo CNS's this is hard to imagine.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"The American Red Cross is helping more than 300 evacuees in shelters","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59087575","title":"More than 500 firefighters working to stop the wildfires","url":"/US/video/500-firefighters-working-stop-wildfires-59087575"}