72-Year-Old Earns Black Belt in Taekwondo

Wayne Cooper, a Vietnam veteran, trained for the test while battling prostate cancer.
4:09 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for 72-Year-Old Earns Black Belt in Taekwondo
It brings back memories when you look back -- your life. -- police say you've accomplished think I was sick for seven years old for 72 year old -- Cooper senior graduation picture there's little he hasn't done in at a military achievements in my surprise. They awarded me this -- star and the purple heart -- two rounds through the shoulder and wanted to head wound round he received a master's degree from Harvard -- big Stanley and retired after a full career. But for all of these things there's one goal that he's always eluded him. Well Wayne has been the last four years here jobs. Once I became involved. I just could not quit his trainer grand master -- -- didn't know what to make of it occurred. The older gentleman walks in -- -- the program enough thought. Bus and maybe see -- bodies and grandkids. And that it -- for himself. And now like me his class. And his black belt major difference is. I'm all not to be -- grandfather most of the students east testing for just like anyone else -- special room. It began had that he cannot participate in the past this weekend and -- cannot do all the curriculums that all the all the kids in order August has to do. He's not -- one day -- com. Confidant. And ready to do and in the -- Today I'm a basket case. -- kind. The two -- test. Starting with a one hour run -- tell -- -- more than enough time had saying. I heard 4050 years ago to teach some life -- used there's a wonderful. Why wasted on the young. I think about. Walking is allowed tired how old are you but there is no stumping not for Wayne not after all he's been through hey we did it -- And -- bearing interest. So desperate. His family watches on knowing how much this means to be so -- -- is trained to muscle tears and strains and type one diabetes. Ailments that would stop a man half his age. But he's biggest hurdle was going to radiation prostate cancer so I don't know how he. The state and going through chemotherapy for eight weeks of testing for his last -- -- and -- survivor and never relented. There were many tough and difficult parts were was injured. The cancer treatment. You go on on Iran illness. Did not give up. Probably not -- he continues to have tests to make sure the cancer stays in remission. But that's not the test he's focused on today. Even though this -- testing will take over fourteen hours he doesn't seem to. Money do you know any thing in life. That is worthwhile. That is not a lot of work. As many -- -- -- -- Stanley anxiously waits to see if he's pass -- I brought my camera. -- that name after name is -- I -- Fun. Representing a lifetime of and by his reaction. Bill Clinton in this crowd would be against just how old the newest -- -- actually lose. -- -- Then and then and nobody could blame him for savoring the roar of the yeah. A thousand eyes he was not -- in his black film. He earned it. Everybody has her own life story -- -- so when you look back on your life have no fear. Have no fear police say you accomplished don't quit keep going. Lessons from a man who has never stop trying to realize his dream.

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{"id":24064064,"title":"72-Year-Old Earns Black Belt in Taekwondo","duration":"4:09","description":"Wayne Cooper, a Vietnam veteran, trained for the test while battling prostate cancer.","url":"/US/video/72-year-old-earns-black-belt-taekwondo-24064064","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}