72-Year-Old Suspect Linked to Serial Killer Probes

Samuel Little's alleged involvement in three Los Angeles killings leads to question in other cases.
2:03 | 04/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 72-Year-Old Suspect Linked to Serial Killer Probes
LE PD investigators were stunned by Samuel -- rap sheet. A one man crime spree they -- even before they arrested him for the murder of three Los Angeles women. Little 72 years old is linked to crimes in 24 states starting at age fifteen. But he served less than ten years behind bars and he just kept on moving. Just the fact that he has been in so many different states and -- active in criminal activity for. -- 55 years of his of his life. And now LE PD cold case detectives are discovering more. What they believe is the trail of a serial killer. Who traveled coast to coast and was -- by dam murder by night it began with evidence gathered in the 1989. Murders of Carol Alford. Audrey Nelson and while the -- -- daka. The victims strangled and raped in and in usual way. Detective shared details with police agencies across the nation earlier this week. Asking them to look at -- cold case murders -- DNA was not down on the victim's body but on her clothing. In Mississippi a quick response brittle had been arrested for the murder of twenty year old Melinda Dupree in 1982. But there was not enough evidence -- to hold him. -- sort of thing we've gotten national -- -- witness but still his history. In the identical nature of the crimes that he's committed. Hours -- set to take. And in Macon Georgia the victim doing too little was Kimberly passenger in 1982. Her husband remembers the day she was down. She had found her body and they want me good Macon Georgia and empower. -- -- -- -- -- And today even more calls are coming in to LE PD. People that are calling me saying -- -- address in my state I don't know why doesn't shop I -- when he was with -- PDs outreach agencies nationwide now hope to solve many of their cold cases. And bring closure to victims' loved ones. He'd be very. -- being rate good. I'm my -- Barbara Clayton.

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{"id":18933371,"title":"72-Year-Old Suspect Linked to Serial Killer Probes","duration":"2:03","description":"Samuel Little's alleged involvement in three Los Angeles killings leads to question in other cases.","url":"/US/video/72-year-suspect-linked-to-serial-killer-probes-18933371","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}