80 million Americas expected to receive stimulus checks Wednesday

As communities continue to “flatten the curve” by practicing social distancing, President Donald Trump ignited controversy by speaking on moving forward and reopening the economy.
6:03 | 04/15/20

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Transcript for 80 million Americas expected to receive stimulus checks Wednesday
From the moment the magnitude of -- nineteen really hit many of us started wondering. What the future would look like life post corona virus will that's what the president and governors and so many Americans are really focused on now. What is the best way forward. And what will that new normal be. In California today the governor described a plan to reopen including temperature checks mandatory masks and Noelle large gatherings all summer. But first the present. Eighty million Americans are expected to start receiving stimulus checks by tomorrow and another grim day here in the at the center New York City. Surpassing 101000 and after adding nearly 4000 people to its death still never received a test in dying outside of the hospital. The city's health commissioner bounced to correctly count every death saying behind every death is a friend a family member a loved one. Tonight president trump in several governors are on a collision course as far as who has the power to reopen. Doesn't all come down to making a choice between saving the economy. We're saving lives are Tommy Imus has more on that and where officials fear is becoming the next epicenter of this pandemic. In head to toe protective gear members of the National Guard on the hunt for invisible killer. This is no lap heats and nor seen holding Massachusetts the guard there to test residents. And tonight it's growing increasingly clear these facilities are the new epicenter of the crisis. Nursing homes have been an increasing issue. Because that is the U vulnerable populations in the vulnerable place tonight ABC news morning 25%. Of Covert nineteen deaths in New York State. Or in nursing homes an adult care facilities in Massachusetts. It's nearly 45%. And in Philadelphia a stack Greene 50%. In New Jersey we've seen first responders evacuating residents. Adding just one facility in Richmond Virginia the canter bury nursing home. 45 people have died three in the past 24 hours all of them from the corona virus. We were. Barely able issue. Give it basic here for pesos at the beginning because of the staffing shortages as these clusters emerge we are seeing the virus sweep across the country. Louisiana reporting its deadliest day yet. As the tool in that state rises above 1000. Every one of these numbers two through. Person it's one of our neighbors it's one of our friends at somebody's parent somebody's child. We're also seeing outbreaks in a handful of states where Republican governors have resisted imposing stay at home orders. South Dakota now home to one of the largest corona virus clusters anywhere in the US. Nearly 450. Workers' and a pork processing plant in Sioux Falls or sick. And more than a hundred people who came into contact with him are now testing positive the may hear begging the governor to act. We're growing increasingly concerned about. The need to mitigate that spike before. It overwhelms our hospitals. With south Dakota's governor insisting a statewide stay at home order wouldn't help. I always keep my eye ball any changes. Instead. Not make decisions business TV deal. Overly optimistic. Governors now fighting two battles one to flatten the curve the other to plan for the day they can reopen their states in California governor Gavin Newsom envisioning what life might look like when that happens you may be having dinner. With a waiter wearing. Gloves may be a face mask. Dinner where the menu is disposable governors on the east and West Coast bidding together to strategize. But the president who resisted calls for a national shut down. Now insists he will decide when the country will reopen for business. The ultimate authority the president of the United States. Calls the shots it prompted a backlash. Basically could be declared himself king trump and this morning on Twitter the president compared the the outcry from governors to a mutiny. The president is clearly. Spoiling for a fight on this issue I put my hand out in cold rolled. Partnership and cooperation with the present. If you want to fight he's not going to get it for me. And Tom joins us now from New York City Tom what we're hearing president Shimon multiple governors talk about flattening curve is good but let's be clear I mean there's still a lot of cases. And a lot of deaths have you gotten any sense in the calls that you've been on with governors if there's a number that there are looking for before reopening. You know lynching that there's no more. To do this to me and we even heard that with California's governor today Gavin Newsom talking about they don't want to do this too quickly. But I think we're shocked a lot of people are sort of what the California governor said about what the post pandemic life me looking like. Go into a restaurant. Having a waiter Wear gloves with a disposable menu wearing a mask I think that that may shock some people but maybe that's what it might take to put people back in restaurants. I think people are still trying to figure all this out and we're still weeks away no one wants a rush isn't ready when doctor Randy Goji set as your in my report. May first may be very optimistic we could still be weeks and weeks away and see. Talking about reopening the doesn't mean it's happening right now. All right Tommy honest thanks so much.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"As communities continue to “flatten the curve” by practicing social distancing, President Donald Trump ignited controversy by speaking on moving forward and reopening the economy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70151957","title":"80 million Americas expected to receive stimulus checks Wednesday","url":"/US/video/80-million-americas-expected-receive-stimulus-checks-wednesday-70151957"}