Nearly 90 Injured in Bay Area's Biggest Quake in 25 Years

Northern California residents grapple with the aftermath of earthquake.
4:31 | 08/24/14

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Transcript for Nearly 90 Injured in Bay Area's Biggest Quake in 25 Years
Good afternoon I'm Lindsay Janice at ABC news headquarters in New York with a special report and a powerful earthquake that jolted northern California's wine country. The six point oh magnitude quake centered in the Napa Valley. Area near the count of American canyon it struck just before 3:30 AM Pacific time. The biggest earthquake in the Bay Area in 25. Years damaged buildings across -- but. And that this -- -- home park on fire the flames -- burning for hours. California's governor declaring a state of emergency nearly ninety people have been injured -- reporter Laura Anthony. Is that our habits of affiliate kgo she's live in Napa tomorrow what's the very latest. Well -- -- I'm actually at the Napa Valley mobile home estates here we can show you exactly what happened here at missiles devastated for. For families -- this mobile home park. They felt the earthquake many of them got up. And then almost immediately this mobile home and I'm standing closest to went up in flames now presumably according to witnesses and firefighters. It was a gas line break. That was one thing. Then fire crews arrive rather quickly within a few minutes when that when they got here there was no water. Water mains had broken several of them in the area that had no water pressure. So something for something like fifteen to twenty minutes these firefighters had to stand here and watch these homes burned. With no water available Christie didn't to stand and they did what they could lead to get residents out to try to prevent the spread of the flames. But say it was quite a period of time before the fire department was able to bring in -- I don't know water tenders. And get some water on these mobile homes but -- -- can see these three in the immediate area where we are. Burns to the ground completely six -- eight others here heavily damaged a lot of that due to the heat from these fires as you can see they were quite hot. Good news is though no injuries no fatalities. In this particular area so in that situation. Everything seems to be pretty good relative to what's going on and the rest of Napa Allard any -- -- Anthony. For ABC news. Laura what I begin tell us a little bit more about what's going out what's going on in the region as a whole the types of damage we're seeing. Well besides this Alex's -- -- the -- damage -- -- a couple of other fires we know at least one other mobile home burned and another section of town. I believe there's been one -- two house fires as well we also have roads that have buckled. There's at least one bridge to -- close to make sure that it was you know safe to travel on. And then of course the largest damage we've seen in terms of what looks more like earthquake damage as opposed to the fire. -- in the downtown area some of -- historic buildings in downtown Napa for anyone -- visited that would be the courthouse. Some of the wine. Wineries have had says -- substantial damage. Expensive wines you know all of the ground obviously that kind of damage is going on throughout the Napa region. As far as beyond that I'm not hearing of a lot of damage obviously people felt it. Four miles and miles Lindsay and painful are also just heard about these aftershocks that we've heard -- 11. Relatively big one at have you felt any of them. I actually have not so I certainly felt the main events that I -- in my live probably 35 miles from hair down closer to San Francisco. Felt that actually didn't think it was as big as it winds. -- -- -- -- -- Try to go back to sleep obviously I couldn't be. And sound so when we did not feel I have not felt any aftershocks Chris even run an up and down the street and and reporting on the story so. If there has been one at least I haven't felt it. Right -- Anthony thanks so much and those of those ninety injuries only a few only three are expected to be serious so. -- -- -- -- reporting live from -- but thank you ABC news is monitoring these developments around the clock to get updates on -- top stories you can -- -- on the ABC news phone apps. And we're gonna have a complete wrap up later on world news and on Good Morning America of course I'm Lindsay -- the New York -- birthday.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Northern California residents grapple with the aftermath of earthquake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"25105244","title":"Nearly 90 Injured in Bay Area's Biggest Quake in 25 Years","url":"/US/video/90-injured-bay-areas-biggest-quake-25-years-25105244"}