90 Still Missing Days After Washington Mudslide

Officials discuss ongoing rescue efforts following massive mudslide in Arlington, Wash.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Transcript for 90 Still Missing Days After Washington Mudslide
This is a special room. -- billion billion billion with a stick. Until legacy of the moonlight night showed that sucker up through there and start waving. -- Rescuers all that stick and rushed to dig Mac McPherson out of the mountain of -- that suddenly covered -- home. He -- them to save his wife of 45 years but it was too late for that. Just one of so many heartbreaking stories emerging from the mud slide in Washington State. Hi everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in new York and they are still digging through that heap of twisted muddy wreckage today. Dozens still unaccounted for in that tiny community of -- so. Watching it all for us ABC's Kiko Padilla Fujita a -- a news conference just wrapped up what. Did they have -- today. Well Michelle we heard from the fire chief Travis -- he says that he expects that death told to go up. Substantially. Once medical examiners identify the bodies -- we know the search crews have located 25 bodies so far they haven't been able to recover all of them. The weather and that quicksand like mock. Has been a big challenge all week and that money doesn't. It also includes the trees and propane and septic tanks. Now search crews have had to tread carefully for their own safety and that's complicated efforts. -- -- calls it one of his toughest tasks we -- we -- she was found. Today -- finding and extracting his sister's body. Honor and -- -- to be able to get her summer restaurant was driving on state route 530 -- this hillside collapsed. Her car crushed under all the debris. Her brother searched for five days until crews combing the area found her. They called the Brothers to bring her home. It was -- great sense of relief. And knowing that it was my son who extracted her from the vehicle. And held her and and cried for her. There is little relief in -- with -- in his house his wife of 45 years is now gone. He still -- -- the moment the wall of mud came crashing team. I just -- billion billion billion stick. Until legacy in the -- showed that sucker up through there. That's where even before rescuers salt and and used a chainsaw to get -- out. Crews haven't found any survivors since Saturday search dogs and posters and a team of volunteers continue to comb through all over a month to look for those ninety's still missing. Knowing that grim reality some may never come home. They're they're hurting very very badly right now. But -- we saw on your piece that band of Brothers that heartbreaking story finding their sister. Our other families on the scene trying to find loved ones are waiting. Well you know search crews have really tried to hammer home the point only that they don't want these families to go out there and search on their moment for these families. Who have now been waiting for six days that wade is just so agonizing you know we've heard of families that had gone out there. Just to pick up. A book -- a family photo album anything that they can take home with them. But that cruise has -- trying to maintain. That that is not safe they do not want another -- are doing their best. To get to these -- who are still missing and we've seen the images of fellow workers trying to get into that area and of -- the level of mud that. And all the debris that they're dealing with I understand that that's also not just for. Dogs and people walking in but the equipment is not able to even take some of those this. Yeah that's right we heard from on the fire chief in that press conference he said it's like a swamp out there there's. Not just that quicksand like money keeps describing the there's also a lot of water and were expecting more rain in the forecast. These closures that have been trying to its pick up this. Pile of debris they're not able to get into some of these areas and that's really slowing down the efforts and get the sense that. These crews. Have the -- -- where -- some of these bodies are and then that's when we heard the chiefs say that that death toll will go up significantly. They just can't get to them right now because of the difficult conditions out there and at this point what other support is coming into the community to help them cope to help them. Work through all of this in terms of resources. -- it really is incredible you know we've had we -- endearing to Washington yesterday were in Arlington today -- everywhere you go to see any signs of fund raising and and in the community coming together to support we know that there have been prayers and vigils every night. End fund raisers all over the place the chief said that his daughter came to him and in said. Eyewitness only Kindle it's -- and held. These victims and so. Everywhere you look you see people rushing to support the survivors and you can expect that to continue in the days and weeks ahead. And we're hearing these dramatic stories of course -- family members reaching out. How is the community coming together and take care of each other -- -- There have been stated David prayers are people staying with neighbors in the inter. Yet we are hearing that -- people staying with neighbors we've come across. Some of these survivors it in our own hotel you know saying that there was a stranger that that put them up here because they knew they had nowhere else to go. I think this community has really been overwhelmed by the support not just within Washington State. But from the outside. You know all over the world really. So so the aren't getting that support of a -- Gilani Stanley's. They just can't begin the healing process until they know exactly where their loved ones are. Of course they're still on an emergency situation any talk about the long term. Facts and also the long term recovery program people in the community. Yet we know there was a community meeting in in the town -- -- -- -- plant -- struck. You know. The residents there. Are asking the question do we have the finances and place. Can we afford to come back here and we've built. We know that -- many mention that community mean this is a town that had been struggling financially before on this is the only and it's that anything. The question everybody is asking is. Do we have the finances to come back and also if we are going to rebuild will that bring more Johnson in black held the situation so in the long term. He can bring this community back to what it was before this disaster struck. And with the stability or lack of stability in that region there may be questions of whether people. We'll be allowed. To rebuild that area -- -- you think you so much for joining us. This has been an ABC news digital special report on Michelle Franzen in New York keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news that. And star in this story for exclusive updates. On the go.

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{"id":23087829,"title":"90 Still Missing Days After Washington Mudslide","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials discuss ongoing rescue efforts following massive mudslide in Arlington, Wash.","url":"/US/video/90-missing-days-washington-mudslide-23087829","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}