911 Dispatcher Sends Mom to Kayak Rescue

Raedyn Grasseth knew her mother's kayaking skills would benefit the stranded boater.
1:36 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for 911 Dispatcher Sends Mom to Kayak Rescue
And that's the -- as a right there right there and how long you've been -- Almost fifteen years how many times because -- -- -- job. Just want something. If your parents torture which route to eavesdrop -- -- is here to say mom and dad are always right. She was wrapping up her shift at the 911 dispatch center -- Easter Sunday when a rescue call came. A -- fell overboard at a treacherous spot here on the Columbia she was clinging onto one of these wouldn't pilots fighting fierce courage and cold water. Yeah I had my partner taking the call and I was listening to -- and he's just -- what was going on and realized that the various talking about I knew exactly where airliners and I was right where basically most my -- was at that moment. Very forceful water that's rushing through the -- are very great to -- 44 degrees the dispatchers mom -- they just happen to be joined Easter Sunday dinner at a relative's house a few minutes away. You normally call -- moment for Tom Coughlin didn't know. -- I do not her mom is also a thirty year veteran of the county's paramedic squad. She got to the bank of the river in seven minutes. I actually. Borrowed -- of the kayaks that was there at the scene and kayak out. Connection the person was okay and to be there just in case she would slip and go back into the water before the power boat had gotten what the daughter the perfect duo. What -- you -- children that he's dropped. Sometimes he'd strapping is -- especially if you can save a life.

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{"id":18870683,"title":"911 Dispatcher Sends Mom to Kayak Rescue","duration":"1:36","description":"Raedyn Grasseth knew her mother's kayaking skills would benefit the stranded boater.","url":"/US/video/911-dispatcher-sends-mom-to-kayak-rescue-18870683","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}