9/11 survivor and community advocate speak on first-responders funding bill

Dan Noonan, a 9/11 survivor and member of the FDNY, and James Steiner, a 9/11 community advocate, discuss the importance of President Trump signing the 9/11 Fund bill.
4:36 | 07/29/19

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Transcript for 9/11 survivor and community advocate speak on first-responders funding bill
And a victim today for they heroes of 9/11 and it president trample signed the 9/11 compensation fund bill. Into law meaning the health care for first responders survivors and their families will be funded permanently a fight. Led many years by Jon Stewart and today. I'm joined by James Steiner a 9/11 community act advocate and Daniel Mintz a 9/11 survivors of guys thank you so much for being here. When this past and the senate floor erupted with applause. What rethinking. I was thinking exhale the I hardly the end I mean it's gone great joy. Great tribulation finally have to rule leisure is not a living community. All those thousands of folks who responded to who was toxins on the par well. Now we have health kept in compensation it was wonderful. Just a few minutes ago yes great choice yes and why do you think it took so long. It's hard to say exactly why it took so long and I will say that this is definitely a major victory for the 9/11 community but it's hard to celebrate right now and that's because people are still dying of 9/11 related cancers and I will say that there's a trip tremendous sense of relief in the 9/11 community now that this bill is permanent and first responders who are sick and dying. Well no longer have to walk the halls of congress and bake for the compensation they did deserve a mean. We saw with Louis Alvarez his testimony was so powerful and and packed full but he never should have had to do that. In the first place so there's a tremendous sense of relief now that that's a thing of the past. You know are we celebrating not quite because people are still dying and bearish for Gary loft firmer resents over 151000 members of the 9/11 community. And not a day goes by where we don't lose a client to an island related illness and it's really heartbreaking bomb. You know the ST Omar and which Alamo former member rove we have hit latest week on 200. Remember who tests of non eleven related illnesses. And I think just remind people okay 343. Firefighters. Died in 9/11 and as you just said 200 have died sent. Yes because of the illnesses related to the tragedy though that's wild. It's incredible and the PD I believed him more TV isn't 220. What. So these numbers a stellar group. And the amount of folks who will currently in hospice cat who are very very you know is still enormous. So it is there's been saying that statistics. Or are harrowing. Conservative estimates but over 400000 people in the exposure zone during the relevant time period. Already today they're over 50000 people who have been certified by the World Trade Center health program. As having a non related to 9/11 related illness over thirteen thousand of those people have been certified within 9/11 related cancer and these are. Insidious cancers that are absolutely destroying people's lives it's. Tanya her so it's like the burden is gone but the the fight for your in your life. Continues were completely burden is gone every few who use who we woke pushing or broad this insisted soon wheelchairs. Full force respondents knocking on the door all of these. Or folks in congress and trying to have we can force yet this is open. You can. When someone rest assure all these friends. So personally I mean what do you think this means for survivors and the families like what is is actually mean and from the game today. Omer your day today. As a symbol for exhale. A little bit overwhelmed I like I had one fellow artists would skipped part pushed him into we'll chip. Diego Joomla installment he had 56 straight days on the palm oil. And he's gone he doggedly student fifty fool and his family that always family can be taking care of and all those all the families it's a great relief. Yet and the health care for taking care of things like cancer it's expensive so oh absolutely and that's one of the best thing about the World Trade Center health program is that. They will cover the cost of treatment and medication for any certified 9/11 related illness including cancers and not only that the September 11 victim compensation fund. We'll provide monetary compensation. For these pain and suffering of these people so it's absolutely a huge relief I mean that the health care bill was already in place but today. We now have a permanent extension of the compensation. It passed 97 details. Overwhelming majority how often congress do you see men said the manner. Almost never go. James Steiner and Dan Noonan thank you so much for joining us we have increased unit.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Dan Noonan, a 9/11 survivor and member of the FDNY, and James Steiner, a 9/11 community advocate, discuss the importance of President Trump signing the 9/11 Fund bill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64634991","title":"9/11 survivor and community advocate speak on first-responders funding bill","url":"/US/video/911-survivor-community-advocate-speak-responders-funding-bill-64634991"}