Nancy Grace: Aaron Hernandez Taking Double Murder Charges 'Very Lightly'

Grace weighs in on the former football star's behavior during his court appearance.
11:59 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for Nancy Grace: Aaron Hernandez Taking Double Murder Charges 'Very Lightly'
The suspected killer smile another day another court appearance for Eric Hernandez this time. Here in Boston regarding a double murder prosecutors say the former NFL star committed back in 2012. Today. Joking with his attorney family and friends of his alleged victims cry in the front row. Of that courtroom. When I'm Dan Butler in New York joining us now with the latest on the case is -- -- caricatures who has been following all of the Hernandez court appearances and murder accusations and that has -- task. -- air what are the details -- 2012 drive by. Well this is the one that Aaron Hernandez allegedly committed prosecutors say because somebody may have bumped him and -- -- streak in a club. In Boston back in 2012 and it took a long time for prosecutors to finally bring charges in this case but once they did. They -- -- Aaron Hernandez didn't know his alleged victims that that there was some kind of an incident near the dance floor. Where he was bumped his streaks build -- he had recently prosecutors said. Become a little bit annoyed that he wasn't being respected when he was out about and public aren't bars and and so took it upon himself they said. To follow the two guys out of -- out of the club and into a car got into a car and then from the front. But his car. They city fired a couple of shots from a gun hidden in the engine block. Struck a number of people ultimately killing two of them and their relatives were in court today as he said. Crime. Eric tell me about this and it was a case of O Lloyd though that had initiated it that is dead -- case correct. Well the -- Lloyd case was a year later and so it's conceivable that Aaron Hernandez -- -- year of football of the NFL for the New England Patriots after having killed somebody if you believe what prosecutors are saying. And then it in in the -- Lloyd case prosecutors say that Aaron Hernandez shot and killed this man. For reasons that we don't quite know but. -- we're beginning to find out a little bit more perhaps because. He had told -- Lloyd something that he came to regret telling him who knows what that was that it have something to do with this 2012 case. We don't know so what are his lawyers -- in court today. Well there was a hearing today to update the status of the case and set a prospective trial date of may 2015. That this is a complicated task for Aaron Hernandez is defense attorneys because they have. 1 case in in southeastern Massachusetts to deal -- Fall River, Massachusetts they don't expect that to go to trial until October. And after that. Then they can start to focus on the Boston case but the judge in Boston -- hey don't think that this double murder cases on hold just because you've got something else to deal with. And so he wanted to set a prospective trial date of may 28 2015. In the meantime you wanted to hear how things are going and his attorneys defense attorneys asked for a gag order to restrict the commentary of all the parties involved in the case. Prosecutors have posted the judge. Made no immediate ruling. More complications the legal case for -- Hernandez Erica -- final latest on that Aaron thank you appreciate that. So for more on the -- I want to bring in Nancy Grace she's seen every night at 8 eastern on headline news with that take an important legal -- of the day. Nancy from NFL super stardom so this is there any example that you could think of that is. Similar to this past fall from grace. Well of course there's OJ Simpson but there's also. -- -- -- And you can look at other stars like you know Robert Goulet. Phil Specter. -- -- is on in on where they're at the top of their game and in the now breakthrough happened that they also a football player and he went to jail for the -- death. Is. I guess you call live -- the mother of his child streak Adams. And that also involved. Other people -- reports are he has. Now in this particular case the defense has a real problem but says it like Napoleon. There empire is far -- And that will be their demise they are preparing for so mean the different trials as you just mentioned that. That's not the State's -- that's not the judges thought that Aaron Hernandez -- -- But as if it weren't first some of his actions he would not be facing trial. And I'm not commenting on guilt or innocence right now that. He's got similar transactions. From another alleged shooting -- shot a guy that lost is in my -- me. And he's always -- strip clubs bars boozing -- -- and he Aaron Hernandez feeling dis respected. What the defense has Galley before it even though it's fighting on multiple fronts you know has got several. Homicide charges. He also has -- -- trans action charges other incidents that are similar -- two days. That they may cut it to court to show to the jury course of carved load. Frame of mind in -- Not to prove the case in chief of course so what's one case goes -- -- this conviction. That's going to be brought it on the other case and then there are other alleged shootings. -- -- the jury may also hear about. So the defense has to. Strategize. How they're gonna handle and where they're gonna handle all these cases. This is -- they got going for than they got a football star. Everybody wants to believe and a star. A lot people think they know her -- and as they think he got the big break you know in football. Like people believed that you OJ Simpson it's very low OJ Simpson. That was states fought for picking that -- they all loved adjacent. Now a lot of people in the jury -- are gonna love Aaron Hernandez. In the whole rags to riches thing that's what they've got going for -- for them right now. Let let me ask you -- about the about the strategy from the defense but because right now. A Boston newspaper the Boston Herald is reporting that -- and his attorneys are asking for all of his medical records. From his former team that are in the patriots. Is that -- precursor as in this report is indicating it could potentially be an insanity defense. I have never it's gonna go as far as insanity but it may get toward mental defects which. In the same realm. I'm wondering if they're going to allege that because of football injuries to the -- -- That he has a -- -- head injury that makes him act out in a more aggressive manner. I could see that being tried will it work I can tell -- this. It probably will not rise to the level of legal insanity. And the fact that he. Tried to cover up his tracks tried to hide what happened. Possibly kill someone so they wouldn't blab about another incident that shows that he knew what he. So that that's gonna defeat an insanity defense right there because. Our insanity defense is based on the ultimate not rule which was brought over to the US from Great Britain. Which says you don't know right from wrong at the time of the incident. -- I. What he might try is this he might try compulsion or deletion. Or that that he could not control -- -- due to frequent head injuries. On the field. That's where I think they're going because. I think they've got red handed I think -- got a dead in the water on this so he's got to come up with a self defense an accident. Or a mental defects where else can -- can't we -- That in -- I wanna get your thoughts on the images that we saw from the courtroom today before -- judge entered the courtroom Hernandez. Was laughing smiling -- almost seemed to joke with his attorneys. Almost as if he looked like a man without a care in the world. Unusual behavior for a -- facing two charges of first degree murder. Sadly. It's not unusual. Is it advisable. Note. If you are tot mom who doesn't Casey Anthony every time. Almost every time she came -- -- -- so. Severe. So solemn. I think that helped tar. When a jury. -- That the car the defendant laughing and joking that it's a bad taste in their house. Does he did this to -- that juries is to judge when the judge came and he -- that is yet is that. All the laughing and judging -- -- over once he thought people were watching him now. It's a Smart. -- -- -- -- A -- cannot change his feathers he has millions. I think he's taking this very lightly I don't think he believes he's going to get convicted. But I think -- well. Let's go side by side -- -- two cases because the investigation for -- 2012 double murder was going nowhere. Essentially until his arrest for the June 2013 murder of Oden Lloyd so. What are prosecutors think that Hernandez killed Lloyd why in that case. Well but could -- -- then -- Lloyd that evening. -- because. We know that that is his pattern. The field where I didn't -- was killed is not that far it's within his -- his stomping grounds. But because in the other incidents. He used -- shot to the head. In this case shot in the head I mean it all fits together. Adding it was -- Lloyd Wright write something and. And now when you look at this case up 2012 that is -- being. Discussed. And today. One of the victims might have accidentally spilled a drink on Hernandez that is what might have been the catalyst for this. -- you know what they're gonna say that's the catalyst. I don't buy that. -- -- -- to the -- -- center as a volunteer for ten years tonight. I remember one woman was beaten so bad why -- -- to get the hospital and -- what happened. And she said and my has -- because we had. He won in Mexico and I made and talk hasn't set it's a lot of so what the talkative -- Now we may say that was the catalyst that was the tipping point eight isn't ticking time bomb and -- somebody could -- their eyes Adam. And that would be the catalyst. Can't rage and anger. I guarantee you we are seeing this -- -- -- -- use. The football field and his training as professional football player and the anger. I mean. They train -- to big -- style to be powerful to be aggressive. -- just. Turn the -- -- come off the field that's further -- witness mark hours man jury training. Nancy Grace with the insight in the analysis that is provided by none -- -- Nancy thank you so much for your time appreciate it. Thank you. Of course you can keep up with all the details in the air -- this case in real time by downloading ABC news App Store in the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now. -- that's -- New York.

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{"id":24288552,"title":"Nancy Grace: Aaron Hernandez Taking Double Murder Charges 'Very Lightly'","duration":"11:59","description":"Grace weighs in on the former football star's behavior during his court appearance.","url":"/US/video/aaron-hernandez-double-murder-hearing-nancy-grace-athlete-24288552","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}