ABC News All Access: Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020

Protecting against coronavirus, a mother goes undercover to expose online predators, David Beckham talks new MLS team launch and more.
27:32 | 02/28/20

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Transcript for ABC News All Access: Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020
Tonight on ABC news all access corona virus fears are driving sales of surgical masks but do you really need to Wear one. Plus an ABC news exclusive meet the mother who went undercover online to expose possible child predators. And superstar David Beckham opens up about his life family and his latest venture as part owner of the newest MLS soccer team -- Miami. Good evening I'm then the state all that mores coming up this half hour but we begin with fears over the corona virus as more cases are diagnosed worldwide. The director of the World Health Organization says this virus has pandemic potential. But the trump administration is urging calm as health secretary Alex a.s are says the immediate risk to the American public remains low. ABC's outs for Shea has the latest from Washington good evening ounce. Diane there's been an ongoing battle between the president and top Democrats about how much total cost to combat cold mid nineteen here in the US. Today the conversations on what should be done continued. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pulling back today after a back and forth between her and the president over how to best battle the new corona virus. It's would commit close to a bipartisan agreement. And the congress says how we go forward the president wants to would have billion dollars to battle coup bid nineteen Democrats have said the request is too little and too late today Pelosi spoke with vice president paints head of the country's novel corona virus task force. The vice president making key additions to his team. The surgeon general the Treasury Secretary and director of the National Economic Council. In the days ahead we're gonna make sure that the full resources of the federal government continue to be brought. In confronting the crime virus here at home. The CDC confirming in California the first patient to become infected with Coby nineteen through so called community spread. Meaning the virus spread without this person having returned recently from a foreign country or without having close contact with somebody already infected some 8400 plus. Are currently being monitored. With 49 local jurisdictions doing those protocols and monitoring. Today California's governor expressing concern about additional cases of coded nineteenth saying the state needs more testing kits nothing more important. That point of contact diagnostic testing that can be readily made available. That patient with community spread cool V nineteen is a woman from salon a county California. Out a statement talking with the CDC about increasing its testing capacity and also broadening its testing protocol it's been assured that more resources are on the way. And. Alex Thursday in Washington thank you. And as fears over the virus rise many are turning to surgical masks for protection but. What time is best and do you need a mask at all ABC's TJ Holmes and chief medical correspondent doctor Jan Ashton critic the confusion today on Good Morning America. More now on the corona virus emergency in a reality check on how concerned you should be. It what you should really do to protect yourself in your family we're seeing other rush to buy those face masks. And TJ Holmes as he read more on that morning all right let me try to make it plain his stray I have won the surgical face mask here between the to a loss between me Tom he's sick I'm not who she get the mask what your natural instinct it's a given that mask. Ottawa the catch what he has but I should be begging him. So where it because film the sixth person wearing it. Better protects meet the healthy person is of how or where to myself so all these mass of floating around out there which want to health officials say used to use. None of them. As corona virus fears sweep the country many are turning to protective face masks hoping to keep the germs away. With cultural Selena Gomez in Kate Hudson among those posting pictures of their face coverings while traveling. But not all masks are created equal and those surgical face masks then many people are turning to for protection from rotavirus. Likely won't protect you according to help officials. These types of masked instead or recommend a for people who are already sick because they're designed to prevent a person from spreading germs from sneezing and coughing. But there's another type of mask called an end at 95 or respirator mask which the FDA says has a very efficient filtration keeping out 95%. Of airborne particles. But health officials only recommend these for health care professionals who were in Constant Contact with sick patients. I think people see a mask and they see an allusion of protection. That if they put the mask on it'll somehow block viruses from getting into their mouth or nose and they breathe. That's. Just not the case anyone who does he and coughing or sneezing should not be wearing any type of mask. Weathers a surgical mask or respirator. But that hasn't stopped the public from buying up masks stores and web sites sold out. ABC news gaining exclusive access inside this 3M factory in South Dakota where they're working around the clock to meet demand. Amazon even reportedly warning third party retailers that are taking advantage of this mask hysteria. Raising prices by more than 400%. Health officials are preparing for a potential shortage. Yes GP for the health care workers. The public should not be buying masks. And believe it or not by wearing a mask you could be putting yourself at even more risk people do not use their mouse correctly they play with it. They Wear too long they rub their nose underneath it. You you here folk you re making it worse by wearing a mask when you have a greater risk with what you do all day. You're doing exactly what they tell you not to do you touching your face holding getting sick from let's put this graphic up the got a lot of attention people have a lot of fun with it but it's from the CDC it's an official. Our graphic from the CDC the shields all these different. Facial hair styles and telling men how this get actually. Keep you from wearing your respirator correctly I mean there is that there's aside withdrew the mutton chops on Zorro style soul patched they have all this but folks this was put out years ago. This was not for corona virus it is for people who actually do work in industries where they need to Wear respirators so. That's a serious graphic it made the route to kind of confuse people like so we need to pay attention to this. But it does doctor Jin is it was good to this it does show the seriousness of this matter of wearing these mass the right way. 800 there's nothing induct him welcome back and think we we talk about how sick he was aware of man outside I think people there are some others who should be wearing a mask The Who were today. So we remember and Robin when you had your stem cell transplant. You know it's someone has is a transplant patient they have a weakened immune system. Of course it's going to be individual case by case basis you know to Wear a mask. That is a very small percentage of people OK as TJ said we use surgical masks in hospital settings or even be you know it. But in the out in the public on sick people okay. Viral particles corona virus and influenza its name to. Go right through that mask OK so if you say well then why is it helpful in preventing this way. Because people coughing sneezing spewing large particles out into the room of course that's a barrier but they can go right in that's why they're not helpful. What I want to show you guys is these and 95 respirators there are a bunch of different styles these are what we use in hospital settings for health care providers. They have to be measured for your face I went through this process it took several attempts different sizes different models. To actually find the one that works for me they have to be put on properly see to too elastic bands there. One has to be high on the head one has to be around the neck we're seeing people where these incorrectly. Art not formally public use an at a tragic crazy when you see the video and it and people are wearing them and eminently clear Robin if people really get sick with anything not just corona virus and they can't go to a hospital and have its would help the health care workers take care them. We're in a much bigger situation. It's the CDC said we could ever first keep the community spree if that in the case. He could he explain what that really Miette so we look at primary secondary tertiary spread. One of the criteria and again it's just language for the World Health Organization to designate this as a pandemic is they need to see not just outbreaks in many different countries. But evidence of sustained. Spread throughout the community and that's not just one isolated case here and there but when you hear about someone who doesn't have a direct tie to China. Although now it's all over the world. That starts to get concerning. Yet and we put out a were the world social media one figures who are. Viewers' questions in the first viewer. Question is pretty simply put. What should we do to prepare we know when the CDC recommended that people start to get their ducks in a row so to speak I think they should look at this as if you were getting a weather warning a storm coming what would you do you might go to the grocery store get some supplies that you need to stay home for awhile that would be fine. I think it's important to contact schools ask what their plan is. Contact your workplace ask if it's possible to work from home or what they are provisions are if you have medications that you need to take make sure that you're not going to be running out in the next couple of days in case. Social distancing measures are put into place and we don't know that's that's it possible. No question mark in the future and if you're pregnant if you had any major medical conditions he wanna obviously be in touch with your doctor your midwife your medical provider to cynic you know you now. And we have one more question for even noted viewer my husband and daughter when the germ in a few weeks. He'd be concerned or stay home he's having nightmares. Everyone's concerned about getting on a plane what PM and Michael no one has a crystal ball here but it's risk benefit I would say that you need to know where you're going when you're going we don't know what this is gonna look like in two weeks or two months of silence clearly having nightmares. About a trip I think it's probably a good idea but we we do. Expect to see some kind of travel screening at least from people coming from places where corona viruses really explode and we can only hope it looks better than looks right now are so few weeks helped write thank you about. Our thanks to TJ Holmes and doctor Jenn for clearing that up. And moving on now to the race for the White House the Democrats are making their final push ahead of Saturday's primary in South Carolina. Senator Bernie Sanders is now the front runner after strong performances in the first three contests. But a big endorsement and in more day adverse face of voter. Couldn't former Vice President Biden back in the hunt ABC's Trevor all has the latest from Washington good evening Trevor. Hey Diane good evening we're definitely in crunch time in South Carolina and it's safe to say it's these former vice president Joseph Biden's race to lose he sits atop all the polls there he has from the very beginning of the we have watched. His lead shrink a little bit. It's also fair to say this is about as close to a must win state as you will fine. For Biden he's performed very poorly in the first three states and he has outright said he will win South Carolina and will win the African American vote there he recently picked up an endorsement from. African American congressman representative Jim Cliburn who is as close as it gets in the state to be a king maker that's a major endorsement for Biden but. The way he is sitting. He essentially has to win South Carolina and he also. Kind of needs to win it handily if his campaign is gonna regain the momentum since he's falling from being the front runner and of course was replaced him at the top of the national polls is senator Bernie Sanders he's done very well gotten the most votes in. Iowa New Hampshire Nevada. He is behind Biden in South Carolina but he's position really highly in a lot of the Super Tuesday states to the point that. This delegate race by the time we've counted the votes on Tuesday he may be in a position where the other candidates can't catch him now other existing notes from South Carolina. You might have noticed if you're watching the debate earlier this week. There was a moment that stood out as being a little bit odd is all the candidates were attacking Bernie Sanders and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Joseph Biden almost out of nowhere went after billionaire businessman Tom Steiger and that was of the first companies targeted stuff here. And you might think that's out of place the reason for that is that Steiger is polling very well in South Carolina he has been campaigning they're very aggressively a lot of ad buys polling in double digits. And right now sitting comfortably in third place ahead of senator Elizabeth Warren head of senator Amy Klobuchar. That somebody that you should be looking out for in South Carolina. But then of course how translates into the more national race once we hit Super Tuesday. Is up for grabs and of course that's when former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will also be first appearing on the ballot so. He's not even there for South Carolina to we're seeing all of these candidates start to look ahead even now now we are. Two days away from South Carolina a lot of them positioning themselves. For Super Tuesday that's going to be playing out over the next week. A lot of developments that we could have an entirely new race but I would get all these results for ABC news live uncover all Diane back to you. Thanks Trevor and don't forget to download the ABC news app for all the latest updates on the race for the White House. Coming up next on ABC news all access to one on one interview with David Beckham. How his family changed his life and his hopes for the future of soccer here in the US. So first the mother who opposes a preteen to expose potential predators is revealing her identity and telling her story. After this. Yeah. Back now with more ABC news all access as technology continues to evolve monitoring how your kids use the Internet can become increasingly challenging so what can parents do to help their kids stay safe. Our friends at Good Morning America recently brought you the story. Of one mom who teamed up with the Internet safety group and went undercover. To expose online predators today. She's stepping out of the shadows and revealing how she's now facing this problem head none. ABC's TJ Holmes has more. All this suburban mom transforms herself into an underage girl online. All to document the world of online predators at the time she hit her face everywhere and on GMA to protect her identity and safety. Lots of parents might say you while my kid would never post anything remotely salacious what we've been able to demonstrate with fees as that they're still susceptible. To being targeted. Sloan her pseudonym is the head of a special projects team at bark and online monitoring service that works with schools and parents to track kids social media use. The team created personas for her as a teen and tween girl on line to educate parents. And now she says because her work has become highlighted on line and things have come to closure on the legal and she can share her identity. I am not able to show and I'm pixelated version of my ex we increase contentious fifteen year old girl. Clark also releasing a new short film showing the dangers kids could face on line. I'm 37 better graphic designers assured me they can magically make me look over two decades younger. What has happened. Citizens that story beard there have been Sony aim house from survivors who have said. I feel. Validated they certain playing are behind the motivation to keep working. The film shows how her team transformed her choosing age appropriate clothing and using makeup and software to go from this to this. After she posts the responses she gets shocking. Part of the film also shows were meeting a man who she says contacted her on line. What is the take away for a parent to see. You put in that position all of us who want to protect size most vulnerable we can actually move the needle in the right direction. When it comes to. Child's accident. Scary thing to think about TJ thanks so much for that piece. And we turn now to history made at Madison Square Garden after the Broadway play To Kill a Mockingbird. With stage set the legendary venue for thousands of New York City public school students. Free of charge the event marked the first time a Broadway production was featured at the famous arena ABC's will Ganz has more. Madison Square Garden has welcomed Elvis Presley. John Lennon. One Republican and three democratic national conventions and countless sports games. But for the first time ever a Broadway Show played the iconic arena on Wednesday. To Kill a Mockingbird which is made more than a hundred million bucks on the great white way. Played a free performance for New York City public school students. They traded it's my friends back he's back into the so let me go to eccentric streak and to comment this flu like friends it's fun. Exciting sure and important the play's based on the 1960 novel. One of the most popular in American history and it tackles themes of racism and intolerance. Favorite I looked somewhat jokingly so powerful leaders such as Captain America and I'm really excited that my first run insurance my favorite let innocent relevant today because of Morris and selling a lot of controversy ends like social issues and his associate the ideas sixteen and that story Bob. Its relevance drying in an audience of 181000 students and chaperones for this. First of its kind performance many of the students experiencing life theater for the very first time. And my C mayor builds a blog zeal and his wife Shirley McRae on hand to introduce the show. How are. World is if you decide it is your world to change. And Spike Lee donating his time to make the day unforgettable. The first time and hopefully not the last we'll thanks. And from the world of ours to the world of sports David Beckham is a soccer icon in his own right but now he's making headlines for a new kind of goal. ABC's Amy robot has that story. How does it feel to finally own your own professional team. You know it sucks Dotson has been it's been such a long Jeremy the united journey to I actually didn't think was gonna. Tactics loneliness sent to news in the making but one bio ways news it was well. What the way any pressure do you feel the pressure of I had she doesn't feel the pressure on noted that as eyewitness we couldn't have done anything more. And what we've done some unknown that we ready for this weekend. Tech guy. But David Beckham the businessman comes second to David Beckham's a family man. He and his wife Victoria married nearly 21 years topped four kids. Kate to the most. Simple things to Los yes we have businesses that we offer committee. Mine prior to it was -- youth youth recent daughter. None of their three sons followed in your footsteps was that disappointing she not know at this point and it's so yeah not that passions have taken them in different directions. The one thing god. Multi hugely proud about with my kids he used by eagle after and passions. The things that might love and how does she is a little brother Fidel using Sophia she's a she she could be the one that goes into into the gangs. Never disappointed in quietly. During David's years playing in LA he could often be seen courtside cheering on the late Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. David sharing his feelings on CoBiz death. The biggest thing I admired about code of laws. Not just he's. Tenacious. Way of playing the game. He's laughing his family he's laughing skills and actually have a told about here he told about the ministry talked about. He knows he's Kate Hudson and how passionate they were or. You know and that's that to me hit me a halting. Yes and just is younger basketball players looked up the Coby many on David's team idolize him growing up when you show up. And your team's season bear I mean how they react sixteen year do you think it's intimidating do you think they're inspired maybe a little bit above. Obviously one thing I'd I'd like to bring to this club is the experience I've had from that the grey cups hot plate for over the years that saw how today conspired. I mean nobody intimidates it is well that have been honest. Obviously owner. What if somehow there's an injury needed midfielder widget in Wellington to run on the field. I don't think I'm done with the legally that celeb. The 424 now I think coming lived and it cost maintenance. The highest level but so. Not if you know of and I mean of a anything's possible. Amy are about to David Beckham thank you. And when we return how to Nebraska veterinarians are working in extreme circumstances. And delivering incredible care all in front of the camera. Their story when we return with more ABC news file access. Two dead one missing and hundreds rescued as historic and devastating flooding continues to overwhelm residents from Nebraska to Wisconsin. The raging rivers intensified by rapid snow melt and ice jams hardest hit. Nebraska outside of Omaha these images reveal water for miles much of Waterloo now cut off to the outside world. It's been almost eight years and says devastating floods inundated the midwest nickname the great flood of when he nineteen. Some communities are still recovering and Molly often see how homes are rebuilt. We rarely get to see what happens to the animals in those areas so I sat down with the veterinarians on the front line spend an Aaron straighter. The stars of natsios new series heartland docs DBM. To hear how the recovery process is going firsthand. Guys are on the front lines to witness some of the damage caused this horrible floods. In that area. What is it like in what a what are some of the ways that you're seeing that impact. Last year in Nebraska in a lot of midwest we had unusual snow. Snow melt and rain and it turned into a devastating flood. In much of our area and there wasn't a good time for farmers at that point V. You know we were hurt a little bit from our economy at that point. And we really all stuck together and and fought through the flawed it was. It was typical and you get to seal a little bit of that just a little small tidbit in our show. But these animals really really suffered because it luckily this year we're having. Better weather and its cycles and and you know that's the thing about farmers. We don't give up very easy. That's that's why like Clinton or live. Gone it's interesting when you think about. The impact of the floods in an agricultural area you often think of the impact on the land. And may be the impact on animals that perhaps drowned in the flutter impacted from the damaged Atlantic. But you got but the stress on the animals. It it is we're still seeing that. I mean all of those. Those callous economic house that last year had their babies you know in water and flat may be lost their babies. Got sick you know there was a shortage of feed everybody's feet washed away. Where we have beautiful pastures it was there was. Just unbelievable amounts of sand and silt that had washed and so we're still working through I mean those those cows have kind of suffering days they didn't get to eat ice cream grass. Like they would happen so. You know we're we're working with all of these farmers to trying really. Help help. Get things back really on their feet I Philly. You know if they were on and on Ali's cylinders when they're healthy they kind of got down to force owners in our back at six but it's an even take some more time it's it's pretty amazing. And that the difference between a factory farm vs family filing in the conditions we see. On your show are so different from what we see on some of that footage. Yeah I don't I don't know how to put this but. 99%. Of of the farms in America are family farms they really are there passed down from generation to generation. And and they take care of her animals the best they can every day. And win. When we're talking about factory farms. You know those are very a small small percentage. And you know. We. We think it is. He he unite I think. That's tough we don't do much work for him big commercial heard some things like we are mostly work with family farms which really is what. Again this sense that it is really. You know 99 plus percentage of where. In our food comes from and so. Although we don't see a lot of that I can't speak on that behalf but I do think. You know supporting the family farms and really getting getting that side of some of what's happening as really important part because I there are people who have. You know kids that want to come back. And we have to support these family farms so that those can continue to thrive there any specific cases that stuck out Q that's sort of illustrate the impact that these let's had on the animals. The one that sticks out to me that was showcase at Harvard first episode. Was was a cow that went through the flawed and she was extremely stressed like Karen was talking about and the stress put her in a condition where. She was not going to get up anymore. Her life and her life of being a productive cow or even living was was over. And Aaron and I were got the call we have been their couple days before giving her. Some IV fluids and medicine supportive care just to get through what she was going through but after two days of being down (%expletive) of a full term calf. In side ever. We ended up doing a terminal C section which means the cow dies and we get the baby hopefully hopefully the baby's alive. Two to go on with and it. Work. It's been a tough time for Nebraska in the aftermath of this flooding is going to have impact for years. We've got your jury is cut out or you go it'll be worth it. The nice thing is the waters are finally receding everybody is fighting this fight together just individual patients but we're pretty darn patient Nebraska. If you're worried he wouldn't live here. I just withhold. A big thank you to doctors Aaron invent straighter for that interviewing you can watch the season finale of heartland docs DBM this weekend on that GO. And that does it for this half hour ABC news all access I'm Diane Macedo you're watching ABC news lives.

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