ABC News All Access: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A look at the aftermath of Super Tuesday; answering your questions on novel coronavirus; and an exclusive interview with former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
25:49 | 03/05/20

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Transcript for ABC News All Access: Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Tonight on ABC news all access the big Super Tuesday Wednesday put vice president Joseph Biden back on top of the 20/20 race. Plus what you should know about corona virus we answer your questions from social media. And Hillary Clinton on filter a former presidential candidates speaking out on fighting Bernie Sanders. And what Democrats have to do to defeat president trump. Good evening I'm Arial rash Chad. And that and more coming up on this half hour. But we begin when this big story Joseph Biden riding a wave of new found momentum and urging the front runner after Super Tuesday the former vice president outperforming senator Bernie Sanders. Sweeping the south and forcing Mike Bloomberg. Out of the race the former New York mayor spending more than 500 million dollars on his campaign ABC Serena Marshall has the latest on the race from Washington. Good evening Serena. Ariel Bloomberg suffered a major defeat yesterday winning single state even though he spent hundreds of millions of dollars and campaigning. He's out promising those resources to Joseph Biden. We've also just one me. And other candidate in the race in their weight and former vice president who died. I've always believed that we've Donald's hot start uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it. And after yesterday's vote is clear that candidate is my friend and a great American Joseph Biden. Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg had poured more than 230 million dollars in the Super Tuesday alone and didn't mean. It. Capturing ten of the fifteen contacts and gaining at least 200 MPD delegates things is a prize went in Massachusetts Minnesota and Texas. We're a strong support from black voters held an edge out Vermont senator Sanders look. We're gonna bring together. All the work we did that show that last bite and now in a two man race with Sanders who will they commanding lead in delegate rich California which is still yet to be called. Propelled by large margins the Hispanic vote. He also did victories in Utah Colorado and his home state for months. Which saw it on and on Joseph and I have a very different vision for the future of this country. And show and art are running very different campaigns. The magic number to victory 1900 in 91 delegates and the race could play out until the final primary in June. The convention in July. Though the average of the Warren both still in this race that Elizabeth Warren after coming in third in her home state of Massachusetts and aides says today. She's assessing her path forward. Ariel Serena Marshall they are in Washington thank you. So what happened senator Bernie Sanders was leading the way after strong performances in the first three contests until Biden came away with a beat endorsements. And a big win in South Carolina the experts at 538 break it all down for us and a special edition. Of their politics podcast. The overriding theme I think we've seen in the results denied is that. Joseph by Dan is killing it in. Among the late deciding voters right people who decided who to have support in the last few days. In states where most of the vote happened today. That's where biting at his past estrogen. Right. States where there was a lot of early voting California. That's where Sanders that matter war. Actually that's where Bloomberg did better to write because I think. The results today and exit polls confirm police on the polls in the last 48 hours which is a peak swing. To buy. We're seeing that in Texas to do so in the Texas results and it's jumped out and are currently lead Biden has kind of been. Clawing his way past the whole time. In some ways though I think access. Texas is one of the most important states to vote on Super Tuesday but it is also. Kind of the least. Representatives. Of some of the patterns we've seen today. When a but only so. One of the big story lines I think we'll see coming out of tonight. Is that there is a big split in the Democratic Party right now among Hispanic voters were heartened that the Sanders block voters where art you know that the Biden and so. And access. Those are somewhat bounced out obviously largest Hispanic population Texas boss also pretty liked black population. And it sort of so much equally equally balanced so we. Are seeing the same trends we're seeing nationally but they're just canceling each other out just about overwhelming story out to better way to line coming up Claire. Clearly things have swung as Micah said in the past 48 hours towards art why it happened. Well you know I I think we said this are you know. Pre Super Tuesday in pre South Carolina content that South Carolina was cut him. You know this set up for. Super Tuesday and I I have to say. You know Joseph Biden is certainly a longtime figure in the Democratic Party. But his sort of astounding. In looks to be turnarounds tonight he is very much at Democratic Party team after. There was just a cascade. Of endorsements yesterday and Monday. Well whatever it is right now back now two days ago net cash there's a cascade of endorsements for Biden. From. People. In all corners of the party. Am not just from booted did you Klobuchar who dropped out from celebrities it was as fifth. The Biden team has really been on the phone over the weekend and saying look at we did in South Carolina. We proved to weaken you know win with our un base of black voters now bring it home. Some of unique status they're scared of Bernie Sanders the nominee. Yet coalesced around me and to me it it's really. Lessons learned I think by the democratic establishment the GOP's 26 team's primary disaster. Where they let things drag until May 2016 Indiana win. Basically fine clinched. This is probably going to be something that we hear from the Sanders camp in the coming days that Elizabeth Warren was something of a spoiler in Massachusetts. And Minnesota. Mean potentially those upsets where we really didn't expect Biden to win. Is that a fair assessment would essentially Warren's birders have gone on and voted for Bernie Sanders is at bat straightforward. Not necessarily mean I think we we've talked a lot on his podcast about how oh. Ideology he hadn't kind of identity don't exactly line up this time around so if you're a Warren voters. Even though ward and see Enders share an ideological worldview we wouldn't necessarily vote for Sanders you might share more of an establishment DNA. And therefore cast your ballot form by which it happened so I don't know it's it's it's it's an interesting. Even certainly the argument and the seniors can't but I don't think it's it's quite clear cut. The other big question I think that'll come at a at a Super Tuesday is not really it does pot and have this thing in the packed but like. Ten Biden and get to adopt Elliott majority. By. And of these voting contests or does he have to rely on making an argument that even a few now majority's action get the nomination based on. Support from other people Arab delegates or power or its know exactly and it's like if if Biden is tracked game. Towards towards like a strong plurality I think that argument is relatively easy to me. I don't think. You know I think but it just went by him and have it easier time making that argument that Sanders has he has establishment support in departed would rally behind him. If though. Super Tuesday is followed by. Sanders reels off a bunch of wins Sanders wins Michigan but say. Then I think we are headed for no one gets a majority and this is a super foods. Yeah. Yeah. Our thanks to Galen drew clear Malone and Micah Cohen from 538 and you can listen to the full conversation wherever you listened to podcasts. Coming up what you need to know about this corona virus you asked the questions and our chief medical correspondent doctor Jennifer Ashton answers. After this. We have been epidemic. Caused by corona virus. But we have a pandemic. That is caused by fear. That was New York governor Andrew Cuomo earlier today addressing fears about the corona virus back now with more ABC news all access says governments across the world worked to contain the spread of corona virus. Now known as co mid nineteen we hearing ABC news are committed to separating facts. From fear harnessing the global resources of ABC news. Each weekday right here on ABC news life will be answering your cold in nineteen questions to make sure you are equipped with the best and most up to date information to kick off this effort here's our chief medical correspondent doctor Jennifer Ashton answering your questions. People want to know does can sanitize or really help. OK well the long answer is yes it helps it's better than nothing anything with 60% are more at alcohol base will absolutely help. But the gold standard in reducing risk of infection and infection control. In general. Is hand washing with soap and water and study in a peer reviewed journal that I found fascinating. Show that only 5%. Of adults wash their hands properly which means. For at least twenty seconds vigorously. Rub your hands back and forth with a good ladder lather as you want to actually dislodge. Larger particles and and you have to dry your hands properly if you touch a faucet that you just turned on with your dirty hands. You're just re contaminating yourself so. Both are effective both are important. And yeah as if your if you can get to a saying could get to a thing. I think you must tell me if this is singing happy birthday or something like that to make sure you miss revenue long enough. Yet you're supposed to sing twice but listen if you're standing next to me actually don't wanna hear me speak I'm up. Barron up there and up. Our next question has to do it the concerns about overwhelming you know the health care system if you contract of it what's the guidance for self care and home. Well what's important about. One of the things that I actually agreed with with the last guest is that Arab health care system is already overwhelmed. I actually work in a real hospital and anyone who's been to an emergency room in the last decade knows it's always backed up there's always a wait for beds so we don't have the built in excess capacity. To a comedy even 10% more that is true. So that's where again the individual responsibility. That we can take. Person by person really helps not only us but helps our society and our country so. That guidance right now on people with mild viral symptoms and it the first and most reasonable question as well. Had a white no if I have. Covad nineteen. You know be the short answer is you don't know. But if you are tested if you meet criteria if you have traveled to an affected area or direct contact or there's even a suspicion of now. Community community spread. And then the first thing you should do is what you would do if you thought you had flu view of the fever few mild symptoms stay home. Call your health care provider if you have one if you don't have one. Call the local emergency room or local. Department of health and in they can instruct you on next steps. Obviously. Anyone at any time with any kind of severe symptom whether it's from a virus or not. Should go to an emergency room but I also want people are remembered here while this is all we're talking about in the medical help around the every single day in this country people have heart attacks they have seizures they have accidents they have asthma attacks. They go into labor so that's what an emergency room is dealing with along with it. A high eight numbers of flu. So I'm this is not all just slits open up hospitals just four corona virus on we have to remember that those patients dealing with those other things also need care. And our next year is asking as she says I'm studying abroad in London in July how worried should I be about this. No one has a crystal ball about travel so you know what I think it when you hear what's going on in Italy and you know that basic geography of Europe there's no reason to think. That similar cases are in you know going to be popping up in the rest of Western Europe. I think it depends on your risk tolerance it depends on. Where exactly you're going what you'll be doing. You know I I can only share with you I don't have an easy answer and they're certainly no official guideline yet although Italy is now. Included in a travel restriction a high level travel restriction advisory from the United States. But I of travel planned for work. To Spain in May I have not cancel that yet my children are going to Israel in April. I have not canceled that yet. But everyone's different when it comes to their risk tolerance. And you know at this point how long viruses will live on surfaces. Everyone's asking that question Diane we definitely don't know with this virus. That's called foam might. Those particles of the virus so it's not known how long they survive on dry surfaces but we do suspect. Based on what we know about other corona viruses that it can be transmitted on people's hands so that's why when you hear. People say try not to touch your face which is almost impossible every one does it that's because I shake someone's hand and that person has just sneezed. And then I shake their hand and touch my face. That's how it can be passed so hand washing hand washing hand option and then out I know we talked about self care at home at what point do people. Is there are sort of a red flag that they should know that at this point they should go to the doctor well. I think first of all if you have a chronic medical condition weakened immune system you're pregnant. You those are our higher risk groups if you are over the age of sixty that's a higher risk population for this corona virus not in general. But based on published data. Thus far. And at any age trust your gut if you feel like you're getting worse and not better something is making you nervous you're having difficulty breathing. You know things like that we're not going to be giving medical advice to 330 million people it through the media when it comes it act kind of thing. Trust your instinct and certainly if your in one of those high risk categories. If you have a health care provider you want to speak to them sooner rather than later. But obviously any severe symptoms he you do need to go to an emergency. Our next question is it true that children are not affected. Not true but a very interesting question. Right now in Italy and South Korea and this is unpublished data. But this did just come out of the vice president's meeting and we were told it was reportable. Italy's South Korea had no deaths in the pediatric age group. Or under the age of thirty that's really important. That doesn't mean that we won't unfortunately see that in the future. But then when you look really at the pediatric age group. We don't understand why children aren't becoming sick with this it's probably unlikely that they are not getting infected. So they may be factors that's one possibility that the virus is infecting them they're not showing symptoms and then those children are helping to spread it within the community. Or it may be something in their immune system. That protects them a little it's probably the former and not the latter. How fast has this virus spread in comparison to other viruses. Definitely faster than Sar is which we saw in 2002. Buy X financial factors. Side. Again I I wanna encourage people it's it's medically and scientifically interesting especially. For medical and science geeks like myself to compare it to other viruses. But it's not a competition and remember ultimately this. We have to stay apples to apples so. To compare it to something like people our stars. Or influenza a H1N1. 1918. That list keeps going on and on. That's interest staying there are some important factors there absolutely but ultimately we have to stay in the here and now. Huge thanks to ABC news chief medical correspondent doctor Jan Ashton and be sure to tune in each weekday at noon right here on ABC news lives. For the latest on Kobe's nineteen and this Friday our friends at 20/20 will air a live special titled outbreak what you need to know and doctor Jan. Andy ABC news medical team answer your questions on how to deal with corona virus that's this Friday at 9 PM 8 central. And when we come back and ABC news exclusive. Hillary Clinton sits down with ABC news lied anchor Lindsey Davis to talk about whether she'll endorse a candidate. Her own 2016 presidential campaign and her new and revealing for part jockeys here is titled Hillary all coming up after a quick break. Newton welcome back ABC news all access Hillary Clinton is not in the presidential race and this time around but the former democratic nominee is not holding back on her former rival. Bernie Sanders. And she's outlining her newest venture in an ABC news exclusive. When Lindsey Davis. It's no longer a politician. And mill longer mincing any words you've talked about a silver lining in losing the election being. That it spurred though the women's margin in this wave of women to run for. Office does that offer you some solace it really does Lindsay I mean it's not as good as the alternative what about it but yeah I mean the women's march a day after that really. Dreadful inauguration with the very small crowd that I saw from place I was sitting. Through the elections in 2017 and 2018 particularly taking back the house and the people who won these amazing. Candidates and so many of them women. Running for the first time you know that did give me a lot of hope. Because I am fundamentally optimistic I really believe them this country amber values and I love it and I know we're not perfect we got work to do. So yeah I I think there's a silver lining if it wakes people up and gets people energized and we really. Know what's at stake in the election in November for the last two democratic primaries. Scattered bad. Hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you it's got about eighteen million tracks in its. Rodham Clinton has been front and center. Thanks to you we've reached at miles. First I am in our nation's history that a woman will be a major heart. New consumer items they. Cool considering. Curious to get your response to hearing a Bernie Sanders said that if he makes it to the count convention with the most pledged delegates that he should be the nominee that's quite a bit of it. A change in cast. 2016. Area. My reaction let's follow the rules we've got roles we had rules last time and we have rules this time in the documentary you talk about his campaign from 2016. And you call it quote. Just baloney and I feel so bad of people got sucked into it you still feel that way now. Sure yeah I mean you know that that was my authentic opinion that it's my authentic opinion now. The new four hour donkey series Hillary is a very find it looked at the very public life of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I'm not authentic. What you see is what you get I mean I'm sorry if I'm not. You know brilliantly charismatic on TV but I am the same person I've always had an. Going through this gauntlet. Of unbelievable. Obstacles. Yeah I mean you know he did start up a little. There's a quote early on that's as a hero one of the most admired and vilified women in American history do you agree with that. And as part of your hope doing this documentary that it might change people's perceptions about you. Well what I hope is that people will see. I'm more comprehensive view left me and not us snippet here or snippet there are some rumors some wild conspiracy theory. Because I came of age and I certainly came into the public I. At a time when there were so much change going on in America civil rights women's rights gay rights. I was thrust into the role of First Lady there had never ban anybody with education like mine with a career like mine so I was put into. A kind of position that nobody ever been before there was no guidebook like okay how do you deal with this I hope that people not only learned more about me but may be. Reflect a little bit about their own lives or their mothers' lives or grandmother's lives what's happening in our country today. Back in September you're asked about the pot possibility of four more years of trump who he and you responded saying. I don't accept that I don't believe that will happen again I believe there are many funny things that happen in my election that will not happen again he still just as confident at this point today the president trump won't win again yes. Now that's not gonna. Be easy I'm very confident it's going to be hard but I am also confident and optimistic that our country will not. Reid who the contract of someone who has spent so divisive. So destructive undermining the rule of law destroying our institutions. Engaging in the politics of insult so not I think four years of him is going to lead damage but it can be repaired. Four more years I don't think we would recognize our country. When you look back would it have been more easy to handle losing out right into really one. But still lost it that was really tough it was not only. Winning by three million votes in and having all the weird things happen at the end that interfered with my votes. But it was also who I lost. And if I'd lost to a normal Republican. Somebody who I might disagree with on health care or climate. But who I didn't think was out to destroy our government and self Edgar dies himself his family his businesses and a really corrupt way. It would have been disappointing but I wouldn't have worried about my country I would've slept better. What advice would you give to a challenger now something that you perhaps learned from that they might be able to benefit from. I think whoever the candidate in this you have to have a very clear positive message about what you want to do and how you're going to. Move America forward and be more inclusive and be out there standing up to all of forces that are raid against progress. But you also can't just take his attacks. And absorb them witches you know what I mostly dead and I think you've got to be able to fight back and you need a really strong. Online presence to. Several candidates have reportedly gone to you for advice without naming names can you give us a sense of the advice and you've given my advice has been very simple number one. Have fun get out there it's a great country you're going to meet wonderful people. But even if you run the best campaign and you are the nominee you've got to pay attention to. What I ran up against voter suppression we have to keep fighting it it is un American it is wrong in every way. Propaganda on the Internet totally bogus stories conspiracy theories and then of course make sure the elections are. Free and fair and we don't have problems in our machines and boats not hounded and all the other issues that we've run into Joseph Biden has said flat out Bernie Sanders could not be Donald Trump do you agree. I don't think he'd be our strongest nominee now and and that's what this primary process is about let's see who emerges but. For everybody voting today or in any of the contests ahead of time. The most important issue is who can't defeat Donald Trump he's gonna have all the money in the world he's going to have a tremendously sophisticated. Online campaign. He's going to be driving the same divisive messages so. Who canned demonstrate the kind of future we want again for our children our grandchildren. And get people to feel reassured and confident. In their vote against him. Our thanks to Lindsey that does it for this half hour of ABC news all access to primary outlet center and this is easy his last.

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