ABC News Live Prime: Friday, December 4, 2020

Top health official: It’s a ‘critical time. We’re close’; Sen. Bill Cassidy on bipartisan stimulus compromise: ‘The president will sign it'; Ending the war on drugs?
48:56 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, December 4, 2020
History. Years after Apollo astronauts planted an American flag and unmanned Chinese. Hope raising the Chinese flag and becoming just the second country to yourself. China's state media releasing these images homes now on its way back to earth. Box Angel. Back here on earth and reality of another record breaking the students and with the alarming message. The pandemic has entered a face a high level transmission. Part of our. Who you know work the eight million residents in the San Francisco Bay Area facing new sample water officials there say. Have a social club it just popped. The preparation tonight for a massive roll out once the Pfizer vaccine is approved. ABC news with the inside access to a dry run lines of cars and nurses giving. Simulated injections it is critical doses are being stored in secret locations. And a reminder tonight. Yes struggling to get by Americans need help they needed no. We need more to come early next year. It's like fighting endorses a bipartisan stimulus first anybody here from a Republican behind the compromise this evening will take to get this to the finish line. He is the first state in the country to decriminalize. For treatment over prison. But not everyone's views on board. But just curious if you thought about. Scenario. And what might have happened to you hadn't injured ten and measurements and and in place. The reality is that placing keeps me up every night. Our in depth reports from port. Christmas and Chanukah fast approaching what is the absolute latest you shop if you want to make changes that gets there on time. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us it was Shakespeare who wrote about the winter of our discontent but it was nearly a metaphor about sadness but today those words ring true in a very literal way when talking about this virus. Which took. 121468. American lives just this past week as roughly one American every minute as we enter this especially dangerous new phase of the pandemic. Overcrowded hospitals in icu is are running out of beds with desperation growing to once again flatten the current. With many fast moving developments on the vaccine front there is hoping including the WHO expected to approve Pfizer's vaccine by the end of the year. Clearing away for more equitable access across the world's poorer nations a whit Johnson leads us off with the latest on the crisis here at home. Tonight bracing for the worst of the pandemic. A CDC warning in a new report the US has entered a phase of high level transmission we have not yet seen. The post Thanksgiving peak. That's the concerning thing because the numbers in and of themselves are alarming. That impact coming right before Christmas after daily -- cases nearly doubled in just over a month. From 100000 on October 30 to 196000. December 2. New York the original epicenter of the pandemic seeing the most daily cases since April. And Covert nineteen may be the leading cause of reported deaths in the US this week. According to a projection at the University of Washington topping heart disease and lung cancer. Many hospitals on the brink. You couldn't have asked huge hospital but if you don't have them in power. I'm Kendall fit your life. Josephine a Loria said a nurse manager in Santa Clara County California. Worries there are not enough doctors nurses or beds to treat the sick. What running out of icu Betts we know that once he looked at icu. Your check affairs art. Minimal. Santa Clara one of five counties in the Bay Area imposing new stay at home orders. As I see use across the state are growing dangerously full. California a month 46 states hitting a record number of hospitalizations. This week in Birmingham Alabama. One hospital overwhelmed with patients exhausted health care workers forced to pick up extra shifts a lot of the health care providers on talking to are describing it really is a tidal wave of patience. And you'll remember this moving photo doctor Joseph Barone embracing an emotional Covert patient alone on Thanksgiving. Tonight telling us that man is now out of the hospital is doing fantastic he was used church yesterday morning to weaker refuse wife. So glad to hear that he is back with his client in which Johnson joins us now well what can you tell us about the CDC's universal mask wearing guidance. Lindsey the CDC says universal mask use is critical to slowing the spread of this virus and that means always wearing a mask. Whenever you leave your home. And sometimes in your own home if someone there may have been exposed doctor Deborah Burks of the corona virus task force. Even taking it a step further saying you should each why don't Wear masks. Outdoors when your eating and drinking Wednesday. That seems top OK with Johnson our thanks to you. Take you inside a dry run of the biggest vaccine roll out in our nation's history and preparing for what's expected to be a major turning point in this devastating pandemic. Hospital practicing now how the vexing cold and a preview of Saxony people in their cars. BC's Matt Gutman is in Phoenix this report. Higher. Either what's your name in Denver this vaccine dry run is as real as they could make it and I had to clean reluctantly. Sterilization. Real syringe the change of latex gloves. On our help in Phoenix when it dozens of sites around the country that starting mid December. We'll serve as he mass vaccination of health care workers and first responders like these Phoenix. Firefighters we rode with into line you're Seneca I think. See you're trying to go from Texas. Three. Now they've cycled through about fifty cars so far but way to get the real vaccine. All of these lanes are going to be open and hope to get through 15100. A day. The Pfizer vaccine will be stored in east special freezers under tight security the vaccine will be capped in a security Peru. Which is within a secured building. Which is on a secured location. After each final vaccine is thought a chemist will dilute it with saline. It divided into five deuces which must be injected within an hour. I know playback and we have that the team has kept us together and created it and based on a lot of unknowns. You'll brown got the Madieu to vaccine nearly nine months ago when he volunteered for the trial. I experienced nothing other than a very miles were armed the next morning after each injection. Much like he would have quit the typical flu shot but dirty and finds received the side effects from both the vaccines have been mind. Little was known about long term side effects but doctor Anthony Fenty says 90% of averse effects from vaccines. She walked in the first six weeks Kobe vaccine volunteers have been monitored for at least two months so right away they would have captured the overwhelming majority historically. Of when you see so cool long term side effects of the vaccine. And we've heard certainly from how she that the reward. Far outweighs the risk for more talents bring in Matt got Nene and we know the Pfizer vexing Easley kept all true cold. What happens a big it's two more. You minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit. He's so. It's got be kept in there was freezers once it's taken out he can't be refrigerated for five days but that's when the real art begins and frankly hospital here that is coast to get the vaccine and I guess a week from today ideally still doesn't exactly know. How distorted what happens when they take it out of the freezers that's what they just told us but we do know. But the vaccine can become unstable. At room temperature. In if that happens it can become safe and the dose hats could be thrown away so there's a lot riding on the proper handling this vaccine. Okay and also meant tell us about the new research on in about Israel and Daryn a trial while volunteers. It's a really interesting study that examined up people who have received their second shot on the dirt out vaccine and it found that three months after that second shot. They still had antibodies in the system essentially thumbed the Lagarde a vaccine mimic the immune system's response to really having. Of the infection the virus. That's encouraging news but the question that scientists are still trying to investigate is how durable that protectionist meaning how long the immune system can keep fighting off the buyers at this point. Simply don't. No but he packed up and still so much that we don't know our thanks to you for all your reporting cast. We turn out to California which broke a new record today with more than 22000 new Kobe case as the governor has announced regional stay at home orders that will be triggered. If it went IC availability dips below 15%. And today. The San Francisco area announced its locking down beginning this weekend we're joined now by Californians health and human services secretary mark Alley. Thank you so much for your time secretary to governor Newsom announced that 327000. Doses of the vaccine will be coming years in mid December British states like Texas have announced they received many more doses are you satisfied with this number inch how challenging will be to figure out who gets in line first. Thanks for the question. You know we we're never says aren't we all want to get. It's much. The vaccine is looking at our own hardware and content in congress and our federal partners and we believe this first allocation is. Recordings is what we are without knowing he's and we will be able to announce more reps are. Certainly aren't aren't where are our two and angered others. A California has said that it will independently or read any vaccines before distributing them within the state how does that process going in and will lead to any delays in distribution particularly with pies are so closed authorization. You'll let me answer that second part first absolutely not we are ready reviewing these wanna be who ya yeah Gator. Around the president and acting do you read right around listening time. You know within hours and we don't think it will all influence. Or delay any and we can be. Keen. In or. Now some critics say that California's regional stayed home orders unfairly penalize smaller counties that are are lumped in with bigger. Cities with more virus spread and on the flip side some wonder why stay at home orders aren't state line how hard is it to thread that needle and get it right particularly in a large state like California. I mean I'll remind you some of these regions. We have in California. Are bigger than even medium I'd be so you know it is a challenge we always have we don't live and yet eloquent and there's a lot of difference between north and out of coastal environment area. We believe it look at how this are regions in the good virus the virus Brett. And geographical regional way and our hospitals systems are also and where though the approach super regionals your home order. Well let him Wednesday in way to being targeted but it also recognized and in the virus and showed her. Does it's have talked about putting teachers near the front of the vaccine line is essential workers but California is one of the few states where many school districts never reopened how William May reopening schools a priority is a vaccine rolls out. Well even before the vaccine rolling out a priority were working closely with our own leaders and frankly all of our. Education partners across the state to make sure. That we create an environment. Where we can focus CNBC its staff and students provide all the protective factors that we know make a difference. A number of school district. The crossroads are getting the vaccine create another exciting opportunity. To create more protections of and we can now bring more schools. In person at an early. And lastly doing your colleagues continue to warn that were in the worst moment of this pandemic that we haven't even seen the full Thanksgiving surge just yet. What do you think will ultimately stem the tide and do you see any glimmer of hope. Well I mean there's a lot of glimmers of hope I would say that one is the vaccine but it is not yours and that's why we need. Keep our guard up in use the tools we know work. California emphasized. That's me at home order with our regional approach. And you do he has to avoid mix much and you know this really hard for individuals for human community but it will that we employ an Arab League will save lives. By just a little bit more time of enrollment and really give us it is typical third way but I think it's a critical time were closed a lot of good things are happening on your right. In broken now and equals or how important importantly the entire nation really well. Doctor Galley thank you so much for your time we appreciate your insight. Out for our. Announced the other crisis stemming from this pandemic the millions of Americans out of work and in need today president elect Biden urged Democrats or Republicans in congress to get the bipartisan stimulus compromise over the finish line as soon as possible. Biden hopes this is just a down payment on future stimulus once he takes office calling this month's job report grin. Our mayor Bruce asked Biden what happens if Republicans refused to work with him. With millions of Americans in desperate need and the president focused instead on re fighting the election. Joseph Biden today stepping in to implore congress to come together. And pass a badly needed covad relief bill. Earlier today. The November jobs report was released. And whose group. But it doesn't have to stay that way. The president elect is urging Democrats and Republicans to back a new 900 billion dollar compromise calling it an urgent and critical first step. The folks I'm talking about the folks out there aren't looking for and out. They just knee help. There are in trouble through no fault a thorough. The bill includes 300 dollars in weekly federal unemployment benefits for roughly four months 160. Billion dollars in state and local aid. And 280. Billion dollars to support small businesses. The cold light fell owns a small boutique in Portland Oregon she says she's already lost 350000. Dollars during the pandemic. Now she fears she may lose every. Thing for me my reality as. Like if we don't make it through that's like what will life but will I do next you know and how will I provide farming family and for my kids. Tonight on Capitol Hill there is optimism but Biden describes the compromise as just a down payment. Saying he will push congress to do even more but this is already more than Republican leaders want to spent. What does this isn't a down payment what if this bill is it. And emerged from from. I always thought we wouldn't give it time will get. But it's been more than six months despite his thing going on what makes you so confident the U will be able to get Republicans to go big once you're in office. Well because the country's gonna be in dire dire dire straights don't. Have you reached out a leader McConnell of the two east of Kenya. Will be in dire trouble technical search. That's not a know leader McConnell office is also refusing to say if the two had talked. Remaining very tight lipped they're Mary Bruce joins us now from Wilmington Delaware Mary is there isn't a president like Biden and leader McConnell would. Hesitate to cut out and say that they talked. Well Republicans are in a bit of a box here and that's because they don't want to publicly break with president Ron and because the president still won't admit it Joseph Biden hasn't backed won this election. Or really tricky position as they may tried to work with Joseph Biden. And his team it's one of the reasons why is they have talked aren't likely to see McConnell and biting coming out and sharing that. Publicly although that was a pretty telling. Non it's right exactly and Mary also Joseph Biden talking about plans for an inauguration that could certainly look a lot different than normal. Very different Joseph Biden says you're not likely to see that packed National Mall with millions of people they're likely. Won't be that being festive inaugural parade either as a top priority. Is to somehow celebrate his inauguration but to use so in a way that it's safe for the American people as are likely to see a lot online a lot of virtual events. And they are simply going to have to use their budget. They aren't Mary bruised and thanks you. It is now is one of the architects of the 908 billion dollar stimulus compromise Louisiana Republican senator doctor bill Cassidy thanks so much for your time tonight senator. Now we learned yesterday the majority leader McConnell and speaker Pelosi spoke for the first time since he election inch. And you ended three of the Republicans responsible for this deal met with McConnell as well. Inside that meeting I am McConnell is known for his poker face but how did you read his reaction. US and things that they will have a deal by the end of the year. One thing you acknowledge is that the effort we've made. Has really move the negotiations forward. And it's if you will organic from the American people. Expressing the need and an organic set of legislators on both parties in both chambers of the senate coming together. That is moos speaker below CN Chuck Schumer. To a more reasonable place. I think it's moved our Republican caucus to a more reasonable place it by reasonable way to fight it is something which is acceptable to both in contrast. And leader McConnell acknowledged. And have you talked to president chopper anyone at the White House and it's a president does come out in support of this bill. With that Fastrack this right to the finish line. You know he all but came out in support of it when he said he would sign a nine Saturday you know bill. There's only 1908 billion dollar bill and that's ours. I backtracked a little bit but I believe we know where he has now. The president will sign it. Now we just have to finished a kind of nitty gritty negotiations. That we just bad for five hours on the day doing and then we'll have another session over the weekend yet a little bit more build out from the framework. Make sure that we can still have that agreement that we. No we need. Now yesterday president elect Biden said that he would like to ask all Americans to Wear a mask for his first 100 he's not permanent just 100 days would you support this and encourage your colleagues and constituents to do the same. Are asking to put a little nuance into it. The reason that people kind of rejected by sometimes. Is do you mean when I'm walking on the beach and there's at ten now Broward breezed. And I'm getting a dirty look because I'm not Wear and amassed even on ten feet away from folks. I think the American people have to be credited with the concept. If I'm not a restaurant on night eating a bar an airplane absolutely. If I'm a mile in all know the bomb outside know best I was CDC recommends so like got a little nuance of the American people elect their intelligence. Not be a respected. A former presidents Obama bush and Clinton also that they will get vaccinated publicly if it encourages Americans to take the vaccine you're a doctor would you also get vaccinated and would you do it in public. Absolutely. I'll just say that I've already been infected which probably means I'm immune but it take a shot. Long you know on the television show with the broadest. On the you know coverage. Would make a point sign me up this is how we get out of this mess and this is always say rides. So we might invite you to come back in India have Taurus now certainly within days a first doses could be going out you know how quickly that you and your colleagues in the senate. And a house would receive the vaccine. Well the first tranche is going to rob health care providers as well as those in nursing homes as it should. The second try should be risk spaced teachers first responders and those who might be above a certain age I hate to say at most members of congress and the senate are both certain days or may well I don't risk. But it should be risk based. I don't think senator should get any special consideration beyond that be generous. Now if you'll humor me here just a few kind of rapid fire yes or no questions on the national defense authorization acting you confident it will have enough support to override a presidential veto. I don't know that do you agree with attorney general bill bars assessment that there is being no widespread fraud that would change the outcome of the election. He's looked at the facts I can only trust what he says I'm not personally investigated but authorities said that you know. It looks at mr. Biden is one. It do you plan to attend president elect Biden's inauguration and would you urge the president to do the same. Well first I don't know how it's going to be it's structured. But I will attend absolutely it there is that it's not virtual. I attend every presidential why wouldn't shoot. And yes it'd say I would certainly encourage president trump news oak followed yes. Do you think the president elect Biden cabinet deserves quick nomination hearings especially those will be taking. Jobs to help end this pandemic. Yes but that's not to say that is still as Devin vice and consent. But but yes we should consider them quickly and lastly can you name just several issues that you might commit to working with the incoming administration on in order to help ease some of the struggles for so many Americans. So have already been working with bipartisan bill sponsored or cosponsored. On surprise medical billing. On how to we lower the cost a prescription drugs. How do we get the economy going again I talked about an infrastructure package I think there's a lot of bipartisan portal now. Has been in the past will be in the future I've been there and will be there. Senator bill Cassidy would think you so much for your time tonight appreciate you coming on shell. Thanks redden. Now those critical Georgia runoff elections for two senate seats that will determine which party gets control of the senate vice president likens campaign from the two Republicans today. Former President Obama to pardon a virtual rally from Democrats and tomorrow president troubled rally with the Republicans but certain that he may not be helping their cause. AB CC doesn't Sami is in Atlanta. The president is coming to Valdosta to mark trying to rally support. For Georgia's two Republican senators who are fighting to keep their seats from these two Democrats. But president trumps false claim that the November 3 election was stolen in Georgia. Has put senators Kelly law clerk and David Perdue who stand with him in a top spot there's a box. Get out in the president's unfair and it would be an in this situation across this state many Republicans are now afraid that the president brings more harm than good. And his made up planes that it was fraud and not voters who decided the election is discouraging voters on the right from coming out to vote again. In just the last 24 hours former lawyer for team trump was telling this to voters' wallets you. And folks at another rich. Election and voters are believing this sharing this message with the head of the RNC when she visited Georgia. And Merck. Bringing our. It's not just night and this is Becky. It's not decided. It's a tricky thing for Republicans here to argue that the election was a fraud and that the president wine and on the other hand. Argue that these two Republican senators need to be elected in January to put up a roadblock in front of a future president Biden. But that's what's happening here. Lindsay. Steve our thanks to you when we come back Houston police find. Down the street looking for help leading them back to a possible human smuggling operation for more than two dozen others were allegedly locked in signed. Attack so that wasn't part of the game why a football player allegedly took down the referee. Moved to pull back from a decades long war on drugs by decriminalizing. Possession we'll take you behind the headline to meet the people for and against that measure. I am here is the only Republican cosponsor of the more act and I'm voting for it. Because the federal government has lied to the people of this country about marijuana for a generation. We have seen. A generation particularly of black and brown youth locked up for offenses that not it should have not resulted in any incarceration. Whatsoever. Republican congressman Matt gates there weren't those fiery words in support of the democrats' bill that passed the house today to decriminalize marijuana. Gates was one of just five Republicans who joined 222 Democrats in voting for the bill. The law would also require federal courts to release inmates serving sentences for nonviolent marijuana offenses it was the first time ever. Either chamber passed a bill to legalize marijuana right now the legislation is not expected to pass. In the senate but it is cleared it attitudes about drugs and more specifically their relationship to the criminal justice system work. Changing in this country and there is no clear example then in origin where. Voters passed a measure decriminalizing drug possession ending years of pro in addition to raising new questions are clean send Dell has this in depth look. It was the first shots in a new war America's public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse. In order to fight and defeat this enemy it is necessary to wage. A new all out offensive. President Nixon officially launching America's war on drugs and later First Lady Nancy Reagan and her my drug of just saying no. We want you to help us create an outspoken and tolerance for drug in this. She prayed on and those iconic anti drug commercials trying to sway the public to join the fight who torture and do this stuff. You are right. I learned by watching you. Nearly fifty years later after countless drug seizures arrests crack cocaine epidemic and now a deadly oatmeal in crisis claiming tens of thousands of lives every year. The country is taking a hard look at the government's never ending war and its effects. I'm really into a failed policy and I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that is one of the worst domestic I'll eat that meat happen modern history. I'm casualty of the. The war on drugs but Imus by Americans like former heroin user turned drug policy reform advocate Morgan god didn't. Believe the war on drugs has cost far too much and addiction is defined as a failure to respond to negative consequences. That you know if therefore I was ever arrested a thirty didn't fire fired from my job struggled with homelessness. You know all these interpersonal relationship is just consequence after consequence after consequence yet you can't stop you and I just kept using. And so just. And gain the win one more consequence in front of my face was like yeah well put it on my cab my life has already. Everyone I know that overdosed and died. Was jailed repeatedly first they are the true casualties of the war on drugs but now. Oregon where Morgan lives is leading the charge in dealing what may be the biggest blow to America's drug policy in half a century Oregon is now the first state in the country to decriminalize hard drugs the state last month passed measure won ten legislation means that users caught carrying what's deemed to be up. Personal amount of drugs. Even the hard stuff like heroin. Will be given the option to pay a 100 dollar fine like a traffic ticket more complete a health assessment that could provide them with access to treatment. And this means no more arrests and no jail. I. And our how. Cassandra Frederica is the executive director of drug policy action a national group behind writing measure won ten. And campaigning for to pass she says classifying drug use is criminal is outdated and harmful. I I. Options that. She meant. She used to do I am sure are and and that web and barriers that also. Have beat him out what are your. A whopping 58% of oregonians voted in favor of the bill with organizations like the ACLU. Local NAACP chapters and even the Portland DA supporting the measure the current enforcement and drug laws is an equitable and ineffective. But the measure is also getting pushed back and from a surprising source many in the addiction recovery community say the law comes up short. He decriminalize drugs before they actually. Built a new intervention system that the current. Court system provides. Air people in treatment today because they were arrested for drug possession. Tony does NA is one of many organ residents who got into treatment the cause of an arrest what substances were you using it at the worst. OK so. Weighing. I was in my addiction. At the end. Clayton. I would've taking your wallet. He struggled with substances for well over a decade the turning point for me really. Was. Right around time I had my first kid and now as a mother basin to change. The pass. For me to get completely sober. You know took a few years after I had my first game I was homeless. Got arrested went to jail was offered treatment while I was in jail. Went to treatment while I was in treatment I was. Given the opportunity go to college and really. A mess into. You know our recovery community. Now eight years sober. He runs forty recovery in Portland center aimed at helping addicted you. T Anderson riding through community. Worries Mitchell won ten won't do enough to push people into treatment. But just. Curious if you saw about that scenario and in what might have happened to you had measured and had measure once then bent in place. The reality is is that question keeps me up every night. I run an organization whose mission is to help young people recover right and what is the system we need. Says to develop. Two to insure more people can't cover potentially. IA could've overdose potentially would have created hurt you now another set of circumstances that would. Drastically impacted the rest of my life we have not. Created that new intervention system and we've taken one away. I'm a recipient. An intervention to have him on justices that was the last time that I went to treatment was not from the judge. Adrian Burris works for Tony at forty and says that interventionist streak criminal justice system changed his life. My drug addictions. And about. Five years. You know and eyes this kind of felt like I was I was at the end of my rope you know. Now I got picked up for some pretty significant. Charges. And that's kinda like. Would put me on the right path I ended up being treated. An F five months that I send 055 or six months was was really crucial. Because. I always like you know over time using drugs I had the desire to stop. But it I had couldn't develop the will until I had a substantial amount of time away from the substances. Are people going to be let go who should be maybe getting arrested and going into treatment it's hard for me to say this that beginning aggressive but I can say. People are gonna be let go that should be going to treat you know. I'm not saying that that getting arrested soon be that halfway I think the whole system these things play in a different way then enhance. Due to this measure. While there is disagreement about how to best address the addiction crisis through policy. There are significant signs that. Attitudes toward the war on drugs is changing a Tony nineteen poll showed that 67% of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana. You know very important are lining. In where marijuana legalization ending. At the last you know couple ate it you get your opinion polls are well you. Know the public doesn't want. Jailed. On Election Day this year organ was not the only state to take major action on drugs New Jersey Montana Arizona and South Dakota voted to legalize recreational marijuana a move crossing party lines since 201211. Other states and Washington DC voted to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over. Since 1996. A total of 36 states have legalized medical marijuana I'm here in Colorado where our law has been legal racially long time. And is sort landscape. Where are you see this going as the trends nationwide. Jurisdictions they're definitely going to be paying attention to UT what happens with the organ all of the event you know it takes it didn't take that back up at great earth. And I think that we're you know there's going to be a lot of attention paid to what what changes for senior organizer 08. No one will be watching more closely than or billions themselves the state is in the midst of a growing crisis. Overdose deaths jumped by 70%. In the state between April and may of this year compared with the same period in 2019. And help the more than 330000. Organ residents believed to have a substance use disorder. There are only about 14100 beds to accommodate them if they choose to seek help measure won ten aims to greatly expand access to treatment. While my excitement about imagine. That I am a definition achievement. A lot of our rent is not our. Ian Shannon. Com and not just out. How harm reduction in on additional. And the old. Morgan hopes organs new measure will provide real opportunities to drug users in need and save them from the pitfalls she faced when she was behind bars. My government broke my heart they really do because I learned enough moment. We're not actually there to help me they punished me for the sake of punishment there is not a shred of rehabilitation. I used don't think anyone should have to get arrested first to get to treatment they need. No one should have to get. A criminal record to get access to drug treatment that's not acceptable. Only holds hope for the future to hear how optimistic are you that you'll eventually get to the point that you wanna see. Real change happen you know there was some division around what measure once and for recovery advocates and Horry again. You know we're coming back together now collectively. Around them understanding of what what is the work that needs that need to moving forward. And I that we away. Social justice and human diversity equity in the fourth and because of that spirituality of them main. He has name. For ABC news latency endo and Colorado. Thanks to Clayton sand hill for that and still ahead here on fire yeah. Former confidant Vickie Lynn Maxwell is now asking the judge to do for her before Christmas. Foul play suspected in the deaths of green beret in an army that their bodies found on four brand training range. Signs from today's jobs report specifically from the retail sector that's next in by the numbers but first. Today the queen holding her very first virtual audience greeting foreign ambassadors and Buckingham Palace from Windsor Castle. Via webcam. Yeah. Welcome back everyone and now to the economy and a slowing US job recovery as we head into the winter holidays and co would cases exploding in many businesses locking down. Here's a look at by the numbers US employers added 245000. Jobs last month down significantly from the 6101000. Jobs added in October. And the unemployment rate dropped slightly to six point 7% the Labor Department said today. 35000. Retail jobs were lost so it's a big blow since retail normally picks up before Christmas and Chanukah. For example a job site zip recruiters says they're seeing 18% fewer holiday job postings this year. Nearly 2.2 million women have left the US work force since the pandemic and some because of child care issues and challenges of remote learning. Unemployment is also lasting longer more than nineteen weeks on average compared to just nine weeks on average before the company crisis but here's the surprising bright spot because we certainly need one. New business applications are up to 46% compared to last year which means that Americans are launching new start ups at the fastest rate in more than a decade. According to census data. Still lots more ahead here on. Bittersweet news for college football fans ahead of the playoff semifinal games. Why it may be seeing all of the items you ordered on line recently consumer reports tells us how to make sure those deliveries arrive on time. This on a push for stimulus bill will there be one in time for the holidays but. Our top trending stories on Look what. From. The university of Washington's population health initiative is projecting the total number of corona virus steps in the US by next April. Well I'm Jim 539000. New Mexico swings every. America's freedoms we won't hurt America maybe if you really want to undergo Johns Hopkins University recording US stealing east county exceeded 100000. For the first time. Now that number has more than double the numbness and on themselves are alarming. And then you realize that it is likely will see more sir just we get sued his three weeks pass from the left Thanksgiving holidays quickly enact scenes don't want to wait for most Americans initial saint now's the time to double down on precautions and my mask wearing social distancing and hand washing and California is prepared to issue regional stay at home a corner and you can Kathleen drops below 15%. We don't act now. We'll continue to see a death brings clients more lives were lost. I'm Joseph Biden delivering remarks in Delaware and a weaker than expected jobs report by the Labor Department 245000. Jobs were added last month by calling for a new relief deal. Congress and president Charles failed attack by the ended December. Twelve million Americans will lose unemployment benefits every life. Very Christmas. Momentum growing kind to 908 billion dollar compromise measure that includes 300 dollars in weekly federal unemployment benefits. 160. Billion in steeped in local lanes but it doesn't include another round of checks for Americans struggle and Dow closed at an all time high despite their jobs report. A Texas human smuggler investigation is underway after a man running down a street and yelling for anal and eventually it led to a troubling discovery. The man in his underwear led police to a house were two dozen other people were being held against their will also be in their underwear and Houston police lieutenant Jose Torres says the smugglers apparently stripped down has tried to blend in with their victims. So we've pulled out the ones that lift clean and and still have the jury plus people were dirty and maybe mayor Giuliani's. Few people here. The smuggling victims were from Mexico Honduras and China had been in the house review needs some for a week. Jeffrey Spain's former companion wants to be out of jail and home for the holidays and I'm Maxwell is going to make a renewed motion for release on bail and in a letter to court her attorneys requested a hearing before the holidays to you lawmaker formal application next week's government going to respond reform proposed hearing December 21 ciresi successful she went beyond the Christmas and the Maxwell has complained repeatedly about the severity of her incarceration and has so much to say about it and judge her attorneys ask permission to go long and our court papers mementos awaiting trial on charges she enabled Jeffrey Epstein is alleged abuse of. Minor. Not a big surprise that no fans will be allowed at the Rose Bowl for the college football playoff semi final on January 1. The turn in a row this and they requested special permission to allow a limited number of spectators at the stadium that was denied due to club in nineteen restrictions from the Rose Parade in traditionally held the morning of the game. Also I'll. High school football Bradbury who was Hasselbeck and had tacked on the field last player being Emmanuel Dhahran slammed into the official after he was ejected from the game darling this morning from the stadium by police. He is now charged with assault. On his team won the game but they have been disqualified them layoffs due to the incidental referee was evaluated for concussion. Tonight to too mysterious deaths under investigation at Fort Bragg the bodies of a green beret and an army veteran were found in a remote training area on the base arching justice correspondent Pierre Thomas reports. Tonight mystery looming at Ford rang up to two men were found dead in the training area on base Wednesday. Officials say their bodies were found next to one another. The men have been identified as active duty green beret master Sargent William Levine. An army veteran Timothy doom us the defense official telling ABC news that foul play is suspected and that no weapon was found at the scene. The suspected homicide as the latest high profile cases involving Fort Bragg. In May the mangled remains a paratrooper you re que Romo on Martinez washed ashore after he disappeared on Memorial Day on a camping trip along the outer banks. The autopsy finding evidence of multiple chop injuries. A broken jar cuts and a fractured cervical spine. The death was ruled a homicide by undetermined means. Certainly some troubling news they're out of Fort Bragg our thanks to hear from that and we are tracking a developing nor'easter sent to bring heavy rain high wind the low will be moving through the Carolinas while spreading areas with heavy rain into the mid Atlantic late tonight from Washington to New York City. The nor'easter really gets cranking by Saturday morning as it begins to quickly intense fire out the Jersey Shore line bringing heavy rain and isolated flooding to the region. Snowfall rates could reach one to three inches per hour tomorrow certainly not conditions that you want to be out driving. Now less than two weeks away from Christmas Eve major retailers are telling the millions of Americans still shopping for holiday gifts saying message if your ordering items online. Expect shipping delays last week and we saw a record breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumer spending nearly twenty billion dollars combined. And I took an extra seven million packages being delivered every day between now and Christmas adding additional stress on the system that was already stretched during a pandemic. Is now is consumer reports senior tech writer Bree Fowler brewery. Thanks so much for your time tonight. Given heavy volume of packages being delivered right now what do people expect from major retailers this holiday season and how can they avoid those pesky shipping delays. This year is we just really don't know it expects the best thing you can do is order early and don't be too particular. OK apparently we can it can all try and do that a procrastinators against not so excellent but. Are so shipping carriers such as UPS FedEx USPS more reliable and others percent. It's really hard to discount rate now I mean UPS. Texas and make money and he added that retailers to do you know they had a tough year and you know they really need to get back in the saddle. Hills. You know they're gonna do their best at what you need to you when you need. What's the Lance day in your estimation that someone should be ordering on line if they want to make sure that their packages arrive on time in. And what does this mean for last minute shoppers. In theory Amazon promises today prime shipping if your number. But I wouldn't bank not necessarily this year I would build an extra time if you know you need to get certain things are certain places for certain people do now there's really you know procrastinating. It it only in her. No reason to Wayne and any other general advice that you might hamper anxious shoppers this isn't. In. Its best to keep your expectations in check mean kids. I'm a mom two kids they once certain things. That may happen this year and you know you just have to be flexible and roll it. Last question for you can you are the hottest toys so far is this season. Easily it's the new PlayStation and made it a new acts likes to. Those are next to impossible to sign I mean my kids not one of ten years I did and what is not about a brain. Well you know as. To let you know sometimes and doesn't deliver. And you know you don't get every night he wants spy on the good wife and eight. Yeah exactly and it you want to get one or does. It comes out shore or I'll just it's really this year and shipping delays again. Preach Fowler from consumer reports thank you so much. Banks are how wrong. Coming up didn't skate. Dan to have something to do it all blockbuster publishing deal we'll explain coming up next. OK yeah. Okay. Hey TE air. We'll laugh GE. Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac's singing trains since 1977. Which charted at the end of this year for the first time since 1977. Thanks mainly. Seven is back in California escape order went viral crews are milder Sandra is cranberry juice. Honesty and his emotional lyrics about the bands tumultuous relationships. Hanging behind his. Well today Nick's close a massive deal. Sell the majority stake in her publishing catalog accompanying primary wave purchased an 80% interest in the songwriting copyright which. Our valued at about 100. Million dollars. And finally tonight our images of the day apparently so when she is benefactors have been throwing more than just your standard changing to Salvation Army channel so far this holiday season. According waited more than 18100 dollars was donated in Florida another coin made of gold was generously dropped into a channel in Illinois also an Illinois. A gold bar valued at 19100 dollars recovered from another cattle. A little extra holiday cheer and that is our show for his army sure distinction ABC news cycle more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and have a great weekend.

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