ABC News Live Prime: Friday, September 18, 2020

TikTok and WeChat ban takes effect this weekend; John Leguizamo: More Latino roles needed in Hollywood; By the Numbers: Race for the Senate
50:58 | 09/20/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Friday, September 18, 2020
You're looking at what used to be yeah. Stream or erosion from a rare Mediterranean cyclone the summer storms continuing on both sides of the Atlantic. Breaking news a new tropical threat two days after hurricane sound made landfall now a new systems gaining strength closing in on Texas. Atlantic hurricane season now running out of names should she she's. Cellphone testing yet again walking back its latest guidance while caught in a firestorm between politics and science public. Johnson and say anything. Infected with number nineteen get a test he didn't like showing symptoms and the president's claim about when the vaccine will be made available. Turnout for early voting today in four states people waiting on line for hours to cast their ballots in person. As president trump and Joseph Biden told campaign in the Minnesota that are. Firefighters killed battling the wildfires in the west and the couple now face charges after an announcement of their baby's sex sparked a wildfire. This box is seeking fifty times so what's behind trump demonstrations banning of the wildly popular social media. Why is Sunday's Emmy Awards are the most diverse yet and I didn't. Patient are still work to do. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. 200000. That's the grim and tragic milestone this country is expected to reach this weekend. A stunning 200000. American lives lost to the corona virus pandemic and tomorrow marks six months. Since a state of California became the first state in the nation to announce stay at home orders a cascade of statesman followed suit this spring. It's been a series of fits and starts since then much of the country reopening the been forced to scale back as Kobe cases rose over the summer. And as we enter fall to fears of another wave combined with the flu season. He's certainly a very real concern today president tumbling to the White House podium and once again question the guidance of his medical and scientific experts. Touting that a vaccine is on its way in a matter of weeks and all Americans will have access by the spring. That is the CDC once again makes a major reversal on its guidance on who should get tested for the virus. After reports of that earlier recommendations were written by. Political appointees and not by scientists are chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl is tracking it all for us and starts us off. With Americans already lining up to vote in polls showing most disapprove of how he's handled corona virus. President trump is banking on a vaccine. To boost his campaign. We essentially have it will be announcing a fairly soon. Most experts say a vaccine won't be widely available until next year. But president trump is giving the impression it's right around the corner. The administration were delivered to the American people immediately. Distribution will begin. Within 24. Towers the president acknowledged most Americans won't be able to get the vaccine until April earlier this week he lashed out when CDC director doctor Robert Redfield. Told congress that probably won't be widely available until months later. How is it days. I've you don't trust Euronext received. Do you think you're Romero who I think I think the in many cases it is there a clear indications the White House has pressured the CDC. To keep it statements about the virus in line with what the president says. Less than a month ago the CDC put out guidance saying it even if you've been exposed to somebody with the virus quote. You do not necessarily need a test if you don't have symptoms medical experts were puzzled the New York Times reported the guidance. Was issued over the objection of the CDC's own scientists. And today the CDC abruptly reversed itself saying flatly you need a test if you have been exposed to someone with Covert nineteen. It's what CDC experts had been saying for months. Right there seemed to be reverting back to that original guidance Jonathan Karl joins us now Don the press today also question expertise. His own FBI director following his congressional testimony on threats facing US what idiot to set. I was got two major problems with a what Christopher ray the FBI director told congress on one hand. Christopher Wray told congress that Russia is working very much to interfere with our election it's a big threat a big concern. And he also said that in terms of domestic terrorism. In this country that the biggest threat Combs from racially motivated violence especially from white supremacist groups. The president in. Sees the biggest threat in terms of foreign interference not being Russia but being China and the biggest domestic violence threat. Being in teeth and and left wing groups. So he deeds made it very clear he disagreed with Chris Ray on both these points. Which led some reporters to ask. Whether or not he is considering replacing Chris Ray as the FBI director he didn't give a direct answer to saying we are looking into. A lot of things Lindsay. OK Aaron Jonathan Karl reporting in from the White House thanks John. And now to the new stage of the 20/20 races early voting kicks off in several states and with all the concern about mail in ballots there was an hours long wait to vote in person in Fairfax county Virginia today. Still more than six weeks before Election Day. Another early voting state kicking off today the battleground of Minnesota the Joseph Biden and president trump holding dueling campaign events there. NBC's Mary Bruce has the latest. Tonight in the midst of this bitter campaign with their lives up ended by the pandemic for thousands of Americans it's finally time to vote. In Virginia one of four states where early voting started today eager voters waiting up to four hours in his never ending socially distance line masks on a movie. Rob ILO live Vieri tells us this year he's taking no chances. Why come out today. On the first that you do have six more weeks of why now. Who's going to win anything can happen the sooner the builder. With the president sowing doubt about mail in voting and concerns over delays at the post office public Cohen decided to show up in person. T consider going back to avoid coming standing in the 32 states in Washington DC have made changes to make it easier to vote in the pandemic. At least twelve states have already started sending mail in ballots. In the key battleground of Minnesota Steve O'Rourke today decided to vote early. Then either beating the crowds. On November 3 or writing him zone and I know Michael it's not change. They'll have resulted today. Minneapolis officials say there shattering records mailing over 1141000. Ballots mail obviously is what we are encouraging. Vote at home these safe. Joseph Biden and president trump both in Minnesota today both trying to make their mark with working class voters. The former vice president has been trying to show he feels their pain. Right now I do work and a cancer center in the area. I make now under fifteen dollars an hour. Today Biden said trump just doesn't get it down what. Domino's and people are Boston our next. Just make you wouldn't troop says oh by the way. Preference and everywhere in the stock market that's where he cares about the stock mark. You try to. And Mary Bruce joins us now Mary is still interesting to see people already in line noting a sign that many voters have already made up their minds but. It looks the Biden in China campaigns are picking up their activity on reaching those uncommitted voters in key battleground states in particular they. Are ramping up their campaigning and their travel to these key battleground states look both of the candidates know especially with this pandemic analyst so much uncertainty. As we head to Election Day they want voters to get out there and vote one way or another. As soon as possible especially in 22 money a year where it seems anything can happen they want to get these votes in the day and it's part of the reason why they are making the effort. To get out there and travel to key battleground states as one of the reasons why we are seeing both of the candidates. In Minnesota today when. The course in battleground of Minnesota Mary Bruce thanks so much. And joining us now he is the Minnesota secretary of state Steve Simon thank you so much free time. Strategy so the first day of early voting under way in your state today talk us through the safeguards in place to make sure that Minnesota residents can vote safely in the midst of this pandemic also. How the day when any reports of problems. Well one thing that's unique about today's day in Minnesota is not only is it the first day of voting in Minnesota and leading the country in that respect. But today also president trump and Joseph Biden are both in Minnesota on the same day camp an axis that. That is contributed to the excitement and the sizzle around is that. And probably accounts for the reports we're getting that that's physical locations on this Thursday that he balloting there is more buzz and more activity than you'd normally expect. In terms of the overall avenues for voters to vote they are speaking loudly and clearly about what they want this and what many of them lot. Some for the first time is to vote from home we have seen an absolute shattering of the record. People requesting absentee ballots as of today we're 926000. People in the state of order question juggle from home by absentee. Other compares in the same period two years ago it was something like 58000. People that are requested as of the same day two years ago and so it's off the charts people are speaking loudly and clearly this is a way that really appeals to them this year. And housing going so far without a glitch. So far really without a glitch I have to say they're I was in dissolves going to be something but so far the inverse component we haven't heard any complaints everyone has their ballots on time insures that the absentee ballot process. Those ballots for those who already ordered them will go in the mail today so they should be arriving in mailboxes all over Minnesota in the coming days. People can start sending them back or hand delivering them back whenever they cheats. And you're on a call yesterday with dozens of secretaries of state and with the postmaster general there's according it got heated at times and you raise any in the senate Minnesota specific issues and are you confident that the Postal Service can handle. A dramatic increase in mail in ballots in Minnesota and across the country. Yeah I would call it pointed but cordial as somebody else and I agree with that. I was eight yes I have confidence that they have the logistical capabilities they have the trucks and the vehicles they have the people. And in Minnesota we that it really good relationship with the folks on the ground here and the folks running the show here Washington is another story. I timeliness is always an issue but even with the delays that were reading and seeing. A reported even with those delays I think in Minnesota we have workarounds Nikkei we have things that can accommodate. Even those delays and gives voters the experience they each get their ballot not so I'm really glass that's all. Person when it comes to the post office yes the reports are disturbing and yes. Many folks on the call yesterday until fed up with the postmaster general but that's not gonna slow us down that's not gonna stop us minnesotans want to vote this way. And even with delays will be able to get around. Any inconveniences. Our it will president trump is also claimed without evidence that mail in ballots have a higher risk of fraud even saying without evidence of those ballots are more more vulnerable to foreign interference. You were secretary of state 12016 election were nearly 700000. Minnesotans voted. Absentee where there any credible cases of voter fraud from those ballots. No there were not and I have to say that is unfortunate to hear that kind of disinformation and misinformation in Minnesota at least. We had a lot of different steps of security starting with the fact that when you order that ballot. You have to provide some personal identifying information last or a social driver's license number so unless its return. With that same information. Sacirbey count itself a foreign government. Tries to. Trevor Gator create a state ballot or if someone steals one out of someone's mailbox. They consented and sure it's not going to be counted and it averages in Minnesota and ask the question not just for 2016. But going back the last couple of decades I've asked folks in the know do you know a single case even one. Or someone has until out of state ballot or intercepted someone's ballot and successfully voted and the answer in Minnesota is no they don't know of a single case. In Minnesota in recent history. We have the security and we have the record to show that it's a safe and secure weighed about. And looking ahead to November do you anticipate that Minnesota will be able to declare a winner on election night thirty thing that voters should expected it'll take several days or even weeks to count all the ballots. Is resting by definition we won't have all the ballots counted in Minnesota for one week because everyone's given that extra seven days to get their ballot in. But what I can say is I strongly suspect and predict it will have the most of the. Outcomes or winners known well before that I think in most contests. We will know the winner issue on election night very shortly thereafter and that's because will be able to report not only all the ballots counted as a election night. What will also be able to save for particular contest. How many outstanding absentee ballots there are and in most cases for most obvious is MO. It was contest you're going to be able to mathematically all those reasons and figure out who the winner is even though you might not know by how much the winner one. And she'll seven days this past you'll know who won in most of those contests that I am confident. Statistically speaking will be a world until so it's number one thing your most concerned about now that the votes are being casting your state. To be honest what I'm most concerned about is what happens after Election Day I am concerned that in the weeks between Election Day and when a 100% of ballots are counted. Does that space could be filled with disinformation and misinformation from all sources conspiracy theories lies. Things designed to undermine confidence in our election to suggest. Bad motives where none exist so I think not just in Minnesota but nationwide. After the election win as we know in Minnesota and most. States a 100% of the bells will not yet be counted let's just be calm let's be patient let's counter lies with truth and sex and talk about what's really going out. Not what's in people's imaginations or what they believe is going on or sinister box they think. Let's talk about what the system is designed to do and what it is doing. And let's not undermine our democracy or polluted with things that just don't have any factual basis that's my number one worry at this. Secretary of state Steve Simon we thank you so much free time appreciate you coming on. My pleasure thanks for having me. What was hurricane salad is finally made it out Tennessee and there is already a series of news storms turning but. Our junior Zia has her I in particular on one that just became tropical storm beta ginger no rest for the wearied my friend what a busy hurricane season already. Just back and I actually brought my boys and I thought I may have to leave again in today is so I wanna spend every moment here with and that's how close together these are all happening. Three storms named just today just for reference that's only ever happened once before in history. In the late eighteen hundreds but beta is the one to watch that's the one I want you to look at the satellite imagery there it's just hang in in the Gulf of Mexico moving right now north northeast at nine miles per hour. What's gonna happen with this. Isn't cut a lot of influence says and a lot of uncertainties in the track as you see it right now starts to make its way toward Texas by early next week. You see that cone now that goes all the way from Mexico and browns built up to Lake Charles remember early Charles was hit so badly by Laura and camera and included two. One thing I can promise you no matter what happens you're gonna end up with significant tropical moisture ten to fifteen inches of rain anywhere from Corpus Christi to again right there along coastal Louisiana but even Alexandria could pick up a half foot of rain so this is going to be significant in rain alone. We also have to talk about Teddy. You also heard a call that are muted just got hit by Paulette well now it looks like that near miss the going to be on the left side which is the better side of Teddy as it slides past week. In the East Coast here could even see some high surf and rip currents from this not that anybody's probably slimming. This weekend going to be very cold got my winter coat on now I go back south I'll have to dry out the rain cut plants. Lots of drying out I'm sure all around for URJ hero vision using thanks so much. And turning now to as a disaster on the West Coast the battle against those wildfires now taking the life of a firefighter on the front lines of the fire burning in the national forest east of LA. It comes crews are bracing for dangerous conditions to return this weekend are Caylee hard time has the latest. Ninety California wildfires sparked by gender reveal celebration taking delight for the first responder. The US Forest Service confirming a firefighter was killed overnight while battling Eldorado fire near San Bernardino new video shows the fire flaring up. Crews fighting flames on both sides of highway 38. Rugged mountains this afternoon a solemn procession carrying the firefighters' bodies through the charred landscape officers later saluting the flag draped Gurney. Wildfires now claiming the lives of at least 36 people out west this year. The wing fuel bobcat fire just north of Los Angeles another big concern tonight forcing new evacuations in juniper hills and orange haze their whining out the sign. The real important driving lanes towards homes near the fires right behind the house upon a little hill there. And I just said screw this that fire inching dangerously close to the same mount Wilson observatory this smoke even closing Yosemite National Park marring its natural beauty. And an organ storms bringing relief from the toxic smoke but the downforce threatening to fire ravaged communities with landslides and flash flooding. Lindsay to Eldorado fire here is 66%. Contained you can see it's still active. That firefighters death as a reminder just because the containment numbers are up. Doesn't mean bill Ritz deep creases and this weekend here at the potential. For conditions to take a dangerous turn we expected to be hot and dry throughout the seat of California so the risk to life and property. It is far from over how this now makes three fire per. Nile deaths in California wildfires so far this year Lindsay. Our thanks to Caylee and turn out to the major decision by the charmed administration banning the popular social media apps tick tock and we'd chat from US app stores affected this Sunday. So what does that mean for you exactly our business correspondent Deirdre Bolton is here now to break it all down to Deirdre if you have ticked up on your phone already. Are you impacted and what does this mean for is roughly 100 million users here in the US. Yeah 100 million users we cannot ignore that number part of the reason why the truck the administration is not ignoring it or cars Lindsay. So ray now if you already have that happen honestly nothing happens to you until November 12. So you can still post all the short videos are viewed a short videos that make you laugh whether it's pets are recipes or comedy acts. So none of that changes until November 12 one caveat though it's an act. Is that if there is in update or some how you receive. Just a props from the apt to change something you will not be able to make any changes mostly updates. As of Sunday now if you don't already have the act. The Commerce Department said if you don't have it by midnight on Sunday you will not be able to download it. If you are living in the US Lindsay. So the tech industry Shannon made this move because if we can remember go back in time a pre pandemic or. One of the big air focal points of the trump administration YZUS. And China and addressing with the trump administration. Consider truly an imbalance between the world's two largest economies. The trump administration felt that the US was never treated fairly if you might. Always felt that China got the upper hand you recall in 2018. The US essentially kicked off a trade war started imposing tariffs. China retaliated so there should spend growing tension between the two largest economies in the world. Since at least 2018. Questions of intellectual property accusations. That China steals a lot from US companies so this is really Ben and big theme which puts pandemic in some respects we've sort of loss item if you like. But they mean charge here from the Commerce Department against tick tock. Is that the owner of beit dance is Chinese. And the Commerce Department says and that's a security track. In other words maybe we all think it's CB because the short videos are fine and their lively and they're very much part of our social media scene. But for example I spoke with a one expert Mark Douglas and he's the CEO at steel house. He's attacking me affirm and he said yeah maybe it seems silly but navy is senator's niece or nephew. Posted tock and if that information if that data Lian somewhere else. In foreign sir Hearst perhaps that doesn't represent a serious security rests. As for tick tock comment museum just gonna read you right from their points here essentially saying that they are disappointed and they say that they have really been cooperating with the Commerce Department. However they are diplomatic in saying they hope a situation or rather a solution can be reached at says. Disappointed with the commerce department's decision saying it already had committed to unprecedented levels of additional transparency Lindsay. And of course is not just kicks tap we'd chat will effectively be banned from the US on Sunday and not just new downloads of the F. Why does we chat being banned as well and what impact might that have on its users here in the US and in China. When we chat to a certain extent had a target on its back it is owned by Tencent which is a huge Chinese conglomerate some people here think of it sometimes like Amazon at 650. Billion dollar market cap if you look at the Hong Kong market it has everything it has cloud computing it has gaining it has entertainment. And it has this messaging service we chat. And really people can do tons of things with that they can send a money they can order food they can chit chat. With friends who for a lot of people. Poor living in the U last with families in Asia this has been a life line. And as of Sunday midnight Lindsay they will not be able to send money to their families or received money from their families in China. Lindsay found OK Deirdre Bolton thanks so much. And when we come back that urgent search for potential key witness in the investigation into the shooting of two deputies in their SUV. The activation of sexual assault against president trumped by a former model. I so I think some improvements when it comes to representation. The Andes continues to have a diversity problem actor John Leguizamo tells us why he's boycotting a big show. Right after the break. Welcome back the Emmy Awards are this Sunday night hosted by Jimmy Kimmel with celebrities beaming in from their homes but just seemingly endless supply of content these days there. It is much diversity among award nominees aren't in a Norman reports. Expect to see lots of new leases at the Emmy Awards this Sunday because this year will feature the most diverse passive anti contenders yet put an historic increase. Minority nominee. Fast national Puerto best country. And this time more than 13 of the actors vying to take home the coveted golden trophy are black. That's an increase of 33%. Up 14%. From each of the last five years there are people who believe that this growth. He's fearing they. So lollipops and means. And more women are claiming they are spots in major categories such as writers and directors. Making up some 36%. Of nominees up 13%. From last year. And then there's a TV teaching plus community are you ready. Celebrating increased recognition this year with thirteen Emmy nods pause not including those shows with multiple Emmy nominations featuring LG BTQ plus characters in lead roles. The status of tough love. In the first Muslim American sitcom Ronnie also scored nominations with director Ronnie Yousef and rehearsal I leak each earning Emmy nods. Outcomes and 567. Feet. Sometimes you've been on think that awards show's Matt there. They do it's a good signal an indicator of where the industry is at the small band. Where society is and where we can go forward and that the new diverse class. I'm excited for it. Still there's so much more work to be done on when you. This year not a single Latin next talents dancer is even Emmy and a major category. Half the total rip in fact only one Latino will even be competing Alexis blue Dell for her guest starring role in a hand maid's tale something hidden ball actors from other popular Latin next shows like to veto pose in one day at a time. Failed to make the cut a break even I can't Rita Moreno can we don't snuff out. And it's much the same for Asian performers it's taking up only 2% of nomination. With killing me star Sandra Oh as the sole actor Asian descent to be nominated and any of the major categories. This marks those third consecutive nomination for that series. She may Norman ABC news. Our thanks to Jim Ney and more Emmy award winning actor who will not be tuning in to the awards show this weekend is John Leguizamo live this week the actor told Yahoo! News that he is boycotting the Emmys because of a lack of Latino representation. Add more than sixty million strong the Latino population the United States is already the largest ethnic group in the country. Joining us now is a man who is taking it upon himself to not only educate but is also a mission to eradicate gear ratio of Latinos in history the arts and beyond. Mr. John Leguizamo John thanks so much for joining us. True. The drum roll and that it. So he human nominated multiple times her Emmys you also won an Emmy what do you think caused the academy to fall so short this year when it comes to including Latinos. Well obviously it's it's a reverse engineering problem you know it's not really Emmys that are the problem tastes. Before that by coups casting what stories are you telling if you don't create great Latin roles how we get get nominee if you don't tell stories. How did we get nominated it's impossible you know deny casting asked. You are not getting awarded. And your new movie critical thinking is based on the true story of five Miami teens who defied the Johnson went on to become national chess champions. The movie hits on so much intersection now do you want to play a quick clip the captures some of that he has seen between you and the principal high school. Give up on them that their parents give up on them that the whole system give up 100 you know what I think. You really capture the obstacles and underfunded education system poverty prejudice even immigration that this teacher Mario Martinez had to overcome just so these kids could play chess why was it so important for you to make sure that this story was told. Well because I believe there's so many who guessed it talented genius platinum black kids and in our communities. Don't get nurtured. That don't get seen that don't get the money supplies. And and it's tragic but this one teacher Matt Martinez in 1998. Got them the nurturing they needed. Saw them. Respect Deming got them the money to become United States national chess champions which is an incredible feat any any time any economic group. In a recent interview with the Associated Press you said Latinos are 25% of the US box office where 30% of the public school population. And our kids don't see themselves it's incredible it's like we're living in a cultural parts I'd like we don't exist we're here we contribute money taxes and yet were virtually invisible. Given the current climate with social change injustice happening in our country do you believe that real change is coming for the Latino community. I'm I really feel lucky it's started to really happen he'll. Publishers are are really reaching out I studios are reaching out. Production companies are really reaching out in an asking themselves what can we do. Two to be inclusive well New York Times article that showed exactly. How many let and black U and Asian people are. The big gate keepers are the leaders of the executives. And you saw that Gerris. And I think that's where the problem happens is because he needed yet Latin people black people. Telling and LG BTQ and women telling their stories and kicking the stories you're gonna see those stories. And the Latin coming out community has been disproportionately impacted by coded in multiple ways particularly because there over represented in many of the industries considered essential. In year one act Broadway plays Latin history for morons. That you talk about the role of the Latino worker in the US at one point you even say Latin life is cheap in America. This pandemic has been a painful time for so many but how it impacted you personally senior community hit so hard. Well you know it's it's a sad day no. Knowing that they're not getting the respect they deserve especially in New York City the neighbor that I brought Jackson Heights was hardest hit in New York. The most debts to most infections. Obviously because you write like you said get the essential workers are the ones eating us growing food and delivering it in making sure that. We're getting better and take care about almost a lot services. So it's sad that such a community that it's willing to give. And and serve America in so many ways. Doesn't get that love back so that that that's where they be the problem lies. Of course is a presidential election year and you've thrown your support behind Joseph Biden which of his platforms do you think really prove that he understands the needs in the new wants in the Latino community. Well I I think that jobs creation it is huge. I think. The the particularly Affordable Care Act and protecting. Pre existing conditions that's huge for the Latin community. An end and I'm glad that he behind although all those. Platforms. John Wright was not a ladies and gentlemen we so appreciate you coming on the show thanks hi Jennifer hasn't. Thank you yeah yeah. Still ahead here on prime newly released 911 call from Jerry Falwell junior's wife and took place just days after those allegations emerged. About the couple's relationship with the pool attendant the zoo chats between Brad and Janet has the Internet collectively losing its mind and fox 538 are tracking the senate race is what they say about which party is more likely to gain control after the election stay tuned. First are treated today fifty years later the music of Jimi Hendrix lives. Welcome back everybody we've certainly been focusing a lot 12020 presidential race but to turn to the US senate which hangs in the balance our partners at 538 have just launched their 20/20 senate election forecast. And they found that as of now Democrats are slightly favored to take control of the senate hear the details by the numbers. Democrats have a 58%. Chance of flipping the senate in November that's according to simulation forecast by 538 while Republicans have a 42%. Chance of holding on to their senate majority. There's some closely watched races majority leader Mitch McConnell doesn't 95%. Chance of winning reelection in Lindsey Graham has an 85%. Chance of victory. Meanwhile astronaut mark Kelly and Democrat as a 78%. Chance of beating Republican incumbent Martha makes Sally in the red state of Arizona. And in what's looking to beat him. Closest senate races here Democrats Aaron Gideon has a 53%. Chance of ousting Republican incumbent Susan Collins in Maine. As we enter this election Republicans have just on three senate seat majority and now 35 states are in place. That's out of a total of 100 sentences. And still lots to get to hear on prizes. Target of the new security law in Hong Kong with a major happily read by protesters its media mogul owner recently arrested we speak with him. As the fight for the soul of that city continues. Another weekend of college football is upon us but not everyone is satisfied with the coping protocols in place. And why is it SA water sending items to space we'll explain the first. Soft top trending stories on From. Corona virus confusion continues with the CDC's suddenly reversing its testing guidelines yet again Friday and even now saying you do needed tests need you being close contact with someone who has tested positive for called in nineteen. This comes after a new report in the New York Times has said testing guidance posted the CDC's web site last month it was not approved by its own scientists. Those guidelines said people without Kobe nineteen symptoms even those exposed. Do not need to get tested and that reportedly came from the department of health and human services and the White House corona virus task force instead HHS assistant secretary and White House testing coordinator and denying those allegations on ABC's good morning. America did absolutely came from the CDC. Moms they're thousands of people at the CDC I have no idea of the New York Times talk to you. But I know for a fact that the version that went to the task force was reviewed and approved by doctor read field. I don't imagine and socially distant from the not even a pandemic could keep some voters from the cold in Minnesota. For the first day of an early in person voting. We are ran down to look for her tag me. Jimmy Kimmel did not get Iowa and South Korea and on and center on my I in November and when it's chilly out. Minnesota's landing key battleground states in the race for the White House but the vitamin trump campaigning here today. News became so the Los Angeles county deputies ambushed him and let's bring in authorities are now searching for a key witness from seen on surveillance right there walking nearby the moment of gunmen opened fire wounding both deputies and Compton. The male deputy has been released from the hospital the female economy remains in intensive care and she is expected to recover. Rico continues to struggle to fully recover from devastation of hurricane every three years ago. The White House today announcing an eleven point six billion dollars in federal funds to help rebuild the electrical current system and the education team. We're taking the largest federal investment and wouldn't Puerto Rico's history we're bringing in ordering go back we'll have done fairly quickly that's a tremendous pitching Jonas. Fine but it's important. I think you can see something. Director. This month of rocking until the International Space Station carrying several bottles from another state water skin products entering his work commercial. Outlook significantly and there are great calling and telling him that some like Estee Lauder as astronauts snapped. Like civil people NASA astronauts from do we of the building of these commercials as well look I'm not Ludlum European debt that they are being and other efforts were made more than 171000. Dollars and Estee Lauder has been promised these bottles can get a life. Her breasts than being discarded space trash can care. That is going bananas over a live virtual table read of fast times at red mile high but it wouldn't this moment that really steady viewers over the top. I grabbed. You know. Q&A so you're removed it's so sexy and gotta love Brad and gen re. And. Welcome back now to the new accusation of sexual assault against presidential by former model who says he forcibly kissed and groped her at the US open back in 1997. The accuser claims that she was in town with her then boyfriend who was friends with should trump. Tommy Imus has this report on why she has decided to come forward now. This morning. President trump facing new accusations of sexual assault. When he was a business mobile in the late ninety's and married to mortal maples former model and now mother Amy Doris speaking with the guardian. She alleges trump groped her in 1997. When she was 24 she says it happened at the US open tennis tournament in new York and he just grabbed me. And he just sent discerned only through it and I was fishing and often enough and his grip became tighter and just. You know his hands are kind of think Mary group B and all of her. Kim and men Mike McGrath at right back everything Doris says she felt like she couldn't escape it felt like an octopus. Since heavy handed me he just picture those suction cups on octopus and they're stuck on you in names like you're trapped that's how I felt I felt trapped. Well cording to the guardian Doris provided the US open ticket. And several photos showing her with the real estate magnate over several days in New York. The guardian also reports Doris says she told people to time about the incident. And years later who corroborate her version of what happened. The president's lawyers denied the allegations telling ABC news the allegations are poorly falls. This is just another pathetic attempt. To attack president trump. Right before the election Doris now joining a list of at least seventeen women who have accused the president of inappropriate behavior. Including sexual assault and rape. The president says they are all lying but trump infamous we bragged about lewd conduct ports within. In that 2005. Leaked Access Hollywood video you're starving let's do it. You can do anything but everyone grabbed by the Doris says she decided to come forward now because of her twin teenage daughters. I want them to know that you don't. You don't let anybody do anything to you that you don't want angst I'd rather be a role model I'm wanting to see that I didn't. Stay quiet. We have some breaking news just into our newsroom according to a statement from the Supreme Court associate justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Died this evening surrounded by her family at her home in Washington DC due to complications of the test of pancreatic cancer. She was 87 years old we'll of course have much more on her life in just a moment but first. Our juju Chang has more on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a force to be reckoned with. I asked them not present. Isn't the eighteen did feet. Off time knicks. And barely five feet tall but a liberal giant. Only the second female justice named on the Supreme Court serving there for more than a quarter century. Her path to the highest court in the land was not easy. As one of the few women at Harvard Law School she faced discrimination after graduating from Columbia in the fifties or teenage business in the classroom highlighted in the Oscar nominated documentary on Ginsburg titled our BG produced by journalist Julie Cohen and Betsy west senior. One of nine women in a class of 500 that she was tied for first and her cloths and debate in New York City law firms and just weren't hiring women. Not the law firms. In the entire city of neon. Being from my employment. Charging forward she became a beloved to law professor brought curse and worked as a lawyer for the ACLU. She mapped out a legal strategy to file lawsuits against gender bias in employment housing and government benefits. Men and women are persons people of dignity and they shouldn't cap. Equally before the Laura you won't settle for putting Susan B. Anthony on the new dollars. What they would say things like this how do you respond. Never in anger has certain undertone of steps that would have been self defeating. Al always as an opportunity. And to teach. I didn't see myself it's kind of a kindergarten teacher in those days because contending his. Didn't thinks that sex discrimination exists isn't. When someone in the things had tried to plant in in my situation. Think about how you would like the road to be cellular daughters had Grande do if this. She won five landmark cases which she argued on behalf of women in front of an all male benched long before she sat on. Ginsburg went on to serve as an appeals court judge in the nation's capital until that life changing nomination by President Bill Clinton in 1993. I am proud to nominate for associate justice of the Supreme Court. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg dad announcement may never of happened had it not been for the intense lobbying effort by a staunch feminist. Her husband Marty Ginsburg. He really felt she was brilliant end and she deserved it would be good for the country and at her confirmation hearing chaired by then senator Joseph Biden the nominee did not shy away from her feminism jam spotlighting contentious topics like abortion rights sees. Something central to a woman's. Life to her dignity. It's a decision. That she must. May the senate confirmed her in a sweeping 96 to three vote. She began quickly making her mark on his story cases. She's perhaps best known for a decision in 1996. That struck down a male only admissions policy at the Virginia Military Institute. Opening the door for women to study there. It's justice Ginsburg writing an opinion that builds on the foundation that lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg essentially helpful way. I know that there were some people who kidnapped. Reaction. To the change and Monday. In response to Greece's. Wait and see you will be. Than women. Who become graduated. Happy I'm. And in a landmark case on employment discrimination in 2007. Ginsburg wrote a powerful dissent the prompted congress to amend the laws named for the woman who filed the claim. The Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act became one of the first pieces of legislation signed into law by president Barack Obama. While on the Supreme Court justice Ginsburg was a consistently liberal voice on issues like abortion voting rights and the separation of church and states. Off the bench she was the first Supreme Court justice to perform a same sex marriage ceremony. Her tenure was not without controversy breaking tradition for a justice when Ginsburg spoke out against then candidate Donald Trump. Including to the New York Times calling him a quote shaker saying I can't imagine what the country would be with Donald Trump is our president. Ginsburg later adding that her comments were quote ill advised and that she regretted making them. But throughout it all justice Ginsburg won the respect of many conservatives. With her grasp of the law and her carefully crafted opinion. And as the court shifted to the right her scathing dissents elevated her to a pop culture icon. Inspiring legions of young fans and feminists. To emulate her famous outspoken this. Profile thankful. Three and her fitness routines earning her the hip hop inspired nickname notorious RBG. Well overall wolves her fame burnished by her fashion statements are distinctive collars becoming her calling card. And this is what I used for financing maturity from. In this tour and peaceful and dissenting opinion. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg help focus our country on its most basic values of justice and equality. Leaving a legacy of majority opinions and powerful dissents. For generations to come. Our thanks to do here now let's bring in Devin Dwyer DeVon you got a chance to know. Are beyond. The black robe Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a person give us a sense of oh who she is in and what she was like. Keylon via a minute repeater Ginsburg in her chambers shot just about a year ago she's battling a cold that day which go for. This latest recurrence of cancer and I was struck by who humility her absolute focus dedication to the law and you know. Despite the caricature of her out there and Hollywood portrayal of course been in the movies. Portrayed movies of late I found her to be an incredibly serious. Thoughtful and constructive person and that's what we're hearing tonight. I've from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts who of course was appointed by Republican president she says. Ginsburg wouldn't jurisdiction short stature. A cherished colleague and says that two data court mourns but was confident. The coral remember her as we knew her tireless. Am resolute champion of justice and to. And we saw her in that piece she was often known for working out every day that rigorous exercise. He had pancreatic cancer before. Seem to be needed and then had this rare occurrence again talk to us about. The strengths. That she exuded an and her ability to overcome all and then got a number of of health ailments. She came to symbolize. Did just unbelievable strength will be particularly. For women in a man's world she was the second woman appointed to the US Supreme Court serves there. Four over quarter century and so this patsy Everett Peter Ginsberg is not just a possible legal luminaries. Surveillance. All that time but of course this as a pop culture icon a woman shtick captured our imagination by her just her ability to supply gaps or time. Insurers are valiantly to the dairy and attract. I just last term she participated in the court is that you remember from hospital room should she which citing an objection. Asking questions over the phone and so. That strength and determination. Shall functional many women in minorities fighting for quality. Which her cause she sure was relentless. In aren't daunted him that way. Yeah there's a quote that she said women will only have a true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation. As much a she was a pioneer in her own right her husband really was was such a strong advocate as well. Yeah I was a partnership in marriage and boy did she miss. Marty Ginsburg who passed away if you have many years ago from cancer himself he Patricia. Eight your marriage with a partnership in it was a modern marriage when she was so proud of the fact in our meetings she talked regularly. Marty as she knew him. And it you know and in that way she she used her partnership with her husband. To create some of the legal arguments plenty Amaechi when she was before the Supreme Court herself she made it targeted appeal notches. For women's rights but for men's rights on the base consists taxes very much an argument she wanted it to be equal for both sides. I want her chamber pieces took up the cause of who adore who they who it was struggling with social security and so. It is certainly Marty is issues together a party tonight just. You know it's certainly so early DeVon to even begin to talk about it but certainly a lot of people are going to be asking. What's next and with the election less than two months away. What does this mean as far as president trumping able to possibly. Push through another nominee. Well this in many ways. And he was her worst nightmare she never herself wanted to leave it to Republican president much of Donald Trump. To name her replacement. And tonight Democrats are experienced team a nightmare they had hoped to avoid there has never been huge. An appointment and confirmation of the Supreme Court just especially in that game with a divided congress like we have. Right now so Republicans are vowing to do it president Donald Trump I have had openly at two of the canteen rallied which he would nominate someone who put them towards shall we are. All three short pitched political battle but to the next. Refuted your show which was keeping the focus a legendary justice. Who are not members of both sides of the two night are remembered. ABC's Devin Dwyer our thanks to you we'll of course have much more on the death and passing of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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