ABC News Live Prime: Monday, February 22, 2021

Inside the Capitol Hill riot; Sen. Durbin on minimum wage hike: ‘We haven’t touched it in years. It’s time’; A look at Bomba, a Puerto Rican dance with African roots
48:42 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, February 22, 2021
As the sun began to set on America tonight president Biden held a candlelight vigil. Signs to the many souls of the departed 500000. Additionally unimaginable. More than half a million lives lost in this country. The nineteen saw America fights back with cases involving millions of vaccine doses on the move tonight seeking to sell to. Soared. So just how personal vaccine programs especially hard hit indigenous communities like the shiny and rivers. We are heads with baby got the area being it's commonly we'll. One way or another beer hall relative. Midair emergency engine of the united flight person. Huge chunks of debris raining down on to a neighborhood below. Investigators have now discovered as we learn about another vote. Like to have an engine malfunction in the AFC ABC news exclusive capitol police officer Harry Dunn speaking out about the deadly attack on the capital and the horrific. This case. His girlfriend sitting. Days. Just voted for Joseph Biden guys. Today when everybody has voted for Joseph Biden. Disaster in Texas millions still without safe drinking water had his son have a panel restored. The extreme sticker shock for sky high prices. Even in the middle of rolling blackouts we'll explain why. They can't went out. It's a musical conversation unlike anything else. Coma and dance and style of music you need to Afro Puerto Ricans tonight during this Black History Month we celebrate the island's African roots movement. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey. Davis thank you so much for streaming with us speech several months ago today's milestone seemed unfathomable. 500000. American lives lost to true that many have called pandemic this generation's dean did not much tonight president Biden called February 22 2021. Actually grim heart breaking milestone marks 500000 is roughly the population of Atlanta Georgia or Sacramento California it's one in every 656. Americans. Short time ago president Biden held a moment of silence in honor of the 500000. Surely will ultimately judge how this day is remembered in large part because of what happens now certainly a pivotal time article promised. As well as parent. Recent acts in American and is pandemic has certainly taken on new urgency is new variants and lunch seven million doses total of the vaccine were delivered today six million of those march the backlog from last winter weather more than 44 million Americans have received at least one generals in cases are largely starting to trend doubts but then places like hard hit South Dakota State where many still don't wanna Wear a mask or Trevor all leads us off with a look at the vaccines roll out to Kobe well how much and the reservations that remain both on and off the reservation. In every sense. South Dakota news wide open more states. Spread out across sprawling prayer reads loosely bound by lonesome highways that stretch beyond the horizon. And union even hear what hope in nineteen who has run rampant calling back home. Price it's very textures. Molly long break is the infection control nurse for the Cheyenne river Sioux tribe. Three years she's been face to face with the carnage this viruses cost her reservation and has two days. She's taking these vaccine doses on the road. So we're going to cherry creek. Which is how far away. He played well 65 miles they give the shots news good people can't get directly up. We'll we are taken enough to do Tony process hopefully we can get more people here lined up to convince the reality is there now. Yeah. The Cheyenne river reservation is home to about 121000 people but it stretches more than 4000 square miles and there was only one hospital moves on your health care worker and you want to give this community vaccinated. You're going to have to come to death. Of course before you're allowed in you'll need to answer a few questions. This is big it's now. Last April despite push back from the state government the tribes of South Dakota set up checkpoints like this one on highways leading into reservations. Thank you out of curiosity do you what if somebody didn't have a reason to come in he'd turn them away and you do. At the end of a dirt road miles from cell service we arrived at the cherry creek clinic. Immediately snapped one person take care for the entire towns. They're not strangers. There are. Skaters. With no general stores or pharmacies nearby at a clinic serves is the only place for things like. Aspirin or had to his mall in two days. The men's journal vaccine. The first patient is hopeful Morrissey. He's afraid of shots but showed up at the urging of her children. But I have a weak immune system and get certain about him you know make it of course. So Davis so that day that encouraging you to get the fifteen day encouraged me but I encouraged him to cloak your they're scared. We watched double bull make the walk back home as inside her spouse receive this second shot today. And waited a few hours both with the third patient June little shields arrived for her sleeve and June didn't meet coaxing Ferrari shop she'd already called the barbers months before it's been weeks in the hospital. Still can't taste or smell anything. It's very scary sound hey hey don't. I don't wish it upon anybody. Yeah I believe that the best effort you and your family. That you need finally made it out. And I'm sure that. Were you afraid that but he cannot. Why did this couple is limited panic then I can believe and I didn't know fragrance. Could come out of there they're not. June was the last patient to get the shot that day in cherry creek meaning Molly and her team traveled almost an hour. To administer three doses. This is who only go this long day. The whole team. See you see tool. 200 people feel more as a work. One person that needed. Okay. Okay party lost. People on the reservation. Against this very calm me. Molly is speaking from personal experience her mother Donna ray Peterson is one of the now more than 500000. Americans who have lost their lives to cope in nineteen. Donna Wray became infected in the fall around the time South Dakota had the worst could rotavirus death rate in the entire world. She dedicated her life to working in cultural preservation for the tried and now Molly in her own way is doing the same thing. We're losing your mother. Does that driving you even more I guess in a way it is because. Experiencing the lots. Personal me of somebody so close to me in all I would it. Why anybody else to experience bad nobody wants that on any level but you know experiencing that because of this Meyer's first hand hits. They just you know hits a little closer to home. It because of these extensive efforts from Mali and mother health care workers in Cheyenne river Sioux tribe has already administered almost. More thousand vaccine doses this scars from the pandemic now stretch across in every corner of South Dakota and go beyond the reservation state leaders have taken little action to prevent it from governor Christine dole has never instituted a mask mandate or any other restriction if citing her commitment to freedom. We are not. And will not be the subjects of an elite class of so called experts. We don't shun people who think for themselves. Last summer hundreds of thousands of bikers rumbled into the Sturgis motorcycle wreck most attendees I talk to then told me they knew about the virus. They just weren't scared and I don't care about. Even though a surge followed that rallied just as health experts feared it would many South Dakota residents are unwavering in their preference for freedom homework everything. The fact that the state was open was. It was a lifesaver and Stephanie Vaughan and her father John Foster co own the deep Dublin pub in Mitchell South Dakota where the town just voted down a mass meeting may say they don't have anything against masks but they avoid wearing them. And so do most of their customers. Don't you think that. And the lack of regulations in South Dakota save your business. I would have to say is so yes they're just. Don't think so I need some of these states where they've been shut down for over a year now you know I don't know how they're going to recover new. Just up main street at cheery these rural owner Dick Anderson says he also almost lost his business and what he takes different stands on masks. Okay incidents is basically it's a humorous notch kind of but he's some I strongly believe in the square and its. It's not that big a DO mom put it on and keep us safe and that's an orthopedic getting pushed back on the I'm yes you can get push up I had people come in and go why don't Wear masks. Dan I don't want to Wear masks and I might not. A policeman so I'm not. In a police said. But now a year read into this pandemic South Dakota appears to have at least somewhat turned a corner. Infection rates are down in the state is been fascinating its residents more quickly than almost anywhere else in America. Outside of the tribal community about eight. 18% of those eligible had already received at least one dose of the vaccine. At about 5% more than the nationwide average. I think that this is seared into the memories charm pretty much every cent to code and we always get inquiries about England is my turn. Doctor Shelton Clark Kerr is the vice president of medical affairs for monument helped oversee new vaccine rollout in essentially the in tiger western portion of this. Eight we basically giving away everything we guests and job so roughly v.s to get anywhere from 2000 it theories. 3000 governor vaccines and we just give them away as soon as we get them. To be received 101000 do you think he'd be ability you had the infrastructure in place to handle that. Absolutely. And these successes like any we've seen since this virus took hold had been built upon the tireless labor of compassionate health care workers. Workers like Molly long break deterred by neither fear nor tragedy and knowing the only way to survive. Is to survive together. We are that he would save me dot the area C where all relatives all my relations all in one rare and other where all relative. Certainly we are all interconnected our thanks to Trevor for Nash despite all the loss of our country has dealt with doctors scientists and so many others continue to work brown the clots which helps keep hospitals Asians and infections to how much it was easy there pilgrim joins us now to discuss today's big Kobe to headlines beyond the death told she even what's the latest with the vaccine backlog caused by the winter storms last week. Lindsay there are six million a scene dances were delayed over the weekend it works really artsy and many of those deliveries as possible told their two million or sent out and then today the coded passports and how they believed they were bought. Cloud cleared by the in of the week Wednesday and today the FDA announced that its easing the path for updating vaccines to tackle variance what exactly does that. Would cut did the bureaucratic. Red tape basically they're saying they're going to follow the same basic framework that they use for this Lil and that's in these Kobe vaccine makers to turn around these booster shot much much faster C. Sounds like good news for some much needed relief ABC's even pilgrim thanks so much. Turning now to Washington where the Biden administration's push for nearly two trillion dollar comic relief package Jim Tressel pandemic made another step forward today which was written in our congressional correspondent Rachel Scott Rachel tell us where the bill stands at this moment and what comes next. When Democrats in the house are now on track to pass this bill by the end of the week and today president Joseph Biden said the paycheck protection program this should try and that is really designed to help businesses along will be focusing on giving out loans to small businesses over the course of the next two weeks and he also said that Republicans who support that program should go on board and support is -- relief package of course right now it is not have any Republican support Democrats do not needed to have a majority in both the house and the senate they're able to push this through on their own but it will face a little bit of a challenge they're in the senate this bill also includes fifteen dollar minimum wage hikes and so far there are handful of Republican senators and even to democratic senators who are not important how Lindsay. And president Biden's campaign is really starting to come together today the Senate Judiciary Committee held a confirmation hearing for his attorney general nominee Merrick Garland pitched a sense of what questions you face in his message to the committee. Yeah how Merrick Garland and made it clear today that his top priority is going to be getting to the bottom of what happened here on January 16 out of sight domestic terrorism he said that he would prosecute the white supremacists and others who stormed the capitol on January 6 he also said that he would be stepping in essentially into this role that has been in -- politicize it has been under controversy the Justice Department and that he wants to turn the volume down a little bit he said that he would be a lawyer for the United States not the president Lindsay. Rachel Scott our thanks to you. Gore joined now by democratic senator Dick Durbin ended chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee which conducted today's hearing thank you so much for joining us senator. I so Merrick Garland said today that he does not want a Justice Department to be at the center of partisan disagreement but she'll face and politically sensitive investigations including prosecuting those responsible for the attack on the capital. They answers that you heard from judge Garland so far do you think he'd ever sign off on a Justice Department led investigation of former president child either for his incitement of the capital insurrection or other potential federal crimes from his time in office. He was care and or professional. He wasn't going to make any commitment or any prediction all of us who are. It came to the worst domestic terrorism and its. Burgers. Our guard or justice sent them. Almost. We also know that end its series. Hero oh lifetime. Tenure in the east or DC. The second highest court ruling to accept your concentration. And in general he really cares what she entered. Crews are responsible when responsibility is it would you say that it's the Justice Department or should it be local prosecutors. Oh well it's going to be the justice I'm sure it could be local. They would go through. The Department of Justice in Morse and there is any prosecution. She should pursue. Ed Garland does look like he will move forward but some of president Biden's other cabinet nominees maybe getting some potential roadblocks his nominee to head the Office of Management and Budget year attended which now needs Republican support after senator Joseph mansion has said that he couldn't vote for her because of such divisive past statements she's made on social media action do you think that her nomination or any others could be in jeopardy. Could be you know 5050 senate just think senator. To put the outcome in doubt but let me tell you the last years we've been swallowing tree and comments Oracle SE. All it. Judges and others. Concerned. Over who work in those people went to Spanish so this is like. Controversial tweet something he has ever she's Sheila. And house also moved closer to vote on president Biden's home in relief package which includes raising the federal minimum wage over time change she eighteen dollars an hour arched an increase move forward in the senate this fast track process without any Republican votes search shouldn't have aren't partisan support and have Democrats done in not to sell that measure to the American public especially each to those small business owners. It remains he seemed reasonably cheap answer. If you ask any senator about reconciliation. Raising the minimum wage can throw in there are so many things he can answer who actually. Are on the table. She lit into the parliamentarians. Get a ruling from parliamentarians. Aside past you don't and all or rule. These things are really rare camaraderie. And so more come through I supported Saddam. Good news or make each other in the in America. We haven't touched your years it's our. And finally of course we've now surpassed his grim milestone of 500000 American lives lost and attend a church just reflect on what that means as we reach such a staggering hole and be on the Kobe to relief bill and more vaccines what are we still need to do to improve upon as a nation to get a better group honest. This heart breaking into the memorials. And I always think of those southern wish are Zimbabwe stretch and but we weren't allowed him you wish. Devastation brings out sham that's the real you know where you can remind. Her. Our rescuers are. Orders or Schumer admiral. Now before we really didn't come together as a nation. Personal agendas political side we gonna stuff and kids can get back in school this is your an American can. Senator Durbin we thank you so much your time appreciate you coming on the show. I'm also in Washington today the Supreme Court rejected former president Trump's request to shield his tax records from the Manhattan district attorney's office at trump White House was successful in shielding them throughout his presidency but now charms accountants -- have to comply with us and she got to turn them over the former president responded in a statement today calling the decision part of a fishing expeditions and coach it just never ends. And turning down to the desperate situation for millions in taxes sustain of course struggling to recover from those intense winter storms and rolling blackouts teach residents across the state were able to get running water or turning on their faucets only to see this kind of brownish water boil water advisory is remain in effect in many counties such as droves of people line up to bottled water officials in the state are scrambling to provide relief church warnings solid and didn't she hit with massive power bills even after losing electricity for days not to pay for our Marcus wars in Texas with the latest. Tonight in Texas families are facing busted pipes rotting drywall and sky high bills this year seem. Carmen Williams says her power company automatically withdrew nearly 171000. Dollar from her account for three days of electricity. Texas allows power companies to charge a variable pricing which keeps the prices lol when demand is low. But prices can spike astronomically when demand goes up literate might actually ordered. Francis blockers husband Keith fills sixteen feet to his attic trying to fix their broken pipes he's in the icu would broken ribs. Just don't grow up and do it yourself. Please don't go do it yourself. But plumbers are hard to find back to we have. To her calls that are in booked another 800 we just couldn't even answer the phone. Marcus Moore joins us now in market so sky high utility bills are really outrageous in some cases are residents can be expected to pay if they haven't already. Well what we've heard from state and and city leaders is that residents should not pay those high bills and that steps are there are discussions right now to figure out how to how to address this the governor held an emergency meeting over the weekend where they ended up. At least for the short term coming up with a order to temporarily halt or have a moratorium on does connections. Due to nonpayment and the Dallas County judge here in north Texas. He told people. A flat out not to pay those high bills and Lindsay he he warned people. Who have the automatic function in the automatic payment function to cancel that function if it's connected to their they're checking her. Credit card accounts BS and Smart advice hopefully they will not be on the hook true that ensure those who have been without drinking water some estimates say a third of the state is still without saying works Summers as you mentioned are difficult to function so what's being done on a broader basis to provide some relief to those still without water. Collins up first I think it's important to point out that there has been significant progress in the availability of water but there are still millions of people across the state who are being told to boil their water. If they have water at all around the various municipalities and cities. As well as relief organizations have been organizing. Distribution sites up cross the state and back. On and on Thursday later on this week they greater Tarrant area food bank is going to be a hosting of food dry weather will be giving up fresh water. As well exclude Lindsay which has been so scarce in certain parts of. State OK Marcus Moore our thanks you. And when we come back he defended the capital's terrace hurled vile racial slurs is way our exclusive interview with blow the black officers on the front lines. During a capitol siege. But up next target hated anything more terrifying and been on a plane and looking out of the window and seeing this the latest on the investigation now under way. We're learning more tonight about that United Airlines flight in the engine that ripped apart as a departed Denver Chechen fire coach the terrifying scene captured bound passenger looking through the window watched huge chunks of debris rained down onto neighborhoods below many tonight rightfully demanding answers so what did investigators uncovered so far. RGO Bonita has reports. Tonight that terrifying image in the sky help Boeing triple sevens and engine blown apart moments after takeoff. 800. I have Miller didn't hurt immediately. Yeah the massive pieces raining on neighborhoods below. Yeah I have my head. The fear in the cabin my daughter or we can. All the united flight carrying 231. Passengers from Denver to Honolulu turning around and landing safely. But now the FAA is calling for immediate inspections more than a hundred planes grounded around the world 52 of them met united alone. At issue a specific engine made by Pratt and Whitney here you see a broken fan blade two sources tell ABC news. Those fan blades have a unique hole low design that may require deeper inspections. This is an engine it's been around for a long time it was designed in the early eighties and it's not currently installed on any of the triple sevens that are being manufactured. Just this weekend a very similar incident in the Netherlands with a 747 cargo plane. Engine parts falling from the sky after a mid air explosion the debris injuring two people on the ground. Joseph Benitez joins us now from Newark Airport and junior learning more about the engine debris from that united slate leaving Denver. Yet that's right Lindsay we're learning that debris from that engine actually did hit the fuselage now this could've hit the fuel tank this could have hit a structural Clark of the plane thankfully it did not because they're really could have been so much worse. Ngo it sounds like this may not be as much of an issue for Boeing as it is problematic for the manufacture of the engines talk to us as it currently about the engine structure and those sand plains and how those linking problematic. Yes so we're learning that. What you're looking at right now Lindsey is the investigators are looking at these particular translates because they have a very unique design they are hollow on the inside and what. It means basically is that if you have Eddie. Of these cracks in that stand blade they might be on the inside and not only outside so you wouldn't necessarily be able to see with the naked out that with the naked I from the outside so you would need some sort of special equipment so the what comes into play training for those inspections a lot of questions will be asked about that. I can imagine that GO Benitez our thanks to you. Still ahead here on primed to stave it. Report about the death of alliance who claimed the unarmed black man putting two ritual called by police and giving Ted I mean by paramedics. His heart stopped and she died sixteens later. Where extended our fight against Kobe don't we take a look by the numbers but first our fleet of the day. A front rosy until the landing on Mars just released by NASA. Welcome back everyone is so typical to grass and a half a million American wants laws to come in nineteen shares some perspective church by the numbers one in every 656. Americans has now succumbed to the corona virus. 500000. Deaths is equivalent to approximately one American death from Kobe every minute for almost an entire year. 498330. Teen deaths the death tolls from America's civil war US Soviet nineteen deaths now exceed that. About 675000. American lives were lost to the 1918 Spanish fluent number stick we still have not reached. 495000. That's population of Kansas City, Missouri the US death told from Kobe now tops that. But there's also some good news daily US Kobe cases have dropped 74%. Since the average peak last month didn't. Average daily deaths dropped 38% in the last five days according to the CDC. And there are now more than 63000. Fewer patients hospitalized with carbon nineteen compared to a month ago. Still ahead here on trying to get to tonight the first capitol police officer to break his silence about the attack on January 6. Sits down with our Pierre Thomas how he faced down a mob of Trump's support or some ready for combat and yelling racial slurs. Music born from the resistance what do you know about Obama but first a look at our top trending stories on From a from. The bell ringing the united the national cathedral in Washington honoring the more than 500000. Americans now lost to the corona virus. Want people we lost for extraordinary. From the they stand generation. The staggering loss nearly double what experts estimated last spring. There are glimmers of hope and the daily Nikkei average has plunged 74% since January the number gas is down 38% in the last nine days we still he's. Health officials are concerned about contagious strain and working pages south African Gary and just found in new York and from now been confirmed in twelve states doctors are still scrambling to understand I'm constantly changing I. Donald Trump city dealt a blow by the US Supreme Court rejected his attempt to shield his taxes from the New York Manhattan district attorney remember who our president trump attacks on the decision saying when this investigation is a continuation of the greatest political witch hunt from the history of our country Goodman that DA is looking to enforce a grand jury subpoena for the records as part of their investigation. Donald Trump and the Trump Organization a million Cyrus Vance telling ABC news in a statement from the work continues. This Gurney and eight years worth of documents is expected to begin within days you've. From now skating independent investigation tonight after the deadly police confrontation involving a live human claim unarmed black man in Aurora Colorado about police has no legal basis to stop tomorrow morning holdover using chop holes. Paramedics giving an academy he suffered a heart attack tonight six days later. The report calls the mormons investigation clearing the officer's failure. So why such infamous drug kingpin walking Guzman Atlanta. Arrested today and tell us international air mark nonstop most 31 year old wife is due in court tomorrow remember. Prosecutors accusing her of participating in the conspiracy and just. Distribute cocaine from the men and Vladimir heroin and marijuana for importation into the United States when she also allegedly helped sell John Ellis came a Mexican prison in 2015 from the president's plan another game changing seventeen. Legendary duo Daft Punk and called it quits today with a YouTube video titled at the log. When he eight years after they changed the music landscape. She's announcing their split in dramatic fashion with an eight minute long YouTube video the group did not say why they were breaking up. And announcement ABC news exclusive Capitol Hill police officer Harry John the first to speak out publicly each Jess is chilling account of what happened on January 6 as he fought often violent mob some yelling race slurs such and just reminded that he speaks only for himself and not for his department here's ABC's jeered Thomas. There were so many calls on the radio. Priority helpful helpful somebody's trapped we need help shots fired. When capitol police officer Harry Dunn went to work on the morning of January 6. It felt like a normal day plus the first moment. Did you begin to get a sense that something is off kilter here can we. Would till two. Give it helmets and riot helmets. And that was new but no assists and all hell could preclude court. Couric did the thirteen year veteran seen here washes the crowd of thousands. Closed in on the east side of the capitol. I'm just seen. Six Flags confederate flags. And blue line flags don't tread on me flags are pending the den and see officers fighting. Wouldn't keep pepper spray and smoke grenades destiny's. Pepper balls. Being claimed by everybody slash span we've slip. With these people. Who worked prepares. For a fight. They had investments and they have no body armor they had going two way radios. They handle tactical gear. The group says they were ready to go when you see that level of preparedness. To death surprised you didn't scare you I was scared I was absolutely scared and his platform. I'm a big guy I'm 6% of them because giant person. And we had our guns out in and begin all of these people out there there are intended. This what's it mean hope I remember at one point said. How is this going to end did you take about your daughter and at at some point during a fight today give you some inspiration keep doing what you're doing absolutely I'd never. Imagine. Besides the fact when I was woken owned that stage and at the moment where I'm going to show. I. I did and having a moment that says. I'm not gonna make it only. Eventually the mob forces who wait inside the capitol building. She's done confronting the group carrying a blu lives in matters plan it's it. We got dozens of officers down we get dozens of officers down. And you let the narrative beyond the blue lies matters today I thought they were when have a moment where the play came to and they realize like you know what are we doing. Like the income snapped out of and they said. Now we're doing this for you and we're doing this for you. And as what you guys kept walking by. The one put out as beds. And say trust me understand we're doing this for you buddy. Instead of its. Shows his best would you take fellow officers can you got it was kidding me you've got to be kidding me. He believed in their mind that they were right. So I believe that makes them even more dangerous because we were telling them and we were making them and we were fighting them telling them to get out. They caught us traders. Your job is to survive and protect people. And protect yourself bright. I remember I say that MPV a couple of times couple officers. As. We're listening to emphasize our because. They're so put pepper spray and protect yourself. Check yourself because there are we too many people we are outnumbered your fighting. Yeah white officers helped you cut. Black officers help put an end point it don't matter then you're just into cancer. Him. Exhausted arson done trying to reason with a large group of protesters approaching our hallway he was guarding. Balladur told them if they want to get to hear you gotta go through me. And they did they just started talking to me they were saying how so Biden did not win the election. And nobody voted for him. So I took the bait. And I'd OK we're Romeo I voted for Joseph Biden is my boat and I count. This is where an officer Dunn and touted the couple in the crowd. Began hurling the most violent racial slurs at him a black officer and his girlfriend here on a pink maggots. Today. And voted for Joseph Biden guys. Today everybody a motive for so glad that this it you. So the crowd joined everybody everybody joined him with some real talk when. You register do you what had been sitting U your law enforcement office. You're gonna capital defending the capital. And some power raced seeped into that to everybody wants to say that. It's who's about politics and everything but it was a large number of people in that crowd. There were races due to images. I've been thinking about when he is. We mentioned John Lewis who's a man of great integrity. Paul Revere him. And you had experience regarding. That iconic figure. What happens. Outside of spinning or his office in the capitol. It's Tribune. Since. So stand. Put a post their dead mural was due east Troy. Thieves ripped it in half. Once. We picked it up and they repeat again. And again and he was in pieces. It was deliberate. American flags they'd. But Demirel. To John Lewis. It was destroyed. Can you can't tell me. But that isn't racism. You cannot tell me get. The two people. Who were there to tell you why they were there. We're stopping the steal. According to them they would doors for Russ they're taught us a favor. Recorded those terrorists. You very precise use use use the word terrorists absolutely absolutely. It wasn't just. Mob or a bunch of thugs you know and they were terrorists. They tried to disrupt this country's democracy. That was good goal. You know what you'll failed. But five people lost their lives that day including capitol police officer Brian sick nick. After the capital have been cleared up so Dunn hit his first chance to reflect on what he had witnessed. Fire extinguishers have been going off the floor as a covered in. Dwight. Does this cloud of smoke and water bottles. Broken flag poles are redeemed in the rotund. Just laying there on the floor of the review into the rotunda the pinnacle of the league of American democracy. And all of this stuff is there. And I sat down with good friend of mine and I looked at home. So what the hell happened as a star to crash. This odd he's everything that happened just hit me. At once. That's a little. Call it. Couple dozen times to day. Second is building. He is this America. They beat police officers. Who lives matter slaves. They fought us. Confederate flags in big US capitol. They storm the speaker's office. They went to this sensitive documents they were trying to assassinate the vice president. In the capital. Bust a gamut of emotions I've got angry but a sad. I dare hurt you big sister in this interview. I'm getting there but Al my talking about and that's how I get through the end the days following the insurrection. We also like we had each other's back even more. When you go to something that's dramatic. Nobody knows what you've been through. Except the people that went to witty and even then they don't fully know because a lot of my white office through co workers. Dating cookie called. So we all thought the same battles but they were different. Dunn has nothing but praise for his fellow officers including Eugene Goodman who was seen on camera shielding the unguarded cynical world. And directing senator Mitt Romney away from that mob of protesters Eugene goodness. Zain thousand by Eugene equipment could do good dude. Hubble bat funny guy. And great person to work with strippers going to be around US surprised that he acted the way another girl. There were dozens of Eugene Goodman's that day dozens. He'd seen got caught on camera and I'm not surprised he did the right thing to bring things heroic thing. She deserves everything that he's did and but there were so many. Eugene Goodman's that weren't caught on camera that day and I'm proud to work with them. A lot of officers they're not gotten their due recognition such a powerful inner view toward talents bring in arch sheer Thomas and chair officer John's words were quoted during trumps reason and she trench Roush but at the time we're anonymous. They were indeed he was the mystery officer. After taking about this quite some time there is he finally decided that he wanted to go forward he got approval from his department. And he told a story that still breaks his heart. He's still angered by but he believes that the world needs to know what surely went on inside that building. Yeah heartbreaking indeed and chair officer Don as a first Capitol Hill police officer to speak publicly using his NH this is going to be tough for all the officers on the front lines. There's still healing Lindsay and he made it clear that every day he thinks about this in some fashion. This is something that he has to live wit and also something that he believes that the country eventually. Is going to have to come to grips with plans. Share Thomas. And you can catch more of the scenery on ABC's primetime series sold the nation airing on ABC Tuesdays at 10 AM eastern starting in March. And coming up during this Black History Month a reminder that Puerto Rico's history is also under American history celebrating the island's rich culture. And it's African roots of music and dance yeah. Music is known to be an art of expression but for enslaved Africans it also served as a form of resistance. Resistance that continues for solid today has right here in our country ending on people reflect on this history of racism is me into the last week of black history much it is is Al extras brings us this report on the pottery can dance with African roots. Known as bomb. I. Al Martin hit on the bombing and Bo hasn't been handled but I. Decade and Fernando. Cianci a and via. It's a mesmerizing. Yeah ripping him and culturally rich musical conversation. Between dancer drummer and singer. It's called the Limbaugh and dancers CB Santiago has dedicated her life to it. Twelve long not is not only and John it's kind of a lifestyle emblem is. What are black and sisters from the islands have created to express themselves and I jump pretty much is still not that not visit here. Enslaved Africans have forcibly brought to Puerto Rico tip toes like Luis and sun Tuesday. Home but becoming a form of communication. Even at coping mechanism. And later involving even further by unique expression of culture and resistance. It's as a result a couple of instances where Obama was used during. These protests eating Bowman became part of that so many people due art cleaning his space. He's got a speaks with fewer bald. You're making yourself precedents in society because people to a home but editing before not his federally. Talking about so shut justice. Book by the England music and clean this thing. Mike Walter hall one mails them a beaten Cuomo that might be something that. You'll really don't want to see those people yeah. Look we aren't. Going to beat the as the nation. Conference its racist past the sparked by the killing of George Floyd. Many Puerto Ricans on the island day and here on the mainland in usable by to join the protests. It calls for justice and reform. DA's have personally knew George Floyd she wrote a bull but don't under the 46 year old called Como the limit to how it hurts yeah. Humble mobile elite group. I'm home by you back Kirby cruelly. Is eight. A school a firm he you know just like problem about the specifically this time is a way to remember him and remember all had been taken away to add to violence and racism and police rutelli each and taking balls always in use and changing them in. Not a yeah local looked Gemma you. Listening. Bus routes are important rebuild but even wouldn't bode well let's leave the island to the music goes with them says bottom of these Canada and great granddaughter of bill must patriarch methods have been. Small laugh for our family is very important because is the legacy of my great grandfather and his Tammany. For eight generations now this a better family has worked to preserve this sounds of moves in the history of Obama and educate people on the genre by opening up schools better schooling Kissimmee Florida named after her mother but about a says she's determined to pass down the tradition of Bloomberg until the next generation crushed his legacy is a tradition and a tradition of those TV says Santiago says it shall never let disappear. Mumbai is simply love our on sisters found a way. XUL X stressed how they tell us based on their situation so. To me it's a form of them from demonstrating their loved to the ones who they've left behind. And villains who way to come after. Every beat every move every world yeah. Symbol of the past it's an expression of hope for the future and how express ABC news Chicago yeah. Love to see the little ones learning that tradition our thanks to Alex and before we go tonight the image on the day and moment of celebration that's it does this Missouri hospital no longer asking using overflow space and all that Kobe patients that were inundated much they are now empty for the first time since opening in July of 20/20. We're so grateful to all of the heroic Frontline medical workers who continue to battle this virus. On her behalf om oss on much that is our show for this -- be sure to stay tuned to ABC news are for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks much for streaming with us and we leave you now with distribute at the White House honoring the 500000. Lives lost.

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