ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 18, 2021

Who gets a helping hand from PPP loan program?; Yemen on the brink of starvation; Martin Luther King III remembers his father
49:44 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 18, 2021
Tense moments of the capitol today after scare during today's dress rehearsal for the inauguration. Fire nearby homeless camp forced an evacuation some parts of the building and a lockdown in others a reflection of the heightened anxiety in the nation's capital. Okay okay. Newly released video from The New Yorker shows an outrageous scenes of a cultural mom attacked in the capitol building threatening police telling them to stand down. Hunting party leaders with terroristic threats. The FBI now guarding against a possible insider attack betting up to 25000. National Guard troops being deployed in DC. And charges for a woman accused of stealing speaker Pelosi is laptop. Trying to sell it to the Russians. President trumps spending his final hours isolated in the White House. We'll be pardoned himself and his family before leaving office meanwhile president like fighting taken part in a national day of service today. While his team looked forward ambitious plans for its first 100 days in office. Pandemic reaches yet another milestone of overwhelming lost 400000. American lives he. Since you now projects will reach half a million deaths in the next month. Word now that the largest vaccination site in the country Dodger Stadium will run out of doses by Wednesday. One of the world's worst humanitarian disasters is getting worse. Millions in Yemen are starving or close to it now many groups might not be allowed to help feed the hungry. Why he US is being blamed for making it even worse. Closer look at the government funded program meant to provide relief to small businesses. Any especially minority owned companies have been getting shut out while some mega churches have been able to receive the funds. And I'm hearing a national icon. Martin Luther King the third joins us to talk about the legacy of his father my doctor king's message still resonates today. To learn how to be more civil as a society we got to learn how to turn to each other. And stop turning all in each other. Words of wisdom they are good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and happy Martin Luther King Jr. day. It doctor king's final sermon the night before he was assassinated he reflected on how he would almost died ten years earlier when a deranged woman stabbed him. King said if she hits sneezed at any point before he got medical attention he likely would not have made it and on that April night. Doctor King stated that he was at peace with what the civil rights movement had accomplished in that past ten years saying that he bidding to the mountaintop and seen the promised land. Some have reference what will take place this Wednesday as a mountaintop moment where in Kabul Harris. Completes a climate no other American woman has achieved in takes place. As vice president tonight the MLK memorial is eerily quiet shut down since domestic terrorists stormed the capital. And in that final sermon Doctor King also warned that the world is all messed up the nation as sick trouble is in the land confusion all around. Current health of this nation in that figurative sense will be judged by history. But no literal sense this nation is ailing on the brink of the grim milestone of 400000. Americans dead from cove it. For the same time 25000. National Guard members are now in place to help insure one of the hallmarks of our democracy a peaceful transfer of power. Is without incident on inauguration day are Martha Raddatz leads us off tonight with the push to secure the inauguration. Tonight a city on edge army National Guard Manning checkpoints and police boats were trolling the Potomac River. A false alarm today at the capitol building after that all too real siege that prompted this fork down. This surreal new video from new Yorker reporter Luke. Mobile six tracking the mob hurled trump writers climbing this gasoline looking like him need evil battle. Winds inside emboldened. Killings stunned officers that president trump had sent them to do this. Okay. And the chilling search expert speaker Nancy Pelosi perhaps. Inside the senate chamber insurrection up. It's. For the first time we see a loan capitol police officer in the chambers. Despite these figures place. I don't think it's. The Q and on follower Jacob Chan's Lee leaving that ominous message on my. Prince's desk on a matter of time just time. It's only a matter of time. Justice is coming and another newly released video shows that capitol police officer wearing a magaw hat. Begging rioters to help them get to the officers he says are trapped inside the capitol. I didn't get them yeah yeah the two men died the officer into the capitol building. And the crowd letting the officers passed through safely. And with news that at least one off duty. The FBI is part of it the Secret Service is part of it. In and once they are. Certain that the so there's no insider threat than that soldiers and Guardsmen or retirement. Is given a credential. Meanwhile federal law enforcement continues to round up for writers Jon Schaeffer and Indiana heavy metal musician turning himself in Sunday and Robert gees wine both men associated with extremist militia groups. A former acquaintance of Riley June Williams. Authorities say that's her in the green T shirt. Told them Williams was trying to sell a computer taken from Nancy Pelosi so office to Russian intelligence. Authorities say she still on the run. And cloying Griffin a New Mexico county commissioner who leads the group how boys for trump promised in this meeting to return to DC with guns. I think I believe news anchor tomorrow. I've got a three he's Hillary. We're big border Eiffel lever action about guns are welcome our our. The FBI says Griffin was indeed found blocks from the capital on Sunday. With his guns and Wesley Allyn dealer was arrested Friday with a gun in his truck at a security checkpoint he was trying to get to work at a security job and forgot to leave his gun at home in Virginia. And Martha Raddatz joins us now from Washington Martha despite that scared inauguration rehearsal still went on today. It it sure did Lindsay looked where in the middle of Washington DC we're surrounded by armed National Guard. On the ground here but up at the capitol that rehearsal did go on today and several thousand military participated. In their ceremonial. Duties. For Wednesday Lindsay and Martha hundreds of thousands of tips have come been coming in and and they're helping authorities can try to identify the Capitol Hill writers. And first inning those tips in seems to be making some headlines as well. It's quite extraordinary about 200000. Digital chips and many many of those came from family and friends of those who stormed. The capital their turn in a man. Our right Martha thanks so much as always and seeing. President trump will hold that title for just a day and a half longer and in his final hours the president is expected to issue more pardons but ABC news. Has now learned is not expected to include himself for any trump family or close associates on that list and with Trump's set to leave Washington Wednesday morning before Joseph Biden is inaugurated. He is defining tradition and has yet to reach out to the president elect here's our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. President trump was once again nowhere to be seen First Lady Maloney a trump today offered her farewell message to the nation. My fellow many kinds in the prerecorded video she seemed to allude to the attack on the US capitol by supporters of her husband. It passionate in everything you do but always remember there. That the violence he's never act and say and will never be justified. Use every opportunity to see focusing donation for another person. But mrs. trump will be the first First Lady in modern history not to invite her successor to the White House before the inauguration. Denying a courtesy a doctor Jill Biden that Michelle Obama extended to Har. Of course president trump isn't extending that Korda seeded Joseph Biden either some of troops advisors have been pleading with him to at least call Biden. And to leave him a note in the Oval Office a long standing tradition of outgoing president's shortly after taking office trump showed David the note Barack Obama left him. And this was in the letter. Given to me by President Obama. We saw that image of him the final morning that he was here putting the letter on the desk which was I won't. Show what you read it to you but hate it just a and beautiful letter does the relying you can share that that struck you most. There were numerous lines so well written so thoughtful. George H. W. Bush famously left Bill Clinton a note saying quote you'll be our president when you read this note. Your success is now our country's success. I'm rooting hard for you trump is instead planning a farewell ceremony for himself at joint base Andrews with great military fanfare. Then he'll board Air Force One for the last time and head tomorrow Largo where moving trucks were spotted today. Before he goes trump is expected to announce about a hundred pardons. But sources tell ABC news the president is not expected to pardon himself. Or any members of his family or any close associates and then there's the matter of his impeachment trial who will lead his defense is up in the air. It had been expected to be Rudy Giuliani but Giuliani told ABC over the weekend that he's out because he too spoke at the rally before the riot. It's like and Giuliani says that makes him a potential witness. Jonathan Karl joins us now from the White House John the president's been debating how to handle pardons in these final days. What is the end we know could be driving that decision not to pardon himself for any of his. Family members or close associates. Well regarding the pardon to himself the president has been advised by White House lawyers including the White House counsel pats a Bologna. The first of all a self pardon may not be constitutional would be certainly be subject to court challenge. But he is also argued simple only has that if the president pardons himself. He could make himself more vulnerable to civil lawsuits because that self pardon could be taken as an acknowledgment that he did something wrong and therefore needed to pardon himself. Regarding family members. It it's unclear. But I can tell you that when he first got that news. That a pardon for himself could complicate. His own legal future the president was quite angry about it and had an attitude of well I can't pardon myself I'm not gonna pardon. The others around me what will see ultimately and by the way Lindsay. Although we're we're told right now not to expect. Paul a pardon of himself for pardon for family members anything can change before noon on the Taiwanese. On Wednesday so that's still potentially on the table an interesting conversation and Rudy Giuliani this weekend. Tell us more about that and what's the latest that you're hearing on where the president's defense team and has potential impeachment strategy stands at this moment. What a couple conversations but Giuliani at first he said that he was working on the president's defense he actually outlined for me. Some of the legal strategy that he would be pursuing. And then the next day Sunday. He said he was no longer going to be honest defense team. Giuliani said the reason for that was that because he spoke at that rally before the riot before the president spoke he could be a witness in the impeachment trial and could be both. The lead counsel for the president. Howard now the what soon to be former president. And a witness. But I can also tell you it after our story ran about Giuliani's legal stuff legal strategy a lot of people close to the president were urging him. To drop Giuliani saying that that was the wrong choice but to leaders defense that said. It's totally unclear now. Who will lead the defense we've heard nothing about who the president will have defending himself from the senate trial. All right we'll stand by for news on that Jonathan Karl thanks so much as always thanks losing. We turn out to president elect Joseph Biden who along with his wife and other family members. Spent part of Martin with the king junior day volunteering at a Philadelphia food bank. The day of service comes as Biden now less than 48 hours away from taking the oath of office with plans for fast paced start for his administration to tackle the pandemic head on. But also including dozens of planned executive orders here's ABC's Mary Bruce. As Washington prepares to usher in abided aero with less than 48 hours to go the president elect is putting the finishing touches on his big speech. I didn't spending this Martin Luther King holiday packing boxes at food pantry in Wilmington. That the soon to be First Lady Jill Biden. His team is laying out the plan for day one. Biden expected to sign roughly a dozen executive orders undoing some of Donald Trump's most controversial moves. You will immediately rejoin the pair is climate accord reportedly canceled the keystone pipeline and will reverse the so called Muslim travel ban. And take the first step in his fight against obit mandating masks on federal lands and extending the paws of student loan payments. But Biden's big ticket items like that massive one point nine trillion dollar stimulus plan will require congressional approval. There had it last. It's made an aren't ambitious goal but we believe it partner and they've been lap race and collaboration. Members and be nice if we get it done. Connell and Harris will make history this week as the first black woman in the first Asian Americans sworn in as vice president. Administering the oath justice Sonia Sotomayor the first woman of color on the Supreme Court. And it will happen on the same spot where that mob of trump supporters stormed the capital. Harris today asked if she had any security concerns. I am very much looking good to be sworn in as the next vice president of the United States and I lost their development proudly lived my head up myself. The soon to be vice president has recently said we cannot allow people to make us afraid of who we are rare Bruce joins us now. And there was so much added security for Wednesday this certainly will not be the traditional inaugural that we've seen in history so. What they know about when the Biden's will arrive in Washington and beyond his oath an inaugural address but what does he have planned for the day to that to mark the cajun. Well they will be arriving here the president elect and his wife Jill Biden tomorrow afternoon and unfortunately spending the night at Blair house as is the tradition of course much of the pomp and circumstance of the inaugural morning has been canceled there's no. T at the white house with the outgoing president no joint limo ride up here to the capital and that after the big. Inaugural address of course. Arguably the most consequential speech Biden's life normally they headed to the party right as the big parade this celebration a walk to the White House. Those dancing gallons involve all of that is off the table instead Joseph Biden will be visiting Arlington national cemetery to to lay a wreath and pay his respects. And there will be a short walk I would call it a parade college parade acts. You'll be walking down Pennsylvania Avenue there will be some marching bands though not all the celebration is canceled. But a much safer smaller way of marking the moment and then into the White House and of course we know that he wants to get straight to work is likely to sign up to it doesn't executive orders even on inauguration day. And that evening instead of you know heading out in making the rounds whipping around all of these parties in Washington they're taking a virtual there will be a big star studded event. But actually one you know for this time all of America can join in even if you didn't get a coveted invitation. When they bit of a concert there to celebrate merry Burress our thanks to you thank you. An out of the Kobe nineteen crisis as we reach yet another horrific milestone 400000. Americans dead from the disease with CDC now predicting that we could hit. Half a million lives lost next month. And this week marks a year from the first case reported in the US now the vaccine roll out hitting new roadblocks ABC's Steve Nelson summing reports from Atlanta. This week now marks a whole year since cope with 191 appeared in this country. When the president was saying the disease would be handled we have a totally under control. One person. Coming in from China. And we're going to control its gonna Regis site. But the new numbers tonight aren't fine the number of Americans killed by the corona virus is now nearly 400000. And the CDC warns that another 100000 could die in the next month. The disease is overwhelming funeral homes tonight in Los Angeles county the cemeteries can't keep up. Manuel Lopez Marc has died last week but his family says they might not be able to bury him for another month and a half. Or are. Cemetery and a hundred and shoot under my and it took about six to seven hours to get through this. Mortuary. In hard hit communities like this one and Yuma Arizona there waiting on new supplies of the vaccine because they don't have enough doses for everyone who is eligible to get one. Pat Parker in Texas is one of the many who says she's desperate to get the shot. I don't want to diet country it's that simple. I don't want to die of country. In California they're working to a setback more than 330000. Doses are on hold until health officials can figure out why a small number of people. At a single vaccination center suffered possible allergic reactions after getting the shot. The risk which is so small it was severe allergic reaction particularly somebody who's not a hot industry really is mind units compared to the risk are just hot included Diana Canas says it could have been something else that cost her reaction. And says she doesn't want other Americans to avoid the vaccine. AG have a lot of friends have hurt my story and still went and got their vaccine and I think that's an easy. Our thanks to Steve for that it when we come back it's. The terminal brought to light with a touch of 20/20 one Y one man decided to live in an airport for months. Why some are saying that the child administration could be making the world's worst humanitarian crisis even worse. Up next well small business owners struggle to stay afloat the growing criticism over the federal funds that went to some mega churches during the payment protection program. Stay with us. Welcome back the paycheck protection program aimed at providing relief to struggling small businesses has received much criticism throughout the pandemic for not helping those who need it most in just today the Washington Post reports. Five anti vaccine groups received 850000. Dollars in PPP loans. Some of the groups even and other social media accounts suspended for spreading misleading information raising larger questions. If the government is helping people who are seeking to undermine its agenda what about the actual businesses in desperate need. Our faith a blue van reports. Veterans who is the blast was first deployed just. Five months helped her only child Isabel turned some years old and literally cried everyday. Separation. Made worse by her child's innocent words what I'll after she really add two years old not that I had dropped her off and move to another house and she told me that the first week I was gone she's like mommy can I come see your house at target groups. It was horrible. Now back from deployment in December 2019 Teresa opened in Arlington salon shop as the weeds and Ankara results closer to her daughter and that means everything you honestly think this is my way not to leave the area but this past year. The reality of losing it all over so real in the Democrat its economy threatening to take every. Merely making 10% of what you had been. Clear it was not exactly that of the outcomes. For the entire month of April we made only one day's worth of sales. I saw everything crumbling and then it was the question of life. What now. To Reese got resourceful seeking grants and applying for loan through the paycheck protection program the massive and unprecedented federal government program offers forgive people it's a small business owners. At the time companies with 500 employees or less. Use existing open int keep employees on the payroll but three recent bank. Eight and actually put up the applications that about the applications for the application. After a painstaking process Teresa was approved. Only 2000 dollars not eating enough to cover one month's rent. And in the end a laundry list of bishops keeping her from actually receiving up and eat. I was furious a lot of the money went to these large or small businesses. But on the micro businesses that actually needed the money to couldn't qualify for loans it was greeted me that I'm reading this can be two million dollars of the ten million dollars. His company got this many loans like all their different. Aren't that of this company got its male suspect. It is a joke. Some of the nation's largest restaurant chains like Ruth Chris and pot belly sandwiches. Are facing that collapsed expected to receive millions from the payroll protection program which is meant to help small businesses keep their employees. Newly released data from a Small Business Administration show it. Billions of dollars from the PPP. Went to the wealthy and well connected. While minority small businesses and waited longer got less money for no money at all it was really it to be a lifeline for business however are where. Structural flaw for this group. Social barriers restaurant chains like shake shack with Chris and pot belly coming under find. This is returned all the mining PP loans were also extended to groups that ordinarily wouldn't qualified through the Small Business Administration like nonprofit. Critics are also calling out the federal government for giving more than seven billion dollars in the PPP loan was to religious organization. Waving its own rules to give them access to taxpayer dollars. Churches are do what years. Churches are servings per. And when there's a struggle charged with turning of the pandemic because he will go into fusion there employees are also has suffered a. The University of Virginia law professor Micah Schwartzman says it's not that simple what lurks out it is different then. Asked an incorrect it is. And is that. Direct financing April operations. She should just hadn't seen something like or some changes the landscape. State governments relate to the organization. Many are also outraged a mega church where pastors are sometimes with millions of dollars were able to qualify. I think that public perception. That a some organizations that had financial means should not taken the money even if they were eligible for a. Did release by the Small Business Administration shows churches led by evangelical TV star's rental postings Lakewood church. Received four point four million dollars Joyce Meyers ministries getting five million to PPP. Paula like he's city of destiny receives 259000. Dollars. Robert Jeffords first Baptist Dallas 2.2 million in tax dollars. Lakewood church and Joyce Meyers ministry telling ABC news the money saved hundreds of jobs. And pastors did not personally take a penny the other churches have not responded for comment. There was no opposition no serious political public opposition. Two. Religious organizations be included at the end PPP. Like little other nonprofits. I think. Those people understand that these are very special circumstances during the academic and so. There wasn't any major public outcry about this better reason why there's out of their opposition and objections and church money is on similar July it. There was opposition to use large corporations and money. Reports filed just two weeks after being approved for three point nine million dollars a month. TV church what a prime example. According to inside edition after their investigation. Of the church reportedly paid back all three point nine million dollars. ABC reached but did not get a response. If the phasing it just like another slap in the basic. With a gun now issuing a new round of PPP critics were watching carcass to see any lessons were learned. The FDA hasn't responded to specific questions from ABC news the Fed in a news release its quote calling upon its lending partners to redouble your efforts to assist eligible borrowers in underserved and disadvantaged community. They've also set aside funds specifically for businesses with ten or fewer employees. To Reese there is already in line trying to her business. Are you feeling better about the second route I mean reality is that we can't write the rules but we can try to demand something better. I'm just hoping to get something that's how. Because the reality is that we have to make it next at least two months. Our thanks to faith for that instill a head here on prime. Calling it a sham trial in real time Putin's fiercest critics are immediately detained upon returning to Russia to growing concern. Over children's screen time and a digital withdrawal to come. This MLK day we take a look at the diversity of the new congress and by the numbers the first section. Of the day how at least one athlete preparing for the Australian Open. Is handling quarantine. Room welcome back everyone as we prepare to inaugurate a new president and vice president we take a look. By the numbers of the makeup of the 117. US congress warning earlier this month it's the most diverse. In our nation's history a record 144. Women now serving congress and hold. 27%. Of congressional seats that's the highest in US history of course that's still well below the female share of the population. This includes 52 women of color the most in our nation's history and 38 Republican women also a record high. In fact two thirds of the newly elected female house members and a half of the newly elected women of color art within the GOP party. 61 black Americans now serving congress with the reverend Raphael worn on the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church where Martin Luther King Jr. preached. Making history as the first elected black democratic senator from the south there'd only been ten black senators in our nation's history including Connell Harris. Who resigned her senate seat today to become the first female first black and first South Asian American. To serve as vice president of the United States. We still have lots to get to hear. The former Florida and dated coated scientists arraigned in court did she illegally accessed the State's emergency health alert system. Where is this a case of retaliation. Could be one of president elect Biden's biggest foreign policy challenges left by his predecessor what to do about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. It would sell many starving. Honoring the message of Dr. Martin Luther King but first. Top trending stories on War. With concerns already on ends. A security alert Monday morning sending people running the halls of congress who turns out it was a small fire sale homeless camp about a mile from the US capital. It was another sign of the tension inside the nation capital after the deadly wrecks. Yeah are paying. New disturbing video shot by The New Yorker revealing just how determined the writers. He described his domestic terrorist war. The FBI has now arrested doesn't come from supporters who stormed the capital. Two days from president elect Joseph Biden is taking his own involvement amid fears and a potential insider attack the army has been performing background checks on National Guard members have been involved in securing the capital. Everybody joining the military is screened CNN and for an event like there's this great. This week now marks a whole year absence over the 191 appeared in this country we have totally under control. One person. Coming in from China. And we have to control its going to be just the number of Americans killed by the corona virus and it's now nearly 400000. And the CDC warns that another 100000 could die in the next month mess. All those can be put in place but we are useless because they have something to. The government pushing for at least fifty million doses to be distributed by the end of January so far only about 31 million have gone out. Former code and data sciences from back and Jones left court after posting bail she turned herself in after being accused of illegally at. Accessing this State's emergency alert health system to contact current employees from she claims the whole thing is retaliation. From governor Rhonda Santos. Jones was fired after accusing state officials of suppressing covic numbers. Last month officials raided her home. She says at least pointed guns at her and her children in the raids. Officers say otherwise. Crowds protesting the arrest of opposition leader election about them. It is his sister critics Lexington Johnny detained minutes soft landing in Moscow last night. The name in light streamed by journalists capturing them bonnies kiss well to his wife yulia does not images of the trauma centers by the police stationed just outside Moscow. No Valdez says Putin must be so scared of him that they'll all legal procedure out the window and his lawyer is any getting alleged that minutes of the school. The judge putting it away from says today's hearing at the wedding he should be jailed for longer officially starts next week Deval he was arrested just after returning from Germany where he had been recuperating after being poisoned by a nerve agents and. California claims he heat in easy cure area Chicago's O'Hare airport for three months police now charge that he just saying. With felony criminal trespassing and spotted by two United Airlines employees and when asked to show IDE. He should've backed that was reported missing by employee back in optimal work Singh told police that he was afraid to fly into the hands down. What he wouldn't say why he came to Chicago from California in the first place. Welcome back it is being called quote diplomatic and vandalism in many pointing their fingers at America after moved by the trumped administration they claim will make the world. Worst humanitarian crisis even. Harder to fix. Millions in Yemen are at or near the brink of starvation and now many aid groups might not be allowed to help feed the hungry. In panel explains. Say no could Lonnie was born into this blighted land full months ago. Four months old and every single day his parents must fight to keep him a line. It's difficult to watch which Hussein needs help. So weak. He can no longer rest beaten so hungry fifteen tools city's hands endlessly. Beauty doctors he counts. With a one schools by a. Cameramen. I'm Adam and learned and that. And Hussein suffered from malnutrition since he was born and they tell me to take into the malnutrition clinic in Santa. I don't have any way to get in there. As a agencies come up or person wants nothing. The family was made homeless by yemen's war. They now live the midst of dust and filth at the camp but some of the hundreds of thousands up routed by the conflict. I will when I see him sit crisis and it breaks my song with just one food basket every three months from the World Food Program to live own. Hussein's parents must choose between feeding their family or selling the medicine for their some. There's new clinic here. But the baby boy desperately needs help sort team draw of the family to a neighboring towns where there Ries a small medical center. While the world's look the other way more than half the population of Yemen as aides at the close it to the brink of starvation. Yemen's being declared the world's worst humanitarian crisis by the United Nations. Almost six years of war has devastated the country and half the population more than fifteen million people. Is on the brink of starvation. Two out of every three people here can't afford to buy fruit. We still this first hand when we visited Yemen with the New York based International Rescue Committee in 28 team up. The doctors said she measuring thirty circumference of the top of a rom around. What is advice that we can see head it's just crossed over into the red which is severely malnourished. Yemen's being gripped by a violent conflict since 2015. On one side government forces backed by Saudi Arabia and the emirates. On the other Gucci rebels backed by Iran accused of in the country's main air pollutants and bugs accused of war. But the Saudi politics jets called to virtually supported by American intelligence and poems that have repeatedly struck civilians. And now in one of the final acts of the trump administration. And so around who she rebels will be designated as a terrorist organization. From two Mora. In his statement secretary Pompeo saying this will. Conference terrorist activity and terrorism plans are on out a deadly Iran backed militia group. But the UN and to all major aid agencies fear he could be disastrous. Forcing them to limit their work in hootie controlled areas. With 18% in Yemen these live all risk prosecution by the US government. Is being read by cultures I'm condemnation of this move. This is a death sentence for millions of Lebanese because they are over the course of the next several weeks going to run out of sued and are going to start it's that simple. And the fact that the drug administration skirt with this designation. I'm noting that would be the consequence. Is absolutely. Devastate our mind blowing. The International Rescue Committee has been providing vital lifesaving work on the ground in Yemen begin its. They now fit this move by the trump administration. Couldn't do that. Adam. Area that. It are active in mission deliberately. In. So time is running out of four month old Hussein. At the clinic he's measured and weighed. He's just 2.2 kilograms. Just open fool and a half pounds. The average weight of a full month old in America. He's near fifteen poems the challenge for the new president couldn't be more stark. You've jubilant in reverse is this designation. He risks being accused of being soft on terrorists and Iran and upsetting Israel and allies in the gulf. But the risks of doing nothing but grace a who sings life may depend on what president employed in decides to do in Yemen. He impaneled for ABC news them. I think seeking and for that and as we just saw finding food is a struggle for millions of children and while. Hunger is a growing concern here in the US as well many parents are now confronting. Another problem and one. Without such a life or death consequences. Certainly cove it has canceled a lot leading some to a digital dependents and skyrocketing screen time. Thank you were only has more. Like many kids fourteen old James riker to Boulder, Colorado used to having an active schedule of basketball. And Alan biking. Is now only men under his devices. When more. My own. Munich and the breaking point when his dad realized how much time was being spent just playing one device when consumed the most ruthless one week. It was literally Oreo. This is what all shock. You like or our. Hands on her aka. So limit sport placed that spike in use not unique the screen time monitoring application to sodium releasing data showing kids device usage has doubled cents a year ago. One example YouTube now averaging 97 minutes a day per user coupled are viewing time from 2019. An online game world blocks a huge hit with a nine to twelve year old set. Now reporting over 31 million players explosive growth up 82%. Cents last year. The reichert rethinking what they can do in this difficult time all steps toward a time when normal life resumes. Early in the pandemic. I repeatedly urged parents. Not to be unduly concerned about their children's or uses means but we. Now reached a point where it's almost a year start now to try to reintroduce some level. Guard rails around children's media use. Trying to get them to turn those screens offer thanks to Becky for that and when we come back what Doctor King thought about these turbulent times according to his namesake. And sun. Welcome back today we of course paused to celebrate a man who is revered as one of the greatest Americans in our history. A man who led this country closer to its promise of liberty and justice for all. Martin Luther King Jr. was just 39 years old when she was assassinated in 1968. But his legacy. Clearly lives on. I have a great news. But one day and the this nation on well arrives up. We live out the true meaning of its. Screen. Because of back hopeful vision because doctor king's moral imagination. Barricades began to fall and bigotry began to face new doors of opportunity swung open for an entire generation. A generation would change the way. We are one voice no when people. I have yeah okay. Yeah yeah. You want it's just don't change we want that's well this. Yeah. But I have a dream. My club having children. Rwanda eleven and image on the web they would not be judged by the crowd of about skin but by the content of that carried them. It's acting jury like Dicky yeah. Outlet chain. An audience and yours and I'm thinking yeah can we learn yeah. Yeah. His words give books news columnist and don't move right just doesn't stand up. Just since about withdrew the know that you. We don't and loan. While I may be the first woman in the softness I will not be the last. Little girl yeah example of love we must be exam. Meet each and equally well see on. Eight earnings game lit up. Fitting now that we are joined at this moment to discuss just how far we've come but also. How far we have left ago he is another part of penalties legacy his son Martin Luther King the third. Sir thank you so much for being with us on this day. In your mother's memoir Coretta Scott King admitted to having some reservations about naming you after your father because of the possible. Quote burdens that that might bring. What does it been like for you to grow up without your father but. With his powerful name and and what thoughts and emotions go through your mind on this day particularly during a moment in time like the one that we're currently in. Yeah I think so much goes through in my. My mind and he had at this particular moment. As we on the morning. The inauguration. The next president. That 81 million Americans came together elected president elect. Joseph Biden and the first black woman. Our vice president come what Harris. Are so why are we going through worry Chamorro. Is seems internally. They are always is progress. That is being made. In the major social media people love quoting your dad as an example of achieving change and peaceful manner area of several. Republicans on the floor of the house last week as they debated the impeachment who quoting your dad but of course a civil rights there was anything but civil. Your father also strongly warned against what he called the white moderate at the time in his famous letter from Birmingham jail which. He wrote while detained due to protests in the mistreatment of blacks an expert of that excerpt as a letter reads in part. I've almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the negroes great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the white citizen's councilor of the Ku Klux Klan or. But the white moderate. Who is more devoted to order then to justice who constantly says I agree with you in the goal UC but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action. Who paternalistic Lee believes he can set the timetable for another man's freedom. Luke warm acceptance is much more bewildering. An outright rejection. Fit do you think Mitt one of the greatest stumbling blocks is in this day people of various shades and our society who have overdosed on what I'll call the highly addictive drug of gradualism. Black and I still think gas is the is certainly problem. But it is not a problem cannot debt business cannot be overcome. I think when you look at the masses of young people today when we saw that demonstrations back in the summer. Which in every state in our nation we had civil rights demonstrations. What people holding signs that say black lives matter. A lot of those demonstrations. Significant number of them wore white demonstrators. So obviously there's a chat and ownership. That is coming. And once you acknowledge a problem being you can address it for so long we've acted as if racism was not real. And it we will be aren't that many people thought that after President Obama. All it was a post racial period well. Many in communities of color I understood that was just not chase. (%expletive) despite many of the hurdles in uprisings of the last year and we have seen some progress and change as you noted advice for Colette Connell Harris will be sworn in this week it of course to the state of Georgia elected its first black senator. The where you plan to watch the inauguration on Wednesday and also what would your reaction when you found out that the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church a place of such powerful significance for your family. That he had one. So where I'll be watching his of course. Because of the pandemic here in Atlanta normally I would have loved to admit at the inauguration. But the pandemic has caused us to. Although less as national citizens citizens you reevaluate. Is accurate as it relates to. Docked to war in Iraq and now my feelings about. His victory. And the fact of the matter is georgians came together black and white. And Latino and Jewish and Asian. Americans. A young and holes. To help elect reverend war knock and John are soft and doubt what is so quarter reverend Warren. In this community at Ebenezer and settle. It's interesting not Jess did too tall. About what can become what's in now the in the United States senate seat held in act. Are what he's been talking about. In your dance I have a dream speech she really laid out a detailed list of all that is necessary to coming to fruition if America that he is to become a great nation. That was of course 1963. Is it your belief that in the subsequent nearly six decades that America has achieved that status as great. Absolutely now. And that does not mean that progress has not been made. It just means that we are nowhere India where we need to be. My father Warner to eradicate what he Karl with a triple evils. A poverty racism and he said militarism. Which Jackson ordered changed about actually got to learn how return to each other. And stop turning all in each other. That's what my father and my mother who want to. To see in this nation and that's the capacity to you we have the ability to push we have the ability do almost anything we jets have not yet Democrat the wheels. And. And lastly I have to ask about your daughter Yolanda Renee who is clearly taken after her late grandfather isn't in tactful orator with a clear vision of the future for claiming that. Her generation will be. At what are your thoughts and hopes about the younger generation getting the nation across the finish line of the quality. Well you know there's no question. That's seen he has stated and challenged her generation. To do here are my mom used to say that every generation ask Ernie he. My hope is that we as a collective today. Can begin that network so that. It does not have to be harder Caribbean issued not be hard to ever reach generation. It should get easier. But what I did our ears if we're not able to complete this work. She and her generation. And ready MCA saying it wanted to do I have no doubt about it. All right great to hear from you and talk to you today we thank you so much for your time Martin Luther King the third thank you. That is our show for this are Richards detained ABC news live more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and we leave you now. With our image of the day those plans on the National Mall in honor of the hundreds of thousands. Who have lost their lives to Covert in this country and.

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