ABC News Live Prime: Monday, September 28, 2020

Can Joe Biden swing Michigan back to blue?; Wineries in Europe turning wine into hand sanitizer amid COVID-19; Elijah Cummings' widow: US will ‘no longer have a democracy’ if Trump is reelected
50:00 | 09/29/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, September 28, 2020
Started ten. President trump senior advisor and former longtime campaign manager grant park's town. Tackles violence in the standoff with police through his wife telling him he hit her I usually get out. Us president on damage control following them bombshell New York Times report. Finding president trump paid just 750. Dollars in federal income taxes when he took office. And reportedly not paying any taxes for ten out of fifteen years. Clobbering his image as. Businessman. To record shows trump appears to be hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. President dismissing a report claiming he has very little debt and was entitled to tax credits. Less than 24 hours until the main event the first presidential debate between trump invited so many issues digging into. How the candidates have been preparing and how other campaigns of positions. Heading into October. And alarming rise in Kobe cases across the country an increase in 33 states New York State reporting its highest infection rate since mid July. New York city schools resuming some in class learning tomorrow Florida is now allowing restaurants and bars back to 100%. Capacity. Doctor Anthony found some of the morning saying we are seeing tens of thousands of more daily cases than we should right now. Emergency wildfire evacuations going. California to new major fires erupted one destroying more than 111000. Acres at a hospital forced to transfer its patients. Seventh round collection we are on the ground in mission. Find out what's on voters' minds and crucial swing state. Before you pop that corporate twist that's how one manufacturing. Makeshift Hanson concert is a sign of trouble for the wine industry. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us we begin tonight with that bombshell reporting from New York Times. A glimpse into the taxes of the only president in modern history who is not publicly released them. Those tax forms apparently show president who pay just 715. Dollars in federal taxes the year he was elected president and his first year in office. That's same amount that someone who makes roughly 20000 dollars a year would pay. In at least ten other years the president paid no taxes at all. The reporting from the times also paints a picture of a president elected on his image is a wealthy and successful businessman but. Whose records show he's actually hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. The president offered differing lines of defense blending denials with justifications. And we are just one night away from the first presidential debate where this is sure to be a major issue on this busy Monday our Jonathan Karl leads us off from Cleveland. On the eve of the first presidential debate the American public is getting what's been described as the first detailed look. At one of Donald Trump's most closely guarded secrets. His tax returns in its blockbuster report to New York Times review detailed information on nearly two decades worth of trump tax returns. The details are startling. Trump paid no federal income taxes at all you know eleven of the eighteen years they review. 2016. The year he won the White House trump reportedly paid only 750. Dollars. For its first year in office he again paid just 750. Dollars. 750 dollars is roughly the federal income tax bill of someone who makes 20000 dollars a year. At the White House the president insisted that times report was not accurate reverse weapon the blue out of state income tax system. But state and federal income taxes are two different things the president built his brand and his campaign. On being a business genius with a Midas touch and at great business and suddenly it all lot of money and I had great success so I've had. Great success by the way really successful but the times reports the trump businesses including his golf courses and resorts. Or actually a wash in red ink. His Washington hotel reportedly lost 55 point five million dollars since it opened four years ago. His foreign ventures according to the times' or among the few that have actually made money since he became president. More than 73 million dollars some of the most profitable in countries with authoritarian leaders including the Philippines and Turkey. When trump ran for president the first time he insisted he was loaded with money and had almost no debt whatsoever. Yet you know it's very interesting. I'm so liquid I don't need it. And invite me but the times reports the president is actually drowning in debt. Including more than 441. Million dollars that could come due over the next four years. The paper noting that if trump is reelected. Quote. His lenders could be placed in the unprecedented. Position weighing whether to foreclose on a sitting president. Today the president tweeted he has very little debt compared to the value of assets he has repeatedly said his tax returns are under IRS audit. It's under they've been underwater for a long time. The arrest is not troop morale. The newspaper reports the IRS is in fact investigating. A 72 point nine million dollar tax refund the president received in 2010. And whether he took improper deductions. The times found trump took tax deductions for money spent on his lavish lifestyle. Including 70000. Dollars on hair dressers during his time on the apprentice. And to more than 95000. Dollars for a bunker trumps makeup artist. The president says he is entitled like every one else to depreciation and tax credits. He is long refused to turn over is tax returns but he's also bragged about his ability to avoid paying taxes. The only years that anybody's ever seen we're couple of years when he had to turn them over. To state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license and they showed. He didn't pay any federal income tax so that make it the arcade is zero that means 04 troops. The Biden campaign points out that most voters do pay taxes. Releasing an ad today violating working class people who are paid more federal income tax than the self described to billionaire in the White House. I and this may certainly raise some eyebrows in particular for those working class Americans Jonathan Karl joins us now John I know that you've certainly press the president and the White House for years about his tax returns. We saw his defense today is this reporting from the time something that you think of the president and his supporters we'll simply try to brush off. Well certainly the president's gonna try to brush it off I've talked to people it is inner circle. We're working on preparing for the debate tomorrow night and they say that essentially what he will say there's not much different than what he said. To Hillary Clinton which is I'm not really Smart guy I'm a business guy I'm gonna pay as little as I possibly can. In my business is in taxes that's just the way I do it. The problem if there is a problem is with the tax code not with what I did. Whether or not that. Plays with his supporters IA I assume you know we don't play well with with many of his supporters who have put up with a lot but this. Does get to be something that is something that people can really understand that 750. Dollars. Is quite a number for somebody who is described himself. As a multi billionaire. To pay in taxes. And course abiding campaign is clearly hoping that this resonates with some of those undecided voters what's your sense of how this'll play in the coming days especially. In that critical first debate tomorrow night. We have an indication today with the Biden campaign putting out what they're calling their tax calculator. Or anybody can go win. Type in your agent told fox calculate how what you would pay in federal income taxes and in compared to how much Donald Trump paid. Biden and his campaign clearly believe that this is an issue that resonates it's an issue that hits home. Its initial fundamental fairness and I expect it will be one that he it's very hard tomorrow night at the debate here equivalent. We will be paying close attention are right Jonathan Karl reporting and for us from Cleveland. And has bombshell report is dropping as both Biden and Tron prepare for their first debate showdown tomorrow night in Cleveland. Michigan this state that shocked the Democrats in 2016 up prime target for both candidates this time it's great to be here in Michigan and and do with the United Auto Workers. For decades though Wolverine state helped propel Democrats into the White House but Donald Trump cracked this part of the blue wall wide open and he hopes to take it again. November there aren't Michigan you better vote for me I got these summit. Before trump Ronald Reagan was the last Republican to win here way back in 1984. A key question this year will those trump converts stick with him talk Chris by talent McComb county told us he will. I'm definitely more enthusiastic. Initially was still a candidate he was on proven. This go around I'll have seen for years a track record of him at least trying to get the job done. Trump is trailing Biden in Michigan the Supreme Court nomination of judge Amy coney Barrett. Hasn't seemed to change the race much but many voters including Chris don't like the hardball politics of little. So ideally it would be best to have a confirmation after the election just so that the there isn't any problems with the legitimacy of the way it's looked at by the rest of the country. But I would accept either. But the president goings full steam ahead as they should be a straightforward and prompt. Confirmation. Should be very easy. I think what we're saying is the ultimate level of hypocrisy coming from president senate Republicans are doing everything they can including the White House to see if they can Russia's Supreme Court justice down the throats of the American people. The reverend Charles Williams the second in Detroit says the Supreme Court fight and broader issues of racial justice require a much more energized Biden campaign. You need to see. Joseph Biden on the front lines of a protest you need to see. Kamal hairs on the front lines of a protest unique to see. Joseph Biden at Kamal if there is passing no man's servant people food this is eight urgent time in America right now. And merely talking about it is not enough. Half an hour away in Roseville sisters Leslie hall and Carmen Dickerson also believe more action than talking is needed. The same people who are out aren't seeing and rural Tennessee and whatever their dealings I hope and pray that they are. Even that same amount of energy to get their community their friends their family everybody outs in the poll because it's important that's where detains happen. This is just run their own bakery which took a hit during the pandemic they're backing Biden to lead the recovery. And they question the president's business expertise. He says he's the business president. Do you feel that he's better for your business. I don't think that I think he's really compassionate about those smaller businesses I think van. When they come sit things that he's doing it only affects the larger companies out an agreement parent 100% and BL. The loss you can't hire sofa business. Rated an if you didn't think to actually write your own the other big issue that pandemic. Some trump supporters like Rebecca Gregory who's a nurse cut him some slack. How is trumped done on the pandemic. EL I tell everyone I don't care what side they're on I blame no one for making mistakes during the pandemic. It's new I think overall he's done the best he can lift it. Mistakes were made on either side. Downplays masks he sees me he doesn't like to Wear one. Failing on that team for you as a health care workers. Whenever I think his main focus is trying not to alarm the public Nasser great mass work washing your hands works better. Covering your cough but people don't do that so yeah let's Wear the masks. Almost four years ago I came to Michigan after that stunning election so we want to find out what the people McComb county field. As inauguration around. You could feel the enthusiasm the optimism among trump supporters back then. Citing meaning someone who's going to find middle ground round of the mountain and give us some Holmgren and I warriors. One of them. Can human rights and you feel the same way now I think his overall look. Leadership has been died I think that he's put a lot of good policies in place Aaron line winds. You know my family values the last time around he was the outsider. Charging into Washington. Now he's the he's been in charge. And it's kind of a performance review I just think. We're sure we're in a weird climate deal pandemic. Racial divide and that an election and it's this attacks facts is. Ugly that makes it even more difficult for him. See you have a good performance review even with almost Ellison pandemic he's created jobs he's created opportunity. You know he's gotten people back to work. Tom. I think that if you look at the bigger picture and I just hope that people don't focus on its points money alone I think you have to look at the big picture before you make to six decisions. But other 2016 troop supporters are switching sides. They didn't take long for me to really have severe buyer's remorse mayor Michael Taylor of Sterling Heights is a Republican right after backing trump in 2016. Increase border stammer Joseph Biden. Joseph Biden will be the first democratic presidential candidate and I voted for in my life. They are Taylor says truck lost his vote on character more than anything. But he knows his constituents and why they went with trump for years ago and may again I don't think that trumps voters are all racist I don't think that trumps voters are all sexes. I don't think trumps voters are all just uneducated people I think there people who just have had enough for being told that they're not good enough. He says the race is as tight here as it wasn't twenty sixteenths. But Biden has a real shot Joseph Biden is a different candidate. And Hillary Clinton wants. And he doesn't need to peel off the whole lot of voters here he just needs a very small percentage he's been their for working class people for forty years. And he's not somebody that's gonna lie to you. Our thanks to Terry for that in depth report on dish check out the new show here on ABC news live hosted by Terry and Diane Macedo near voice your vote. The breakdown it airs right after this ship. But tomorrow be sure to stay with us for that crucial first debate tomorrow night there will be a special edition of 20/20 starting at 8 eastern followed by the debate at 9 o'clock right here. On ABC news lives. And turning now to the corona virus crisis as we approach one million global coldly deaths nearly 205000. Lives have been lost here in the US. And worst of more than 40000 new cases reported in this country every day a number that health officials are concerned. It's not sustainable heading into the cold weather months if we have any chance of keeping the virus under control. In Florida where bars and restaurants have been crowded after restrictions were lifted hospitals are hopeful. But bracing for impact our Victor Kendall has the latest from Miami tonight. In Florida crowds are again packing restaurants and bars after the governor gave the green light to fully reopen after it honestly looks like it's business as usual. It looks like how was free. Coded error after first reopening in May Florida became the epicenter of the virus so far losing more than 141000 lives. Cases are now rising in 33 states in Puerto Rico doctoring a deep OG telling GMA and he's concerned about the level of infection. When that and a good place with regard to what I had said back then because as we get into. The full in the wind to you really want the level of community spread. To be as low as you possibly get it and I hope not but we very well might start seeing increases in deaths. New York sounding the alarm after coping more than a dozen cases for the first time since June. It comes as thousands more students go Becht in New York City classrooms and limited indoor dining reopens. Today president trump announcing 150 million rapid tests are all their way to the states the vice president today with this blunt warning. The American people. Should anticipate that net cases will rise in the days ahead. But moments later the president once again clearing we are rounding the corner of the virus. We're rounding the corner. And very importantly vaccines are coming but were rounding the corner regardless. But vaccines are coming and they coming fast. Nearly 205000. Americans have lost their lives takeover of nineteen just weeks after teacher Dmitry a banister passed away at 28 years old. The virus cleaning her mother's life. 57 year old Shirley a nursing teacher who learned should prove it to date she lost her daughter. What does this inlet soaring near Stanley losing blows your. Saying your cousin who definitely Aaron needs warring within each man woman was saying. Mom's arms we think that they went somewhere you know they'll be moving in reality a sinking in. We're now in the last. Destination has not return. Some heart wrenching accounts to be sure for those who have lost loved ones our thanks to Victor for that report. The loan Kentucky officer charged in connection with the fatal shooting of Rihanna Taylor entered a plea today this is we're seeing new Bonnie cam video first obtained by vice. From the night of her death as calls grow louder for officials to release the grand jury transcripts Pierre Thomas has more. Today new video surfacing in the tragic death debris on the Taylor in price due says this is policing body cameras couldn't. From just after the shooting and you can sing the police dog barking. Officers yelling commands until his word friend Kim walker is arrested. I don't know yeah. Vice news says the second clip shows Brett hankins and give the apartment right there ABC news has not independently verify the ability of the officers in the video. Acres and appears to ask about showcases. But the other officer advises him well in our backgrounds whom you're here you're here. Today hike this and arraigned in court on three counts of first degree wanton endangerment not and Taylor's death but in bullets that hit a neighbor's home. How different drank a complete. He pleads not guilty to each count. Through his attorney walker who has admitted to firing a warning shot that night now raising questions about with a hate Kasun. May have fired the shot injuring one of the officers the new accusation appears to contradict Kentucky attorney general Daniel camera Kenneth walker fired the shot that hit Sargent Mattingly. But part of a state ballistics report provided to ABC news says one of the bullets recovered at the scene which may have hit Mattingly. Has been neither identified nor eliminated from having been fired from Walker's gun Walker's attorneys claim the tickets and have access to a handgun. The same caliber as walker. Visiting Cameron has not responded to the accusations and so far has refused to release a related FBI ballistics reports. Walker's attorneys have filed a motion to have the grand jury transcript released. Lindsay. Here are things to you announce in the fires in the west that have taken aim at the heart of California's wine country. Destroying multiple structures and threatening wineries as it ballooned tens of thousands of now been forced from their homes. Can't whitworth has the harrowing images. Tonight homes in golds and more families told to get out as multiple out of control wildfires raged north of San Francisco. The fires more than quadrupling in size in just twelve hours. This glass fire. Sparks to other fires nearby so I'd you can see here in Napa Valley we are essentially surrounded by flames. I'm. Amazed are racing to evacuate we not even mean just the bitterly. Christmas. First to be alive. In Santa Rosa city buses lining up overnight to take more than 100 senior home residents out of harm's way some still in every Janice. Think Venus hospital forced to evacuate for a second time in a month were very thankful. The hospital police right now there's still standing. And tonight images of the burned out neighborhoods that firefighters couldn't save. Kelly that you can see behind it tennis extreme. Fire danger that they're dealing with the fact that this train. There's about the confirmed that the truth will follow you can fetus with an open. And that's what we're rolling back their country as a profit another friend just felt that there. Power lines can come down to my concern for firefighters have a look at expected to die down. But he's a red flag warning remained in effect and in fact they've been south central Los Angeles. For tomorrow with a critical point four hours ahead. Finding. There was some incredible images there Cain and stays safe and when we come back the winds are struggling to hold on sales downturn their prized possessions into hands sanitized news. What does this mean for the future of the wind industry. The alleged kidnapping plot thwarted by Joseph Montana and his wife how someone trying to take their grandchild. From their Malibu home authorities now working to disinfect the water system after a rare brain eating out need. Killed a six year old. Welcome back earlier you heard about the threat facing many wine growers in California as those wildfires continue to scorch the region. In Europe wine growers have been facing different troubles reduce consumption from the pandemic. And need for more hands sanitize or has dramatically altered vineyards in places like France and Italy as our Maggie rowly explains. It's something French wine growers surreal for cars would have never imagined just two months ago. Turning his cross his mind. From this. Tip you clear alcohol. Not the content to bring the one you used to disinfect the. Institute of it to yourselves there was an emergency method we didn't have the choice we had to understand the situation and make that decision. Not constrained there was a global shortage at hand sanitizing. So the French government can't create they turned to their wine growers for health and Ceci. But being honest president can dismiss. Everything happened quickly and in a matter of weeks we were able to send thousands of gallons a French wine due to the distillery and heads yes. The distillery is where thousands of gallons I'm ready to drink wine was sent to be processed into this conceivably play. When this thing is Colo the alcoholic beer we'll be putting tanks and Mindy thanks you on the industrial pharmaceutical groups. To be transformed into the hands on the ties. It sounds devastating turning renowned French wine into a sterile product. But she really didn't see it that way he saw is something that could benefit his business and his country. The French government set aside 250 million euros to ensure the wineries a source of French national pride survived. Or fairness and we did our duty but perhaps more importantly shipping off last year's product meant there was now broom for this year's exceptional harvest on the. And you think Clinton knows I'm his home he was on the vine this year was generous then left us a lot of grapes we didn't even need to triage them. A 100% of the greens were perfect. And I'll probably be. We rarely had winds sent only after 56 days a fermentation tasted since magnificent. And this is very promising them. It's still among a lot of wine growers don't win during knocked down. Com and fund anti alcohol and just sitting in these caves. No moral weddings and no more did Clara meeting and it's that. Perception of showcase in front and jeans. Whatever country to. Champagne makers surreal is no good bum says some region had to resort to Saturn means to prevent overcrowding. Dumping their crop Toronto and fertilize the story. So real decided to harvest all the this propped his sales have already dropped 30% this year. He really cute products 151000. Voters in this error. Which. No me oh when the Sony. But it's not all doom and gloom like any fine line he uses only going to get better with age and are here they're wearing. Asserted. That cape times it gives. More on November 5 compartment on the Hawaii news. If they don't read our homes it's an apartment and wait for the widening of the economy it's numbers. Kind of decisions. In is Kia and I only just off the coast of Naples Italy. Sarah Don Breaux whips through her things vineyard. And her hot pink messed up. Generations of winemakers courting their soul into this volcanic kills time she tells us that this year the vineyards sales during March and April. Or zero. We still wasn't going very bad enough but as customers came out of plunked down. Business comes back in order to come a time was up or the sending out when Mary Fahnestock I believe we sold more than we taught them. She had predicted a whopping 50% drop in sales for now it's only twenty. Her products sitting in these steel containers around one half million dollars worth of wine in them. Other thinking on that uptick in sales from the summer to continue through Purcell to get them through. We actually have no plan via go anything he's going to be 98 the global market was ended by the pandemic. Northern Italy is known for its premium grapes and wine but under lockdown no one was really celebrate handed sees big expensive vineyards that have been hit hard. And while it's heard to say when or if sales will go back to what they used to be one meager market is deja promote continuous Dorgan says. This does bring some hope he says he expects this harvest to make some of the best why he's seen in decades. We had an incredible greed and the perfumes. In the one absolutely. Incredible. Under lockdown there was almost no travel and air pollution levels plummeted no lack of pollution. What this. Different climate change. Much from the food and much more life. And do this and very dry ice and. An extraordinary harvesting in the middle of hardship. Yakima says it's not the first time something like this has happened. One of the best of intentions. The goal of history we'll from the something the conundrum of the country pollution. School. I mean I think wian has an independent. Who historical. Events and news survives through has survived some more difficult for. And while perhaps the world has little to toast right now. Wine growers are hoping their when he twin vintage. We'll meet this year a little more bubbly vicious people thought I'm particularly happy to have received this vintage. My heart rejoices knowing that beautiful winds we'll give the public this year. Maggie evenly ABC news Genoa Italy. You have to imagine the wind will become finer we'd time our thanks to Maggie for that and still ahead here on prime. This just stand up please take down president chums former campaign manager his wife claims he hit her. Authorities have now ordered a psych evaluation. News on the cyber attack involving a massive hospital system. And honest isn't that bombshell New York Times report with a variety of jobs that often result in more. And 750. Dollars in paid taxes first start to cleaning the day. The Census Bureau announcing that despite a federal judge's ruling last week that the counting should continue through the end of the month the agency is scheduled to stop counting. On October 5. Welcome back everyone the New York Times bombshell report on the president's tax returns is certainly dominating the headlines with a paper reporting to the president paid. Just seven under fifty dollars in federal taxes in 2016 and 2017. So how I compare to other Americans. Let's take a look by the numbers. How C average American pays in taxes isn't easy to pin down but for comparison. In 2016 households in the middle twining percent of US income paid an average of 2200. Dollars in federal taxes according to the Congressional Budget Office. That means those middle class households earning about 60000 dollars approximately. Three times as much in federal income taxes as trump. Even taxpayers earning between twenty to 25000 dollars a year paid about 11100 dollars in federal taxes in 2019. According to IRS data. It's according to the tax policy center for. Some 44% of Americans pay no federal income tax but most of those are low income Americans and seniors. While some wealthy Americans do manage to pay no taxes through deductions and write offs as the president has done. Trump's low tax bill is par for the course and rich according to the Associated Press the average wealthy tax Payer in the top point 001%. Good about 25 million dollars annually between 2000 to 2017. That's the same timeframe when the New York Times says the president paid on average. One point four million dollars in federal taxes after a massive refund now under audit by the IRS. I'm back to the twenty Tony race tax returns for Joseph Biden. Show that he paid about three point seven million in federal taxes in 2017. After leaving office. Expect the tax issue to be on the major issue as the two face off tomorrow on the debate stage. For the very first time and we still have so much to get you here on time. The new report that says hundreds of thousands of sharks may be killed as common vaccine production ramps up. Should my Cummings the widow of Maryland lawmaker Elijah Cummings how she worked to finish his book. And what do you think of this moment but first there's the trending stories on A. Yeah. Totally fake news Malcolm actually I think tax. Now president trump saying decades of this federal tax returns weakness in the New York Times. Indicate he benefiting from tax credits and deductions and that weren't legitimate. I'm fighting campaign who already launching attack ads over the times report highlighting the thousands of ordinary Americans pay in federal income taxes he doesn't know how to debates it's actually not that Smart. According to time's president promptly no federal income tax his intent of the past fifteen years in 126 unit when he seventeen and they meet only 750. Dollars and RS. And I am. People are no hidden. No handshakes expected to debate because of the pandemic president trump and Joseph Biden preparing for tomorrow night's debate their first head to head match up. Joseph Biden has taken time off from the campaign trail we'll show prepares been debating for fifteen years he knows how to do it the way he likes. President from his got a different approaches as he takes questions from all the time he hasn't been doing much for parents. One of the country's largest health care providers reportedly hit by a massive cyber attack. Universal health systems confirmed its right T network is down but the company operates some 400 hospitals and care centers across the US and U canyon asks for the millions of patients UH as the county sports and a statement the companies as anonymous patient data was accessed copied or compromised. Texas governor Greg Abbott has issued a disaster declarations for Missouri and county six year old boy unknowingly played in contaminating water. It caught a brain eating a mean unnamed died. Just days before he got sick Joe's I have played in this splash pad in the lake Jackson immediately book also found in the hopes of boys home. Experts say the amoeba which is rare but almost always fatal but infects the body through the nose. Authorities are now working to flush and disinfect the water supply using chlorine. Ordering all residents of lake Jackson took boil water before using. I just want my son down. Hall of fame quarterback Joseph Montana says that everyone is okay after a woman walked into his Malibu home. And tried to kidnap his nine month old granddaughter in the hall of fame quarterback and his wife Jennifer were in their Malibu home on Saturday evening when midnight here on Doubleday. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the child was asleep the complaint and the families living grim news what is 39 year old woman near the home and snatched the baby from the authorities say the couple confronted the woman from different from. And ask for the suspect give back your grandchild a tussle ensued and mrs. Montana was able to safely -- a child out of the suspects arms when the suspect identified associate tells alma who fled the home. Mike can't flagged down deputies patrolling area and the woman was taken into custody soon am here charged with kidnapping and burglary. Half a million sharks could be killed in order to save the world from the corona virus. That warning from conservationists. And sharks produce a potentially crucial vaccine ingredients it's called and slowly but that's the title of loyal mate in the liver and according to sky news it's used in vaccines help create a stronger immune response. California based shark allies predicts 250000. Sharks will need to be slaughtered twice that and if the vaccine requires two shots. That's enough to make a lasting impact from the scientists are now testing alternatives when using fermented sugar cane when you may already be familiar with slow lane as it's used in cosmetics and machine oil and GO estimates a hundred million sharks are killed every year mostly for fruit at all. Welcome magnets to the dramatic images coming out of South Florida one of the top advisors to president from taking down by police after he barricaded himself in his home. As Rachel Scott reports it all again after his wife called 911 to say he was armed. Or heard from her tonight alarming body canned video showing senior some campaign advisor and former campaign manager Brad Park scalp tackled in taken down by Florida police proud of I'm. Fixed his wife racing out of their home in calling 911. You Hardaway and I care about them. Telling police part skill was intoxicated and armed. Kenneth Carr scale telling officers her husband had suicidal thoughts over the past few weeks. Police swarming the neighborhood negotiating with him to surrender okay. RK Eagles a favor. While Sarah would know what that's for its support I think. But that it's a dramatic fall for the former campaign manager who spoke to Leslie Stahl from sixty minutes about being a new comer in helping trump win in 2016. Your wife has a wonderful expression about. They knew being thrown into this yeah she said that I was towards the Super Bowl never played a game in one. It's when he eighteen he was put in charge of the president's reelection campaign but he was demoted after disappointing turnout at a Tulsa rally in June and questions about his spending millions leading the campaign strapped for cash tonight where scale is hospitalized undergoing a medical evaluation the police reports saying his wife had several bruises on her arms. And scratches on her cheek and forehead. One officer saying she accused her husband a previously hitting her to a. Her Rachel Scott joins us now racial -- style has been a close advisor to president trump for quite some time now what's the response from the president or the campaign. Gamble in this first in the campaign initially came out and blame the Democrats are attacking. Part scale but now they are stepping forward to say that their soccer Whipple of him and his family as they wait for the facts to emerge but there is no word tonight on if his role with the campaign is going to change Lindsay. Aren't Rachel Scott thanks so much. Tonight Elijah Cummings widow is pressing forward to keep the message of her late husband alive. Well we're dancing with the angels. The question will be actress. In 2000 in nineteen what do we do. To make sure we kept how democracy intact. My coming spent the better part of the last year getting Elijah Cummings book we're better than this. Over the finish line she joins us now thank you so much Meyer for your time. Thank you for having Lindsey. So first up hats off for being able to deliver on. Your husband's final political push posthumously in reading what you can really hear his voice you can hear him saying. We're better than this and and his sentiment of rooting for the under dog which ultimately describes democracy. In this country as the underdog talk to the goal of the book and also cementing his legacy. So this book is about life is about love us about health side is certainly about death and it's about what we actually owe to our country there responsibility that we have to as Americans. To the United States of America it's a line is NFL so urgently about the needs who warned people about the danger of Donald Trump. He he he he felt very strongly. Then Donald Trump managed to six year or another term in office we would no longer have a democracy. And that is why he spent literally up part of a significant part of the last year Ken's life. Working on this message to the. American people. And you say that the book is his final morning. To the American people about Donald Trump we're now 36 days until the election your husband spent decades advocating for voting rights are you concerned about efforts by Donald Trump to try and delegitimize. Mail in voting and also his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. Unless it would not have been surprised and neither am I am about downtowns behavior allies it took some measure of the man and found him sorely lacking. He used his character as being beneath what we'd actually deserve and need as a country. And so winds that you know he would have considered all of these efforts to actually delegitimize the election in advance to actually prepare create all these trial balloons to the American people that there will be a contest an election and even after a round replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As a danger and a threat to democracy because let's that president seems to be doing is. Actually trying to game the supreme court's in anticipation of contest an election reaching that body. And so with that you know none of this as a surprise salons and he would have I wholeheartedly. You know an out in the forefront making sure that people. Knew that this is part of being RR is strategy our president and that we needed to stop him. Before he destroys our democracy completely. And your husband tried to reach across the aisle as much as he could he talked about those. Bipartisan efforts in the book as we enter an increasingly divisive time to prepare for controversial Supreme Court nomination processes you just mentioned are you concerned. And worried and it old school bipartisanship. May no longer be possible as it once existed. So alive so it's definitely weary and so am I that we have not partisan Mason magical warfare happening. With the Republican Party seeming to only care about holding on to power and not caring about patriotism mark constitution our country. I and he's calling on Republicans. And Democrats and independents everywhere still not just find common ground but to rise to higher ground realizing that this is bigger than all of us. This is for our future this is for our nation this is for our children. I and he wouldn't encourage Republicans went wherever they might be who are having some form of cognitive dissonance knowing still at the president's doing is not right to actually step up and break ranks. And not refuse to reelect this president or accommodate him he deserves to be held accountable. The president is a con man. If your husband tried to work with the president and it couldn't discern her calling con man but he wrote up a pure pain that he felt after the president called Baltimore a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess. And how it cemented his belief that the president is racist. He also talks about the lies that president trump told him right to his face including about prescription drug programs. He says in his book that he believed he was the first Democrat to meet with the president in the Oval Office one on one. Process all of this at the end of the day I mean and a personal sense when he came to the home to you after for example that first day at the white house with the president. What Woody's day. So actually am a life so they unit tried very hard to reach out actually a form my personal relationship with god Donald Trump's actually get to know the man. As he has done with Republicans. You know since he's been in office he's known for his bipartisanship his ability to make friends across I'll. So you try to do the same thing with Donald Trump despite what happened with the toll sixteen election and he came away with a bitter taste in his mouth don't want initially thought the meeting went well it's the fact that president Tom came out of that meeting and promptly lied about what he said. Deeply disturbed him the team really want to warn the people that you know he got to me where them. He took the measure of the man. He found him lacking and he wanted to make sure that the American people knew that he wasn't just. Not right print ads he's an actual threat to our democracy. My aunt Cummings thank you so much we really appreciate you coming on the show. Thanks for having. And still to come here are under the age and it's unlikely moment in history igniting a whole new generation of readers Kara Phillips brings us this remarkable tale. You will not want to miss. Yeah. Special delivery for actors Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix the Oscar winning and nominated coupled welcoming their first child together. The news came over the weekend when a director who worked with the couple mentioned it during the film festival she would name the director added that the baby's name. Is river named of course after walking sleep brother actor River Phoenix who passed away in 1993. Our congratulations. To the new parents. I'm not a couple on a mission to bring literature to a whole new generation of readers all sparked by an unlikely page from history. Cure films brings us the amazing story behind liberation station. Black women our friend was dead must have paid last summer breeze blew the Miller Stanley slide that could be nothing. But a perfect column. There's something about the way they glow of the Texas was a debt to be pork like the rhythm of stanza as he their emotions rising and falling beneath these words lacks in hard time using her and good let me live on where can I am able to once again MR. Your color beauty. Every first every page takes you somewhere there. I think that's everybody's story of them. Is really you. My how you present concerns which are challenges are you take what you experience and you learn to build from certain. And I think we approached life and the volleys approach life using common as I think for. Like the continuation things like we're gonna keep going and and a news and you know it's funny. College sweethearts with a passion for poetry and a love for literature took this family from food stamps. To a fortuitous. Family business another speck floated. And it was all sparked by their nine year old son Langston and his hand drawn vision of the perfect bookstore action. This young writer once brings byline commandments channeling his Harlem Renaissance poet namesake Langston Hughes who cried tears for I want something so I decided. Soon would be an inspiring. Literary innovator new panel so links and why do you like to read so much. How can come back praising. So good influences me it's noon break by actually sent all of us her stomach side. And what have you seen these books do for Langston. His concept of what is available to him and is. Who belong wound up exponentially. After his imagination is just unlimited. And coming to life welcome to the fruits of deliberations station of me how sweet the sound though warm clothes you up enemies. That's my way it. Across Raleigh, North Carolina. These pop up libraries have a specific purpose solely providing children's literature in which main characters. Heroes and heroines are black is here yet seven and left hundreds of flames. And if you can't stop for a free read. You can browse their online independent bookstore. AKA home warehouse. We're giving you like the commission and the freedom. To be liberated beating yourself. To accept just scanned to accept your hair. To take ownership of your body of all of your gifts because if you learn how to. Take care of some things you end up ultimately lay becoming a better human being because of it. I virtue Victoria learned decades ago or her past defining her present. And ironically. It would be a book that would determine her destiny. Struggle with something deep to find victorious father's life to. A historical photographer he wrestled with the drug addiction and opining anything he could to support is having. Including a beautiful old Bible trending gold and Bible that held an unexpected treasure my mom. Pregnant with my younger sister Jessica. She's saying it won't let me look through it and she looked through it and she stopped collection of papers. And she civil you can ponder by apple. And I'll take the papers. Papers they turned out to be extraordinary. Pieces of history from the eighteen hundreds. Letters between abolitionist and author Frederick Douglass. And radical white bookstore owner from Baltimore. Original documents that the Miller's discovered. Our work and millions of dollars. You did to view it ever sit back and think oh my gosh. Your mom saved papers and about a white bookstore owner in talking a Frederick Douglas you're running a bookstore Newton. To empower people of color he had just absolutely surreal because it's sand up but this is what it is and. But the millers Serran dipped it is surprise is not for sale. Under locking key and of their past will be preserved in an undisclosed location and this family maintaining their Mon track. That money will never mean more than their mission. What if those papers it would have been sold we would not have been able to. Affects. Generational change. Can people and children and fight what we're doing what our books or does this starts at the release. Of an issue. And women archers. The entire treat the entire system choosing literature to assure their legacy the cat builders alliance comma. For blessing me with this site just a witness can smile continue the progress of my care sir we'll liquidate. All of the day. Without injustice. A higher claim. What a story our thanks to cure for that and before we go tonight the image of the day take a look at this rock. A 102 carat deemed color flawless diamonds on display at an auction room in Hong Kong. It's a first in a diamond this sizes being auctioned off without reservations meaning there's no limit they will sell it for what ever. The highest bid is so perhaps I should get on feeding cattle ready. That is our show over the sour Fisher to stay tuned ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us good night.

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