ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, April 22, 2021

Central American drought creates climate change refugees; New video shows Columbus police shooting of teenager Ma’Khia Bryant; Senate passes rare bipartisan bill on anti-Asian hate
51:01 | 04/23/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, April 22, 2021
United States is. We are resolving to take action. Not only the for our federal government run our cities our states all across our country sciences talents. That this is the decisive decade. This is a decade must make decisions. Don't avoid the worst consequences of climate crisis. A big plans for an even bigger problem but on this Earth Day we asked in the US followed through on president Biden's ambitious goal to cut emissions you know. By the end of the decade and does America have credibility to lead the urgent push to perk. Checked our planet have you lost higher ground in the global climate discussion. I'll then back end to the Paris agreement well there's no question that we have to come back eating a lot of humble pie. Our conversation with the first White House climate advisor Gina McCarthy. This Earth Day meet climate migrants who faces of immigration. Illustrating the dire nature of our climate emergency. Journey to Guatemala and this is what one of those devastated crops look like. The farmers in this region tell us that they've lost about 95%. Of the corn here now that is the main staple and this field used to feed everybody in this village and no more. Out of people here go hungry. Tonight we're hearing from an alternate juror in the Derek children triumph I didn't think it would affect me as much as a ten news emotional. Who is straining. Eve of that key vaccine meeting that could pave the way to un pause the J&J vaccine they're growing questions tonight about vaccine hesitancy. Even if regulators pave the way to restart that vaccine. A 51 state house votes to make Washington DC a state but tonight many are saying don't hold your breath. Why this measure is likely dead on arrival in the senate. Our conversation with Wonder Woman without a doubt why she says you will not want to miss her latest project with the world since forever. Being. Dominates when it mailed stories we've of this planet just want it. To give this staged a racist terrorist. Good evening everyone on Wednesday it isn't so much for sharing with us it was Jane Goodall who once said what you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make this earth state president Biden has pledged to try to make a difference but is many are pointing out lofty goals to slash our emissions in half by the end of the decade we'll take Bonnie and from Americans from all walks of life across every industry. Today the president convened a virtual climate summit urging world leaders like China that the time to act is now and that the US cannot do it alone. In many places the impacts of climate change are now impossible to overlook it take you to Guatemala in a moment where the climate emergency is one of the things forcing people. To leave behind everything they've ever now. Accurate US testify at a virtual hearing in congress today youth climate activist Greta told her urged lawmakers to stop ignoring the climate crisis. I'm Mary Bruce leads us off with more on president Biden's global call to arms to save the planet. In a sharp departure from the previous administration president biting today sending a clear message to the world on climate change. Saying America is back. The cost of inaction. Is keeps mounting. United States is a weighty. Where resolving to take action. Calling it a moral imperative Biden announcing a new lofty goal to cut carbon emissions from record high 2005 levels. In half by the end of the decade. The target to reach a net zero emissions by 2050. This is a decade must make decisions. Fell toward the worst consequences or climate crisis. Fighting today hosting a virtual summit with world leaders putting to the test his hope that he can cooperate on this issue with rivals like Russia and China. But the White House has been short on specifics for how they'll meet this new emissions goal. To further perspective her parents how does this new reduction target. Impact their everyday lives their steps that industries are already taking investing in the future of electric vehicles this is thirty where the jobs are in the future. While the president hopes to make some of this a reality through executive actions and his proposed two trillion dollar infrastructure plan. If congress doesn't act a future president could just move to reverse it on the hill today climate activist gratitude and Burke taking lawmakers to task. We can't focus much we want as honestly don't take a real bold action. Right now in the reducing emissions at the soloists. And then it doesn't really mean yeah anything. Mayor Bruce joins us now from the White House and marry Greta timber and also expressed skepticism to congress today about any meaningful bill saying I don't believe for a second that you are actually do this what a White House easily do without help. From congress. But when asked the White House really this exact question how are they going to reach these goals if congress doesn't cooperate. Now the White House insists the president has multiple pathways to get this done including some executive actions but of course if you go that route and there's always the concern that a future president. Could just trying take steps to de un do or reverse. These new targets the White House though insist that they are not as concerned about that because they say the world is changing the markets are forcing a lot of the change here and that it will be increasingly difficult for future president to try and reverse. Some of these new goals and at the global summit today Biden also a lot of the onus on other countries to step up and make bold goals as well. This is a true global effort and the president of course is also testing break this theory that he can work with those rivals like Russia. And China all of these issues even though they disagree on so many other areas the next question then becomes how do you hold these other countries accountable how do you make sure that everyone meets these targets are there. Any consequences for for falling short. The White House says this is one of the issues that they hope to hammer out at an upcoming summit that the UN is holding this fall in Glasgow. In theory Burris reporting in for us from the White House thanks so much Mary. At first some climate change is about the threat of future challenges for others it's altering their world now. Thousands of migrants as you know are flocking to our southern border many fleeing violence and poverty but. There are also thousands fleeing growing climate emergency back up and is in Guatemala for us house report about these new climate refugees. High above these and forgiving fields outside of the time Guatemala. Is the clumps of mud huts and they'll Cuddy at Diaz has called home. For ninety years now. They are surrounded by her cousin's death sentence she believes those minutes. It takes pains to make a single one. The skill takes years to learn she thought her daughters and the kids their traditions passed down through generations. When we meet. Her outside her daughter's home her face lights up when we ask about the crops they used to have your pathetic anyway aren't fifth. We'll the crops have shriveled and many of the young men. Have left. All those little grandkids take this to the family fields and they show us the stunt to court. B fifty villagers for. He'll thank you hear kids TV the stocks that are left and just that this country corn it's here. When they don't have rain and then they have to hurricanes coming in. This is what's left. It's a common sight in what's called the draw a quarter. A swath of drought battered land covering parts of Guatemala Honduras and El Salvador. And what's happening here is mirrored the world over. The poorest communities are often leading perilously close to the edge on subsistence rations that depend on the compliance but increasingly erratic weather patterns. It has contributed to a 500%. Increase in migration. From corn ten to 2015. Droughts over the past decade have decimated the OpenId is land. Her family is among the three and a half million people in the tri quarter in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. And that droughts are transforming what was once one of the world's most fertile regions permanently. Employee not know also suppose Haskell these humans what a fifth exclusive and you might think. Funeral Sunday in a kind of effect of different than in the thick underpin market for inadequate to let. Helium and they gave. Little different look defect in the handle. In a broken the that he could not end of the financial economical enough for a few good joking mental Danny Daniels Obama took the man. The gunman go Nadia paying their plan apple won't affect the parliament and since. And that their peacock and ending all thick skin looks emotional something you. Agricultural engineer it's hearsay quote don't took us to what are those fields. It she says the only way the region can survive is if the farmers and their children learn sustainable agriculture. And this is what one of those devastated crops look like. The farmers in this region Telus that they've lost about 95%. Of the corn here now that is the main staple and this field he used to feed everybody in this village but no more. Now the people here go hungry. That's because the land BO Kennedy has loved has become hostile. The roads to villages here or as an forgiving as the sole. It's why many are still force the whole cane or would the old way. On their backs. Those roads or huge obstacle in getting proteins to the market. And it was on would have the dirt tracks just below the village that we watched men vote homefront onto the overloaded pickup. Future roofs for houses. Children with those machetes gathered around to watch in the sling shots to felt still and right in green mangoes. Launch. For breakfast they countless they have beans show what's their sling shots. Moment early right Coleman's. A moment for audience is it okay but if they're not. Tortilla filled Sophia. When I don't know him to Mexico or fear that it. Oakland got an. Sometimes we'll catch a perfect save you get. Malnutrition is endemic here in Guatemala nearly half of the children here are stunted because if it. So now have to let it adding that as well. And they are upset that Mexico. Ahead of this village tells me he knows the kids are hungry they XDA Gil foremost allegedly get connected to Vienna city. They affect the immune the F quoting. Since they can no longer rely on crops for food they need money effort that being hit north. It's why the head of the village estimates that about 60% of his villagers intend on leaving port the United States. Isabel Hernandez Lopez is children are lucky he beat beaten chicken before. But not in the past year or two these daisy it's the ubiquitous beans and tortilla us. As his girls boil that cauldron of beans and they're outside still he tells me he's got ten kids but one of them is gone. That's a seventeen year old son who crossed into the US about two weeks ago he's now in New Jersey. The cost has been enormous quote of course unless coyote this. Via. Mean this he knew banana. Case also say that seeing. When. A a condom. You know. The end and get a better look bill McCann then put emblem that a new to me and enough of them all. Local seamlessly into the middle put up and they added that any school let custom. Before there droughts they're sacred cow farm would provide enough beans and corn for the family. Now to avoid starvation is kids we've these small wicker baskets for a local bottler for about 21 bucks a week. But a week's supply of corn cost the family about twenty dollars. He tells me dislike is untenable which is why is soon as his son he pays the loan sharks he's also headed northward. Asked whether he'll miss is fatally. Said he'll miss them terribly but he wants to offer them better life. To survive those who stay will have to adapt. Children here are now learning new techniques sustainable agriculture. And today to mark Earth Day ecologists your state court and has brought kids to this barren land to teach them a new skill. This is called seem to pump instead of planting each seat independently which they've been doing for generations they scatter each seated month clump widely. Hoping the runoff from those much needed rains and finds that seeds and nurses them. Each fiscal containing the seeds of survival and perhaps hope. It one day this part of the earth may again be healthy enough to feed its young. That Guttman in hope a ton Guatemala for ABC news. For those who are wondering that translation about a 100000 dollar. Guatemalan can't solve is nearly thirteen thousand US dollars our thanks to Matt Gutman for that a decision on whether or not to continue the pause in the Johnson Johnson vaccine could be available within the next 24 hours but just because we have access to more vaccines doesn't necessarily mean more shops will be administered. ABC's Steve Olson Sami is in Atlanta for us. Any future use of the Johnson & Johnson Kobe vaccine could be decided tomorrow by a CDC advisory panel. Because it's a single shot it's become an important tool in fighting the corona virus. We need to make a decision quickly and I am really hopeful that we'll be able to use the vaccine ten US health officials put use of the vaccine on hold after six women developed rare blood clots after getting the shot. Tomorrow they could continue with that whole. Or join health officials in Europe who just days ago decided that the benefits outweighed the risks and it cleared the vaccine to be used with the safety warning. Across the country it appears fewer people are rushing to get immunized with thousands of appointments sitting empty. And some vaccination places shutting down when sixteen over open and I did expect the Reich. And it just it it never it never materialized for the first time in weeks that daily average of shots put an arms has fallen below three million doses a day obviously there is an element of vaccine hesitancy. Or concerns that we need to address the scientists have put together this map the areas in darker blue. Show where Americans are resisting the vaccine the most. In Boston they're trying hard to get black and brown communities vaccinated setting aside 20000 doses. We held the Latin acts Hispanic community. Is lagging behind me to hear information we need to make it easy for them to make an appointment to get vaccinated and that's what we're doing. With more Americans getting more immune there's a new debate over rules requiring face masks in New York City fort Sam. You want get rid of mass if you want get rid of social distancing you wanna get rid of the restrictions go got backs. Scientists at the CDC today announced that they might actually breed visit their guidelines on outdoor masks. We will be looking at the outdoor masking question. But it's also in the context of the fact that we still have people who are dying of covet. And so we will await guidance on an outdoor mass games Steve Olson Sonny joins us now from outside of the CDC and Steve there's new information from the head of the CDC about the effectiveness of the vaccines what can you tell us. Well there's a bit of discussion now about what they're calling breakthrough infections and those are infections that happen to people who already been vaccinated. The CDC says that a new study tells them that if you've gotten one of these infections and you've been vaccinated. That your symptoms are going to be milder and Lindsay you are less likely to spread the disease to someone else Lindsay. So still some good news there Steve our thanks to you. We turn now to yet another police involved killing sixteen year old lick high of Bryant shot dead by Columbus, Ohio police officer Nicholas Riordan. Tonight investigators are examining police warn body camera footage as well as video taken from a neighbor's security camera showing the kinda. Apparent hold a knife and then lunge and it's someone wearing pink. Officer reared in fires a burst of deadly shots we're joined now by ABC's Trevor all. Thanks so much for joining us Trevor what's the latest on the investigation into like highest death. Dodd thanks for having me Lindsay today we got a few different war. Well rounded views of what happened in the shooting one of them that surveillance footage from the neighbor across the street he was a witness only in. Hearing the shots but his security cameras captured the incident as it unfolded. And another video was released by the city police and nose or the dash cam videos from the officers as they arrived on scene and it is worth noting Lindsay. There wasn't a lot of new information revealed by these new videos because the city and the police departments took that unprecedented step to release some of the body camera footage. Within just a few hours after this fatal shooting it so we have up. Fairly good understanding of what was seen there as this was playing out his book higher Bryant is he not net video. With a knife in her hand appearing to lunge at another young girl that's when the officer nick was reared in. Opens fire fires four shots and officer tried to perform CPR that she later. Died at the hospital the city says there are committed to transparency. They are committed to accountability and they're gonna continue to keep the public informed. For now though it seems we've. Got her hands on those videos but the general idea of what happened but the investigation. Is going to play out separately to determine whether or not they should it was justified. It does seem like there's a real attempt to transparency here Trevor what are police saying though it at this point as far as an explanation. Well as part of that police accountability Lindsay right now there's very little that the division of police can say in regards to this specific shooting. That's because this investigation is being carried out independently by. The bureau of criminal investigation which is an agency under the state attorney general so at least so far. There are not a lot of committed answers that the interim police chief could give us about Eden who called 91 water what started this entire altercation. However the most pertinent fact in the most pertinent statement likely that the interim. Chief of police was able to say is in regards to department policy and that is. If there is a presence of a deadly threat either toward an officer or toward a third party. That officer is authorized to fire their weapon and they are authorized to use deadly force. Now it's gonna be up to the BCI to determine whether or not that was in fact the case here it does appear on the video. That look I Bryant had that knife was plunging ad another girl and could possibly have been considered a lethal threat. But they'll be up to those independent investigators to decide. Yes still a lot to get into there in that city Trevor off our thanks to you. And when we come back new insight into what members of the prospective jury were stinking during the show been trial. The loan or an alternate says helped make up her mind about McCain's. And wait until you hear this story a couple tries all the fancy wedding inside a lavish house a house they did not own. The owner that house did when he found out. Up next he helped negotiate the climate deal than we've left the agreement now we're back again. How the world views our sincerity in tackling the climate crisis. There is there another massive or option on the Caribbean island of saint Vincent this time ash and smoke blasting four miles into the air. 20000 people were evacuated when the volcano first exploded about a month ago the prime minister says a third of the island is now a quote. Relatively waste land. This Thursday the White House says nipple changes about opportunity not asking people to sacrifice good lesson lost some of its standing after withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement only to rejoin again under president Biden. Our tendency travel to Washington DC to put these questions to the first ever White House climate advisor Gina McCarthy. Have we lost higher ground in the global climate discussion. I'll then back end to the Paris agreement. Here we hadn't. You know and it's tough to come back after you roll back of engineer and father of a panel it is well there's no question that we have to come back eating a lot of humble pie. Gina McCarthy says that America is ready to listen learn. And lead again. I have friends he is determined. This is not about the planet it's about people. Column. Ends bluntly you prioritize. So that we can make the biggest dent. In this crisis for people. And most odd that we mauled woman to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate and but I think the point that I'm trying to make here is that we can do it in a way that benefits people now. We can do it in a way that looks at health benefits particularly for the environmental justice communities that have been hammered by pollution. 52 long less investment and being made then and other communities. And we can look at opportunities. To actually bring new solutions to the table that will show people. To add that it's possible to win this battle. And that the with a way to win it seems at a going to be better for us and I imagine within the two trillion dollars of infrastructure and those are the examples. Coast to get the job stress that the data do a lot of electric infrastructure were needed to get them cleaned by twenty exerted side but the most important thing I think. That that president Biden is really focused on is that if we do this right will damage grow a lot of jobs. I just got back from the only commercially operating lithium mine in the United States. We don't have a lot of that I know that alarm plans have strived to finally do it right this time doing fat. This so this is above it above being spied. Really it is about a whole of government approach and it's working with cities and states that have been busting their bodies. For the past five years to catch up on the federal government wasn't engaged. And I think we can continue to work with them and if we do it right on the job side. People inventing get excited they gonna look for the innovation. And not worry that it's too small. And that's who we have to do. Take me into the conversations at the lighthouse how often does president Biden talked to about climate change and what Aziz said. You know we do have a leader that understands that this is an end to sectional issue. That the issues of the pandemic the issues of economic development dead that we have to face and can move forward on. That issues of the climate crisis and the racial issues and we can all come together if was Smart enough to not act like Derek crests. But instead act like bush serving hold people not this portions of what they considerations. So these conversations are being head. Not to question the direction that we have a weather climate changes reveal right. It's really just all a buyout. What do we do now how do we escalated. How do we work with the private sector to make sure that the scope and cases as fast as it can be. And then it's all a framing of hope and opportunity. This is not sacrifice sacrifice doesn't pay them I don't know by huge interest but go around and ask people what they want to give up you won't get a lot of dances. But ask them what they wanna yes and no telling him in this is what they should wanna get. She says no sacrifice involving our thanks to ginger and you can catch changes and tire it's not too late birthday special streaming tonight right after prime here on ABC news alive. Still ahead here on punt dissented with the notable exception of Missouri Republican Josh holly all back a new anti hate filled. Focus on the attacks against Asian Americans but what's in and Janet make a difference. Our conversation with actress Galvin dumped about her new project the profiles extraordinary women. Sustainable planet we take a look by the numbers but first top 3COM today. Of course we welcome bonus tricks to safeguard crescent and futures commission. These targets could be a make stops there if it wasn't for the fact that they are full of that I'm Jackson and you Colson like me. It's climate activist credits Goldberg shares her thoughts on the climate summit goals announced today yeah. Welcome back everyone on this Earth Day we take a look at by the numbers it energy use and carbon dioxide emissions across the planet. Which are of course she drivers of manmade climate changes. Global energy demand is set increased by four point 6% in two point one want. Which had more than offset the 4% contraction in energy demand during Tony Tony when much of the world of course went into lockdown because of hope in nineteen. Demand for all fossil fuels is on the rise with a cold predicted despite four and a half percentage point 11. Worldwide carbon dioxide emissions so destructive to our planet. Are expected to increase four point 8% this year according to the International Energy Agency. President Biden and other world leaders hope to reverse this trend with Biden setting a goal of fifty to 52% reduction in the country's net greenhouse gas emissions. That's below 2005 levels over the coming decades. And finally the UN climate panel says global greenhouse gas emissions. You need to drop 45%. Below 2010 levels during the next ten years in order to meet the Paris agreement school. I'm limiting warming to one and a half degrees Celsius. At least wants to gets you here on prime tonight. You've probably some Boeing 737 Max flames. Thousands across Russia defy a ban on protests as opposition leader Alexa no mommy struggles to stay alive. First a look at our top trending stories on From. From from the. President Biden using Earth Day to re establish America as a leader in fighting climate change and brutality steps. Send America back and that's her mission economy and I don't know. I didn't hosting forty world leaders for a virtual climate summit and announcing a goal for the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half. When the next ten years the president's goal is for countries where the biggest makers of pollution like China to make major change to. Church fish. Prayer character chats are less then 15% of the world's emissions. All of us are always subject because Basra percent of the world's largest economy should we have to step up. On the hill today climate activists and credit Bloomberg taking lawmakers didn't happen. The fact that we are still having this discussion and even more that we are still subsidizing. Fossil fuels directly or indirectly he's using checks and money from there is a disgrace. Electrical problems from Boeing 737 Max Jensen maybe bigger than first thought FAA has now notified airlines that it is still trying. I gotta by the scope of the troubles and a 106 of the jets were grounded again two weeks ago. I'm worries about a backup power control unit 71 of those planes are owned by US allies. Rush up protesters took to the streets in support of Russian opposition leader alassane in Olney. Those protests went over a thousand arrests came in response to calls from our ponies and allies who have said he's dangerously. Ill in prison while on a hunger strike. The 44 year olds doctors say if he continues to strike any longer he will likely die in an open letter published by an independent rushed inside his doctors say no bonnies medical tests show he's already at severe risk of brain damaged or even slipping into a coma. Russia's prison service has insisted his condition is satisfactory. On Sunday and moving him to a hospital at a different nearby prison where he's been given a. From blue strip according to play. The portion of Max and leaves along the stimulus Jackson re openings led to fewer jobless claims last week. For a second straight week the number of first time jobless claims declined to a new pandemic glow 547000. And still historically high as is the number of people receiving some form of unemployment benefit more than seventeen million playoffs appear to be subsiding though and economists have called in April will be a strong month of job growth that's a reopening the economy and unleashes pent up demand apparently driving other issues including truck drivers shortages this leaving to a rise in prices on basic goods including diapers toilet paper and groceries involves. The wedding in Fort Lauderdale where the writing group where the actual wedding fractures. And earned an umpire probably cobble invited a whole bunch of people to a mansion and telling all their guests at a wedding would be there Courtney Wilson and she needed Jones had invited their family and friends to watch an exchange 2000 dare dream hall problem was they didn't own a home. Let's get started to arrive in the real owner needs and Finkel was near to the I hop restaurant portion. What shops. When you harassed him he'd call me in the there have held anything here. You guys medical and he what are all eyes. The house is for sale by the owner is on the market for more than five million dollars Bernie Wilson apparently posed as a potential buyer. And even asked the homeowner thinking pulled their wedding there was told now we but isn't it exchanging thousand. Couple exchanging words with police. Who were called to the scene and Owen Wilson to leave. He did and no charges were filed. For the first hour started gets an insight into what an alternate juror in the Derek shelving trial was thinking along with the emotional hole being inside that courtroom all of this is Dante Wright's family gives him their final farewell just a few miles down the road ABC's Stephanie Ramos brings us the latest from Brooklyn center Minnesota. Tonight an alternate juror in the trial of Derrick Shelby and is speaking out I didn't think it would affect me as much as it hasn't news. Emotional. It was draining. For Lisa Christians say the hours of evidence the videos of Derrick Shelby interacting with George Floyd are still seared into her mind was overwhelming and then to see it day after day O you know over and over again. It never got any easier Christiansen saying she sat across from show than in the courtroom. I did lock eyes with them a couple of times and knew it was a little uncomfortable. You know I mean. No intent on any messages or anything going back and forth and in her mind the most essential witness was doctor Toby I feel like he could actually point out going through the video and saying hey at this. Instance right here is when mr. Floyd lost his life. After hearing testimony from 45 witnesses she says she had to come to an opinion but as an alternate she was not present to the jury's deliberations. My opinion was I've felt. Mr. Sheldon was guilty at some level but without applying. Instructions. I don't know what I would have decided upon. One and then there was the verdict we the jury in the above entitled matter is count one unintentional second degree murder while committing a felony. By and the defendant guilty. And while she felt that show been was guilty at some level she surprised that he stumped guilty on all three charges. A ways. A means that it was guilty on all all three charges Christiansen says she has yet to visit the memorial at George Floyd square. At some point I would like to go down there that would be my clothes here in. Tell mr. George Floyd a hopefully. We made him proud. Last week just fifteen miles away from that square were torts would skilled. Twenty year old Dante rye died at the hands of a police officer. The young father eulogize to by the Reverend Al Sharpton. Thought he was just some cute word and phrase he was reported. All the Minneapolis has stopped at bay dog ever rents a Brooklyn center. His parents saying goodbye to their beloved son makes sense be buried mean. You have loved by so many. My son should be burying me such difficult words to hear from that mother Stephanie Ramos joins us out several where things stand at this moment with the county right case. Well Lindsey that former Brooklyn center police officer who shot and killed Donte' right on this street behind me actually where you see that growing memorial. That officer was charged with second degree manslaughter and she's scheduled to appear in court once again. Next month held Donte' Stanley says at this point there just isn't any justice. Only accountability. And that that officer being charged is the very first at any long the legal process Lindsay. I imagine all right Stephanie Ramos our thanks to your your continued reporting out there we appreciate it. An out of Washington where today the US senate took a stand against anti API hate crimes by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 94 to one in the chamber passed a measure aimed at shoring up resources to fight anti Asian crimes that have surged during a pandemic. Senior Washington correspondent Devin Dwyer covered today's vote from Washington joins us now DeVon it's not very often that we see such resounding bipartisan action in the senate these days. Nobody it's not it's not everyday we see Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell on the same page lets us nearly the entire senate I think it speaks to the fact. That the rise in these hate crimes against the API community so deeply disturbed. So many Americans are sending the senator Mazie Hirono Hawaii who sponsored the bill. Told you just earlier this week this was a chance for these lawmakers to take a stand. Against racism against this hate they did that today only one Republican Josh holly of Missouri voted no. The bill now heads over to the house look at a vote likely next month that because of the overwhelming support today. Most people here thinks it has a pretty good chance of becoming law plenty. So the bill actually do in order to prevent anti API hate crimes. Yes supporters basically say this does two things first it helps law enforcement get a handle on the problem it would initiate a public education campaign. In multiple Asian languages to get members of that community to come forward and to share their stories that they've been victimized. It would also establish some reporting hot lines in in create an online tracking system. To keep acted to keep tabs on the number of these cases that are out there are so far a lot of that data slips at the cracks. Then the law would also prioritize. The investigation and prosecution. Of these anti Asian hate crimes who critical point person at the Justice Department. Give more money to local police to train them to help them identify these cases. They get this one's yet the law wouldn't even allow courts to require that perpetrators of some of these adhesion hate crimes spend time. In the communities that they have hurt and offended. As part of their restitution civil rights groups. Very happy with us today even though they are relatively modest steps. Meanwhile today the house voted narrowly along party lines to make the District of Columbia are 51 state quite sad face such an uphill battle in the senate. I mean now that why did that Democrats control the White House they control congress we have all this momentum around racial justice in this country Democrats. Had been excited about this moment for DC statehood they took a big step today. For decades of course residents in this city I have paid taxes but they don't have representation in congress of course DC has one of. Population that's larger than that in some small states in this country since really some see this is a justice issue. But the politics on this Lindsay are really top and they always have bad and they still are 45 senators support DC statehood right now it needs sixty votes to pass as we all know that includes ten Republican senators. And no Republican support. DC statehood right now and that's in part because. By making DC a state it would almost guaranteed to more democratic seats in the US senate. Because of the deep blue politics here it's the same sort of uphill fight. That advocates of Puerto Rican statehood are facing at the same time Lindsay aren't Devin Dwyer thanks so much. Thanks as it. Now to the race against time to find a missing submarine in the Bali street near the Indian Ocean. The Indonesian son disappeared during a torpedo drill with 53 people on board. Authorities say the sum has just enough oxygen to last until Friday afternoon now pentagon says it will send US air assets to assist in the search here's ABC's chief global affairs correspondent. Martha wraps. Tonight is so boring rescue ship departing a Malaysian naval base to join the desperate search for the lost Indonesian submarine. But with only hours of oxygen left on the sub it is a race against the clock to find the vessel and the 53 sailors who were on board. The last contact with the sub was in the waters off of the resort island of Bali more than 36. Hours ago. After the vessel requested permission for a deeper dive to fire torpedoes for training the submarine then went silent. A search was quickly launched but thus far the only possible sowing of the submarine. A wide slick of oil near where it started to descend. That waters there are more than 2000. Feet deep. The submarines crush depth is around 800 feet meaning it may have imploded. Possible solution there Martha Raddatz joins us now Martha such a dire situation what really know about the submarine. Well we know certainly that Indonesia's military is not the most advanced and the submarine had been in the fleet for about forty years since 1981. But the officials there say the sub was fifth and certified for use until next march but clearly something went horribly wrong Lindsay. More clearly and how rare are submarine accidents or disappearances like this. And there are sewn rare but unfortunately survival is very rare Jordan made a list here. Submarine accidents 2019 a fire on board a Russian sub killed fourteen crew members while five did survive an Argentinian sub disappeared in 2017. With Paul. 44 on board. Losing their lives and I think we all remember in 2000 the Russian. Kursk submarine sank with 100. Feet teens on board and all of them were lost. As for this Indonesian sub however Lindsay even with less than. 24 hours to go with their supply of oxygen and even if it didn't implode. They are hoping for a miracle. Of course they are Martha Raddatz our thanks to you. Notice but food prices at your local supermarket may be going up and unfortunately this could just be the beginning of some major price hikes are GO Benitez reports. Thought you were spending more at the grocery store than ever before well brace yourself there are even more major price hikes on the horizon. Procter & Gamble announcing they're raising prices on a variety of goods including senior female and baby care as the global. Is emerging from a year of recession and the endemic. Really hitting every Kearney really hard. Supply chains aren't going back on line that's now first showing up in raw material costs of the companies that sell those and you. And are charging more. While we don't know the specifics yet this 27 count of Pampers retails for around nine dollars a mid to high single percentage increase. Could see the costs go up by as much as 72 cents. Per packaged Procter competitor Kimberly-Clark a company whose products include hoagies diapers and Scott toilet tissue. Also announcing they will raise prices starting in June. It's a chain reaction once they let their prices are at risk kids everywhere are licensed here to do the same thing the Consumer Price Index which measures how much consumers pay for every day items. Jumped two point 6% over last year. That's the biggest increase in three years. It's causing ripple effects in the grocery aisles everything from Cheerios to peanut butter going up in cost. Analysts say it's not just the price of materials increasing. But also truck driver shortages and issues with bright like this container ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal. So what can consumers do. There are ran. Are often ask Ali are better and cost. And don't know. Authority and as you're concerned I'm. Rada. Art so what do you do to save money was always there's an app for that I bottle that can give you that cash back and then you have flipped and basket. Those are gonna help you find the best deals in your area but as always Lindsay go ahead and sign up for those coupon emails he might get them every day but they're worth it. And there is always an app for everything our thanks to GO for that up it's down to doubt that it started women she profiles and a new projects is about to tell us about stay with us. Actress delta is a leading lady and blockbuster movies including the role that made her famous Wonder Woman she is also a producer whose latest project National Geographic prisons impact with Galvin don't tells stories of six remarkable women who despite living in areas impacted by poverty discrimination and oppression. Are making a difference in their communities one woman featured his activist Caleb gore who is helping the homeless trans women find shelter. And treat. Stevens what happens to come warm and Steve. Mail order does last first. There's always an ice and some violence thing happens a year really. It's almost as people choose not to use the services themselves as camera isn't. Zaza says she you have not read notes like me who cousin does on her way I do Al Sabah. Taylor gore is kind enough to join us now along with host and executive producer gal get dealt a welcome to you both. Before we start to want to mention that National Geographic like ABC is part of the Walt Disney company thank Allah tell us about National Geographic prisons in packed with gallons adult which will be streaming on National Geographic YouTube channel starting on Monday. Select the women that you profile in each of the six episodes. First Carnegie sharks weren't having act and yeah you're going to see you. You're surely ready to severance is seen voter you ladies. How. How the process of choosing that women. What is it wasn't hard to choose. Because they worst show. We're we we had to to deal and handle it and we recently did such a deep freezer originally found so many amazing stories. Any kind of hard to choose which one your life vests better we just knew and we follow their instincts and and how long together with Vanessa Iraq and run lot of and the hunt for Saddam my husband and eat -- and national Jerry and everyone involved. It was trading it was it was essentially pretty easy. Decision to me. And now I am completely. Edit. On the all of these ladies and and I am door and I salute them and dying left and DT. Everything that they do and everything they are. And Gallup course in particular were about to meet the transactions Kelyn core of Memphis Tennessee this featured in one of those episodes we just saw what I think Kayla story in particular standouts here. Wow. Her writing actually allowed wind can. Her sound painting that. You know for her error every episode. Deals we did different theme would be different subject. And we came I showing he was home. And there is something sole basic. Us. K I was born. In their own home you know in the wrong finally. And then not only that she had sued to be small and chew on who she really is. And the kind of big K let that she is. Smith and she had to face wind homelessness. And and and not having an actual home. And the facts. You know it always amazes me that sometimes. All I need is just one person to believe in us and to give us a chance. And she got back she ends from someone. And now she's the one and who's been leading an there is engaging in them the opportunities and empowering them and giving them the most. You know the most essential sing anybody need. Home. So she's she's she's amazed she's an amazing woman. And Haley U were once homeless so you found it my sister's house to help other trans women find food and shelter like Angelica who we saw in the clinch this situation has grown even more dire especially for trans women of color due to the pandemic. What you say are the greatest needs. The greatest needs for the trans community more specifically black screens remain. Saint insecurity and does what we're doling. Out there that aren't you. Count me in being home is now saying it airs. It is also eat what gives a person being the ability to do once nearly extinct. Libby would bring you for years the Amin we want to do you can't Wear black street it was crack in the safety and security. And you've done certainly remarkable work through the tiny house project to help trans women living on the street which he started during a pandemic tell us about that in and why even a tiny house means so much to someone who's on the street. So there's so much and companies and then the creation of these angles and were working closely knit community. And sugar are urging contractors so mixture and these holds crow exactly when seeing the safety and security or. I treats people. The reason we just decided to do sequels is because we want to super is in great number when he is. And winds of gratitude to people and we got what we track that rusty it would be eased the construction. Is there needs because that's what it can't discharge. Want to be speech are desperately needs that we just went as. There Claire but it's a little is. Initial idea was to build these columns on the lanes and every. Person seltzer. But it cult would allow the patent so I think a little bigger. Difference and Collins. And they hit that roof over their head which is what matters and lastly gal there's heroes among us who you could have featured an impact was gal good jokes why isn't so important to elevate women's voices in particular in this project. A man and a woman and I'm drunk teaching on agreements stories and I share I think you know the world sends forever been. Dominates. Width emails stories are amazing and rage and inspiring and fantastic but with this plan I just want it. She gave this station racists terrorists. And two more women and to show how home. Essentially. We you know to show iconic scene the scene between all of us and how big of an impact would. All have. Dallas did Dylan and Kayla gore we thank you so much for coming on the show appreciate your time. Thank you so much for having us. National Geographic presence and impact with a gal to go premieres week calling for Monday April 26 on National Geographic seemed to channel. And a former go tonight our image or images of the day and it's our home. NASA released this beautiful pictures of our planet captured since base. Happy birthday after mom and dad is our show for this army should stay tuned to ABC news live work context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis just so much for streaming with us and we leave you with more images of our plan.

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