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Virginia governor: President ‘threw a flame on that tinder box’; It’s not too late: Breaking down President-elect Joe Biden’s pandemic relief plan; Taking on takeout containers
58:36 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, January 14, 2021
Barbed wire fences installed around the capitol today trying to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. Capitol police out with a new statement saying the grounds will be closed to the public for next week's inauguration. Presidential petulant turning Washington DC. Looks like a war zone tens of thousands of troops standing guard for democracy. President Trump's next move after getting impeached when his senate trial will happen and what the Republican on the hill Mitch McConnell is saying or not saying about how he will go. Strong mom round up several involved in the Capitol Hill violence now facing justice in. Including authorities say the man seen stalking the halls with the confederate flag. And retired firefighter caught on video throwing an extinguisher a line of overwhelmed police. This group of Democrats demanded a probe into the nature of the capitol tours given the day before the attack alleging suspicious behavior and accents delicious standing passengers growths in the wake of those Capitol Hill riots. Videos now emerge out on ruling trump supporters flying to and from DC last week. What the head of the FAA tells us about is a zero tolerance policy. So race to vaccinated more Americans as demand soars more than half. Millions of doses already distributed yet to reach the public. Megan vaccination sites opening from coast to coast had been dire images from LA. Body bags lined up as one person dies from coated every six minutes there. It was a pandemic changing how we eat our meals a focus tonight on sustainability. And how to go green on your take out orders. We have really easy here's what you clean your pictures home Jane Jersey tells us why it's not too late. Good evening everyone I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for streaming with us in his farewell address when deciding to only serve two terms as president George Washington warned of the dangers of extreme partisanship saying that animosity leads to quote riot and insurrection. The entire speech from 1796. Is read by a lawmaker from a different party every year on the senate floor a tradition that began during the darkest days of the civil war tonight under Washington's watchful gaze. National Guard members are accorded in the US capital for the first time since the civil war. There is renewed concern about the potential for dark days ahead a sobering new memo from the FBI tonight warns it right wing extremists and domestic terrorists are quote likely to use violence in the coming days. And on Capitol Hill some of the Republicans who voted for impeachment are now concerned for their safety one saying our expectation. Is that someone may try to kill us. Our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. To keep Americans safe. Tonight a new intelligence assessment raising the Specter of continued insurrection next week. The new FBI bulletin urges authorities in DC and all fifty state capitals to prepare for fight. Or face the prospect of violent offenders. Could quote overwhelm local state and federal law enforcement six days until the inauguration and with an expected 21000. National Guard available there are now more troops in Washington DC. Then US military in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Razor wire. Block streets a city fortifying itself officials shutting down the entire capitol complex and building the possibility of keeping everyone. Off the National Mall the National Mall normal will be filled with hundreds of thousands of people who come to watch the inauguration. Shutting that down will be unprecedented but assures you just how concerned officials are. All of this because the FBI believes that last week's assault be emboldened right wing radicals to return. And pursue more violence anybody who plots are intense violence in the coming week. Should count on that sources telling ABC news. Different groups from around the country appear to be coordinated overnight FBI director ray. Reaping chiefs in major cities telling them to be on the lookout for potential loan with actors that could blend in with more peaceful protesters. When you have people come down to peacefully protest. And get a large crowd and some bad actors infiltrate that. That can turner people crowd. Into what we've seen in the past at the same time they're pursuing writers by the dozen. Suspects like Kevin C free authorities say he's seen here carrying the confederate flag. Arrested in Delaware this morning along with his son Robert Sanford allegedly the man seen here hitting several police in the head with a fire extinguisher. He's a retired firefighter from Pennsylvania. Turned in by a longtime friend. Who recognized him in the FBI photos Christine Froyo a former occupational therapist for Cleveland schools allegedly seen here in the senate chamber and Ginny cut. And assist deleted FaceBook video posted after the riot. Authorities say she admitted to breaking into the capital. We did break down. The and Nancy Clancy's office door. And tonight more than thirty members of congress are calling for an investigation calling it suspicious that an extremely high number of outside groups in the complex on January 5. The day before the riots which is unusual given that public tours of the capitol. Ended in March 20 each morning. Due to the corona virus pandemic in claiming that some of the visitors appear to be associated with the rally that preceded the right it. Certainly great interest in the outcome of that investigation Pierre Thomas joins us now I'm cares so much happening on the ground in Washington to make sure that the city is kept secure but we'll plans for the inauguration have to be scaled back because of the security threats. Whether they're really trying to hold the inauguration outside as is tradition. The residents' rights situation is so intense right now so intense that Biden does not plan to take its beloved Amtrak train to the inauguration. And law enforcement seems to be working quickly to identify and arrest those responsible for the attack just give us a sense of the scope of the operation that's now under way across the country. Extraordinary the FBI has a dignified 200 suspects. Tied to that mob assault that's an incredible number of an early lead that number could rise to. Jeered Thomas thanks so much. All of this comes as president Chung has not taken direct responsibility for his role in inciting the rioters and stormed a capital last week. And tonight members of his own staff have begun the process of moving out of the White House has our Jonathan Karl reports the president's fate after he leaves office. Now rests in the hands of the senate. Mr. very good tonight vice president Mike Pence made a surprise visit to Capitol Hill thanking the National Guard troops who will be protecting the inauguration. Have a safe. Inauguration. And I just wanted to stop today like. Spotted at 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue moving trucks. Donald Trump's aids seen packing up and moving on one person carrying a boss to out of the west wing. As house Republicans who broke ranks and voted to impeach the president are facing the fury of trump loyalists. Congressman Peter Maier of Michigan the only freshman Republican who voted to impeach. So some of his colleagues fear for their lives and are traveling with armed escorts. Do you bus or Earl turner he's. Or body armor. We have to get out why burger. You know our expectations. May try to adults. Liz Cheney the most prominent Republican yes vote on impeachment is fighting for her political life she said of trump. There's never been a greater part trail by a president of the United States. Today congressman Jim Jordan and other die hard trumps supporters circulated a petition calling for her to be booted out of her leadership position. Saying that she quote. Brought the conference into disrepute and produced discord. But a spokesperson for Kevin McCarthy said the Republican House leader opposes the move to remove Cheney. McCarthy was been one of trumps most loyal supporters opposed impeachment but also placed blame on trumped for the cap. All riot these facts require immediate action the president truck. Except to shared responsibility. Quell the brewing unrest. And ensure president elect Biden is able to successfully. Begin his term. Late last night a full week after the riot trump released a video telling his supporters to be calm in nonviolent. Mob violence goes against everything I believe had. And everything our movement stands for this after he riled them up just before the riot began. We fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell you're not gonna have a country anymore. He still hasn't taken any responsibility whatsoever for inciting the violence insisting his words were totally appropriate. Now it's up to the senate to judge whether that's true the trial will likely begin just after the inauguration. It will take seventeen Republicans and all of the Democrats to convict senator Lisa Murkowski says the president deserved to be impeached I. Believed that this residents. Has to me. He should bags. Still Murkowski has not said whether she'll vote to convict but she did declare that trumps unlawful actions cannot go without consequence. It's still unclear just what those consequences will be. Jonathan Karl joins us now from Washington John as you mentioned at least seventeen Republican senators must vote to impeach for a conviction imagine many Republican senators on the fence will be closely watching what Mitch McConnell decides to do. Yeah it's really anybody's guess how McConnell will vote on conviction all he is said. To his colleagues is that he is not made up his mind on this. I I think that if McConnell ultimately decides to vote for conviction there is a very good chance that there would be 67 votes. Seventeen of the Republicans. Actually convict without McConnell it's hard to see out happens when McConnell is sending an unmistakable message your Lindsay. To Republicans and more importantly perhaps to the president. That he is not going to bail Donald Trump out this time. He may or may not vote to convict but he is certainly not going to defend him. And John edges of the president's team is beginning to leave the White House we're learning tonight that the federal government is faring no expense to clean and disinfect the building before president elect Biden moves and. He had their get a do a deep clean and it sides and expensive deep clean we have learned. Did the that the government is contract did. Some 200000. Dollars. All worth of extra cleaning. To happen around the inauguration this includes a got some numbers here for your you can imagine. 44000. Dollars on inaugural carpet cleaning. And 29000. Dollars for inaugural curtains cleaning. And a lot else it will be a very a vigorous clean of 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue before Biden moves and. 200000. Dollars cleaning Bill Maher and honest Karl thanks so much thank you. Joining us now is a man who will take the VP elect Connolly harris' senate seat and become the first Latino from the state of California to serve in the US senate California secretary of state Alex Padilla thank you so much for your time tonight we appreciate it. Not thank you for having me have been given do we kill up to prepare for but. We're excited to get to work. A busy week no doubt you'll be officially sworn into the senate next week another busy week in immediately phase two consequential votes should the senate balance and unheard of impeachment trial of a former president along with that urgent need for comic relief and addressing all aspects of how the pandemic is being handled. What you have the intensity. The work couldn't it away it did not bother me but. I think in the conversation with every one of my colleagues to be we know we have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. It's not a matter either there or code response is absolutely important. Holding president trump accountable to be extremely important. And did doing our part. By heritage administration titles and vision off the hook extremely important so we're prepared to do with it. Any sense at all. Some some of your soon to be colleagues as far as what the senate might dip. And everything will run its proper course. But I can tell you after the but the couple weeks to prevent punitive the last hole but that we've been to the fallout for the years that we've been through stadium Ree oriented and hopefully we balance the leadership. Both in the White House put any content to sit on the senate side it give us a tremendous opportunity to. Do and act aggressively and we don't have been able to in recent years. Now many fear the last week's domestic terror attack may only embolden attackers of Republican in the house who voted for impeachment said today in our expectation is someone may trying to kill us in do you have concerns about your personal safety coming into such a high profile role. Look at this ended that threat could have come home life are are not lost on me but so we do have. State and competency and being committed by imitation they'll leadership of the perfect little departments and agencies. To keep. The members of congress say but the capital community and the general. Washington DC area something the delicate balance between those who 12. Regular police and protesters allowed. And the First Amendment but the violence and the truth insurrection but we saw last week is clearly beyond just that. Frankly went public images one day it's only involved in my resolve. Want to get to work I think things get to work quickly. Now the home state papers of both senators Josh tally as well as Ted crews have called for them both to resign for their role in attempting to overturn it from its results of the election as they don't step down do you think of their actions warrant any kind of response. Most definitely you know that the park responsibility where life beginning with Donald Trump. And you know if if the trickle of information which is already there and public. Lead competitors Polly and senators cruised there have to be confident it has to be accountability. Nobody is above the law. What they chooses to remain in office contrary to their complete papers. What they call core it is got a the other ways for the institution. To hold them accountable. As you well know California's home to two million undocumented workers many of whom have kept right on working on the farms in an essential jobs despite cold and fears that you've called for a pathway for citizenship in the next Kobe relief bill are you concerned at all that that might complicate the process of getting relief to Americans who desperately need it. No word at all you know my job is to raise support public good for California consistent with. Not just my values but the values that make our nation. You know we call these workers essential core he reasoned that if there. In in an important enough role to be deemed essential workers they would have to treat them mess and yes that includes public protection. That includes basic worker and labor protection. The proposed who have been here for years and years and years pain act invading family. Contributing to the success of our nation and our economy. They deserve. Be they deserve that stability security and it we did didn't you. And lastly California is 40% Latino and as I mentioned at the beginning you'll be the first Latino from your state to serve in the senate here's a moment where you found out from governor Newsom that he was offering you the pumps let's take a look. Can you imagine. Would they mom would be thinking now as I ask you if you wanna be the next US senator the United States. Great City Council. This year it. This is the official. Says they asked rather. I'm honored. I don't normally. On a personal level as the son of immigrants kind of give us a sense of what you're thinking in that moment. As well as what you're thinking as you saw mob of domestic terrorists attacking capital last weekend and what gives you hope tonight. Look in that video what you see is what you get sued the call was hope import. From the governor and you need what that anticipation couldn't help but it merely. But and emotions came to my parents. And recognizing their journey either struggled and sacrificed in pursuit of the American dream. Every three children were all public servants. Different capacities that they can one generation. Might have been gone for both immigrants but other working at the cook a marketing houses for a living. To meet serving in the United States senate I mean the American dream is still alive. And that was fueled by publishers making sure that the American dream is. Remain alive for future generations but the visual we saw when they. That's horrific as they were a decree with the equally terrific is that the bidding come as a surprise the American dream has been under attack. Threw out the crime the administration and beyond. History reminder that we have a lot of work to do nothing to restore you know decency and civility and civic discourse. To make American dream more available and accessible. To so many were found across the country that absolute loser. Senator deadly hit Alex Padilla we thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on the show. But it shouldn't do to prevent him. To have you back any time and we turn now to president elect Joseph Biden who tonight outlined his plan to tackle pandemic and economic recovery is nearly two trillion dollar Americana rescue plan which includes 14100 dollar stimulus checks and expanded unemployment benefits as well as efforts to speed up the ongoing vaccination and testing efforts across the country the six listen to some of his remarks. Some eighteen million Americans are still reliant on unemployment insurance. Some 400000. Small businesses have permanently close their doors. It's not hard to see. There were that I loved ones in several generations economic crisis. With the once in several generations. Public health crisis. The crisis of deep human suffering. Is in plain sight. There's no time to waste. We have to act and we have to act now. We'll have to move heaven and earth. To get more people vaccinated to create more places for them to get vaccinated to mobilize more medical team to get shots in people's arms. Through increased vaccine supply. We get it out the door as fast as possible. A rescue plan also includes immediate relief to Americans hardest hit and most in need. We'll finish the job of getting a total of 2000 dollars. In cash relief to people who need the most. The 600 dollars already appropriated is simply not enough. The very first. Since nearly 400000. Lost American souls and county. To the beginnings of view just looking for fighting chance in this economy. I promise you we will not forget you we understand what you're going through. We will never ever give up. And we will come back. We'll come back together. We didn't get it all this overnight. Alice presently Biden speaking earlier tonight also bring an ABC news political director Rick Klein. Rick an ambitious plan outlined there he said it will not come cheap but we cannot. Afford to not do it what stood out to you and how realistic is if in this proposal to move forward in the new congress. This is a staggering array of of program changes subsidies. Legal changes. A long time priorities of progressives many of them tailored and enhanced for the Kobe age. The price tag of of some two trillion dollars of course stands out given the divided politics that worrying. But the calculation here from for from president elect Biden. Is that he single gate to try to establish very early on in his presidency if there is a biting coalition and that it can rally in his words with some unity. All around the magnitude of the challenge. Very critical of the way if Kobe nineteen vaccine has has been held hasn't ruled out trying to tell Marshall some degree of unity in a time where people are just so divided you can imagine a more conducive. Atmosphere in the country and in the congress than the one that is confronting Joseph Biden yes the Democrats control congress but they are very very narrow majorities and it is my take everything that Joseph Biden can Muster to try to get packages like this through the house and especially the scent. And this plan comes on to the Specter of a looming impeachment trial in the senate in the first days of the Biden administration. How could that complicate the legislative calendar and for getting bipartisan supports this plan. Jeff think about it Lizzy the opening days of the Biden presidency you're gonna be consumed with an impeachment trial. We're gonna see that in the senate this and it's gonna have to focus will be some of its time on that. As opposed it. Confirming appointments and of course considering this proposal. An. And even we have this atmosphere of tension on Capitol Hill as we've reported a members of congress are some of them fearful that other members of congress may be out to harm them those are very serious allegations. No one can even guarantee. Really the safety of the inauguration itself. I'll do you hear from from president elect Biden. He's desire to to address a joint session of congress next month as the first time he's outlined that plan to talk about it what he calls build back better program. I'm again try to get some political momentum early on to try to cut through where this is. And I'll tell you this the Biden team has long said that whatever the noise of Donald Trump and there's been a lot of it especially lately. The American people recognize what the challenge that Joseph Biden he confronts really means and coping nineteen getting the economy back baby babies beyond that the trying to confront the nation's didn't divisions he be thinking gets immunity. I don't of a shared commitment to defeating corona virus once and for all. Our thanks to Rick Klein and when we come back how airlines are tackling the rising disturbances in the sky after that mob rioting Capitol Hill. The former governor pleading not guilty for his role in the Flint water crisis more on the charges he faces. Up next Jacob Blake shot seven times by an officer tells his side of the story it's an ABC news exclusive sing with us. Tonight for the first time since he was shot and partially paralyzed by a police officer in August Jacob Blake is telling his side of the story and it comes about one week after the announcement of the officers involved. We'll not be charged Michael Strahan brings us this ABC news exclusive. He didn't resist. Resisted team getting beat on and what I mean by that there's not fallen. Let them but they hit on their desk Salo stay again I honestly. Jacob Blake is speak eat out for the first time almost five months after being shot seven times by police leaving him partially paralyzed. I was down them I'm Bruce mob links bonds lagged I don't go. This is this all unfolding at his sons watched from the back seat of that car. I was he shoot me Harkin believes. Kind of sat down in a car trying to. Do this. Put my hands silent assuming in my face arm or my head and he just kept shooting dozens of muscle to Yuma babies are right here. My babies. So after you stop shooting me process very low vision no matter world I thought I was going to be bill. I thought it was only the last thing to say they don't. Deng got it wasn't. The incident once again sparking protests across the country. Adding fuel to a fire that have been burning all summer since the police killing of George fool wait. Yeah there's Jewelers Floyd I didn't want to die. It was August 23 in Blakely that the house public we should Booker. The mother of three of his children Davis celebrating their son is real eighth birthday when an argument broke out between Booker in a neighbor. So I'll just wanted to get them how handedly. Plus on his aside and cheers come. He's and he's sure his numbers there. I did anything I was like come on come take them to restore her knee and make him forget about. Listen. As Blake prepares to leave. Booker called police. What have they have a pregnancy. Yes Martin also took a public hearing he has the key to our principal that I pertinent that are eat at expecting he's not chocolate pieces. Police respond to a quote family trouble. They're told of the war for Blake on domestic violence offenses and sexual assault what are you doing. To make sure look at that time I'm walking out and done and in doing so thriller day we're free Blake received to put one of his son in the car. And that's when he says he felt someone grab his arm. It took mom away and I mean reaction. After I did. Realized. Did you lose the police soon. The road because when I did that is slamming of this truck. Before Cabrera who police say anything that you. Good enough. Connor. According to the Wisconsin criminal investigation report. Offer fish asking recalled saying quote let's talk about this he feared Blake put his child in the car and turned to face him. Shift he said he then grabbed Blake arm to put him under arrest in told Blake that he had a warrant dated him ready with a year. They're innocent and he. Did they tell you that they had a warm rearrest enough. Some sort of struggle columns police believe Blake agreed to before weapon more than once played tonight this. Police deployed taser multiple times Blake pulled the taser prongs out of his skin. Officers Jeff guinn Blake and open a physical altercation on the ground we see you when you walk away from officers. If that he program view. I'm rattle the you know I realized I had dropped my nights. And we'll and I. I'm picking up after a got off of because it saves me. With an open Mike and hand. That Blake says fell out of his pocket he walks around the front of the vehicle towards the driver side door what do you think in at this point. And I'm not really where I'm walking away from counselors now I do assume. I shouldn't have picked it. Only. Consider who's going on at that time I was and they again clearly you were thinking once you get the knife. Into the car you're going to do things. So much so to the ground and you know put bars on my back because of they did it there and they kill me there. Everybody was. Seated according to with cop and criminal investigative report author chef you fit that Blake drove the knife toward shifts in body. Blake denies this Blake opened the car door and at that moment officer says he grabbed the back of Blix should start Sheila. He use it that we can just look at the video and video kills everything we're going to be a lot of people who look at the video see in the video you walk away. From the police so why didn't he just stopped and do what the police are asking him to do I couldn't hear there. How alert was screaming and screaming my ears was running and so. Those on multiple. Is to police were fighting immediately we're they were teasing me. I would stop walk away from them and and they would have my attention I mean and not blessed or tried to run at that point. That when they tell usually plans. Officers asking the attorney says Blake was given every opportunity to comply but he chose not to it insists that quote the officers acted according to their training. According to records released at a Wisconsin criminal investigation report in the past Blake has been arrested for attempting to flee police in for resisting arrest. These charges were dropped beer critics who gonna say we've had run in with the law in the past. He didn't deserve any sympathy if your black person America. They you're not perfect. Did they say oh it was justified this like got to do have to be angels and we know your kids who were in the car. Have you had any conversations with them about the sense that all happen. I wish flank sooner road and out so I play very. Canned good. For some reason I didn't end day. Powerful story there are still ahead on here on prime decreased fifteen. Waitress who helped rescue an abused child the forgotten password that could cost one man up hundreds of millions of dollars and yes you heard that right. We take a look at the looming senate impeachment trial by the numbers but first are treated today. Lady got tells her fans she will sing the National Anthem during Biden's inauguration. Welcome back everyone now the president trumps being impeached for a second time we take a look by the numbers and where Republican lawmakers now stand on conviction and how loyal they've been in the past. For GOP senators have suggested that they support removing trump from office senators Pat Toomey of incest Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney. While eleven Republican senators suggested they'll vote no for that there leaning toward now. Seven have given neutral responses were said no common among them the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell who said he hasn't made a final decision and intends to listen to legal arguments. McConnell rarely review some president and on policy has voted with him 91% of the time. Yesterday 197. House Republicans voted not to impeach the president this week while ten voted in favor. And finally just 15% of Republican voters support trumps removal according to a new polling average by 530. And we still have lots to get to hear on crime the man shot and killed by police outside a home and anger is growing tonight. Plastic container uses skyrocketed. With so many indoor dining options shot down so what to do to help the environment yet still order route ginger zee has another it's not too late the first a look at our top trending stories. On And but I'm from the we'll. 21000. National Guard members are heading to Washington DC from to help with security surrounding next week's inauguration of president elect Joseph Biden from federal authorities warning to all fifty states to be on heightened alert ahead of inauguration day we are seeing an extensive amount. Concerning online chatter. Several major airlines now won't allow travelers flying to DC airports ahead of inauguration to check firearms and air being the canceling reservations in the city for next week. Literally thousands and thousands. Then when you. Have a safe. Inaugurations. And other distressing video showing the final moments of an unarmed black man shot by police this time in between tax. Since big notice. Once during. Boston's Allston. A lawyerly Americans as Stanley for 52 year old pastor Warren senior called police and an effort and Carmen I'm mental health W. Plus in the mail. We'll. Based on the hill near exit the officer had an aggressive stand after engaging with Warren senior. Yeah these industries and its. The man in these gates was needed them when I can get revealed you can eat warns seniors arms in the air taking steps forward. The officer asking you see in the hand me an AT down. And apparently can't tell you can. Happen and you keep your warned senior means he and I. I'm not long actor not. I came. The first of at least three gunshots are fired a family member screening out. The family as demanding begins immediately firing and arrest of officer responsible for warnings. You can waitress hailed as a hero today receiving a little boy from them allegedly abusive parents. Fluttering from Carmel told police in Orlando she knew something was wrong eleven year old port city with a man and woman that warmer tables was forbidden from ordering and he's ten. She noticed bruises on his arms and face all GQ public plan. She wrote a message on paper and held it up for the boy to read from a place where only he could see it. Thank god he was eating it up only chair. He could see it but the parents golf. Well it took your tries before the voice signal yes. From the region waitress then called 911 gets arrested the boy's mother and stepfather. Gary illusionist sick freaks fish blocker and thus providing a member of the 2063 employees and he's dying he was eighty wines and missing marine's death comes just eight months after his partner are more important night of complications from whom in nineteen. Every employee of first performed together in 1950s and indeed they continued their shows until 2003. When Droid was injured I want of their extremist points behind her. The full. Eight virtual nightmare for a man with a quarter billion dollars in mid point yes billion he's forgotten his password and seven Thomas says he's been locked out of his account since twenty Clara home. Back then it wasn't as much of abort to because each of the 7000 points is worth about ten bucks in cash and now going the going rate you know much it is it's 37 grant what. The man has the passwords stored on an old hard drive but he lost the password to that still hand and is only two more tries. Ingredients life. Now people are now offering various solutions. Everything from the silly silly for example one person's adjusted hatred toward pastor. Well according to the near times a problem is rather comment when about a 140 billion dollars now inaccessible. And digital wallets. Welcome back one place when intense mood in public right now is flying high. Airplanes anger over mass mandates in defiance among some trumped supporters as a number of airlines stepping in. And prevent some passengers from flying if they took part in that attack on the capital. Reggie of any tennis has that story. Tonight as videos emerge of un ruling passengers flying to and from DC last week the FAA's chief telling us the agency will have a zero tolerance policy. For disruptions with big fines and possible jail talk. 35000 dollars. And a two. Twenty years should it's if it's referred for criminal. Measures for the time being all march 30. We are gonna go straight to enforcement. The list of banned passengers growing in the wake of those Capitol Hill riots united banning sixty people for math violations last week alone. A number far higher than any other reached Alaska Airlines Benin fourteen on a single flight. Applause Sunday after law enforcement remove this passenger from the plane when they landed in Washington DC. American Airlines saying the woman would not comply with mask policies yelling passengers say about tyranny. And on this flight from DC to Phoenix Friday two days after the riot and the American Airlines pilot threatening to land the plane mid flight. To dump people lost if passengers didn't listen to a crew member instructions especially about math. Asks this kind of behaviors not acceptable and naturally the events at the capital last week were all in particular group and when these events how our airplanes and they are reported to watched. When we will take via the appropriate action make sure he reached sister urged. And the concerns aren't just in the air airlines have beefed up security at DC area airports. Oh. This one senator Lindsey Graham walked through Reagan national airport in DC. Some passengers have already been banned for harassing other lawmakers in all US airlines banning nearly 3000. Passengers. GO Benitez ABC news New York. 2000 members of the Virginia National Guard are being deployed to Washington to help protect the US capitol and members of Virginia law enforcement where some of the first to help respond to last week's attack we are joined now by Virginia governor Ralph north and thank you so much for joining us tonight governor. The Washington Post reported that speaker Pelosi called you as this capital siege was happening. Saying quote there's glass being broken around me we're just very very concerned right now take since signed up moment and how you respond. Well thanks for having me on today and you know week ago week we all witnessed that armed insurrection of our. A US capitol are actually given a press conference dealing with the code written how we went and distribute our thaksin nations and our Press Secretary. Notified me that the US capitol had been breached we are brought the press conference to an end. I started receiving calls and in talking with various people. In Washington to include the mayor of the District of Columbia. End and the speaker of the house and I got on the phone with. Speaker Pelosi and she had been taken to an area that was secure but said that there was. Bread a gut glass breaking around her there had been gunfire. Armed and said please send helpers as quickly as she can and so we deployed about 200 of our state police. They were on the ground very soon there after and then we also deployed our National Guard and now have over 2000. Of our Guardsmen and women on on the premise of the US kept. And we saw that troubling Intel from the FBI office in Norfolk that warned that rioters discussing plans online ahead of last week's attack were quote ready for war. And we're seeing potential threats now facing state capitals in the coming days as well. What resources are you marshaling to track and prevent threats from white supremacists and other groups that may come from Virginia to DC you were to target your capitol in Richmond. Well unfortunately we have experience here in Virginia we had that is the riots and Charlottesville back in August of 2017. And and then we had a lot of armed protesters and in January and so. We have we have some experience we. We are obviously working with our local a law enforcement are our state police we have capitol police here. And we also have this the National Guard available. So we have prepared. Unfortunately fences are up around our our State's capital of the bottom floor the win this have been boarded up it's it's so unfortunate situation but. We've made it known to these individuals that if they come here looking for trouble. That we're ready and the outcome is not can be good form. And as you just mentioned Virginia of course no stranger to the threat of violent protests from white supremacist groups as we witnessed in Charleston on 2017. And you're also the potential target of militia groups and discussed kidnapping you last year what lessons you take away from those moments that could help the country. At this point deal with the threat going forward. Well the first lesson is that words have meaning in our leaders. Need to be very careful. Without a message to those that support them and you know over the past few years Lindsay we have a president that is really created a tinderbox. Armed with the lies that he has been telling recently after November the third saying that that. The election was stolen in these individuals that support him here this over and over again. And then on Wednesday a week ago he'd literally threw a claim on their tinderbox and the and the rest is history so. We take the stuff threats very very seriously. Our legislatures here in town now doing the work of the people and so we're gonna do everything we can. To keep Virginia safety keeper capital safe then and also to assure that there's a peaceful transition of power. In Washington we hope that things calmed down every day that this president is an office is one day too many. A dishonor. That he can leave Washington. The better for all of. And lastly turning to the pandemic we saw you at a mass vaccination for teachers in Virginia earlier this week but you're status had a rather sluggish roll out so far with CDC data showing Virginia the back of the pack administering this 26% of the doses the commonwealth has received so far so what would you say in the Biden administration can do to help states speed up distribution and what can Virginia. Do better as well. Where's our overseas can be a breath of fresh air to have a a partner in Washington that will work with the states and that. The localities. You know we. We have only about you know again twelve other states that have given more vaccinations then Virginia has. Those states' most Omar are larger than Virginia but there's no question that we can do it. More rapidly and so about a week ago I made announcement that one we're gonna have a goal. And that is to go to 25000. As quickly as we can and de and then 50000. Shots today. But we brought on what I call off field general doctor Daniel Bullock who has a lot of experience logistically. And vaccinations and so he's on the ground and then and working hard. A the National Guard obviously will be up part of this program moving forward and and I basically told it. They clinics and hospitals and health departments if you're not used in the the doses that we give you don't lose it and so. All of that to Geller I think Megan and I have provided some urgency. For the vaccination program in Virginia and we've moved from 1821 B. We've lowered the age of individuals to 65 south. As long as we can get to supply that we need in Virginia we're ready two I wanted. Distribute this vaccination and I think our numbers will continue to rise on a daily basis till we get to our goal of 50000 shots a day. Governor north and we thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on the show thank you so much revenue states say you too. Nearly seven years after the contamination influence drinking water tonight the former Michigan governor and eight other officials are facing charges Alex Perez has more. Tonight the former governor of Michigan Rick Snyder charged in connection with the Flint to water crisis and economy charges Governor Snyder. Years after toxic levels of lead were discovered in the city's water and they hope Rick of legionnaires' disease killed at least twelve. Neighbors church Gail Steiger prosecutors' charging Snyder with two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect of duty. He's pleaded not guilty. Eight other state officials also facing charges including two who are facing nine counts each of involuntary manslaughter this case is about justice. Truth accountability. Poison children lost lives the horrifying ordeal unfolding in this mostly black city of about a 100000 people. When to save money this state switch this city's water supplied to come from the Flint river. Lee and Walters was one of the first residents to ring the alarm. There are huge victories that have accomplished. But there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. Nearly seven years later even though officials now say the tap is safe residents like surely Drake still rely on bottled water I don't trip erratic at night. Jim and enact Michigan State senator doesn't like his five year old son's drinking the water. Proceeding younger people. I'll grant dual disparate generation some people might optical ever for the justice right but I think criminal convictions of folks will be start. And Lindsey that really is one of the big problems for people who live in Flint to the vet. Confidence is simply do not trust the water coming out of it they're not we should mention that the governor and the others charged have all posted bail. And data released Wednesday. Alex thanks so much and we now learning that two point it's wanting was the second hottest year ever recorded. The average temperature was one point 76 degrees warmer than average here in the Northern Hemisphere we had. The warmest year ever hottest year ever recorder remains 2016. The world's seven warmest years have all occurred since 2014. Could nineteen has forced restaurants across the country to shutter their doors pitting many to take out only options but this. Single use plastic containers have skyrocketed. This week's it's not too later to see takes look at how companies are stepping up to tackle this crisis. One reusable container at a time. Hi I'm did you see and it's not too late happening here. And a lot of people thinking about New Year's new year may be wanted to meditation or fitness diet certainly makes it into a leather resolutions. And not just thinking about the food that you eat but what the food comes it. We all know with an order in more take out and for restaurant's takeout has the and a safe here during the pandemic. However it's been really bad for the environment. One of the things that has kept restaurants alive in the pandemic has been take out but. It's also created an influx of waste. In the US food and its packaging make up 45%. Of land fill us in India. 245. Million food containers were tossed out in 2018 alone. And in Europe more than two billion. Food product packages are put in a trash every year. The last thing I want to do was vilify restaurants for hurting the planet when they're just trying to survive during the pandemic. But we found that there's a solution where they can save their profits and the planet at the same time. It's already happening in San Francisco Washington DC and New York. The California nonprofit called the rethink disposables has worked with hundreds of restaurants and even a school district to get rid. Of single use food container waste. Yeah our. Arrests are switching to use they will prevent 1101000. Pieces. I am. And can increase -- may be used on everything millionaire. Yeah. Being just seating for small business is it between being abstinent when and 1000 dollars annual Rossini yet. Alex how one works. It's just like deliveries are plugged hugs England and uses her. Deliver it. What it. I think sometimes. India and there's a big difference. It's food. Comes any. Heavy duty containers. And after you eat it. When you do with your food don't thrown LA take it contain as get them back to the next delivery guy are you can return them to any restaurant that partake in deliberate hero I got about but Conklin replaced is at a time place. The restaurant deeply sanitizing of them and the next deliver zero order goes out in that same container. In the number of single he is take out products has skyrocketed. There are about 400 four and fourteen. Million pounds of Revlon disposable. I mean not everything from little forethought packet reports and they. They're probably a billion take on indicators that role in the bargain here. And then at the end of it I like that savings for the restaurant. Beyond that bit packaging costs them money. That's right I mean you know but keep I keep expecting their community twenties. I ever read that it pays 85 cents for a fifty. Please let me sending him wannabes they're saving money that it would otherwise have to stand on Bob I think we've been here is for one or in the Vatican's normal. Doesn't there owns sky ice it's a tie and specialty ice cream shop in Brooklyn. Both his locations have been part of deliver zero for just over a year. Brandon and Adam walked through our doors a year and a half ago. My god he did the solution is here. It's such a great product. You know completely sustainable and it really starting to catch on. Whether you're normally take out and Larry you had to go to a lot more take down ten actually helpful profit and plan. Absolutely children spending left 11 thing he could go container. Using more usable. So it's a win win in that way and then of course let's wait. The first thing that out when I. Talked about it at the lake high lately. We have really easy and just like he was clean your digit home. Goes through severe sanitizing. Everything is blocked by early some people even wash before they turn their. He's off life. We have not had if you. Don't zero is only in Brooklyn and in Manhattan for now plans to open in Amsterdam San and other places hopefully but their other services and you can just ask your delivery service are you. Take out restaurant tend not include him all the waste by at least expressed an Alley and sit back and convenience and now. The next to. Always helping us to this day and think green our thanks to ginger and when we come back how one have let. Quarantine and came out of it a viral sensation. And finally tonight how were chef gun rather creative in quarantine Maggie ruling has this report. There are those superstars of that culinary world. Flipping end frying their way to become household names. But what happens to a chef when you take away all their fancy equipment stick them in a hotel room for two weeks and ask them to whip up a five star meal yet it's up more of a challenge. Did you stop James Overland routes coffee makers tea candles and old takeout containers for his meal ticket culinary and pop stardom. Stuffing his hotel room for it to be quarantined started cooking topic was Canada. Jacobs says he quickly became board of the land an expensive cake. And so he started looking for himself and using well literally and weakening going to be fine. He got groceries delivered and started sending the videos to friends and family who encouraged him to most wanted to talk. Hotel room looking for more one clothing iron secret Santa and with teeth Huddleston market to protect. Overnight racked up more than a 100000 views on ticked off I'm just a couple of weeks more than a 130000. Vehicles burned following him. In off of his Courtney recreate. Perfectly problems homes the paralympics. Friend relayed with fresh strawberries. Amanda reaction to his world outside the. Nice color I had to yours. That looks like some Parisian cruise Sunday so investors are seen in any hotel. For. Me out yet and if you let your opinion. And is the occupant. Lindsay known for his wounds with critiques on TV. Take on Waltz. Doctor Ron Paul be more on can only run ago. The whole snow removal could commodities and the team's next. Fall asleep about the drug I'm totally agree. I've never run I think he's he's very hard to today's sell what's really bracing myself ready yet please anything. An almost daily I just couldn't believe it did go of their work. On his skills for years and started cooking when he was just thirteen in his parents' restaurant in Cornwall England. Later traveling the world working in different pitches. An initiative that hurricanes is than any problems. But once reflecting that bit different so he offers to show me and my way. For the empire. First thing I learned to protect the appliances. I think away you know. And my teach today increase. Is the aliens in his head coverage actually I didn't. I. Game. Actually create us it's now. And the Iron Bowl teams to. First it's a hot grill he's business. Look at that he believes is right. Out on each team that threat. And and it just based N eight stick together and it. I think fifteen in the middle boot yeah yeah yeah it's happening it happening. This from us. Shirt. Day. I. Back parent I've ever had. Who is more important it's kind of around some ticket. Take it. Yeah. He's. Constance various into the tea kettle. I've had my fair guess I think acknowledge though some butter on the coffee. Allowed nice now one other units again. And it becomes a perfect little brain takeover he. More maintenance fueled his creativity but he's he powered through and hits and a few bumps along the way. Both the lights flashing a kid I so here's the problem I haven't. But in an. Inning. RI RA so it's a learning process there finally. I love it and everything it needs by. It. But. I. Can really exactly what killed me. They're already educate children Zynga makes until cooking look easy he says what keeps it inside out extended his kids. Did you ever for yourself. Steve kitchen appliances. It wasn't born and the equivalent of the quarantine. How did not and even though. Stuck in. On the it's yes. That any processes. The board and eight. Oh yeah. And his new found fame comes at the perfect time for coping shut down much of the restaurant industry. The industry's Justin Todd is really. Son but an occasion for a long time coming out here. I'm actually doing some cooking and those people into doing it without me actually picking for that. Was this by specialists. Into the home cooks that nothing can stand in the way of them assist me. My bedroom and ABC news London. Phone not the TR thanks Maggie for that before we go tonight the image of the day. Message from a bomb from the birds in the shape of the heart this startling information as it's called. May be trying to tell us something. That is our show for this army should stay tuned to ABC news slot for more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Linda Davis thanks so much streaming with us. And keep.

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