ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, September 3, 2020

Jackson, Mississippi Mayor: Flags should represent 'unity'; Rep. Max Rose: Don’t defund the police; A bone to pick on boneless chicken wings
52:00 | 09/04/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, September 3, 2020
Holding out hope in Beirut rescuers looking for a survivor more than one month after that catastrophic blast. Leveled parts of the city could anybody really survive that long. President trump facing backlash for suggesting Americans vote twice in the election which is illegal. President trump now trying to explain exactly what he meant. Sightseeing Pinochet's two days after president drops visit the former VP. Sleeps in Jacob Blake paralyzed in his hospital bed. Meeting was Blake's family and going after the president who's now threatening to withhold federal funding from certain cities. Campaign rhetoric heating up. Officers suspended in the late announcement from the mayor following the release a video showing officers pinning down a black man who could not agree. He died days later why the mayor says she was misled prior city's police chief. So alarming outbreaks several schools reporting more than one. Only cases and counting meanwhile doctor Anthony found she's speaking out on the reality of having a safe and effective vaccine before Election Day. Seeking a vaccines are Bob Woodruff takes us exclusively. Inside a lab and trying to create a vaccine alternative. How their work to create synthetic anti. EPA game changer. And that's passionately in front of a City Council election a man who has a pretty quick boneless chicken wings. Our children to raise your creative having balloons attached to their needs that's where meat comes from it grows on phones. And good evening I'm cure Phillips in for Lindsey Davis thanks for streaming with us. As it far election season that wasn't already confusing enough between the pandemic changing how will vote concerns about. The post offices readiness for an influx of mail in ballots and a nation. Still deeply divided along partisan lines. Now president trump has thrown more potential chaos into the process after he urged voters in North Carolina to vote by mail. Then show up in person to check on their vote. On Election Day as well the president doubling down on Twitter and the White House standing by that message today. The Biden campaign is responding as the former vice president makes his own stopped to Kenosha Wisconsin. To meet with members of the community there including the family of Jacob Blake. Americans are set to vote two months from today and early this evening president trump. Touched down in Pennsylvania. As we receive a new warning from the Department of Homeland Security about Russia's efforts to interfere in the election. ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl covers all of this for us as he starts us off tonight. Tonight in a new bulletin to law enforcement the Department of Homeland Security warned that Russia is trying to undermine public trust in the electoral process. By spreading disinformation. That mail in voting creates vast opportunities for voter fraud. The Russian propaganda mirrors what president trump has been saying. He even suggested that people try to vote twice by mail and in person. Sending you ballots sent amid strong whether it solicited or unsolicited. The gaps in season five we have to work to get him you know these are big and you send a man but you go to vote kind of they haven't counted it did get. So that's the way I view it. On CNN the attorney general was asked to explain. That if somebody mailed in a ballot. And then actually showed up two vote in person. That would be illegal I don't know what the law and the particular states senate to vote twice and today in a series of tweets the president tried to clarify sign and mail in your ballot as early as possible on Election Day or early voting. Go to your polling place to see whether or not your mail in vote has been tabulated. If it has not been counted vote which is a citizen's right to do. Twitter slapped a warning on those tweets saying they violated rules on civic and election integrity. John Carlo joins us from Washington so John president truck made those comments in North Carolina and we've now heard from the head of north Carolina's board of elections so. What do they have to say. Well that the head of the board of elections said that people should not take the president's advice on this she said that it would be a mistake. For people who voted by mail to also calm to the polls on Election Day. She said that that would be unnecessary there are other ways to verify your vote was was received and was counted. And they. That would contribute to long lines and the possible spread of Covert nineteen on Election Day so she said to holds take the president's advice. And care she also in the announcement in in this statement on this. Are reminded everybody that it is a felony. To vote twice in the same election it's also a felony she said understatement to encourage somebody to do that. And the president also last night pushing an effort to pull federal funds from major cities what exactly is he proposing John. And does he have that power. Well. Dead dead weather yes it powers a very good question what he's proposing. Is. It AE. Stripping funding federal funds from four specific cities that he calls. And her case to jurisdictions in those four cities are Portland to Seattle new York and Washington DC. Ice is for for insufficiently protecting. The citizens of those cities but he would strip. Funding federal funding now whether or not he has the authority to do that is very much in question the mayors of those cities by the way it all. Democrats all Democrats all for all of all democratic cities the mayor's. All talk cried foul on this it'd they would sued to block this that the president does not have the authority that's also what you heard. From the Appropriations Committee in the house reminding everybody that it is congress supposedly the House of Representatives that controls. The purse strings so. Whether the president goes through on this is also a question he has threatened to withhold funding in the past to not going through. Would those threats so we will have to see stay tuned on this one Kara. It's a good thing that your baseball fan John because your very good at fielding all these current balls I'm not making sense. For all of us appreciate every Creighton it's. They do care of our eight. And Jo white and was in the battleground state and Wisconsin today two days after president Trump's visit. Meeting with community members in Kenosha and meeting privately with the family of Jacob Blake speaking on the phone with Jacob from his hospital bed. Here's Mary Bruce with filling this. Still fighting today touching down in can no Shas. And meeting with the family of Jacob Blake something president trump did not do when he visited earlier this week. Biden speaking with Blake himself from his hospital bed where he is now paralyzed after being shot seven times in the backed by a white officer. He talked about now. Not to his crew defeated. How whole or that you walk together or not he was not could you give up. He then met with members of the community still reeling vice president Joseph Biden's had to listen. And it happens he'll Porsche Bennett demanded police treat black Americans equally. We are so many people San all the gonna give you this are gonna give you that. We have yet to see action local business owner barb Jim berg describing how looters tried to burn down her store we have never ever. Seen anything. As devastating fighting denounced the violence but said the president's is only making matters worse. I thought you could defeat hate. He'd only highlights. Knowing hives. Can one and someone in authority breeze oxygen of that rock whose children myers' dark sides. Of the human nature. This is Biden's second trip to a battleground state this week after spending most of the past five months at home in Delaware. A new poll shows him up eight points in Wisconsin but Biden knows what happened to Hillary Clinton for years ago she never campaigned in Wisconsin. And Wisconsin went for Donald Trump. And Mary Bruce joins us now Mary the vice president's trip to Kenosha comes after president trumps stressed that law and order message they are just two days ago. Has the Biden campaign trying to counteract that message. Bullock the Biden campaign made very clear that the candidate himself that he was in Kenosha today to try and shield to trying and begin to bring this country together he has been insistent. That while it won't be something that he can accomplish in four years he will at least try to start to address the systemic racism in this country and it begins by trying to listen. To the concerns of these protesters concerns of members of that this community adds he did today when you think about the broader message so the president. Is trying to cast is up of the law and order candidate. Going after Joseph Biden claiming that in the Joseph Biden America Americans wouldn't be safe. Joseph Biden of course is very quick to point out that right now we're living in Donald Trump's America and and the former vice president argue is look that the president keeps saying if only I get reelected. Things will change Biden says. This right now is what it will look like it downtown continues to be president. And the Biden campaign I'm assuming also responding to the president's. Shall we say confusing message regarding Americans voting by mail and in person. The Biden campaign was quick to point out the Donald Trump as they say continues are trying to. Undermine. That voting system in this country in a statement basic quote Donald Trump does not only told a stream of outright lies to undermine confidence in a secure form of voting but it's even gone as far as to call on his supporters to vote twice. Which is a felony of course them pointing out that what the president is calling for voting twice. Is illegal Kieran. Stephanie going to be an interesting ride to November Mary Perdue saying so much. Thank you ever more on the president's threats as well as the federal coded nineteen response we bring in New York congressman Max rows of combat veteran. Who chairs the homeland security subcommittee on intelligence. And counterterrorism. Good to see congressman. Did you thank you so much for her and her. Well I should point out that you're a Democrat who represents New York's Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn which is the only district in New York City that Donald Trump carried in 2016. And as you know president trump has threatened to withhold federal funds from new York and other cities that he says are run by weak mayors who quote. Let these an arc is harmed people and burned buildings what's your reaction. Yeah well let's take a step back first and make sure that we are all on the same page. Aerial Lazio. Is perhaps the most feckless. Ineffective mayor. In the history of this great country. He is single handedly he's drawing New York city's economy. And she is single handily bird actually. Destroying our city march. Plot that's what makes racial mystified. This decision what makes me so mystified about this proposal. And Spain would be a good idea that just end there next to the mayor take another shovel and continue to do it this year he's great. Up. The time we end up. And say that yes he's the greatest city in the history of the world regular beat ethnicity. There will come a day where greater good luck he'll no longer the mayor of New York City and New York City needs to be in a position to stand up. Blue collar. Secondly. Who wants to talk about deep bonding bonding need funding. I believe that keep funding the police deep body and any other agency were particularly debugging the police is horrible idea. What do you think. At this president's proposal would actually do. It results in our cops getting fired getting laid off and people being less safe as a result. So anyone is truly an opponent. A should be an opponent. This proposal is ridiculous. And it's dangerous. So eat no you're Democrat you're very outspoken and where are the other Democrats why aren't they joining you in and voicing these same can. Aren't. To date problem with the Democratic Party sometimes democratic partisan times is afraid. To criticize its own. I don't care that build a Bellagio is that Democrats. I do care that she is a horrible mayor who was driving the city into the ground. I don't problem criticizing him. At issue if you are. Is that what the president is doing. When there are lives on the line. She's got a call an incredible amounts of human suffering all our political game. Yeah right now it's just politics should go deep on the NYPD blue politics should make people less safe. Where politics he will allow people to be homeless for politics. Jackson is unconscionable. So what is it going to take to get him to listen to other Democrats like you that are taking this stance. Mayor. That's got to allow boarding door nine. They ever did to this point he is still up in opposition snack. Secondly they have got so wall routes it brand for stand you know the economy again. I have been robust as he prepares to be a partnership all levels of government why did this become. A political matter. Rather his that it appears. The mayor he'll Lazio and Donald Trump are aligning ourselves together. Over issuer commitments to Jeep on the police. What are they only got Dave do we think that this was always happen. Was put politics aside let's rescue missing. Everett. That look Geary you're combat vet gay you know what it means. Did did to make to execute a rescue so what is it going to take. Her first thing is testing. We need to dramatically increase the number of people that we are testing not just in New York City but throughout the country. If you robustly and exponentially increasing number of people you're testing per call for Colby. Just engaging in reacted testing are no active chassis. Couldn't adequately identify clusters and then quickly open up the economy. At step one step two is that we have to instill deep confidence that we are prepared for the next pandemic. What's our hospital capacity what's the PGE availability. How are we going to insure safety. And lastly we have got to make sure it'd be law that local law enforcement be NYPD. Isn't Howard did you choose days. In coordination with social service agencies as well not for problems in the community at large and that is to pursue justice Rawlins did you brawl something that I do not being. Is out. It does the realm of possibility. What is significant escalation shootings this significant escalation in violence cannot continue. This it will not be at what is your life. There is nothing that New York City and this great country is not capable so solidarity. Resources and a strategy. Do you think congress will be able to agree on a stimulus package a new one any time soon and what compromises do you think need to be made to get a deal done. Well I did retain hope. There congress will get this done. We can't stop fighting until we do now first and foremost Mitch McConnell. Has got to stop considering this as a blue state vs Rainsy issued. We don't do that when there's a natural disasters in the south for instance we don't tell as a a ritzy issue let's forget about it let them deal with it themselves. We should not be considering the economic suggests that we're on right now as something that center around politics but let me tell you also what I'm not. Don't you comfortable where we're not going to be okay which. And that is a compromise that is it middle finger to New York City. And New York State are compromised. That doesn't do anything about enhanced state and local funding because if you do that's. Dave Roberts people don't want a diva at least you're honest I don't people that want us. Oh whistles as quickly as possible irrespective of whether or not it is say you're on the side of being wanna see essential workers laid off. I don't believe in heroes we have to get state and local funding across the finish line in a robust manner. Are we can do that and still compromise. Congressman Max rose we'll be following you that's for sure appreciate your time. Zones. Now to the latest on the corona virus in the race for a vaccine doctor Anthony doubt she. Has a reality check after the CDC alerted stats to be ready for states rather to be ready for a possible vaccine by November. November 1 meanwhile cases are surging on some college campuses and one of Hollywood's biggest stars announcing he's tested positive for the virus. ABC's victory Kendall has this report. After this she she asks states to be ready by November 1 to distribute a possible vaccine. Doctorate in theology today say it's unlikely we will know what we have a safe and effective vaccine before November. I think most of the people feel it's gonna be November December it is conceivable that you could happen by October. So I don't think that that's likely. The race for a vaccine all the more urgent as new outbreaks threatened college campuses and towns more than 1000 cases and counting at the University of South Carolina. In Indiana University. Were thirty Greek houses are quarantined. The school is extremely concerned it seemed odd controlled spread there. I think it is here around the grapevine people getting and then you're like oh this reviewing content of this person after seems like this outside all campus Morse at west Virginia university and the University of Oklahoma ignored in. Some students are worried your campus corner riches to block a great Mexican campers are not all of our hearts and stuff. And there's no mouse cells six you don't get it here you're gonna get this summer Norman clamoring for. They just days after teams with rapid tests were rushed to Sunni audio tough to control the spread of hundreds of cases the school today sending students home. Something doctor grouchy has warned against. We don't want to see college students who get infected get sent home who essentially seed the infection in the community. Where they live the. The youngest and strongest among those not immune Dwayne the rock Johnson revealing his whole thing we got infected. After a get together. We picked up crew nineteen from very close and we press. And these are people who love and trust their devastated. It lets you then instructed marked them. Johnson's daughters had mild symptoms and the barely recovered but he's putting in police new rules that is host. Testing before get togethers. If you gonna happen family and friends over to your house you know than trust and they can quarantine just like you guys. You still now. In Texas Freddy Guerrero was the hardest hit of twenty fairly members who got the virus. Few expect 62 days at the hospital had to word to walk and talk all over again. This week he could finally go home. Welcome all baby. When you don't read back. An emotional homecoming there for sure Victor canto joining us now from Miami Beach which will be open over Labor Day weekend. Are there concerns Victor about the virus spreading in what's the city doing about it. Here this will be the first major holiday weekend since the beginning of the pandemic that Miami's beaches will be open they were closed over the fourth of July and Memorial Day because across the board. Miami's numbers were so bad. You can expect an increased police presence this weekend to help keep those crowd sizes down Kara. And we'll follow it throughout the weekend for sure Victor thanks so much. So could be possible that a month after that horrific explosion in Beirut there could still be survivors alive and buried in that rubble. All day there's been a desperate search for just that after a sniffer dog alerted search and rescue crews to a possible sign of life. Our James Longman has more. One moment of the day since these massive explosion enrolled Beirut tonight they digging for a hug. Reports of survivors in the rubble. A possible heart beat somewhere under this mess. The rescue work is focused. One volunteer says signs of breathing and a thermal Trace have been found the signal was detectives Thursday what's different oak flash who helped in the Chilean mining rescue. The schools a flurry of activity in the city's most devastated neighborhood. With some using their hands to help feed. You'll just four explosion was cool when you know 3000 tons of ammonium nitrate which somehow ignited at the port. He ripped through the Lebanese capital killing at least 200 people and injuring more than 6000. The Supersonics lost wave damaged thousands of homes across the city. Tonight the chilling discovery by the full tons of the deadening material has been uncovered moments from the original blog site. And James long men joins us now James what's the latest in the search for that survivor or survivors. And is Beirut getting it some of the aid promised to them. A month now after this terrifying blast. Dead terrible tonight actually there was a polls in this rescue workers when two way but that was an outcry. From people in the local area saying that if that let people still down they in the rubble than they needed to get back that so. It was thought that a crane would only come in the morning but tonight it seems that Lebanese army is saying that they will be back on the scene say they're preparing to get back then. To try to see if they can move some of this heavy a masonry Haskell aids well there was a huge outpouring of support from all around the wells. When miss glossed happens. The United Nations launched a pledge to appeal the International Red Cross at a number of countries as well the United States pledged seventy million. She's long list of countries that pledged money. The initial response to the blossom but I think what's key is to try to build some kind of future. Full net and on and that's where France comes in and now twice the net the French president monument McCall has been in Levin on trying to build up. Some kind of coalition in eleven on took an and it and a political future fronts of course the former colonial mall step. Although Levin on to try to undo the enormous corruption in that country and to restore trust in political leadership say these sorts of events. Do not happen again. And James you're also learning tonight that because of that blast other nations are taking a look. And ammonium nitrate being stored in places that they shouldn't one nation already. Did making an alarming discovery. Get us right here I mean I countries all around the walls. We've incident they imports imports making discoveries scrambling to see if they've got anything and ample fit might resemble what net and on found. And Senegal in Africa and back off sits on. The ocean has found actually more ammonium nitrate than X related. In Beirut and now we're hearing from the New York Times that what is that are on letting it finds this stuff. Putting it on trucks and sending it to multi which it sees of course in industrial minding your remember the boat in Lebanon was actually destined full another part of Africa Mozambique so this is something which disease or around the world. In various different ways. In the Indians have found that they've got this stuff sitting in polls abound in the egyptians the Romanians. It is all around the world Russia actually produces an enormous amounts of it and bridges is half of the twenty million. Also tons of this stuff every eight. And public countries I think of making discoveries as the weeks and months go by. James thanks so much. Now we come back our experiments. How many people are actually wearing masks inside airports with his busy holiday travel weekend approaching the results may surprises. The sixteen year old accused of hacking into one of America's largest school districts and causing chaos. As they scarred started the school year. But up next the mayor suspending the officers involved in the death of a man who is pinned down and stopped breathing minutes later. What she said the police chief told her about the way the man died. And that deadly confrontation between a black man police in Rochester New York late today. The mayor suspending seven officers and rebuking the police chief for his handling of the case for AG and banker has the latest now. And we do warn you these images are disturbing. Tonight the mayor of Rochester taking drastic action in response to the death of Daniel prude I am suspending the officers in question. Today. Against the advice of council. An up urged the attorney general to complete. Her investigation. Protests erupting after this body cam video was released just this week by an attorney the 41 year old in the midst of a mental health crisis on March 23. Crude had stripped naked eye was acting erratic even spitting on officers first handcuff him in places spit hood over his head. Crude alleged to have repeatedly claimed to have corona virus police pin into the ground. Within minutes he stops breathing he died eight days later today the mayor says the police chief told her proved had overdosed while in custody. The medical examiner is calling prince death a homicide ruling that he died by complications of execs see in the setting of physical restraint excited delirium. And PCP intoxication. What I signed in that video. Was a man who needed help. A man who need it compassion. A man who needed. Humanity and he lost his life because of the actions of our police officers. Prince daughter to show Ira today demanding the officers be held accountable I want just goes out warranties access charge than murder nobody deserves to die. And they are Amy an attorney for the Stanley says the plan to take civil action asking for help in this country has become a death sentence or current and proves daughter today has a message about her father our new method chairing energetic and happy go lucky Mir who. Enjoyed making air and by peace now who is she its. Governor Cuomo says that he wants up quick investigation the attorney general saying just tonight. That her office it will move swiftly but be thorough and again seven officers suspended it's quite a movie could rock this force. Police say they've been investigating internally since day one Keira. Adrian thanks so much still ahead here on prime the shooting. Leading to protest outside the mayor of Washington's home in DC what the body cam in the incident shows. Signs of hope this week's unemployment numbers were once again horrific but the number has declined could the economy be finally stabilizes. And remembering an icon nicknamed the terrific top for short. And when you see what he did during his hall of fame career and you'll understand exactly. But first our post of the day FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg saying. They will block new political advertising the week before Election Day as that company continues to grapple. With this information. On its platform. This week the world lost legendary hall of fame pitcher Tom Seaver nickname Tom terrific. He died of complications of dementia and Kobe it. At the age of 75. Says baseball fans love statistics we thought we'd throw out a few fastballs. On seniors legacy by the numbers. In 1969 he famously led the miracle Mets to the World Series championship. And three times the Seaver won the Cy Young award given to the league's best picture each year. Twelve times he was selected to the National League all star team and in 1992. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He won 311. Games in his career that eighteenth best record of all time and longed. 3640. Strikeouts the sixth best in Major League history. He struck out 200 batters in nine straight seasons and the longest streak in Major League Baseball history. And only one player in MLB history as struck out ten straight batters in a game. And that was the great Tom Seaver against the Padres in 1970. And we still have so much to get to hear on prime our exclusive trip to a lab working to create as safe vaccine alternative. Why their work on synthetic antibodies could be a game changer. Our conversation with the mayor of Jackson Mississippi as the state prepares for a major referendum on their flag and moving beyond the confederate symbols. And later in the show one man pushing back against the use of the term boneless chicken pen the Internet are falling in love. But first a look at our top trending stories and Yeah. From a from. Vice president Joseph Biden are arriving in Kenosha Wisconsin it's just as tensions in the city streets and begin to well. Several people ninth causing the mayor to lift to her field goal which had been in place this is a white police officer. Shot Jacob Blake who had 29 year old African American man and and that 79. Inviting in his life until meeting privately with Blake's relatives and speaking with Blake iPhone when it came when he was want to. An overwhelming who listens to resume. Trying to suggesting Wednesday in North Carolina net and voters to vote twice first by Nelson and in person needing eagle to vote twice a resident on Twitter Thursday telling Americans to go to the polling places on Election Day. Can see they're mailing goat has been counted mr. trump writing it it has not been counted it's close. Administration officials are defending the president's comments in North Carolina saying he simply encouraging voters to verify their ballot counts and showing how voter fraud could work. The Labor Department reports that another 881000. Americans filed first time unemployment benefits last week tomorrow the monthly report is expected to show that nearly a million and a half jobs were pattern in the economy and causes. Young paying copies were investigating report. And had gone more money can't put it shows the police approaching a brutal era marked. You can see what appears to be a dining chains and the moments before he shot in the chest by an officer. Those officers have been placed on administrative lead. Republican senator Ted Cruz is getting some backlash for attempting to ban the so called abortion health. In a letter to the FDA approves and nineteen other GOP senators. Nice to quote only plus a lot of the abortion pill as an imminent hazard to public health. It poses a significant threat of danger and removed his only US market goes on to say pregnancy is not life threatening illness any abortion illness not a cure or prevent any disease and what new president of the reproductive rights a lobbying organization and AMR Cano pro choice America irons vacuum between saying quote. Ted Cruz has never been bring in. Clearly knows nothing about maternal mortality rates in the US support techs since. In Florida. As sixteen year old amber was arrested for allegedly launching Cyber Monday online learning more from amused by the entire Miami Dade County health. System public school superintendent police chief and Lopez. Comes at you next time it's the start bringing me here and a number of resources have been known as interim hasn't veterans. And the army for a civilian not analyzed by our law enforcement agency plus others. Initially investigators traced one of the attacks from local woman dressed. I'm voting frontal attack. Still I'm now. It's been 35 years since he's Brothers and jumped into our lives. Nintendo is celebrating a big way the video game company is celebrating the 35 anniversary of Super Mario Brothers with a 35% multiplayer game where the last Mario standing wins it'll be available on the Nintendo switching October 1. All are. As a world waits on a vaccine for Kobe in nineteen there's a new effort underway to trying create an alternative. This synthetic antibody trial is focusing on some of the most vulnerable populations. With a mobile lab traveling to nursing homes with cope it outbreaks to test out this experimental treatment. ABC's Bob Woodruff got an exclusive look at the trial and our latest vaccine watch. And I heading towards Indiana we got this call about an outbreak inside a nursing home because of this outbreak to protect the privacy of the residence we were asked not to show the exact location of this nursing home. NATO's for a knock on her close down despite the lockdown. We are given an exclusive firsthand look at an experimental treatment. Designed to temporarily stop Kobe nineteen in its tracks but it's not a back seat. We have other trials that are getting under way right about now and I'll just mention one particularly good I watched closely. And that is this development application that's what's called monoclonal antibodies. Carrying those antibodies. This team was called and after two people inside tested positive for the virus. Unlike a typical research study where patients are asked to travel to a hospital or clinic this time the team came to them. What's really exciting is that usually with child like this we have to bring the patients yes. We have to have them come to facilities comes collapsed from the areas where they can get this Madison. But this is the first of its kind repair access researches are actually going can skew the facilities for these people aren't bringing. It's bringing the child to them. About thirty to 40% of copd related deaths nationwide are directly linked to nursing homes to usually starts with an infected health care worker. Who's unknowingly infected. Coming to work and unintentionally exposed and multiple patient's heart the late stage trial use of antibodies to prevent cope in nineteen. This mobile T. Floyd by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is setting up a makeshift lab here in this facility. And will infuse any volunteers amongst the residents or staff. We show up at the facility. And then we prepared to drive in the vehicle I have to say they'll crap hole. Either placebo which is normal saline. Or they're going to have you prep the actual neutralizing antibodies as an infusion of while. Monoclonal antibodies are actually synthetic. Men made to replicate the ones you get naturally after recovering from Covert nineteenth. These synthetic ones are easier and faster to produce some a large scale. We are giving patients with the and the body which the vaccine is intended to make your body produce we have the identical and the body. That your body will produce what we're giving it to you two weeks before your body can produce it. Before the volunteers are treated the team begins in the mobile research unit. Coming so talk you through what you just answered so this is an army so when we started looking at RVs the big thing we weren't looking for was a small unit that you get inter urban and rural settings. So they'll take this back when they're done and take it out and taken inside and hang it up on the pole ever handled dripped sensor there and back there and the united. Before heading inside the locked down facility right side first and then left side we need to take precautions. That means about his negatives if this study proves effective these antibodies could be used to grant. Temporary protection from cope a nineteen to emergency workers or those most at risk. Like Lynn pick solar 81 years old. I'm looking forward to a great everything that's going on that I will do anything I can't help. I've let us whole life and protecting doing anything at this into my head Billy teel went on to see you have no fear at all no it's not been. Equipment which targets we know we're targets for this disease and giving me and yes at some morbidity or who wouldn't be here. And everybody understands. Doing everything they can't protect its so this could end up protecting its. Monthly it would lipstick. And. As it is I'm taking you beat your kids going out without amendments that would be growing and industry. Hopefully we'll need her. This is just wrap it bag. Where either the treatment or the placebo listener this it's. What do you what do you wanna get to a placebo argument the real problem area saying. Although we don't know which Gwynn received. As of today she remains negative for Covert nineteen and eventually the study will include more than 2000 people including Lynn. And results could be available within months scientists hope this therapy monoclonal antibody hopeful act is almost a mini vaccine. Something that offers short term protection from the virus. It so now you wait the next outbreak. Corrects me so we just go wherever. We're were called and where there's a next index case. This is Bob Woodruff tracking the race for a vaccine. And our thanks to Bob for the pandemic is made it very hard to make. Any travel predictions as we enter the Labor Day holiday weekend but TSA says nearly a million more people flew in August. Verses July in with more passengers. Comes less social distancing so our transportation team conducted its tests to try and gauge. How many people are actually wearing masks in our airports are GOP need as has this report. Seems like this war nor are becoming more and more common on play. That's unfolding like a man I don't like going tomorrow some passengers refusing to comply with mandatory mass coral. I'm gonna ask you want yes. But doctor Henry Wu with Emory university's travel well senator says people only to be extra vigilant when hitting the skies. When you're at an airport you really don't know where people are coming so. Absolutely. Airports as you know her exit people from all the country and the world people may be coming from areas with high rates of coated. To find out if passengers are wearing face coverings at airports while traveling we did an experiment. GMA producers visiting the ticketing areas at three popular airports Miami International Airport New York's LaGuardia. And Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson in one hour and a single spot. We counted to see how many people were wearing masks correctly incorrectly or not at all what did we find. At Miami International Airport we counted 302 passengers wearing face coverings. Eight is not wearing one properly covering their nose and nine not wearing one at all. At New York's LaGuardia we saw 207 passengers wearing masks 27 wearing one incorrectly. And sixteen with no mask and Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson the busiest airport in the country in an hour. We saw 450. People wearing masks 35 not wearing one properly and 23 not wearing a mask at all. Most people were wearing masks but some just weren't wearing them correctly. Very important to cover that noses and absolutely. You don't ever use an entire persons are keeping our current work. A recent study at the University of North Carolina maps look. Haitians in the respiratory tract to see where cope in nineteen most likely in full treats the body. They found that the cells that line the nose may be more likely to become infected with the virus then the throat or long X. All three airports we visited had signs indicating masks are required. This sign at LaGuardia even makes it clear that the mask must be over your nose. And we spoke to officials on all three of those airports and they all say that face coverings are mandatory in all public spaces in fact in Miami if you refuse to put one on. You can actually face a fine of a hundred dollars now what do you do if you see someone without a face mask wolf. Here at the airport you should go head and talk to our customer service agent but if you're over at the gate or on a plane. He should go ahead and speak to a flight attendant or a gate agent. Let them handle this Keira. This could get messy if you try to get involve yourself. GO thanks so much will we turn now to a historic racial reckoning that's happening in Mississippi. In June lawmakers in that state voted to take down. They're 100 in 26 year old state flag. The last in the country to include the confederate battle emblem. This week a committee chose a new design. And we see it right here twenty white stars ringing a white magnolia flower with the words in god we trust. Voters will decide in November whether to approve it. And tonight we had the honor to bring in Jackson Mississippi mayor. Show Quayle on tar from the moon bock who was part of the movement to bring down the old flag mayor thanks so much for being with me. Thank you for having me care. As SP. And likewise tell us about this nude design and why you feel Mississippi's century old state flag needed to be replace. Well I don't profess to be flagged expert so so you know and lag. I think it's a beautiful design it and I think that people be most excited about removing the symbolism of the old flag. The old flag represented violence and share. And a flag in an of its nature is supposed to symbolize the unity. Of the people who ball under. And so we're excited to see that come down. I think that in this moment we really have to lift up voices. Have been a part of the effort to remove this symbolism for quite some time people who are no longer hear what that's like scenery currency senator and wreak artsy. And people like Aaron Henry and it isn't it is in this moment that I really remember there after Erden and their legacy. Well in the magnolia flower I mean the you can't get more southern then that I mean what what a beautiful flower how did you come up with the design have. And who who was involved with that project. Well deprive that the process of selecting. The designs. Went through eight there was a commission that was established. And residents were able soon. Enter submissions into. Ford slid them to review. And through that submission process and indeed the review of that day centered on that particular. I design and so now will go to be. The residents to vote on and the up coming election. So I think that we need to embrace a collective process. And they embrace the new meaning in the new trajectory. We want to be Lauren as state. Well I'm always curious about the meanings of of certain things it in particular flowers so well. We were chatting I actually looked up the magnolia flower meaning and it says it's attached with the symbols of perseverance nobility. Beauty sweetness dignity and love of nature so you know why. I I think that's a pretty good simple but but. It is seems appropriate to me eat you hear it doesn't take a long time to be in the state of Mississippi. See that where we're bear out of our beautiful magnolia tree. How we protect them people embrace them in and you know you just educated me in this moment about the symbolism the meaning behind him. Well let's let's talk about the decision to take down the flight from and there was some criticism. That the old flag. It was made by state lawmakers and instead by the people in a referendum vote so in. Previous referendums voters chose to keep the old flag in polls suggest about half of the state would vote that way again what are your thoughts on that. I think you know as I say just a moment ago flag represents the unity of the people all under it. And we noted that flag represented terror and represented violence. It gives us it it reminds us of the song though it's Nina Simone. A strange fruit. Singing from knees Mississippi trees. And I think that as we talk about progress as we try to take. Progressive stance moving ball or I've been we have to move from being the news south to the new south. And the symbolism makes a great deal of difference now we can't be stuff just now on the symbolism of things. We have to move from the symbolism to the substance of changes that we have to see in this state. There has been some progress we have a great deal ago. And so I'm happy to see. This measure I'd take place at this time and I think we're on the right side of history. And I see on the flight it says in god we trust wiley is that important TU to have that on the flag. I think in the negotiation. Between the state legislature. Looking at out what words in and white images were important to them. Doubtless one of the but things that that was signed negotiated. In exchange the removal of the flag. Bad news is somewhere statements some of the legislatures. Legislators. Wanted to see and so that's why it redesigned to incorporate those work. So mayor there's been a wave of black democratic mayors elected in prominent southern cities like Jackson and some firsts like when you became the youngest mayor in Jackson's history. Tell me about the cultural shifts in your city and in others in the deep south and and what that means to you. I think people are are moving to a place so outside no longer. Is merely. Accepting the status quo. They want some say over the agenda that bad dictates their lives. And so they want to see the progressive leadership which represents they are agenda. And I'm happy to be a part of this moment. I have so many brands that have taken leadership of their cities. My gets Rand Randall would spend in in Birmingham Alabama. I have must ran all the way in Stockton California. Michael Adrian Perkins. Francs gotten so. We are seeing that there's this shift taking place. And so X it's no longer acceptable. Too soon not explore the land of aggressive leadership. Communities are becoming more and form more engaged. I in the air their conditions and they want leadership which reflects an and so I'm happy to be just just present and and and a pillow role. That I'm I'm so honored to steal at this time. Maryland boom I was so nice chatting with you appreciate your time. Thank you. Only come back what ends beef with phone list chicken or stay with us. And finally this hour yes this is true. A man on a mission to your renamed bone list chicken wings. His passionate plea came during a City Council meeting in Lincoln Nebraska his name is Ender Christensen. And if you haven't heard in yet well he presents a pretty strong case. I don't deny Stanley restaurants and I see people throwing this name around and pretending as though everything is just fine. I'm talking about boneless chicken winks. I propose that we as a city. Removed and excuse him trying to do to excuse for a month. I propose that we as a city remove the name boneless wings from our menus and from our hearts. Fears are reasons why number one. Nothing about boneless chicken wings actually come from the wing of a chicken. We will be disgusted if a butcher was mislabeling their cuts of meats but then we go around pretending as though the rest of the chickens its wing. Number two. Boneless chicken wings are just chicken tenders which are already boneless. I don't go to in that order boneless tacos I don't go in order on this club sandwiches I don't ask for boneless auto repair it's just what's expected. The number three meter raise our children better our children are raised being afraid of having bones attached to their meat. That's where meat comes from it grows on bones. We need to teach them that the wing of a chicken is from a chicken and it's delicious. I propose that we re name boneless wings in the city of Lincoln. We can call them buffalo style chicken tenders we can call them what tenders being called and saucy knobs or trash. We can take these steps and show the country that where we stand and that we understand that we been living a life for far too long. And we know it is we feel it in our bones. So we feel go to our bones all right. Light sauce steamed dogs. Now report you go wondering whether that Lincoln City Council took up the motion we'll hear was their reaction immediately. After that grants Kyra. I would like to just comment here. For the record that's my son. Kind of yeah. Should there be proud dad cash and before we go tonight our image of the day check out Kentucky Derby participant getting a bath. Following a workout at Churchill Downs the Kentucky Derby still set to take place this Saturday we wish those horses and all the teens involved. A lot a lot cool that's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm cure Phillips and thanks so much for streaming with us have a great night.

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