ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Medical Expert: The J&J vaccine 'pause' is a 'concern'; Legal Expert: Defense uses Floyd’s past interactions with police as argument; Actor empowers communities to push for police reform
50:46 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, April 13, 2021
And on city was way ahead gotten my son. And hadn't known of them the last time that I was obscene hand. And I just feel like Cecil. Because now Stan you know having that. Back to see him for his second birthday or for any of his birthday. And I'm just all messed up about it because. It follows my son's death and more hard. Break in grief in Minnesota to families going through this same excruciating pain together in solidarity. George Flint scrambling wanting to lend support to their loved ones of Donte' right. Department shake up two days after the death of Donte' rank of police officer who fired that fatal shot. As resign along with the chief of police in Brooklyn center. Tonight Minnesota is bracing for more protest. And just miles away the prosecution. Murder trial of former officer Jerry children resting their case what comes next and when we could see a verdict. Vaccines sent back. Tonight the CDC and FDA recommend a pause in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after six cases of a rare blood clot. Does this mean if you Martin had a shot and will this increase in vaccine hesitancy. Conversation with doctor Anthony found she is your chance at all that the CDC says well this is a risk that we're willing to accept and and they ultimately end. It is certainly conceivable. Re imagining policing in America. What he'll do what we could. Come together. The actor stepping up to encourage change and important conversations. And it's a story of bravery and resilience in the midst of a terrible genocide. And Evans the man immortalized in Hollywood hip hotel Rwanda fights for his reputation. Good evening everyone I'm Lynn. Davis think you so much for streaming with us. Hitting the pause button in the race to vaccinated we begin with a potentially major setback today now that the CDC and FDA suspended the use of the Johnson & Johnson Kobe vaccine. They are taking this pause while they investigate cases of a rare blood clot and six women out of the nearly seven million doses administered. Tonight their questions as to how this will affect the overall vaccine roll out. Today the president tried to assure everyone that we still happen off doses for all Americans to get vaccinated. And there are also questions tonight about vaccine hesitancy will this decision mean more people will opt to not get a dose of any vaccine at all. Our conversation with doctor Anthony found she is coming up at first Steve Wilson summing leads us off with more on the decision to pause. And what comes next. It's the Covert vaccine that promise a strong protection with a single dose an important tool for public health officials around the war world. But tonight the FDAX telling everyone to hold off using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A very small number of women come down with an extremely rare blood clot. After getting the shot this is a really rare event if you look at what we know so far. They have been six. Out of the six point 85. Million doses which is less. Then one in the million all six women were between eighteen and forty years old they got sick about six to thirteen days after getting vaccinated. The clots formed in veins of the sinus and prevented blood from draining out of the brain one woman died another is in critical condition. There's no evidence showing the vaccine caused the condition and to be super clear. Your chances of getting struck by lightning are nearly twice as high one in half a million. But the FDA's warning anyone who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the last three weeks. To be on the lookout for severe headache shortness of breath abdominal or leg pain. And if you need treatment for blood clot they strongly suggest avoiding the commonly used blood thinner heparin. Which they believe adds to the complications. That would be a mistake in this situation because it could be dangerous and make the situation. Much worse health officials say that these rare immune responses have only been seen and viral vector backseat Johnson & Johnson is one. AstraZeneca is another Pfizer and the dirt not use a different technology. Very quickly today the federal government put a hold on using the shot at mass vaccination sites it states followed the nation's governors tonight or beyond frustrated. In a phone call to White House they question the wisdom of putting a hold on a vaccine. Over such small number of cases. Your gun ruby kill. I'm I'm harder than all Donna first. People have already gotten the shot are worried now there's more to scramble. Breeds for example are rescheduling their Johnson & Johnson appointments. I wanted to get a chance here it's my body and I want to be a safe. The president tonight is trying to reassure Americans that there will still be enough vaccine from Pfizer and the door and late today Pfizer announced that they now expect to deliver their 300 million doses. About two weeks ahead of schedule. Boone vaccine. That is basically a 100%. On questionable. For every single solitary America. President says we have enough Steve Olson Sonny our thanks to you. Joining us now as president Biden's chief medical advisor and director of the national institute of advanced infectious diseases doctor Anthony found to doctor algae. Thank you so much for joining us. In this cause of Johnson & Johnson is certainly a significant step backwards for vaccine that was advertises an effective one time shot. Help us understand what cause the FDA and CDC to issue this pause recommendation. Well what they had noticed in there observation. Of the potential of any adverse events that there was six instances of men in women. A serious adverse events. I think the important thing to emphasize is that it is very ran there was six. Women. Out of the six point 85 million. Vaccinations. Of the J&J. Then no one in a million however because. Of a feeling of wanting to be an abundance of caution. The CDC and the FDA decided to call eight clause. C take a look at this examine it more carefully. And trying to see if they can get some greater insight into what is going on as well as importantly. To alert physicians on the outside. Who may see additional individuals if there are additional individuals. Who may come into the office with this syndrome. A thrombosis. With a low platelets which is referred to as a homicide of Kenya because the natural thing to do. Would be to treat those people with heparin. However heparin being an anti coagulant is not indicated. In these situations in fact it could make matters worse. And for people who recently got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine if they're nervous about this thrombosis or and or blood clots. But what should they be on the lookout for and what's the potential window for side effects. Well this occurred between six and thirteen days following the administration. Of the vaccine so if women. Or anyone I mean that it happens to be six women but it's certainly conceivable. That man could get this but for the for that forbids purpose of what's going on right now. It was six women but if people. Have gotten vaccinated several weeks ago it is extraordinarily unlikely. That it will involve them because it is really within that bracket of one to two weeks but if you had gotten vaccinated. With the J&J. In the past week or two severe headache is one of them. Another is neurological abnormalities like difficulty moving arms and legs people could even have seizures with this. They could happen chest discomfort. And difficulty breathing. Because they may have thrombosis and some of the pulmonary vessels. Abdominal pain is another thing that people with think about. And are the potential blood clot issues with the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine similar. And are you concerned that these more traditional vaccines could be leading to an immune response that causes of clots. Well the us similarities. Between. The description of the adverse events in act advance in the J&J which we've just discussed just now and that. With the AstraZeneca artery clearing the common denominator of the two is that they both use. And had no virus vector to deliver the gene Indy expression of that gene. Of the corona virus protein so that is a clue that there may be a connection there. But that's what the CDC and the FDA are very carefully looking at right now. And as you say as we try and keep some perspective here six people out of seven million is extremely rare there's actually a greater chance and get struck by lightning. In another chance and all the the CDC says well this is a risk that we're willing to accept and and they ultimately and the pots. It is certainly conceivable that's the reason why you called a poll is. They're pausing there examining yet and then we'll find out hopefully within a reasonable period of time. Whether they'll come back and say continue because the benefit outweighs the risk or they might modify. The population who gets the vaccine depending upon what they determination. And switching gears journalists take a look at Michigan cases are surging there the governor has been begging for more vaccines. And sent to ask should the US consider letting states like Michigan were dealing with surgery is linked in the time between the first and second shot. A real world study from the CDC found both the funds are Madera vaccines are 80% effective after just one dose. So why not potentially allow states to backs in eight more people with a dose is that they are he had. Yahoo! we've had many discussions about that and one of the things that is very unclear is the durability. I love the effect if you prolong it and don't give the second dose for a considerable period of time. The other thing is that if you look at the level and anybody response with a single dose and compare it to that of two doses. It is dramatically. Higher and particularly when you're dealing with the variance. You've got to be concerned that you want to get the optimal response. So obviously has some merit in that. Determination but all things considered. We feel the better part of Allah would be to get people as well protected as you possibly can and to vaccinated as many people as you possibly can. We've had the opportunity to have you on the show several times this past year and each time you've expressed some concern that not enough Americans may get the vaccine are you now worried that this might. Drive people who already might have been hesitant to decide not to get a shot at all. Well I mean obviously that's it that is a concern. However that's the reason why we're out there and being as open and transparent as we possibly can. In articulating what we just sad that the risk is really no animal. The other thing that's important. Is that there have been about a 120 million. People who have received at least one. Vaccine dose. Namely. I would say they or is it. About six point 85 of that million. Is the J&J. Sam muses about a 115. Million people who've received either of them would Diana for the fire as it. And there has been no. Signal no red flags at all of any serious adverse events I think people need to realize that. Because see if one. In last in more than a million. Is a very rare event for the Jay and Jay that means that the MR NEA's applies and more Dana are exceedingly safe. So people need to understand that and put it into perspective. That although we always change adverse event seriously. In the big picture of things the vaccines are extremely safe. And we just have to keep telling people that and showing them the data that proves it not just telling them that look at the numbers. Well we appreciate your transparency in talking with us doctor Anthony patching appreciate your insight. Thank you. On to Minneapolis now from the courtroom to the courtyards of motions in Minnesota are high and people are on edge as protesters many of the mothers. Continued to demand justice for daunting right in the shadow of the George Floyd trial. All the while an interim police chief is still trying to piece together exactly what happened ABC's Stephanie Ramos is in Brooklyn center for us. Tonight the officer who fatally shot Donte' white has resigned from the force we received a resignation. A letter in that letter officer Kim potter writing I believe it is in the best interest of the community the department. And my fellow officers if I resign immediately. We now know that potter had been with the Brooklyn center police department for 26 years. And during that fatal traffic stop she was training another officer the mayor of Brooklyn center also announcing today that the police chief has stepped down. An acting police chief now in place engines. A lot of chaos going on right now we're just trying to. Proper hands Ron situation. Trying trees and home. But overnight the protests continue nationwide more than fifty arrests made in Minneapolis and Brooklyn center in new yourself one umbrella site you went out there were protesters what was that like. It was very tense where I was they were protesting peacefully they were certainly angry yet. The the situation. And among the family of Donte' right there's also shock and disbelief over his death. The police say he accidentally. Grabbed the gun some of the season. Accidentally grab something pointed at them not realize that you have. Dante's parents doubting this was an accidental shooting this morning in an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts do you accept. That explanation mr. right. I cannot accept that. A loss masala. He's never coming back I was solved soon as been on the force for. Twenty seeks closed total cease years. I Kinney said day. I would like to see justice served and her held accountable. For everything that she's taken for months the family of Donta bright is now represented by attorney Benjamin Crump says. He also represents the family of George Floyd. Outside the courthouse were former officer Derek shielding is standing trial the Floyd family uniting with the life family. Calling for change as some point we need. All of this to be held accountable to him talk they couldn't beat the amen. Just because you ought to I don't mean to to a bull of the law. Those calls for justice increasing. Staffing Romans joins us now stepping what's the latest on whether or not any charges will be brought against officer potter. So Lindsay of the Washington County attorney says he will review all of the evidence given to him by the state investigative unit. And hopes it is. Make a decision on charges against officer Kent potter tomorrow Wednesday. And also then officers submitted her resignation today the mayor though leaving his options open. Exactly so we spoke the mere. This afternoon and he said that even though lobs a potter submitted her letter of resignation they are still. Evaluating. Of the process there evaluating all of the evidence so he is not ruling out the possibility of actually firing officer potter. Lindsay Stephanie Ramos our thanks to you. And now to the trial that's happening just a few miles away and a former officer Derek showman. The prosecution resting their case today as the defense calls its first witness to say that show men's actions were justified that day. Alex Perez reports in again from Minneapolis. After a dozen law enforcement witnesses testified former police officer Derek she opened used excessive force against George Floyd. Today for the first time police veteran testifying children's actions were justified. Now are there situations. Where reasonable police officer would not put the person prone position into the recovery whose. So in this situation there is. Space limitations. Mr. Floyd was butted up against the tire of the patrol car. There is traffic still driving down the street. There are crowd issues that took the attention of the officers. Mr. floor way was still somewhat resisting. So I think those were relatively valid reasons to keep him in the pro. The defense calling former officer Barry abroad as they use of force expert I don't also showed news interaction mr. Floyd. We're following his training. Following. Current passes and policing. And were objectively reasonable. In fact abroad testifying that she opened it didn't actually use force at all when he pinned Floyd down. The maintaining of the problem troll me is not use of force. My hands and not in use of force. This is control technique with it doesn't hurt but the prosecutor pushing back showing this picture show been with his knee on Floyd's neck. I need to ask you. If you believe that it is unlikely. That or anything yourself. On top of a person. On the pavement. With a full lives. Is unlikely to produce pain. They could or. Would immunity could isn't unlikely to produce pain or isn't likely to produce. Hussein could produce. If this act that we're looking at here in exhibit seventeen. Could produce pain. Would you agree that what we're seeing here is to use force. Sure this picture that could be a use of force is through. The jury today also hearing for the first time from an officer who responded to the scene. Peter Chang of the Minneapolis park police who showed up to assist and watched from across a street. But there are days. Right now we've got an analyst for anybody but slaughter did. Defense arguing the officers felt threatened by the crowd Khost bombing were alone and Russell. A lot of young investors. Do our continuing concern. Concern for loan losses us officer Chang's body camera capturing George fluid sitting on the ground. The defense which has focused on Floyd's drug use before the encounter with police also calling a woman who was with him at the time shall Wanda hill. Testifying Floyd had not heard often the car as she tried several times to wake him up when the police arrived. When those who grabbed the real. And please please don't kill me please please don't assume those who Wear blue facility where you. She Wanda hill giving her accounts and Floyd's final moments. House press joins us now from Minneapolis announced the defense expected to wrap its case this week and right now there's no indication that Eric show when. We'll take a stand himself. Hey Lindsay have a defense isn't moving through witnesses very quickly but at this point we have no reason to believe that Derek schober it would take the stand but. Get the remember for the defense they just have due to inject enough reasonable doubt into this case to convince one juror. We're expecting they will rest their case at some point this week as you said in closing arguments would then begin on Monday Wednesday. Announcement of insurance for weeks at chauvinist guilty by many of the people who've given her testimony today was the first data we heard a witness say children's actions. We're justified. Yeah Lindsay ended jury was listening closely to all of this at taking notes as they heard this testimony from this use of force expert it was. Quite an afternoon of testimony inside that courtroom that cross examination by the prosecutor actually lasted. Much longer than that direct examination by the defense of their own witness while he was on the witness stand there were several times that he sort of backtracked. And had to correct himself. It was certainly something that the jury was a listening to as all of this played out. Clearly the jury will have a lot to weigh once they finally get back into that deliberation room Lindsay. Alex Perez force outside the courthouse in Minneapolis. For more analysis now of the trial were joined again by ABC news contributor and host of the law and crime network mr. Bryan but Meyer. Thanks is always Bryant and the prosecution rested its case today taking a step back. How well would you say that they present and their sign over the past few weeks and what moments you thing are likely to stick with jurors. In the prosecution did a fabulous job in their case they not only put forward their evidence of that. Bush also closed up a lot of the avenues that the defense might try to wiggle out of to find reasonable doubt. Some highlights I think they're gonna wait to partner chief very Redondo who testified about the policies and use of force doctor Tobin who was captivated. Even to the defense attorney of course slowness Floyd the spark of life witness who gave such impassioned testimony about his brother. And George Floyd's French Wanda hill described Floyd just before his arrest take a listen. How would you describe mr. Mori's behavior. While inside of the conference. Hands. Normal tone can. Alert. They get into a car she says of Floyd fell asleep. What was the defense trying to achieve by calling miss hill and do you think that her testimony did him any favors. So previous testimony we heard that essentially how the ability to slow down a person's heart rate to how been turned to. Sometimes a little bit sleepy or not as excitable Fuzzy white B on other drugs but I think Tara Nelson is trying to get that's leaking this. To contrast. Other testimony about George what was up about him running around however. The testimony that we saw for ms. hill was a little bit. Par for the day the defense to swallow because he heard things like well he told me that. He being George Floyd had worked a long day the day before the judge struggle Sanchez didn't he didn't he tell the jury to strike that. Yeah but defense attorneys and prosecutors are all tell you the same thing but a bell can't be on win. All on long sorry so once it said yes sure you can tell jurors took. Not remember to not think about it but it definitely be in their head and the deathly come up during deliberation there's definitely heard the defense. And defense attorney Aric Nelson tried to paint George Floyd and a gathering crowd as aggressive. Through the testimony inviting camera footage of officer Chang. Do you think that that was persuasive. Especially as we see here Floyd appearing calm and cooperative. A legal persuasive at all I think the prosecution handle it very well. I think what we saw was that officer Jiang was paying attention to the two individuals were passengers in George Ford's car. And they were able to move around they were able to see you receive ms. hill who went to the quarter and trying to look over to see what happened to George Floyd. If officer Jay it truly believe sports truly concerned for those officers' safety study the question becomes why do you call for backup what he'd go and check on them. He obviously was not continues to passengers to one location it's like an argument kind of false flat. As well as Derek Sherman's hand in his pocket I was surprised that we didn't hear more about that because it seems like if you were feeling threatened that you wouldn't keep your hand pretty steadily. In your pocket then lastly one asking the defense also brought up George Flint prior arrest in May of 2019. A year before his fatal police encounter what do you think of the jury took away from this evidence in and was this a Smart move by the defense. So I think jury took away from it that in 2019 George Floyd took drugs. And was arrested and surprise surprise he didn't die he receives medical attention but he lives for all of toy nineteen. In May at 120 to one major difference is Derek children's need on George Floyd's neck. That's what it noted take doubtful that testimony. But I don't think most persuasive because I think swallowed both the defense the prosecution has been trying to take race out of this conversation out of this case it does keep coming back. Very subtly I think Gergen also is trying to push this idea that George Foy is the stereotypical. Big scary black men on drugs and this small 140 how officer. Have to use his level of force against. But now I think is a myth that many of the jury are not going to be appreciate or five take Arlington. Brian but Meyer appreciate your insight thanks so much. Mark what they've. And when we come back the island buried in cash another new eruption the latest on the crisis on one Caribbean island to. Major announcement and the fierce blow band president Biden sent to declare all American troops will be out of Afghanistan by nine elevenths. Up next it was a story mentioned a Hollywood war in the movie hotel room one and one man credited with saving hundreds from Janice signed. Tonight he is behind bars accused of being a terrorist it's a story. You will not want some news. Welcome back to you may recall the 2004 blockbuster hotel for Wanda about real life hero poll nuisance of a keen on who at the height of never wanting genocide reportedly helped save more than. 1000. People when they took shelter at a hotel where he was a manager. Now nearly twenty years after that movie came out Paul is back in row Wanda but this time in jail. And charged with more than a dozen terror related offenses if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. So exactly hounded her wand his hero and up behind bars ABC's Maggie will be has the story. It's a story of heroism in the midst of a brutal genocide that became immortalized by Hollywood. Don Cheadle playing the real life homer to subpoena in hotel were Wanda. These are not have a. Some they would do interest I have to take some money fleet week. The Oscar nominated movie showing how pole apparently helped more than a thousand people take shelter and hotel de unique marine. During world wonders dork is states. In 1994 genocide wearing just 100 terrifying and vying went days. Nearly one million ethnic Tutsis were killed by Hutu extremists. After the movie's release Paul quickly descended to fame giving highly paid speeches around the world even receiving the presidential medal of freedom. Without that shelter every one of them would almost surely have been killed. But real life softened this year and it looks on the big screen. Now the man who was once the darling of the international community has found himself behind bars in his home country fighting for his reputation and freedom. Was a big enough voting org on. Was put everything in groups that committed suicide here in 94. Eric that this keep people. If did this if he doesn't miss him people who have been. Rwandan prosecutors have charged him with thirteen terror related offenses including financing terrorists complicity in murder and forming a rebel group. Paul has maintained his innocence. I lay me that is allegation. All our. Regime in in. Paul who's a permanent US resident and whose family lives in San Antonio. Alleges he was came Barbara wonder authorities back in August something we want as president vehemently denies. Does not kick him out but does not end their own would bring. In the process of it is addicting he had. Paul claims he was tricked by a pastor into boarding a private jet while transiting to divide thinking he was going to speak at churches in Burundi. They sell going to speak his speeches and asked that to churches and I didn't think too much into it because meant that meant that. Has spoken to churches in the past. Instead the moon landed in the rule Wanda where he was promptly arrested Ian. Being held in its own. And how we know. He held not sell all or. Hours or eight if it's ready neck that our. Key. Now. You usually. If not. I'll. Human Rights Watch says his arrest amounted to an enforced disappearance a serious violation of international law. In recent years polls become an outspoken critic of Deborah wanting government and some of its luster has feed it. Paul's family is now trying to remind the international community of his legacy and injustices he's facing. This is a soundtrack if you're dissident who want you can. Coolidge he can get entries in its eight in nineteen get killed and on top of that my father has a platform that prison and could got me. Doesn't like you know my father has been able to tell the world that has has had the test of the world. About what happens you don't want that. One day in strongman president Paul Kagame is often called the darling tiny ring. The US is one of his staunchest allies and oldest supporters. Some credit him with turning the country into an economic powerhouse for the region in the years after the genocide. But this could gunman has been consolidating power now for decades it's known for sleeping out his instincts. Walruses bean has adopted daughter on my niece whose biological parents died in the genocide. Believes that ever since the 2004 film came out president could only sending personal vendetta against her father. When my father received that presidential medal of freedom could gunman also increase his attacks on him hit live our house has come but conducted several times. My five they had to Wear a bulletproof jackets every time he had to give us. He pulls lawyers say he isn't getting a fair trial in world Wanda and that his feet has already sealed. The likely be convicted. But the scholars of the rural ones in genocide are omnipresent. Almost everything in daily life ties back to it and Paul's trial is no different. Since Paul's name has resurfaced so the memories of some genocide survivors who question Hollywood's role would portrayal of the former hotel manager. Six good to go normally the good guys you. He cut off our means of communication. Especially the fax machine that we use to communicate with the outside world because we are in distress. We would send messages so we can get help and also tell the international community what was going on with a commander who. At one point they asked us for money they were given instructions that remember wasn't able to pay. What needs to leave the hotel through it and since I had to check on me I gave them ought. Souza worked for Paul the hotel and were trounced similar instances who'd been kept put him no good month on. All says he protected people it's a lot. At many examples. If you didn't have money he would let you stay at the hotel. Do you give him a check or you paid cash. Instead of protecting people he needed a business and others who had hit at the hotels say dating even know who Paul wants. It clinging. The name polymers facility in I only heard it when the movie came out and everyone started talking about it. I never heard of him when I was at the Motown. In fact number one government claims the re is it hotel Damien Carolina was spared had nothing to do with Pollock. All frost Oscar the government's that was cutting a regional site. Not to keep people in including it is written in that humans first the commitments. It's very. Polls trial's expected to last several more months the most under one that can't garner sympathy for him. Paul Stanley is pleading for the international community's help. He believes in the human rights who believe in principles and and the law and I injustice it encourages me even more to bring him back in to fight for his release because we're on the side of the truth. Now he ruling for ABC news. For things to make you to. Bringing that story to us and still ahead here on finally college student who vanished without a Trace 25 years ago from an off campus frat party in California. Tonight police announced a major break in that case escalating tensions Iran's new promise after a blackout potentially crippled one of their underground nuclear facilities. And a major movie theater chain is shutting its stories wanted to say about that industry. We'll take a look by the numbers but first our tweet of the day a former CDC had reminding everyone. We are still in a life or death struggle against Coleman. I. Welcome back everyone in Anthony's it is sending shockwaves through Hollywood and beyond the iconic art Blake cinemas and Pacific tutors are closing down for good after months of losing business during the pandemic. We take a closer look by the numbers Pacific theaters operates about 300 screens in California including. The historic center a Ramadan which is talent 75 feet over Sunset Boulevard. Since 1963. The LA landmark has appeared in numerous films including Quentin Tarantino's 2019 will be once upon a time in Hollywood. And hosted some of the biggest budget movie premieres. Also shattering is the park late Hollywood which opened in 2002. It was the first of the park like chain and introduce the concept of reserved movie theater seating and also ushers. The entire industry has just been pummeled movie theater ticket sales plunged 81% in two point Tony in the US and Canada. Meanwhile and perhaps unsurprisingly. The market for home and mobile entertainment shot up 21%. Last year according to the national association of tear owners. His semen to ABC news Pacific theatres at closing was told not the outcome anyone wanted but despite a huge effort that exhausted all potential options. The company does not have a viable way forward. For Tinseltown. This is certainly the end of common Ara. And we still have lots to get to hear our clients like twenty years after 9/11 president Biden is announcing to all troops will be leaving Afghanistan. Many are asking why now. And with so much debate about policing in America and our conversation about how some say it should look in certain communities first. A look at our top trending stories on From. From. From the. When the police officer who claims she mistakenly pulled her gun instead of the taser on Dante rights and killing and it. As resigned so has the chief of police we receive. I'm resignation. Letter from mosques you can importers what I and L. I don't want Delanie I want I. And then we'll have right Sam late angry and strongly there attorneys saying this didn't have to happen. And tax. And tax you. Rights mothers deliver Good Morning America I know my son was scared to lose him he is afraid of the following years. And I'd just seen and heard the fear in his voice but I don't know why. That is never never ask a lead of the way standard. Following the shooting protesters took to the streets in several businesses were damaged and some officers. The IRS just ten miles away from where the former Minneapolis police officer is on trial for the death of George flowing through the defense is now presenting its case in the dairy show lindh's murder trial attorneys for German calls advanced training experts trying to raise doubt in the prosecution's case. I George Floyd died from lack of oxygen due to show an action. So to Wanda hill who was in the vehicle with his weight on May 25 two point 18 when he was approached by police. Aren't being in the. So you're not losing assumes. It's. The FDA has caused the Johnson & Johnson Colvin nineteen vaccine due to six reporting cases of rare blood clotting the agency will conduct a review from the White House chief medical advisor doctor and about Jesus the majority of people who received the JNJ shot should not worry. I think this is an unusual occurrence. Of a serious. Adverse events that you want to make sure before you go for a week you investigated thoroughly and that's exactly. What they're doing with someone who may be had a month to go we've saved them what does this mean for me. It really doesn't mean anything you're okay. President Biden was asked about the clause in the James. US has a surplus of visor and the German vaccine. Vaccine. Under normal basically a 100%. From the month questionable. For every single solitary American. Two people now arrested in the 1996 disappearance of college student Kristin Smart and according to the Associated Press that prime suspect in the case Paul Flores and his father Ruben. But taken into custody this morning Flores was the last person seen with Smart before she disappeared. And she was walking back to her dorm after a college party in California. For 25 years Flores has been and the prime suspect officials executed a search warrant on his dad's property last month. Iran now says starting tomorrow and we'll begin enriching uranium up to 60% purity that puts it a short step away from weapons grade. That's his footing on needs to remain and to produce and said sentinel. Radio isotopes and the need it for him you know sets and medical system. The move comes just days after an attack on a Kenya Ronnie and nuclear facility an attack Iran blames on Israel. Spotify announcing the limited release of its car things. That's what they're calling in an eighty dollar car thing is that music streaming giants take on a hands free listening experience. It has a touch screen a dial in can be controlled with the phrase case modified the device can connect via Bluetooth USB or ox general rob potentially useful option for those with a car lacking support for Apple's car away or an android got out. Want your own car thing it's furry paw for a limited time just join the weightless. Singer MIA to danced around today with a heartfelt post asking her fans to help the people of the island of saint mince India and go funny page and she has sent out. Her post read in part as you may know saint Vincent in the granite teens has been very close my heart. I wrote my first song there since going to shrunk as out of the question for political reasons it's been my island away from my island for the last twenty years. She went on to say that the devastation caused by the volcano is unlike anything island has seen in decades. ABC's Victor Ken dough brings us the latest on this natural disaster in the Caribbean. Sea. Vincent's powerful low superior volcano firing ash and hot gas into the sky again Tuesday. A reminder for those refusing to evacuate the red zone closest to the volcano this threat is far from over. Just. In what time. For you to leave it just how elite. Dean deserves to your handles explosive eruptions are rocking the island since Friday. With more expected in the coming days satellite images showing the mass of eruptions from space this series of eruptions. Leading groups like this demolished these side by side videos captured on the same saint Vincent road. Just three months apart showing the stark difference between one sunny tropical island. And it's now ominous ash filled sky this volcano spewing a high speed hunt river obnoxious gas ash and rocks. Sometimes traveling as fast as 400. Miles per hour. Even more dangerous than slower creeping lava got very few strokes of the new war that had signed up. Police forces are not matier a window Moulton said I I I sort of that they go if any. The living creatures of them among could plumes reaching as far as Barbados 110. Miles east of saint Vincent. It's been raining on and off in Barbados and false science of the subterranean water it's raining like a mud. A gash in water from the. Mine nearly 4000 people are seeking refuge across the 87 shelters set up on saint Vincent. Today government officials advise the carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise ships standing by ready to transport residents to safety. That there was no immediate need for evacuation. Meanwhile officials are closely watching another eruption and a tourist hot spot Iceland. New images of tourists crowding around the active volcano there. It's just 25 miles from the capital of Reykjavik the last eruption blasting thirty years. The destinations popular with American tourists because votes and eighty visitors don't have to quarantine. And in Hawaii residents on edge after 34 earthquakes rocked Marleau the world's largest volcano on Sunday. Scientists warning an eruption could be given in requesting residents had their go bags packed and ready. Experts say while all this volcanic activity is noteworthy it isn't uncommon. There are thousands of volcanoes around the world every one of them erupts from. Relatively off at bush or most of the time there's an active eruption from around the world it's so the fact there's to retreat same time. Coincidence. My thanks to Victor for vanity it is the longest war in American history and president Biden has just signalled its end date the plan has reportedly bit on the twentieth anniversary of the horrific attacks of September 11 calling US troops will being gone out of Afghanistan. Biden is sent to make that declaration but it does come with risks. Martha Raddatz has more. There will be twenty years in October since the US launched dose worst air strikes on al-Qaeda targets in Afghanistan. And tomorrow president Biden will announced a 2500. US troops still they are. Will be home by that 9/11 anniversary. President trump had hoped to bring all the troops home by the start of next month after a tenuous agreement with the Taliban. But some military and civilian officials pushed for a few months longer. More than 2400. American lives have been lost in the war. Along with more than 40000. Civilians. They threw dozens of trips on the ground through the mountains and with air force fighter pilots providing cover in support. We saw the conflict up clubs and the number of troops at the peak swelling to 100000. But did Taliban continues to fight on. Martha Raddatz joins us now Martin twining years and the Taliban is still less to read you've been in the region many times during the war how listing received in the military especially if we leave without a clear win. Well I think some of the military think it's too early but others will probably applauded we have been as you said. Twenty years twenty years you know it's in more than eight. 100000. American service members and civilians have served in Afghanistan. So I think many things. It's time that we. The September 11 still several months away and as you know some in congress are already pushing back against this withdrawal former president trump as you reported kept pushing back his timeline could Biden backtracked to. I suppose he could that I think he is made very clear this is not conditions based in other words if it's things really take up. Terrible turn over there he's not gonna look at that as conditions based he says he's still going to leave the war is over. Says president night. Martha Raddatz thanks so much. And when we come back to build a police force trusted by all but what does that take. Welcome back that conversation about safety and good policing has become an increasingly contentious one. From local police departments to protesters on the streets the discussion on how to bring about change and trust is ongoing. And that's where Emmy nominated actor Michael K Williams sees an opportunity for his organization. Crew count. It's not only change the conversation but help community members take their passions to the polls. -- Norman reports on the group's new agenda for public safety. Without would have went out and out. In New York City actor Michael K Williams meet with a group of teen activist working for change on their streets which. You all do what we do is come together and make a positive of the negative. He'll realize that might be we have made a positive out of the negatively create a movement right now. Williams is a co-founder and advocate for crew count. A community led organization working to when power over police communities since fall of 21 each wanting. This whole thing really study it cut operation cool clay base we've heard the gang database. Because it's so many people of it has not exceeding limits that I don't because of a scholar of color is that they win it all woody associate myself with YouTube into one database and learn. Yeah and you put my little Nathaniel and that they found an all out. So they decided to do something about it young kids to you then. We not taken into one little thing like enough is enough we know we're we saw below was Bono and she was born. And we hated me he told. Posting block parties to improve civic engagement in their neighborhoods. And the way we do that yeah. Did not know how we do this so were immediately available pending and hope more politically. Compound educating and laugh about that one double A in light different position new global pulled like different elected. Officials who so you I had an unworkable closer and dogs in the city and throughout the city like that counts and then there is tedious stuff like that added millions of open. But it does give people and political places to stop breaking out his official choose and change name to work for the week. We need to work Bartlett wrote but that's what have you said that now. We got it acknowledged that it is not about us warming against the police department and is not about really. The word abolishing is is a strong word best date. It's about reconstruction. Because we need go police. We made a pledge. For the Lyoto candidate that's run for the may oh what we did that mean China he would ever get instant legend this is something pleasurable and hold them accountable for new I love the most about who kind of is that. We are going into the saint communities. Have been all the police. And we are reaching out to the same people. Seem young people that are being put on his game databases. And we are educating them and yet being activated. They're hope that their model can ripple well beyond their own block in positively impact other communities. Woody Austin cook outdoors wouldn't would you lets you could count go. Every room. At Lexington county where mine rebuilt lockquote live you know six plus innings that it Bob monologue about this. A lot of oh yeah. You could count. Being destroyed who counts had I don't know. It well the good of god yeah. ABC news New York. Block by block city by city are things to do named for that and before we go tonight the image of the day. Paying tribute officer William Billy Evans lying in honoring liberal ton after he was killed when a man rammed his car into a security barricade at the capitol. President delivered the eulogy bringing up his own struggles with loss. But it was this moment right here the president got out of his seat in handed that capital two point don't back to the daughter of the fallen officer this move so many. Evans is a second capital officer to Lyon honor this year following officer Brian sickening who died after the January 6 attack. That is our show for this hour mission distinction ABC news alive for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Linda Davis take you so much for streaming with us and had a great night.

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