ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Where do inmates fit on vaccination priority list?; Sen. Murphy on COVID relief: ‘We don’t have the luxury of time’; Fitness companies adapting to age of COVID
50:11 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, January 26, 2021
A different kind of storming the capitol in India thousands of farmers protesting and the broke away from the improv group tractors were used to bust through police roadblocks crowds overwhelming polices they took over the centuries old red. After months of camping out on the outskirts protesters took their grievances to the center of the capital city. Should great vaccine grant states across the country scrambling. Or Joseph six supplies run out. Thousands of appointments force to be canceled as the White House announces hundreds of millions of doses by this summer but how only be distributed. As concerns grow over disproportionate. Availability. And the debate over who should be first floor last in line to get the vaccine. The recommendation that prisoners be among the first to get the vaccine many states are prioritizing others before prisoners. In depth look at the issue just as president Biden he issues an executive order. Aim directly at the private prison system. Showdown in the senate over the impeachment of former president and Republicans call it unconstitutional. Democrats argued he would be unconstitutional. Not to. Enough senators sworn in today vote to convict Donald Trump after hearing the case. Its latest travel restrictions closer to. The bully died joins us to tell us how to navigate the latest landscape. How can Americans who are abroad identify somewhere that is safe and reliable to get a company test and what are their options if they did test positive. So that's the million dollar question right. Did this world is adapting to pandemic like getting created how and where they're working out to keep their businesses. When you sign up to being in the future indeed this. But no. The reality of living and. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us. Well a new milestone tonight 100 million it was just over a year ago that Wuhan reported its first cluster of pneumonia like cases in China. He was later identified as a new corona virus and fast forward one year and one month an album worldwide tally of infections has now eclipsed. 100 million mark for some perspective the biggest stadium in the US is the big house in Ann Arbor, Michigan it's it's roughly 107000. People. Full it would take more than 930. Big house is to fit every person who has tested positive for covad nineteen. And one in four of those positive tests are right here in the US there are now confirmed cases in every county in America. Late today the Biden administration announced additional vaccine commitments from the Daryn and Pfizer. Each company has pledged an additional 100 million doses of the vaccine. To what does this mean for the vaccine timeline and what like the average American get a shot. Stephanie Ramos leads us off. After weeks of frustration over slow vaccines roll out and desperate calls for more supply the president saying help is on the way we will both increase the supply. In the short term by more than 50%. And give our states and local partners more certainty about when deliveries will arrive. The Biden administration now promising to buy an extra 100 million doses of both with Pfizer and majora vaccines for a total of 600 million enough to Saxony 300 million Americans by the end of this summer. We expect these additional 200 million doses to be delivered this summer and that increases the total vaccine order in the United States by 50%. From 400 million border to 600 million. The president confirming vaccine supply bulls ramp up as expected to ten million doses a week and increase from there. Starting next week another one point four million doses going out. Will ensure that states tribes in territory's. World now always have a reliable three week forecast. What's the supply they're gonna get this is going to help make sure governors mayors and local leaders. Have greater certainty around supply so they can carry out their plans to vaccinated is many people as possible. Late today New York's governor Andrew Cuomo reacting to the president's plan we're getting about sixteen to 17% more. So at least now we can to a schedule for three weeks and we can schedule appointments. And start to Ron on an efficient basis rather than what's been going on. Millions are already facing long wait amazing busy web sites and jammed phone line yes. Are still in Colorado taking to the streets to ask for help finding a vaccine for his father. In 93 year old World War II veteran. The pandemic is one thing it's bad. But the way this thing was being handled this terrible his kids finally landing an appointment by searching online in the middle of the night. More than 23 million of the vaccines have been administer but just hundreds 3.5 million people have received both doses. Let's Scott in Arizona can schedule a second dose for her parents who are over 75 with underlying health conditions there is now saying I am look everyday. At every location and and there is not an appointment a male ball like her situation and they compromised immune systems and in some of the hardest hit communities fewer vaccinations. Black and Latino Americans are nearly three times more likely to die if Kobe nineteen. And new data from sixteen seats revealing blocks are often two to three times less likely to be vaccinated. Many people don't have a car to drive to a heart high volume vaccination center. So where did they go if they don't have a personal or primary care physician. And the answer it in many cases is there's nowhere to go. So difficulty not just with. Quantity but also transportation. In order to be able to get to the vaccine shots Stephanie Ronald joins us now from the MetLife stadium which. Has now been turned into Max vaccination site but today closed out because of vaccine shortages Stephanie despite all the concerns over low supply there was a positive update today when it comes to the possibility of opening schools back up what's the latest on that. Absolutely at this news making parents. Just across the country really excited so there's this new CDC report. That said they looked at seventeen schools Wear masks were warned and social distancing rules were followed and even build there was community spread of the virus at the time. Researchers found that there wasn't much spread of the virus in the school when those precautions were followed Lindsay. It's really positive news there Stephanie Ramos our thanks to you. Not in the impeachment trial of former president trump senators were sworn in today but the trial will not start until February 9 but a vote forced by Republican senator today. Given an indication of where things stand and we have some late breaking news about how scared tonight for the senator who's expected to preside over this trial. Our Rachel Scott is in Washington with more. Tonight the senator presiding over the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump winced from the capital in an ambulance. Aides to senator Patrick Leahy telling us the senator was not feeling well and after being examined by a doctor was taken to a local hospital for observation. Out of an abundance of caution do solemnly came just hours after label swore in his fellow lawmakers as jurors in the trial so how do you guard. But right from the outset. It became clear there will likely not be enough votes to convict Republican senator Rand Paul forcing senators to vote on whether the trial itself was unconstitutional. Since trump is already out of office this is not a trial the president but of a private citizen Democrats and many legal experts insist the constitution does not exempt former presidents from an. Teacher met the theory that the senate can try former officials would amount to a constitutional get out of jail free card. For any president who commits an impeachable offense still today nearly all of the Republican senators 45 of them. Voted at the trial is unconstitutional. Just last week Republican leader Mitch McConnell condemned trumps words of the mob that stormed the capital. The mob pushed Blanche. They were provoked by the president and other powerful. People mr. McConnell. But today McConnell to and voted that the impeachment trial should not proceed in fact only five Republican senators voted to move forward. And one of them Susan Collins a Maine later saying this. I think it's pretty obvious from. That today that it is. Democrats need the support of seventeen Republicans to convict trump. And today show of force an early indicator that they just won't get there. Ranked at number seventeen just seems elusive at this point Rachel Scott joins us now from Washington in racial today's vote might show that there. Isn't enough Republican support to convict the former president of the Democrats are pressing for an anyway. They are Lindsey and senate majority leader Chuck Schumer says this is about holding Donald Trump accountable he says that an actions. Cannot be swept under their rod but this going to be an uphill challenge. Pretty housing keep it managers and they will start making their chase when the trial begins in earnest on February 9 Lindsay. Rachel Scott thanks so much is always. Joining us now is Connecticut democratic senator Chris Murphy senator thanks so much for your time tonight we appreciate you joining us. Thank you of course were sworn in just a few hours ago in the second impeachment trial of now. Former president Donald Trump you'll act. Especially as a juror but also in some cases a victim you and your colleagues were in the capital today that rioters stormed the building a tomorrow B three weeks since that moment can explain why you personally feel impeachment. Is necessary. I think you can skip the accountability phase when you've got a president Indies suited considered violent insurrection against the US government that's what happens here. Some dogs from new what was likely to happen he turned and angry mob on the United States capitol. And in fact Saddam many of us. You know escaping our lives. Only because of the grace of god and the heroism of the law horse Brussels that word there. I'm we can't excuse that behavior and though. Present troubles already out of office impeachment does come Wear X a 180. Provision to this allows the president from running in the future that serious potential audience the only way to make clear of the country that everyone engaged in this. A guys you know some of your colleagues on the other side of the aisle say that impeaching a former president is unconstitutional. 45 Republicans voted as such on the senate floor this afternoon. Since this is uncharted territory here does it remain an open ended question at this point do you believe that the law is in fact on your side here and you expect the former president will also challenge the legitimacy of the trial before never even gets under way. There's no doubt then it's uncharted territory we've never tried president. Ernest harm bunch we have tried a cabinet officials. After his term of office was over and the constitution does make this specific provision is through which impeachment disallow you from running in the future which seems to suggest that it envisions impeachment current. Both during an official's term but also afterwards I understand it it is new territory my feeling though is that Republicans who. Booted exit. Is essentially city trials unconstitutional. Many of them were probably just trying to avoid having to deal with this Ericsson just being outside. A savior of the trial should be first. Let's poster now to come over to relief and president Biden's nearly two trillion dollar proposal that the president and his team have repeatedly said just how urgent the need is no Republican senators have so that they support this plan just yet do you expect ten Republicans and turned in good faith negotiations on this bill and if not at what point would Democrats decide you know we've got to go this alone. But any Republican whose spending time back interstate asks understand what an nightmare we're living in right now. You know there are folks going hungry schools don't have enough resources to keep the doors open safely we have a vaccine distribution system that just simply isn't working to get shots in the arms fast enough cash unemployment compensation is running out in just eight weeks we've got. Fast. I don't know whether we'll get ten votes in the end but we don't have the luxury of time. Let's work over the next seven to fourteen days try to convince Republicans that should the country gave Joseph Biden mandates a six a broken coded response to get our restarted again but push the issue weeks from now released from now we don't have any Republican support their just focus on anything the president wants you. Then I think we have to go ahead and get stuff. At least two Democrats at this point have said that they would not support abolishing the legislative filibuster reminder for our viewers at home that the filibusters of the process allows the minority party to stop legislation unless it has sixty votes. A former president Barack Obama has called it a Jim Crow relic Republicans and Democrats alike can used it to their advantage over past years if Democrats run into continued stonewalling from Republicans do you think that your two colleagues may change their stance. Well I don't know the answer so that means I've always thought that the filibuster is a really curious relic. You know the American annual decided instead put you Joseph Biden in the White House and his party in charge of the house and the senate and the agenda we're pursuing is a pretty popular one and so the idea that a minority of senators could stand in the way of really popular things getting done I think it's just fundamentally anti democratic filibuster written into the constitution. And so and it probably is worthwhile person at least we're warming to filibuster Republicans are now when they were in charge they eliminated the filibuster Supreme Court justices maybe we can have a conversation not of eliminating to filibuster but I'm. I'm anti fraud ring don't know the number of their kinds of piece of legislation that passed sixty votes instead it should sixty votes maybe got our station we can. It lastly I want to ask you about an issue that really hasn't been at the forefront of public debate recently but one did. Your very passionate about gun control you of course represented Connecticut. It's now been eight years since Tony children and six adults were shot and killed at sandy Hoke elementary school. There's been no real meaningful gun reform legislation since then. As you look ahead to the next two years of Democrat control in the senate what do you view as achievable. If you need ten Republicans to support the legislation. I believe that we can get sixty votes for universal. Checks proposal its problems supported by 95% of Americans there's nothing new in American politics stated it's 95%. Of support background checks just. I don't want to wait around for the next mass shooting in order to have this conversation that's unfortunately how. This issue and a war that Republicans. All of a sudden get instance talking about background checks to twenty people are killed let's not wait this. I'll let Saddam's Steve Williams forge a compromise we shouldn't close. In twenty and nineteen and I worked directly with president shrugs I'm language we didn't get it all religions or he's impeachment got away. But there I think our bipartisan votes universe itself save thousands of lives in this country if we do it hopefully we'll take it up. You know soon after these emergency. So to release an economic. Packages are proper for the. All right senator Murphy thank you so much for your time we appreciate you coming on the show. Now the increase in allegations about rages new fraud and other misconduct involving the cove in vaccines. And a paramedic now faces charters for allegedly hoarding doses and falsifying medical records to steal the vaccine. Our Matt Gutman has more on the latest cases and what's being done to stop the deception. Tonight that alarming warning from authorities Covert nineteen vaccine fraud and other misconduct are on the rise. In Florida paramedic Joshua Cologne accused of hoarding doses claiming his supervisor wanted them for his family. A tough talking sheriff making an example of the pair. What we're do you think you. Did you only. Have three brain cells. I mean how is like you know or Cologne scene here winning the paramedic of the year award just weeks ago. Now accused of stealing several doses of vaccine by allegedly concocting vaccination recipients. He confessed he served a made all that up. It was all fraudulent it was wrong. He's been charged with multiple counts including forgery falsifying medical records authorities say they are now investigating whether the supervisor played any role. In Washington Federal officials calling Johnny Stein a snake oil salesman. For posing as a Biotech expert and claiming to have be called it vaccine offering to inject patients for between. 400000. Dollars but the vaccine claim officials was untested. And tried. And potentially unsafe. And tonight a new hotline launched by New York governor Andrew Cuomo to crack down on vaccine deception. You will see scam artists. And you will see fraud. I guarantee it. And the Z there's no shortages of scans the Better Business Bureau is now warning of a scam that it's seeing across the country scammer is allegedly calling unsuspecting people. Pause in tape try to help them set up their vaccinations. They're doing this by phone email. Social media still to get people on the phone or social media then they ask them for personal information identifying information. Then they move on asking them for money flows 150 give up bucks a vaccine of course they don't deliver. Better Business Bureau is warning people to stay away anybody's asking of you for back seen. It not real Lindsay. Our thanks to Matt Gutman and we turn out to president Biden's efforts today to address racial justice before signing for executive orders including one that phases out federal use of some private prisons. The president had this to say. I believe this nation and this government. Need to change our whole approach to the issue of racial equality equity. Aren't senate helpless on Packwood today's executive actions could accomplish would bring an ABC's chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega. Thanks so much for joining us Cecilia so president Biden has directed his attorney general not to renew DOJ contracts with private criminal detention facilities what's the impact of that. Well I think it remains. To be seen because that the big picture the reality check on this Lindsay is that we're talking about a very small population. Of all of the inmates that are housed in federal prisons were talking just about 10%. Of them but you senate the president has ordered the Department of Justice to essentially no longer read new contracts with these federal prisons with these private prisons rather. Also worth pointing out that what this another thing that this doesn't cover this doesn't cover. All of these undocumented immigrants tens of thousands of them who are housed in private prisons they're run through ice around the country these are people who are now awaiting deportation. A criminal justice at the kids particularly during the black lives matter protest that we saw. This summer were really pushing for prison reform. This fall short in that way for them but the bite administration does say there is much more to come this is just the first step. Of many actions to come on racial equity in this country. Also walk us through the other three orders of Biden sign today and we'll kind of affect those could have. Police we look like at this point anyway they're largely symbolic so let me walk you through them he's got one that is affirming tribal sovereignty for tribes around the country he. It's got another one that is aimed at strengthening anti discrimination housing policies. That's aimed basically at rolling back a trump administration moved another one that pushes to combat Xena phobia against Asian Americans. In the country and of course that is in the wake of all of the language that we saw after after the covic outbreak late lap early last year. The president today named invoked the name of George Floyd Lindsay he said that last year and George Floyd's killing. Marked a turning point when it came to racial justice in this country he said it's time for the government to catch up with where the citizens of this country are when it comes to racial equity. And even build this administration very months wants to push forward and not go back and we really have to say that there's a big. Changes its home right because these are kind of issues that we would've never heard about racial equality and justice in from the previous administration. Yeah it it really left. I think a lot of people in this country particularly people of color hungry for even just the baseline conversation so if activists sit and and civil rights groups are are are wanting for more there's very much a sense of of praise and applaud coming from groups like the Urban League and the ACLU who were very happy to see even just the basic steps. Being taken at this point and Maine they do acknowledge that this is an ongoing conversation and there's more work to com. Sicilian they are reporting in from the White House thanks so much. And when we come back the CDC says they should be among the first vaccinated but most states are saying not so fast start in depth look at the controversy over prisoners getting vaccine priority the tornadoes tearing through Alabama trapping families in their homes with more extreme weather. For millions on the way. And if I over the capital mom Ryan and the request for National Guard troops two days earlier. That was denied. Take a look at this frightening scene this videos of a Brooklyn firefighter responding to a house fire when that air conditioner falls right on in from a window hitting him in the head knocking him out. He is expected to recover the video was given to investigators in the incident is now being investigated. Group of people that are getting some attention when it comes to the topic of vaccines. Inmates. CDC says that inmates and those who work in correction facility should be among the first vaccinated. Guideline many states are choosing to ignore not a brewing public health debate about putting inmates in the top of the list when some say they should be last. They literally lead senator. This is Erin Campbell and indicated SCI Eldon did in the low security federal prison in Ohio. VC a his bills that. Back in April recording on contraband phoned Campbell claimed the men in this video we're showing signs of coping it's almost a sixty Dunning galas is our. 356000. Inmates have tested positive for cove at nineteen with more than 2000 reported deaths. Into the Marshall project. After taking this video Campbell says he was put in solitary confinement for using that contraband phone. He told reporters that officials said he would not face additional punishment if he claimed that video was fake. He declined. San and so and a there's through an Israel then and now they are and Aaron Brown. Now that Pfizer in the Daryn I have both authorized vaccines. Many health care professionals and social justice advocates want to know when this vulnerable population will get there. Although CDC guidance put correctional officers and inmates with Frontline workers in people age 75 and older. At the same time or in the next phase to get vaccinated states like Colorado have ignored that recommendation. Don't won't happen armed there's no way that prisoners are gonna get it before members of the vulnerable population so far only eight states have given high priority to incarcerate people for the vaccine. With ten states giving them no higher priority than the general. Population vaccination is about not just one population but Indian coast populations especially first that we know our message rest. About the twentieth biggest clusters that coat their cases 1981. Street sat. That is. Really bringing it is me. And we've seen that in those days where we see higher rates in her strays and justice he higher rates in this game. And southeast. Inmates are one of the most vulnerable communities took hold in nineteen infection. Can find it close quarters that can be difficult to distant. Back and it's not late in various can't sanitize your everywhere. Content. And sometimes people have to pay percent of the director of the Arkansas department of health claims these outbreaks are isolated with no affect on their outside communities. The fortunate thing about that kind of setting is that it's. It's not that hard to contain it because people aren't going. Out and about they're not they're not leaving the the prison. Only people are going in an out of prisons and jails every day an estimated 445000. People work in US correctional facilities and more than 94000. Of them have tested positive for comic nineteen. So it unites that which includes. The correctional officers. Maintenance crew. Helps your staff is. Anyone else were in custody but the public that you have attorneys and police officers were coming in and out all the time. And then they're going out to the rest of the community. And that's not the only way corona virus can spread. Notoriously overcrowded. Jails and prisons often transfer inmates as a way to alleviate their numbers including potentially so if Kobe. In late march former attorney general William Barr directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons to begin identifying inmates who could safely be released to home confinement. Among them. Former trump fixer Michael Collins and trumped ally Paul manna from though they are the exception and not the rule. Many state officials are now up in arms over prisoner releases expressing concern over what crimes fit under the nonviolent criteria in bars nano. In Texas governor added issued an executive order. Barring the release of violent offenders arguing that it would not only gravely threaten public safety and also hinder efforts to cope with the cove in nineteen to. Faster since last spring to prison and jail population dropped by 11%. The confusion over the conditions for release has left many high risk inmates still incarcerated. A lot of states have had twenty for a little people and six by ten cells some people biggest the sharing so bad is breaking people interest. That is doing won't tender will damage the mental health physical health of those individuals. She spur char is a social justice advocate who himself spent some time in the UK prison system as a teenager for theft the danger the virus hoses. Means that even a minor offense or an accusations people who are in jail couldn't afford bail should lead to getting. With a potential death sentence. In our people would die without even being convicted of renting. In Texas 80% of inmates in jail who died of covad nineteen had not been convicted of a crime according to a report by the University of Texas Austin. California native Donte' Westmoreland was on his way to visit colleges with friends and they were pulled over in Kansas for having a dirty license plate. Police found a pound of marijuana in the trunk of the car Dante was riding they ultimately charge him with possession and intent to distribute and he was sentenced to seven years in prison. I was she's just served nearly eight years for first time marijuana can't. With no criminal history. Although his conviction was later thrown out for the nearly four years he spent in prison not only did his grandmother died forcing his two Brothers into the Foster care system. But he also contracted covad nineteen Toys 'R' Us. In back with the virus and I say what do I do mix was the future for me like I'm on different minimum. Now some individuals who even I had the experience of working in corrections. Or having an armed eighth. Someone close and then be incarcerated with state well all these individuals have done something wrong so why should they be a priority. Every see you don't know who's done something round and because they've done something wrong does that mean they get a second sentence. Melissa love's sister diabetic 61 year old Darlene Lulu Benson say. Wasn't the first female prisoner to die of Soviet nineteen investing in new York and Lou began emailing her sister around the beginning of the first wave back in March. When she contracted the virus her roommate then stepped in and began emailing on deeds to Melissa. Although they've since been deleted from Bedford hills database. Melissa taken screen shots to document what her older sister in gone through. Sometimes and lenders make you don't have a plan. Of action. For the people in prison. Parents a lot of Emo and this is the east Lou died alone. The prison not allowing her to video chat her family without prior approval lose you know this is really sad to leave Monday whole issue. You know and that is our is new life being. We cannot explain below we're gonna do and you know who she loves to eat our Q left her she was apparently aren't. You now it didn't happen. Still ahead here on prime the family torn apart after the capital mob ride the call one teen made about his own dad. New Kobe travel restrictions for anyone returning to the US from abroad what you need to know and let's see some positive impacts from coming vaccines we take a look. By the numbers but first. I'll tweet of the day the lakers remember NBA icon Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gionta killed along with seven others in a helicopter tragedy one year ago today a special tribute to Brian. We'll be right after prime tonight. Welcome back everybody and some positive news and much needed positive news about the real world impact of Kobe nineteen vaccinations even in this early phase here's a look. By the numbers five point 6% that's the current code of nineteen positively rate of the Los Angeles county fire department. A dramatic drop from the 18%. Positive the B rate just last month. That's after 75% of the county's firefighters over 3000. People got a first vaccine dose. And Israel where more than 40% of the population has received at least one dose of the Pfizer vaccine making it somewhat of an international test case. The country's covet nineteen hospitalizations dropped 60% among people over sixty years old. Two days after the second shot according to initial findings by a leading Israeli health care provider. And more than a week after getting a second dose only 100. Of 1% of vaccinated Israelis contracted coping. And while these preliminary results are indeed promising experts say we'll need to backs Nate seventy to 90% of our population to achieve the herd immunity. That we're hoping for. And still lots to get to tonight here on prime diffuse clashes on streets across the Netherlands after a Kobe curfew was imposed. The major Internet outage affecting millions along the East Coast what caused it. And the waves of fitness industry has fought to stay alive and thrive during this pandemic but first. A look at our top trending stories on From the. In Alabama cleanup is beginning following a deadly tornado that ripped through an area near Birmingham one person was killed at least thirty others injured when fatality was a teenager who was sheltering in his basement with his family when that twister blew a tree right on to their home. The tornado carved a ten mile long path of destruction during the part numerous buildings including a Hampton inn hotel leaving guests Arafat. Creating it got. There you know I didn't ask him well there isn't without shaking all bad Ukraine early years yeah she does it keep everything safe and flights going cop. But weather services according to preliminary findings are tornado. Was at least that he effort to with a 135. Miles per hour winds we met Britney vines who wrote out the storm with her two month old daughter Hallie and other relatives in a battle tough. Got them back. Wasn't about them not been ineffective. Let's go with that players backed away from just down the street Michael Holloway supply it is always we've may be news bigger guys I don't. I got into the small oval ball that doctor. Not our. The severe weather want to sell more storms hitting the country this week from separate system to blame for this pileup on I 25 in Colorado six people were hurt. Today an apology from the acting chief capitol police acting geez you've been on that they'd been told congress the capitol police department should have been more prepared for the January 6 attack. Pittman said quote let me be clear the department should have been more prepared for this attack. Added we knew that there was a strong potential for violence and the congress was the target. Pittman also confirmed the capitol police board rejected a request from the former police chief for National Guard troops. Early legal blow to president Biden's immigration plans a federal judge in Texas today. Who temporarily blocked a 100 day park on deportations. That took effect on Friday the judge. The trump appointee and issued a restraining order that blocks the policy nationwide for fourteen days following a legal challenge. I Texas mr. Biden and had promised. To cosmos deportations for a hundred days during his campaign. His administration is expected to appeal ruling. Senator Patrick Leahy has been hospitalized out of an abundance of caution from the spokesman sentiment eighty year old wasn't feeling well as the longest serving democratic senator he was expected to preside over former president from some upcoming impeachment trial if the senator from Vermont is unable to carry out his duty in the senator Dianne Feinstein is technically the next most senior Democrats. Tonight senator Leahy is under observation at a low. We'll hospital. Folks along the East Coast are facing widespread Internet outages they service instructions from Washington DC to Boston were first reported around 11 o'clock this morning that it has Verizon recently cutting fiber in Brooklyn but it's not about touched off the multistate outages and no other Internet service provider has been more than a network issue. You region impacted includes key US government services and major financial institutions. Utility crews are still working to restore all served. Welcome back at Texas teen is now speaking out about why he tipped off the FBI about his father who now faces federal charges connected to the capital mob riot. BBC's TJ Holmes has more now on the family torn apart. Because of the insurrection. The news oh. You can see here is blue coat is helmet. Is go pro is full troop deaths it was all there. The main in the blue coat is directed caught on camera taking part in the seats at the capitol. And while rep it was there his son's eighteen year old Jackson says he was receiving real time text updates from his day. What kinds of things he say oh his own to you. Yes east route or route. Real your top as it does something this gonna save our camp. But Jackson says the opposite happened and his family has been torn apart. According to FBI documents after Reza returned from the siege he allegedly told his wife and children. If you turn Meehan your trailer and you know what happens to traitors traitors get shot. Did you figure that. Would hurt you even kill you not know I think. The way he's been manipulated into thinking. I these extremist groups and what's been said to him. Was learning enough that I don't know what you next. Direct it was arrested and is facing federal charges related to that insurrection at the capitol. Jackson is now in hiding cutting ties with his family. Who were upset with him he says after he called the FBI tipped learned weeks before the capital siege to alert them about his dad. I have all these people telling me it's my dad's decision. That are still there response. The FBI would not confirm the tip line call from Jackson. But records wife told investigators he's part of a group called the three per sinners a far right militia group according to the affidavit reference wife Nicole tells ABC news. Guy is a loving husband devoted father a loyal friend and passionate patriot. Adding it saddens me that during this political climate we can communicate and agree to disagree without a fight. First it was talking to Aaron to be worn in. Example Hewlett save dad liberals. It's writing this world didn't know what used to. I've heard what he's been been high since I had no idea where us and I'd rather current. Authorities. Video what was. It's important that young people or any news concerned about allowed one pot someone trusts. Someone who. On nearsighted and help them work they do widening public Obama. If someone you know how. Whole this political strain can be answered. And I feel like I should have to have the points to tell you that it's okay com or your moral compass is going to be. Absolutely just directing to do. Now in hiding from his own family or things to TJ from that. Turned out overseas Dutch police are out in force after another night of riots due to the nationwide Kobe curfew nearly 200 have been taken into custody in clashes across in the Netherlands. Police have been hit with rocks fireworks of Molotov cocktails. The rides are largely organized and social media and stem from a curfew that was set from 9 PM to 4:30 AM each day until February 10 Dutch leaders are trying to control the spread. Especially the UK street. As today a new CDC guidelines for travelers officially went into effect the new rule requires anyone traveling into United States from a foreign country provides proof of a negative Kobe nineteen test stored documents demonstrating that you recovered from -- in nineteen and ordered and the country now what impact could this possibly have on travel for those who feel that they need to just get away in 20/20 one. Joining us now is the founder and CEO of the points guy Brian Kelly. Brian thanks so much for being with us first off how can Americans who are abroad identify somewhere that is safe and reliable to get a Kobe test and a what are their options if they do test positive. So I'm million dollar question written some countries are better than others in terms and don't stand by me Jones. Is now it has any. That's. In Latin Americans we expect to see more dolls or the Caribbean and this week or so via. To be able to offer its gas. Out. If you don't. You only get going abroad. It's up to you unless you get into all insurance. I got her car windows are barred reads me. But in certain ways like the Bahamas and big difference shorn so if you never swords or now's the time. So do using the traveling right now is safe and what countries are actually means accepting US travelers. You're all personal. Problem abroad where masked weary is much worse than in many parts of the US and cold numbers are much lower and most our country. So I you don't do where can practice our social dissed insane. Don't worry you can't LC waiting. But I sorry you don't want these new rules Richards getting stuck abroad as easy as it turns. Really pushing back on dean nonessential. International travel. Which airlines are still taking owes Covance safety precautions and providing testing and and blocking a middle seat. You know the clear winner and airlines drop as economic has been delta they are still blocking middle seats and even in first class. I'm most of the major airlines are now teaming up with labs to provide testing especially to destinations like Hawaii that have been requiring Kobe task. But it's still every traveler for himself in a lot of different ways even if you get stuck abroad your airlines not gonna cover your hopes that its all of you. And I just wanted to kind of piggyback off of a thought that you are he shared because it sounds like you are an advocate for getting that travel insurance. Is that even though many US airlines have actually suspended the change fees and cancellation fees. Yeah the whole point of coded frets about the flight it's pretty cheap these days it's about fourteen days of homes hell in a foreign country plus food. Medical cost if you really really. So you know if you're pretty assurance or policy that covers any Covert related expenses are highly recommend. Looking into it. Do know because it seems like it's like you have to you have like a doctor's know all of us here all their early very specific. Explanations quite often for those traveler insurance enemy is cold and often included at this point. In most policies could isn't included but now that so people are especially important in the brought there are policies that will cover. Co mid Atlantic City the Bahamas and ended British forces come just in case it happens they don't want. Your problems view the government's you know costs so more and more countries will connect it and providing. Options for travelers. Two purchases before daddy and to the country. They don't want your problem to become their problem make sense are at lastly. We'll ask you to take a look anything your crystal ball and tell us what are your big predictions for travel in 20/20 one and what should people be paying. Extra special attention to. How will bounce back what is what are one series in Kobe coming down there seems going so I do foresee. Our population of people who aren't in the bill and you know Doris Doris would probably. I saw her. But the real. Kind of worries when he is being bent on revenge for a while sitting summer X 20/20 210 please you're she's obedient. Still TV this summer by an. Art features like summer going on US building has airlines and serves what possible cancellation or -- game so you can look towards what he's whining and was case there you can go you can always get a voucher or use a -- miles don't rebounds you. We traveling right now your home. You don't just incredible trip to a one done in December. I'm staying low for a little while but I. I had similar best restaurant pandemic but I practice tons of different precautions in getting testy morning come home I recommend criminal. Good to know OK Brian Kelly thanks so much as always the points appreciate talking two months. And don't we come back survival of the fittest how the business of working out has become an exercise unto itself. Yeah. Of course January as the months known for resolutions especially when it comes to working out but like many industries gyms across the country have suffered from cove in nineteen closures. Forcing many in the fitness world to adapt in order to keep business in tip top shape our will Carr reports. Date tickets guys it's one impeccable work. We did hear 5 AM and we start to move out and set up for the workout for today. Much of Southern California shut down you decoded diocese knew his indoor gym. Outside as a result the standard body did training in Santa Monica has the whole 6000. Pounds of weight outside every day. Back God's work and I. We've got a wide variety of equipment but we really enjoy this if you tell us more active. The result outdoor classes that focus on high intensity training any physically safe environment for. If everyone in eight feet apart so we have master required in the work out sanitizing everything all the time. To really keep people safe jail do you think of ourselves as this solution proactive health care Thursday. And so part of that is going to be good fitness. Her. But not everyone is as lucky in Southern California when it comes to whether. Some gyms in the Yorker braving the elements. Rain cold even snow to keep classes going. Colder period when New Year's resolutions normally did gyms across the country a 12% bump in new members but this new year is far from normal mini gyms have closed their doors some for good. Others have filed for bankruptcy investors are estimating that the pandemic could cost a fitness industry upwards of ten billion dollars in lost sales. All I'm you know in ish qualities. There rent expenses eighteen when you. Wind coming and you know it's a huge shot beat me. To survive many fitness companies had prohibited on lawn. I'm the co-founder sky change which is eighty New York City phase. What that brick and mortar yoga studio and now we are online and yoga. Christy Jones is making the adjustment shifting her yoga classes ended virtual studio as the biggest challenge. Is letting go car or at least she is and the idea that we're not going to see T change. In community in real life titans aren't. First it was a real shock and this huge change in my life I didn't sign up should be noted citrix into their songs camera. Now is the reality reliving and she certainly not alone many Americans including Tina dander right had been forced out of their gyms at some point during the pandemic. I don't know I would go back to is he doing something that I listed him. Tired we're even going to public Jen if there's something about jazz feelings stay in the comfort of your own home. Radio and there around three don't know who's working out next season if they're mastered not. In the gym clothes and a rights abortion uphold Tom spike in membership. Tell the sun news. Thirty and it all my strength. It's something that I love and hiding in not only the comfort of my own home but I can work my work outs around my schedule. At the beginning of the pandemic guy found Nadia live murder better known as mad that on you to sleep pandemic she had a million followers. Now I'm one of more than five million people who subscribe to her free workouts and. Years ago I hot and I knew home workouts and future in the senate seat people's it's gonna save people money. And I think a lot of people are now they're forced into and they realized hey I can do this and I Pena at a Palm Beach work out as fast and doesn't require any equipment or experience I've seen people from the ages of I have to get my dancing teens just jumping out of your mind two. Did these sixteen year olds getting our it's. Really cool to see that he hopes reached. So why you changed so left for seven and left for backing California dice is focused on helping people reach their New Year's goals in person. He just launched a kettle bell class on the Santa Monica Pier and believes his shift outside it's here for the long haul. The biggest key and my experience just in knots. Get down and quit. If you have a will and you're willing to work hard there's going to be a solution out there. It allows you to continue to grow and help people that in Los Angeles will Clark. ABC news yeah a little. Feeling like I need to get up and stretch your work out here at our thanks to will for that before we go tonight. The image of the day concert goers are rocking out to the Flaming Lips in Oklahoma. Everyone climbed inside their own space age looking bubbles which were inflated by a leaf blowers. The Flaming Lips have actually been using giant bubbles in their shows for years the pandemic somehow making it all seem a little less unusual. That is our show for this hour stay tuned ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thank you so much for streaming with us have a good night.

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