ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Vaccine Watch: Shots arrive at nursing homes; The Rundown: Top headlines today: Dec. 23, 2020; By the Numbers: The post-Thanksgiving COVID surge
49:10 | 12/24/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, December 23, 2020
President trump on his way into the winter White House. Leading Washington behind after dropping several political bonds. Issuing a number of controversial pardons. Using his veto power to force congress back to town and threatening the critical relief package so many Americans are depending on us. Upping the ante president trump pressuring congress to increase the amount of relief Americans were seen. The move forcing the hand of many Republicans who support the president but also support the bill he's now putting in jeopardy. So what's behind the political gamble. Alarming traveled. Search millions of Americans already sidestepping public health recommendations to get together for the holiday. And then new concerns about a more troubling variant of com in nineteen and the one that cancels Christmas for many in the UK. We learn one million people have already been vaccinated so far the vaccine more tonight. And we are with one doctor on the front lines and she received the vaccine and makes a promise to her patient. Validity more than doctor that I wanted to do your doctor than it was before this pandemic. The first body camera video from a deadly police shooting showing the officer turned on his camera after the fatal shot. We're learning tonight. The holiday weather alert a dangerous roads as a powerful storm heads east. Blizzard like conditions for many hats in the Christmas morning forecast. Good evening primary already checked in for Lindsey Davis thanks for streaming with us we begin tonight with this stimulus once thought to be a sure thing but now the president's veto threat has rocked congress just two days. Before Christmas. The president wants to raise the amount Americans receive from 600 to 2000 dollars the political grenade has him at odds with many in his own party. And it unlikely agreement with Democrats Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and Alexandria a cause you quartets. Staunch conservatives conservatives Lindsey Graham and Josh holly also his allies in this effort. All this happening at the president issues new controversial pardons. We'll have more on that in a moment but we begin with ABC's Rachel Scott on where things stand with the called it relief bill that so many Americans. Desperately need. Tonight with relief for millions in jeopardy and the nation at risk that a government shutdown. President trump leaving the White House heading to Florida for the holidays. Behind closed doors for days the president last night posting this message on Twitter. Last thing that NASA bipartisan stimulus package demanding congress increase direct payments from 600 dollars to 2000. Send me a suitable bill. Our Rouse the next administration will have to deliver a covered relief package. Members of his own administration had promised money would be in americans' pockets before the new year. People organist see this money. The beginning of next week. Even one of the president's closest allies senator Lindsey Graham calling the bill in perfect. But saying the sooner the bill becomes law the better Democrats say the president should've waited earlier. Be bad for the the president did either right now. Also Unser in federal unemployment benefits in addiction protection set to expire at the end of the year. Leeson the strata was waiting for months for congress to act. She told us that 600 dollar check winning goal far. Now saying any further delay would be catastrophic. Last zero income coming into our council. Because this package is being held up right now. So many waiting on those checks and Rachel Scott joins me now from Washington Rachel what are we hearing from Republican leaders in congress on how they'll handle the president's latest move. Yeah we that Democrats are already saying in the house that they're gonna try and post this board of the unanimous consent to try and get those 2000 dollar check to the American people but. Tonight we are learning that house Republicans do plants a block that it's unclear. What specifically which house Republican will do that but make no mistake about it this will be going directly against the president but for months now. Democrats have been pushing trying to get those 2000 dollar stimulus checks in this bill Republicans would not budge on the overall price tag which is why you saw that smaller amounts of 600 dollars area out a lot of people shell shocked in Washington tonight and Rachel the president leading Washington today but not afford be telling the defense spending bill so. What happens next. Yeah so this is really interesting here the president vetoing this bill something that he's been threatening to be till now for some time tonight he is calling it a gift to bolt China and Russia but leaders on both sides of the aisle Democrats and Republicans have said that this funding is absolutely vital for the military so now lawmakers we'll have to return back to Washington to try and override the president in this are successful. This be the first it would be the first veto override. For the drug administration area out Rachel Scott covering it all in Washington thank you so much. Next for the second time in two days president trump has issued a number of presidential pardons including for some of his political allies. The president party 26 people including Roger Stone and Paul man at fort he also commuted to sentences of three people are Pierre Thomas reports. S. Tonight the president's pardon spree continues. 45 more granted clemency is becoming clear that the president wants to purge. As much of special counsel Robert Muller's prosecution legacy as possible. For spending a little hard to self proclaimed dirty trickster Roger Stone. One of his most loyal allies. Also receiving a pardon tonight president former campaign manager Paul Matt afford. Who received the toughest sentence of any of Trump's associates. Entangled in the Muller investigation men of were convicted of bank and tax fraud the president already granted clemency to others charged in connection with the Muller pro. Heartening Michael bland former national security advisor. Doors pop and apples and an attorney charged early in the investigation. Tonight some also pardoning someone close to his family. The father of his son in law Jared Kushner Charles Kushner pleaded guilty in 2005. To tax evasion witness tampering. And making illegal campaign contributions. He served fourteen months of a two year prison term. Area we appear to be just getting started in the thing that's developing. That the president wants to bite the mullah investigation on the face of the planet these were warning to people who've been loyal. And to be clear we expect more. A lot more. Aerial. Here Thomas thank you and let's bring in senior editorial producer Jon and Tucci and John as we heard they are among those pardoned today Charles Kushner the father Trump's son in law Jared Kushner. He had been there aren't that medical expected would come on January 27 as soon as. Donald Trump to the local law. I'll but it took forty years for Jared Kushner again that presidential arts sports father Charlie bush there. Indicate aerial it goes back to keep down in all night they released it acted Asian fraud. Also. And setting up creatures up. What we're all in an awful coup would. Robinson can wage Obama but he of course served his prison time and been out and presumed. Controlled approach her company which charity computer was running up until the point of your bank president trump campaign ultimately into the White House in twenty should have been seen how we can also. The president trial is going to have more bargains in the coming weeks our sources tell ABC music that we do not believe more ardent will comment from now until the end of the year but. As everyone cost but you never know with Donald Trump. But only into the beginning 20/20 one Donald Trump had twenty days left in all fit and be dealt mark source in this part and looked. It massive calls have been coming in the White House. For weeks and bedding is under way at a tear mentioned aerial their could be up for individuals. Tried to Robert Mueller an investigation and key ally of president corrupt. It could get apart both. His time is up an office. And John I know you'll keep tracking it pours and we can't forget the context of all of this after several landmines from the president. The stimulus and now that so we will keep an eye on it. John thank you all this coming after the president earlier pardons including those for former Blackwater security guards convicted of gunning down fourteen Iraqi civilians in 2007. While guarding an American diplomatic convoy. For more context on this are Maggie really joins us now from London and Maggie this move is now sparking outrage overseas. Hair we're seeing so much outrage over that they to bring you back to exactly why people are so frustrated. This was an absolutely. Horrific shooting that happened back in 2007 when these four men who were in Iraq working for Blackwater private security company that. And then hired by the US government's now while there they opened fire on an unarmed crowd in the square in Baghdad. They killed seventeen people including two children they left twenty others injured. Just a ale horrible tragic tragic event now all four of the man area were convicted and initially sentenced to thirty years in prison. Now after these pardons today the men's lawyers are plotting them they say all along the four men have said they were just returning fire and that they were innocent but. After the feelings of those seventeen people who were killed the others who were injured and they say they're outraged that outrages an understatement his pardons have broken their hearts and Mohammed Knight his nine year old son all lead was murdered that day ABC news spoke to him and he told us that this pardon. As like losing his son all over again he feels. Liggett the betrayal to the US justice system minute. Even more than that he tells us he feels like. It left the window open for others to act with impunity in the future many of the families and we spoke with here to ABC told us that they played in go to the street to protest these pardons. An area let's not only the families that are outraged many organizations are now speaking out the ACLU a call the president's pardons a disgraceful new low the UN humans rights office said they're deeply concerned that these pardons will. Embolden others to commit similar crimes. In the future. So clearly this is something the final impacting the families in Iraq this is being felt round the world tonight aerial yet global reverberations they're. He and turning back to the pandemic. You're in London where as many are saying now Christmas has been canceled due to this new variant of coded nineteen. But now we're learning other potentially more alarming mutation in South Africa. Yeah exactly are the novelty want to hear just days before Christmas like he's ever party dealing with that. Other mutated variation the virus that was announced earlier this week and through most of an England into a strict lockdown but now learning of a new variant that said to be even more contagious and that other variant was also more contagious elegant. Very very concerning. And the UK government says they discovered this variant they may think every jaded in South Africa on up the country that's in a huge spike in cases in recent weeks and while. UK government has confirmed that this is a mutation that there are at least two cases confirmed in the UK at least. Now these viruses we should note aerial or another constantly mutating so there are many other variations already out there and so far there is no evidence that this was more deadlier than it will affect the vaccine so. That that is the good news and don't know yet but still a lot more research has to be done to figure out that the severity of how contagious is this new virus will it affect things down the road so again it is worrying enough. And then many countries like the UK are now banning travel from South Africa and telling anyone has been in contact with the months about Africa should quarantine. Immediately. In an aerial not we need to hear just days before Christmas. Not at all and that's scientists will be looking ended this Maggie thank you for staying up late let us we appreciate it. As concerns grow around the globe about potential mutations at Kobe nineteen to reality here at home. It's grand millions are expected to defy warnings to stay home despite the fact that more than 3000 people lost their lives in just the last 24 hours. Will we see a surge on top of a surge on top of the surge or questions so many are asking public health officials are fearing mass. And can our own medical system handle it Stephanie Ramos has more. Despite dire warnings nearly 85 million Americans are expected to travel for Christmas sparking fears of another catastrophic corona virus sort. Worse than what we sought after Thanksgiving. Howard deal Benitez is at New York's LaGuardia Airport TSA screening more than five million people since Friday a record during the pandemic and are going mostly to rural areas not big cities. Raising concerns about a possible so are. And vulnerable communities. And tonight that alarming new headline out of the UK about yet another variant of the virus. Officials identifying two people in the UK infected with a variant known to be circulating in South Africa. Just days after announcing a different version is spreading rapidly in the UK. This new variant is highly concerning. Because it is yet more transmissible. And it appears to have mutated further than the new Barron has been discovered in the U packed. Experts urging caution saying it's calm and for viruses to mutate but officials now investigating exactly how and why the UK variant. Is spreading more easily amongst children and adults. New York City taking action ordering all travelers from the UK to quarantine or face daily fines of 1000 dollars. We're gonna have sheriff's deputies. Go to the home or the hotel. Of every single traveler coming in from the UK. Scientists say the variant is likely already in the US but believed the newly authorized merger or not and Pfizer vaccines will work against its. And today Pfizer announcing a deal with the US government providing 100 million more doses of its vaccine by next July. Double in the initial amount the CDC saying more than a million Americans have been vaccinated. Today those brave FT and why paramedics who responded to countless calls during the brutal spring surge. Receiving their first shots on the same day be learned a twelve member died. On the way and today's birthdays are seeing a lot. December on track to be the deadliest month of the pandemic more than 3400. Lives lost on Tuesday. The Cheatham family in Kentucky losing three family members since Thanksgiving. First their grandfather then both their parents. We went Christmas. My parents out we. Are. Certainly a poignant reminder there Stephanie Ramos joins us now from new York and Stephanie public health officials of course are recommending. No holiday travel but if you do have to go somewhere what are some ways to keep your wrist that. So the things he says that the lowest risks travel art short trips by car. And with members of your own household and don't make stops along the way this week could avoid other people and contaminated surfaces. Some good advice there and Stephanie as you mentioned the CDC released the number of Americans vaccinated so far how many doses of the two vaccine have been distributed. Well very on the US has really reached a milestone today the CDC says that more than a million people have received the first dose of the club in nineteen vaccine. Since the administration began ten days ago and they also say that about nine point four million doses. Have been delivered to hospitals and other locations with many more to go aerial. So many waiting in line to get that vaccine Stephanie Ramos thank you so much tonight. And turning now to the brave firefighters Indian -- on the front lines of the pandemic specifically the epicenter of Southern California the first responders risking their lives every day. Our Caylee her tongue along for the ride with them at the cove that calls keep coming at. Tonight this is the battle on the front lines. Paramedics in Orange County responding to a relentless search. This man has apparent covic symptoms and is being taken to hospital for testing his family's on high alert another relative critical condition. The last couple weeks and then some things never seen before in call volume. I'm just a number of acutely ill patients. In just a half hour during our ride along six potential cold it 911 calls coming in it's a scene playing out across the country. More than a 1171000. Americans are now in the hospital a new record captain leak a prayer and his crew. Waiting up to an hour with patients because there's no room. I'm a critically ill person in your Jared Max analysts and being unable to get into the hospital it is definitely challenging concern. Here in Orange County 5% of firefighters are sidelined department. Pushed to the brink. Right now it's like all rules are out there when we just need to get keep keep guys and gals. On our rigs and responding to the odds that calls and help enough citizens. Because those calls are gonna keep coming they're not stop. Those calls not stopping Caylee hearts on joins us now in Caylee what are the latest numbers coming out of California. Mary LB's latest numbers they would reflect this drastic these firefighters are under. This state has just surpassed two million key since. And half of those who isn't came in just the last six weeks and that's how you played a surge upon a surge in perspective. Certainly alarming numbers Mary Hayley you yourself as we know recovered from Kobe nineteen early in the pandemic we've seen you embed with Frontline workers before but. Not during a search like this one did this still different to you. It it does feel different and these firefighters will tell you it feels different to them to act really the story of our day aerial. We started out at station 48 you'll notice where it. Station 66 right now but when we got to station 48 this morning we were told we couldn't come in one of their own one of their firefighter paramedics. Woke up last night we with Coleman like symptoms and they they expected it. He will test positive today and that means that entire station needs to be. I'd could be put into quarantine and then we were transferred over here to station 66 it just across. Just across Orange County that's what these guys these men and women are dealing with right now their own are getting sick. Right now about 5% and the Orange County S fire authority. Our sidelines because. They too are being exposed to this virus and they're not strong enough to fight in either. This also feels different because and that the severity of illness that is at these firefighter paramedics say that they continue to encounter. They tell me a couple of months ago when when things felt like they were getting back to Norman Millar they might get five calls a day now they're getting twice. It's just it's a different world if things continue to get worse than whether you're talking these guys are doctors in the hospital where we were yesterday. Everyone tells you they expected to get worse carry out. Coma nineteen knows no bounds not even par bravest Caylee on the story from the very beginning we appreciate it. And next to that massive storm our weather teams have been tracking all week more than 150 million under weather alerts right now already white out and dangerous driving conditions in Minnesota the storm is continuing to march east and it could cause flooding and power outages on Christmas Day along the East Coast. Senior meteorologist rob Marciano is tracking it all for us rob what's the latest. While this this is a dynamic storm and has been since it hit northwest coast area Al and it's only deepening and expanding now. A near the Great Lakes we had winds measured over sixty miles per hour in many Minnesota. And now Minneapolis is in the throes of a blizzard warning that's rare for unity even Minneapolis so he got blizzard warnings across that part of the country we've got. High wind watches and warnings from Texas all the way to the northeast where we also have flood watches so. All sorts of impacts coming with this but such talk about the fund itself I think there's the snow and blowing snow goes away by tomorrow morning as a slow panel lifts up and become warmer rain maker from the Great Lakes down the Gulf Coast I'm really concerned about. The Carolinas. For the Virginia coast we could not only see severe thunderstorms but the potential there for Steen got tornadoes as well so dangerous. Driving tomorrow if not the it certainly difficult driving tomorrow whether you're on the ground or in the air fear understand Dennis limited at tomorrow night around midnight. I mean it's going to be windy it's going to be a cold behind the system. Damaging Lance potentially. DC Philly New York into Boston might see some power outages come. Comes Friday morning Thursday tomorrow morning's low temperatures look at this widespread below freezing wind chills. And that's no zone that is that is frightening stuff even Dallas getting in that the below freezing in and as we get to some to Christmas morning. That cold airports in the east and it's all the way down until fla. Where they have actually talked about potential for seeing iguanas falling out of treats. Which actually does happen as the saying across Central Florida and that could very well happen on Christmas Day. So there you have it. There's going to be some people aerial that better wake up Christmas morning a don't have power says not the best Christmas gift certainly. But this is this is it the silly mother nature works and it's looks a looks like a pretty bad storm coming through here all be done today for boxing day. As celebrates had on the 26. We will wait for that hopefully everyone including you stay safe out there rob thanks. Thank you do. When we come back in the high rise blast leaving workers stranded several stories up and the critical injuries we're learning about tonight. With a massive vaccination process underway in tonight's vaccine watch we examine how the effort to immunize is being carried out in nursing homes but up next the new body camera video showing the moments after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in Columbus, Ohio. Who police say approached them with his cell phone in his hands. We're back now with the new police body camera video and the deadly shooting of Andrew Maurice hill an unarmed black man who Columbus police say. Approached officers with the cell phone in his hands. That new video emerging on the same day as the funeral for KC good sent a black man shot and killed by a deputy two weeks ago are Marcus Moore reports. This. Is newly released video from a Columbus police officer's body camera chilling moments after 47 year old Andre hill was shocked but you. And got to decide according to a forty office responded to a disturbance call early Tuesday morning. Ran nutrient. Starting out at a. A 46 officer Adam Cole a nineteen year veteran of the force and another officer arrived to a open garage door with Gil inside. He'll walking towards the officers with a phone in one hand and the other hand not visible officer Coley opened fire shooting he'll look forty say was unarmed. The see him lying. In the driveway. Minute. After minute after minute after minute with no attempt to render aid. Fact is a stunning disregard. Pro life and in this case. Black like Gil would later died at the hospital the officers involved not activating the body cameras until immediately after the shooting. Investigators will be examining the crucial moments captured by the cameras look back feature which pre record sixty seconds of video from the mall which it turns on. But it does not capture audio so it is unclear what was said between hill and the two officers. Marcus Moore joins us now and markets Columbus is marriage had some harsh words for that officer involved in this so what's next for the officer. Well that's right Arial he said that he wants the officer to be. Terminated immediately and right now we know that officer corps who again is a nineteen year veteran of the force has been placed on administrative leave as this investigation unfolds. I market this is the second deadly police shooting in recent weeks for Columbus police. Yeah it's been a very difficult time even the mayor acknowledged how exhausted the community is this comes just weeks after another man Casey Goodson junior. Was a shot and killed by police officers. In the first part of December. And he was actually laid to rest today in Columbus an emotional day for awful for the family and be. Marcus Moore thank you so much. Still ahead here on prime concerns your guests might not make it in time for Christmas we have some tips. And the NBA star under investigation for doing something that could have put him and his teammates at risk of catching cove it. And we keep hearing those concerns about a Christmas surge we examine the data after the Thanksgiving holiday by the numbers. The first are treated the day Harry and Maggie in an Archie sharing their holiday card when the world's. As millions of Americans traveled for the Christmas holiday amid the pandemic we have some sobering new data on the potential impact of travel on the spread of the virus after Thanksgiving. Let's take a look by the numbers. An ABC news investigation looking at travel from twenty of the nation's largest counties shows a dramatic spike in cold infections in the weeks after significant Thanksgiving travel. Overall eighteen of those counties saw increases following Thanksgiving where many may have gathered with family and friends. In the counties with the highest numbers of people who traveled more than 500 miles. There was an average of an additional 407 infections per day 36%. Job. In Los Angeles county the number of Kobe nineteen cases per day grew 79 point 5%. In the week after Thanksgiving. Dallas County Texas 61%. Increase after Thanksgiving going from 924. New daily cases to nearly 15100. Nationally since late November of the seven day average of new cases has increased by 32%. When twelve days this month so far recording and daily caseload. Up over 200000. And with five million people passing through TSA checkpoints in the last five days experts say those case numbers are likely. To get worse following December holiday travel. And we still have a ton to get to right here on time the real life Christmas battle taking place in one town over across. It's one of the world's most profitable businesses yet it's illegal are looking into the underground cocaine trafficking industry. At doctors continue to get vaccinated one of them on the front lines is sharing her experiences. With us. But first a look at our top trending stories on And and. But win. Tonight the presidential pardon spree continues. Granting an awful hard to self proclaimed dirty trickster Roger Stone. One of his most loyal ally also receiving a pardon tonight president's former campaign manager Paul metaphors. Who received the toughest sentence of any of Charles & Associates entangled in the Mueller investigation the president already granting clemency to others charged in connection with the Mueller broke. Heartening Michael Palin has more national security of us. George pop and goblins and an attorney charged early in the investigation. Tonight trouble also pardoning someone close to his family the father of his normal on Jared Kushner. Financial relief for millions of Americans is on hold after the president announced he won't sign the Kobe nineteen relief package and send me a suitable bill will. Morales the next administration will have to deliver a covenant relief package. And I'm administration not only indicated that the president would be signing this bill. 87 bills taxes would go out as soon as next week. Make them we definitely need to get relief. I mean that Santa. Tea bags to residents. I don't know that Democrats certainly. But Dixie deadliest days of the pandemic occurring in the past week. The soaring taxes only leaving many Americans grieving for their loved ones during this holiday season every person actually hear him. Just over or it harks. A real life Christmas battle brewing over decorations in North Carolina town Jane's NT face and fighting back after their local homeowners association in Raleigh demanded being ticked down one of their most personal possessions across new receive alerts and the couple threatened with a 100 dollar fine and told in a letter quote the unless biblical references can be provided noting the cross as a symbol of the Christmas season the cross is not considered a Christmas decorations. Goes neighborhood usually sooner the resonance. Two problem references weren't you don't also Chris the board eventually backing down but the face and say that only happened once a local media got involved. Now the couple's lawyer says they're planning to file a lawsuit in federal court. In the NBA superstar James Harden is coming under fire tonight in him after he was allegedly seen in a video at a large club Christmas party Houston Rockets player responded to allegations and is now deleted as a grand story. Denying the event was held at a strip club when he was there to show support and tourism home girl wouldn't. The NBA fining him 50000 dollars. The rockets today also sent home a group of players after a separate rockets player. Tested positive for drove in 1950s. Vessels on related to the heart investigation. The rockets thunder game tonight has now been postponed. What diner analysts and must be on vacation because Santa Claus was spotted in Croatia won a paddle boarding reindeer. Dressed in a classic red and white this group of fifteen panel orders were in the charitable spirit this week. Putting their Santa Constance I'm all for wet suits and paddling out into the. Frigid waters and offered it cost me were raising money for elderly citizens. Of Croatia's history region and having some fun while doing it. And welcome back turning now to developments in Baltimore tonight several people are in critical condition after a high rise explosion caused a partial roof collapse. The incident left workers stranded at scaffolding several stories up our Trevor alt has more. Tonight stunning images into daring rescue after a massive explosion rocks downtown Baltimore. A rare zero or. Two men who'd been cleaning windows helplessly dangling on scaffolding this morning. Ten stories up the side of the Baltimore electric and gas company offices. The force of the blast knocking a second scaffold off the building Baltimore's elite special operations team performing a highly technical rescue. One of our members had to step out with a scalpel. Five of the scalpel actually cut through the window in the eleventh way of bringing it to eleven. With part of the roof collapsing firefighters clearing the high rise floor by floor in evacuating to neighboring buildings. In total 21 people taken to the hospital nine of them now in critical condition. The cause of the explosion is under investigation but the company says construction on the ear in boiler system is likely to blame. Thankfully because of the pandemic and the holiday this building was mostly empty otherwise this could have been a lot worse aerial. Trevor thank you the arrival of covic nineteen vaccines can't come soon enough for our nation's elderly especially those in nursing homes and long term care facilities who have suffered tremendous losses through the pandemic. So we were there as the first doses of vaccines rolled out in the past week. To those facilities Bob Woodruff tracking it all in this week's vaccines watch. Last week the shots heard around the world. Over the past few weeks we watched as front line health care workers. Received the protection may be needed since mark. And CVS and Walgreens vaccinated some of the first nursing home residents. In the US against Coleman nineteen. We'll be working with the CE RC on April. I run against get go wanted it's LeBlanc. For those in long term care and nursing home facilities the excitement is palpable. The loneliness of the past ten months taking it stole. I can't hurry you know how you. You know. What vaccine roll outs under way America's largest pharmacies are stepping up. Administering doses to the country's most vulnerable populations. ABC's Jim may Norman got an exclusive look at how companies like CBS are deploying in administering the vaccine to nursing homes. This box comes directly from Pfizer they'll open it up pressed a button a sort of a high tech way to say hey we've received the package they'll take out a tray of bio pressing need. And they're gonna put me in refrigerator down here what it'll fall for at least three hours. So put it in their work and face up to five days until the vaccines about 3540 degrees they'll leave it there and then put it in these temperature regulated bags. One of these files are reserved for 95 year old Jean Peters. And I. But before the dose goes into jeans arm CBS personnel puts the temperature control bags into their own vehicles. From here the clock starts taking there's only a few hours before the vaccine is no longer usable and these transporters. Have apps to help keep them on track. We put this we have been. The direct access to this tedious call command center and if it's an extreme emergency V how to access the call 911. Just yesterday 49 year old Julian Holland was vaccinated in Ohio. He's been recovering from a back injury as a long term care facility for the past few months. And yeah. Keeping in. Easy easy. Oh the yeah. It is we CVS and Walgreen say it'll take only a month to get the first doses of the vaccine. To all of the nursing homes who have asked for return of vaccine can be shipped and stored at standard freezer temperatures. And is packed and containers of a hundred doses each. This allows jurisdictions the flexibility to support hard to reach small and more rural error in areas. Areas like and win explorers Indiana. She says CBS plans to visit her facility. In January I don't. Portraits and let its won the this is Bob what are tracking the race for a vaccine. Our thanks to Bob for that reporting of course Frontline medical workers at our nation's hospitals where the first to receive the vaccine with doctors and nurses working around the clock getting that much needed defense. Back in April we introduced you to doctor Danielle a lot less a critical care physician at Boston's Brigham and will women's hospital. Who's been treating only patients since the pandemic began so this week we checked in with her as she received the vaccine to get her reflections on this moment that endemic. And her message to the country as we face a very difficult winter here she is in her own words. And Harlem Sonoma homeowner and critical care doctor here in Austin. Separate amendments hospital. In caring for patients. Many currently nineteen in our intensive care units. Since this brings her back in March. And I was fortunate cute receive the first shot the current scene a couple of days out. Didn't hurt at all I thought no negative consequence and it. Industry all it countless. Sorts I'm Matt left upper arm. Just very similar to Dr. flu shots certainly can end lifting weights and to be honest I don't like that's Ernest. Like the fact that I can still touches her here days and Maxine. Through the hospital right now it's. It's been pretty tedious actor the past months. This summer was this weird kind of limbo and our following scenic code numbers ground. Belief that I have seen in the past couple of days there has been an address on an energy. Full worry about signing happened and really hope. And I hope that things will be different and this is your miracle of science that is being brought to us now will in time. He drops used the rest of the country. Still we get our next to use and we feel that hope and that adrenaline but we also feel wary because we know what's going on ran upstairs. And that is a strange limbo that we're and rain now and that we're trying to balance its that the fact that we're in the midst of the winter search year. That's throughout the country hospitals are overcrowded. My own hospital is overcrowded. Here in Massachusetts elective surgeries have been put on hold once again. Here are my hospital or abuser restrictions are as stringent as they had been since the spring. And so I hope is counterbalanced by the fact that there is an increasing number people who are in our intensive care unit who are sick who might die. Often after indoor family event and gathering at Thanksgiving. Sort of dark time. It's winter. And these are short the natives are wrong and we are also tired. I take care of patients and I realize that perhaps the physical exam on dealing. The procedures that we do in the first physical contact they had thought from someone else since the spring. We are deeply exhausted and being alone being hastily and particularly. Older people who live this has been density. And people all people want to keep they want to say let me just happened to her family let me just be with others. And a vaccine is something that sends these photos of doctors getting the vaccine owners is getting the vaccine they say. They say there is a reason to hold on because there and point. And if you can injure you two look at this vaccine and we will be able. To re enter the world it sure won't look just like the world of 2019 that we laughed. But will look better in this one. I get my second shot on January 9 and after that and we'll be as fully protected as somebody can be. Of course until then and are after. I will continue to Wear masks I'll continue to distance continue to take all of the precautions I've taken before the vaccine. But I think in the hospital things will be different and I can promise this to my patients to patients who won't have access to the vaccine for months to come a minute even more the doctor that I wanted to be a doctor than it was before this pandemic. Currently when I'm here patient Cochran in the room at body tense is up and that he should clocks that I know. I hope I don't know how long it'll take but I hope that my body cons that I'm able to tell myself. You can stay in here you could be protected. And I know that there's a point holding on to and during. Because we will get through this there is now a light at the end of this tunnel. Even though it is far lane even though there's so much loss to come. And if you look at these vaccines southeast hate them. As haute. Take them as a promise. And is the promise I am getting as a doctor community battered doctor I'm going to be sure that I do what ever I can't my agency said eight to get to the point where they are able to smile for that photo. And where they are able to say I need it. Our thanks to doctor llamas for what she's doing and for sharing her story with us. Overseas now a rather interesting way for traffickers to smuggle drugs and no we're not talking about a vaccine. Police in Turkey uncovered two and a half kilos of cocaine tucked behind portraits of the recently deceased Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona. A 72 year old German man was arrested at the Istanbul airport in connection with the discovery. Maradona died last month. And had a long history of cocaine abuse just released autopsy results reveal merry Donna did not have drugs in his system at the time of his death. And with the underground world of cocaine trafficking clearly booming around the globe. Mary on a van Zeller and our partners and that GO give us a closer look. So I driving for an hour I'm up the mountain and these dirt roads. We're heading to me that Wayne you about own eight drug operation. He's given us the green light to fill his out loud in the don't. All I know is that have been promised to see the place where cocaine begins its 3000 mile journey to the USS. But for now everyone is just nervous about getting. There we've been told that. Every time a car road she is helping other discounts and how light pollution hide our faces because they don't want to see. Tiny ring goes in this area because it raise suspicions. I'm. Serious frightening as. Even though we've gotten permission to see this cocaine. To get there we have to pass through land controlled by other plants and malicious who have no idea who we are. But what we're up to you. So I'm a little start up costs. In the middle of the deserted them. It's tax. And then suddenly appears out of the darkness thanks figure out who this day. We'll have full bus left colossal. OK to laugh they know finest old Buffett headline. The candidates they key figure in the whole operation was standing on a mountain rim in the pitch dark. Sometimes you can't make this stuff up so they're checking the area to make sure that everything is safe. Millions moon okay shut off all lights. Here this. Entry into the general's. This semester was removed from Walters you know hopefully. To improve of those who need a phone call from. Convenient green. The school reform town close by I think yes you can create problems for all of us. These labs are the economic engines for the local communities. Without them it would be little demand for cocoa leaks. That's fine villagers are still protected us. They're basically if threats to their livelihood. The cannon says Mimi promise that I won't reveal the location. I told him it's not a problem. I can barely team I don't feel. Intrepid reporting Derrick thanks to marry on and be sure to catch the latest episode of traffic Wednesdays at 9:8 central on National Geographic. Next to the American teen behind bars in the Cayman Islands for breaking that nations Kobe quarantine rules. Her mother is speaking out in an emotional interview Victor a komando has more. American Skyler Mac burning she'll spend the next two months in the Caribbean jail. Max mother and stepfather speaking up for the first time since their daughter's arrest. For violating cove in nineteen protocols in the Cayman Islands telling ABC affiliate WSB. They're living through their worst nightmare. She's Canada dominated she's Myers. Know Italy errant whoever they. The eighteen year old premed student was silent as she's escorted inside that courtroom hands cuffed. Back and her boyfriend Benji realty asking the nation's high court for leniency ultimately getting their prison sentence cut down from four months to two. Her parents got a call from Schuyler just after the ruling came in. It's dedicated her human and begin to be home. Sooner and it's been. Solo home buyers. Mac travel to the Caribbean island on November 27. And according to officials. Broker mandatory fourteen day quarantine. After just two days and one negative Kobe test she allegedly removed two risk monitor and less corn team to watch her boyfriend a 24 year old professional jet ski racer compete. The trip to paradise taking quick turn what's authorities learned that Mack attended the competition. Both American red and he retained Randy charged with aiding and abetting. Their punishment seesawing. Initially ordered to pay a fine and serve community service then up to four months in prison before the final decision Tuesday two months. I still remember her. In. Prison the couple's attorney saying they accept the court's decision. In continue to express remorse for their actions Murdoch's planned programs. Sky over his mother vowing to keep fighting until our daughter is back in the US. We're hoping for a different outcome. On who we're not gonna stop Bernanke biting and tell us he's here on the downstate. Our thanks to Victor for that report and when we come back still waiting for your Christmas gifts to arrive while it so you might be in trouble but we haven't hinted to keep you lock on Santa's naughty list. Are you one of the millions of Americans worried your last minute gift may not make it under the tree in time I'll back you were early has the eleventh hour tents they could optimize your chances of deliveries except. Them online Blair passes to package cubs last mile delivery. In the shipping systems rain to the breaking. Analysts ship matrix estimates that seven million packages have been delayed this holiday season the Washington Post reporting private carriers FedEx and UPS have cut off new deliveries for some retailers rerouting surging mail volumes through the overwhelmed Postal Service now the US Postal Service is seen numbers like never beat Fuller. With packages still on route and Christmas two days away what should consumers do about their gifts if you haven't gotten there yet yes it might be time to get creative about her get to option there are some options for improving your odds of receiving that delayed delivery. Many carriers will let you sign up a real time updates via text. But with this much volume tracking software can be a little off. And backtracking isn't necessarily being updated in real time. I have several packages that say they're outstanding have already been hurt so it is -- you'll get a nice price on your doorstep. Also carries website and make sure you don't have signature required for your delivery. You're unsure whether your package will deliver on time you might need to be creative about how deliberate act get eaten rats. A smaller version the item that you have coming you or a picture of that item and give somebody knocks you open up president. Without actually having an. I know some people out there who are probably taking notes. This is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ that's our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC news life for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Arial rash act in for Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming without wishing you a safe and happy holiday.

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