ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Author Meena Harris discusses her new book, 'Ambitious Girl'; A grim coronavirus prediction, 1 year later; Reddit community WallStreetBets squeezes short sellers
48:55 | 01/28/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Finally clashes between protesters and police who opened fire on the crowd. Street day unrest and crowd anger over Lebanon strict lockdown as the country spirals against the world of science. Homeland Security threat. Federal government issues and national terrorism bulletin warning of violent extremism from right wing militants and lone wolves in reaction to the election of president signing. One man under arrest authorities say they found five pipe bombs and dozens of weapons alleging he threatened war former president Truman left office. Darkest days as many as 90000. Americans projected to die from cold over the next four weeks. First briefing from the White House for the nineteen response team. Reveals there stockpiling distribution plan what we're now learning about how the new variants hold up against the vaccines. And how many Americans can expect to keep waiting before getting a shot. Pandemic predictions the Doctor Who many dismissed at the start of the pandemic for his grim forecasts only to be proven right time after time. What he tells us tonight. I guess a little bit afraid to ask but what do you think ultimately the death toll will be in this. Tackling climate change. President Biden calls it a matter of national security signing his latest executive order what this means for the energy industry and onshore drilling. And what Biden says about creating new Johns. Seems stock mania the John dropping stock prices for GameStop and other companies pumped by Internet users out to prove Wall Street wrong. This is more than just trolling. And exposing a serious flaw in our financial system. Nina Harris the niece of vice president Pamela Harris joins us to talk about how she is harnessing the power of ambitious girls. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thank you so much for streaming with us tonight let's start out with some inspiration tonight from the 22 year old poet and an informant who of course made her dramatic entrance onto the national stage and president Biden's inauguration one week ago today saying. While democracy can periodically be delayed. It can never be permanently defeated it has now been three weeks since violent pro trump extremists stormed the capital. Resulting in the deaths of five people but in the end they were not able to defeat democracy the transfer of power resumed. Since that day some super sleuth Americans and even some of the rioters relatives of come forward with tips. To help the government bring them to justice there already been dozens of arrests so far but tonight another reminder of all the hard work still ahead. Today the Department of Homeland Security issued a rare national terrorism alert. The first in more than a year it warns that violent extremists opposed to the government. Could continue to mobilize to insider commit violence in the coming days this comes as we learned today the FBI arrested a California man with an arsenal fine pipe bombs and at least 49 weapons. Our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas need to saw. Tonight the nation on alert. Homeland Security featuring a ray or urgent bulletin warning right wing militants and lone wolves may target elected officials and government facilities. And were emboldened by the January 6 capital riots are also at risk critical infrastructure. Power and communication grids across the nation. The air out there they're angry they're disenfranchised. They're upset the present trump lost. Law enforcement on edge as he FBI races to arrest all those who stays the insurrection on Capitol Hill the massive scale of the pro becoming clearer. 400 suspects identified hundreds more under investigation. Charges of sedition likely coming. Authorities continue to hunt for those who planted those pipe bombs. And scores of other people who attacked police both inside and outside of the capital. Tonight growing concern about other potential suspects who may also be planning. Today the FBI announcing charges against Ian Rodgers. After authorities say they discovered an arsenal of 49 firearms. And five fully functional pipe bombs the FBI claims Rogers was angry because president trump lost. And was preparing for an attack allegedly texting I want to blow up a Democrat building bad I hope 45 president trump goes to war. If he doesn't I will Rogers is suspected of being affiliated with the militia group the 3% owners a claim his defense attorney denies. Members of congress now more certain than ever they faced a lethal threat south Carolina Republican congressman Tom rice telling our affiliate WPV. Tens of well shouting hi my kids if they had gotten their hands on like kids they were killed convinced. That is the senate prepares to put former president trump on trial. Democrats continue to maintain that words have dangerous ramifications. Many pointing to Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green. Who they claim has supporting Q and on conspiracy. And other dangerous theories. This video posted on green space and live in 2019. It has since been taken down. It's a crime punishable by death is flexing. Monday is guilty and treat then. Some dangerous accusations out their Pierre Thomas joins us now from Washington pair that heated rhetoric as we lead up to a second trump impeachment must have law enforcement on edge. They're very much on as Lindsay there are hundreds of suspects right now the country in the country at the FBI is looking at their concern about. Additional suspects tied to the capital insurrection plot but also just people who are generally angry about trouble losing the election. Right wing radicals across the country are on edge and the FBI is pursuing. There's also a major turn in another case tonight the foil plots and kidnapped the governor of Michigan. We got the first guilty plea in that case we have a suspect agreeing to build plead guilty essentially confirming that there was a plot to take her hostage and to put her on trial. Okay Pierre Thomas our thanks to you. Turning now to the corona virus crisis in the many Americans still waiting on the vaccine today the Biden administration said that any stockpile vaccines quote no longer exists. This is the debate over whether to open more schools takes place are Alex Perez has more. Tonight Americans across the country. Anxious to see more vaccines and willing to do whatever it takes could get one. From Kansas where hundreds of seniors over eighty lined up in the COLT waiting hours to be vaccinated. Still Washington State where Lorraine Thorpe is working the phones aren't. Eight and nine. Japan. Ten phone numbers here are not always there I get through. But I have ten phone numbers that I have called. Vaccine sites it complaining deliveries have fallen short there's no set that set up in events and yet well get and that the people I got our shot the president promising more than a million extra doses will roll out next week but today his top Kobe to advisors cautioning there's a long road ahead it will be months. Before everyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one. The CDC director urging vigilance and a warning about those variants of the now confirmed in half of the country. More reasonable which awards increased number haze that. In stress are already taxed out Ers but as hospitalizations are starting to dip states from California to Massachusetts to New York. Moving to ease restrictions. Every curve state Warren is there room. That's good news we were gonna just. The valves to those facts. And tonight a battle over getting kids back to the classroom. In Chicago the unions threatening to strike demanding vaccinations for all teachers today thousands of students told to stay home. I cannot as mayor in good conscience as a mirror is a mother and are proud resident of the city leave these students behind who our family. Failing. A new CDC study of rural Wisconsin schools and showed a low level of transmission when mask and social distancing rules were followed and children were separated into small groups but in Cobb County Georgia outside Atlanta Wear masks are required in schools a three teachers have died from co bid. First grade teacher Dana Johnson a pair professional Cynthia Lindsay and kindergarten teacher Patrick key. It's unclear how they were infected. Nobody deserves who die for their job. Teachers need support and protection they need to be listened to and they need to be how during the pandemic so that they can do their job and they can do it safely. He's dying wish was for people to Bonnie and Wareham Oscar to protect others and yourself. People still desperately trying to plead with people to Wear masks house press joins us now that's what you tell us about what's being done to help with the distribution of the vaccine including. Calling on the military. Yeah Ellen Davis would be a partnership between FEMA the department of defense and 101000 service members could be asked to help with administering the vaccine that about a hundred sites across the country. The National Guard is already helping with the vaccine in more than thirty states Lindsay. Alex Perez thinks so much Alex. Today was climate change day at the White House president Biden signed orders to confront what he calls an existential threat that. Why did said that the threat is awesome opportunity for American innovation and new jobs but. What about workers in the coal and oil industries are chief White House correspondent Cecilia bacon reports. Calling the climate crisis an existential threat president Biden today signed sweeping executive actions reaching across the federal government. Girardi waited too long to do this climate crisis we can't wait any longer. Now we see where our own eyes we feel that we know it in our bones. And it's time to act. The actions mandate for the first time that climate change be a central part of all national security and foreign policy decisions. They also freeze new oil and natural gas leases on federal land in waters. Invest in low income and minority communities disproportionately impacted by pollution and order the government to purchase zero emission vehicles for its massive fleet. The so mean one million. New jobs in the American automobile industry one million. The move a stark departure from former president trumps policies. He brushed aside the science on climate change though the past seven years have been the hottest on record. And start getting cooler. I was just you just watch I wish I think we've got you but. Her I think sense knows that actually. Former president trump regularly told supporters the Joseph Biden's climate policies would cost them their jobs. And today I put that question to the administration's new climate czar John Kerry. There certainly are boiling cap. Workers who were watching people right now. We'll hear the message that's that the tape the wait to them is that they are seen as their livelihoods. What what do you say to. I think that that unfortunately workers. Had been fed a false narrative. Total surprise right they've been fed. The notion that somehow dealing with climate. Is coming at their expense no it's not. And Cecilia Vega joins us now from the White House to Syria what the White House have in mind for those workers US climate czar John Kerry about it is it in the gold to train them in new jobs. Essentially it is Lindsay and they're talking about new jobs in green energy fields things like wind turbines solar. Otto and heat really is here and because this is bin as something we've heard from people all across this country in state like Pennsylvania and Ohio especially. That they're worried that wit these new jobs. They're gonna have to relocate will the administration says that is not going to happen able train them in these jobs in the states where they live now. If that ends up being true that is going to be a very big deal it should come as a as a big relief for workers who are very much fear that this means they will lose. Understandably so it's a city on Biden also pledging to re engage with the world on climate change is already rejoined the Paris climate agreement and today announced plans. For a summit on earth today what does that entail well. It's on April 22 and really other using this kind at this date is kind of a benchmark they're gonna. Reveal hat. Heading into this date what their goals are for meeting some of these requirements they're laying out and some of these standards emission standards and what have you. That they're laying out in these new actions but you mention. The world the global issue are on this this is obviously not just the United States crisis this is a global crisis and the administration has a very uphill battle right now having to get countries. Like India and China on board with emission standards. And all of this of course coming after four years of a truck administration Lindsay which as we've been talking about for so long now had climate. Very much on the back burner. Bright and certainly we are all in this again this is Julie Mason reporting in from the White House thanks so much. And now to the multiple storms hitting the country tonight in Tallahassee Florida tornado forced children to hide in the hallway and also closes nearby airport for some time on the West Coast of mudslides trapped residents who were not able to evacuate in Monterey county California. The effect of the wildfire burned scars making the ground treacherous and damaging a number of homes in the area further north in Sonoma County high winds have been sending outdoor dining tent sailing down the streets. And in the mountains too much notice think about maybe even for skiers for senior meteorologist rob Marciano has the latest forced him rob. Highlands where they were off to a slow start as far as snow rain goes in the west. Catching up quickly now this is a wanna lower storms they've seen in several years certainly the highest impact storm we have an amount but. I don't on herself. A what's happening in the mid south the storm that dropped that tornado in Tallahassee is bringing some in chapel Weathers well heavier rains across that a Tennessee South Carolina Georgia tonight. Are you Bobble snows from Indiana to Kentucky into North Carolina and Virginia. Tomorrow morning that all to slow down the commute for sure this is happening while the core of that atmosphere or appoint itself at Southern California Santa Barbara first and Los Angeles pivoting into San Diego. And a heavy mounds Knowles courts concede more feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada as we had winds gusting over a 120 miles an hour Lake Tahoe today. We'll certainly see wins it close of that again tomorrow damaging winds down across all parts of of the valleys but the flash flood. And mudslides threaten. Is going to would be where this and looks like. Through Friday. Wednesday. All rights and extreme weather there rob our thanks to you. A horrifying scene playing out in Austin, Texas after a six hour standoff led to two people dead including a mother who was a beloved pediatrician. Investigators are still trying to find out a motive as that community mourns CBC's Marcus Moore brings us the latest from Texas. Tonight a forties revealing new details in an hours long standoff that left this 43 year old mother of three and pediatrician debt. Late Tuesday afternoon Austin, Texas police rushed to a doctor's office on reports that a man. Now identified as doctor Barack -- month she was holding five workers hostage. Including doctor Kathryn Lindley Dotson hostages telling police are a month she was allegedly armed with a pistol and would appear to be a shotgun. He told the hostages to try themselves up. Some of the hostages were able to escape and some of them were ultimately released. Would only Dawson left in the office negotiators tried to speak to narrow Muncie and when swat officers finally into the building. They found both doctors dad police calling it a murder suicide today a community's pain on full display at the tragic scene. Dotson Stanley saying in a statement quote she brightened our lives and lifted us up with her laughter which was like magic. The forty say the 43 year old suspect also a pediatrician. Had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given weeks to live. We feel like. His terminal cancer probably played a large part in whatever it was that occurred in his life in what was happening yesterday. Marcus Moore joins us now Marcus do we know of the two doctors knew each other. What Lindsey what with her from authorities that that right now there's no evidence to suggest that the two knew each other but we do know from investigators. That and are launching visit and that that office in the last week or two warnings a volunteer he met with the doctor Dotson at that point along with others. I but he was eventually turned down and the motive for this the alleged motive of this case is still a mystery tonight. Is it okay and markets Laura thanks you. Don't we come back the high school resource officer under investigation for Bonnie slamming a female student. Doctor Who predicted hundreds of thousands of Kobe deaths when people were still comparing the virus to the flu. He was criticizing to time but later proven right tonight we ask him. How bad will the pandemic disease. But up next GameStop has closed nearly 800 locations get it stopped fueled by investors and dorm rooms and frat houses has gained billions. Much of the anger of some hedge funds. Why this is happening. Coming up. Tonight the SEC's says that it is actively monitoring market volatility after certain stocks like king stock have been soaring fuel by amateur day traders a new generation of investors using their phones and communicating on reading it are creating chaos on Wall Street and also expose potential flaws and our financial system. Rebecca Jarvis has more. Their young stuck at home and looking to beat the shots. He's are not your typical wolves of Wall Street. The tender age of 22 I headed the only places through my high minded and they. In the last 24 hours from their dorm rooms based instant frat houses. These next generation investors have sent the financial world in twin absolute frenzy I'm not connected by some Wall Street credit debit and not pushing stocks like GameStop a company that close nearly 800 locations in the last two years and isn't expected to turn a profit until 20/20 three. To un thinkable heights today worth more than 24 billion dollars. Well we have as the perfect storm of stimulus money a cohort of younger investors and we also have these platforms. It incurred sort of these weapons of mass art training that creates. If you of this explosive upward effect Cameron bout. Lake is a twenty year old Rutgers student who's been playing the stock market during the pandemic. Know how we got knocked it. All pertinent it was go on Robin and check out the with the Robin Hood app Cameron can treat as many times as he wants without paying feats. How do you era about which stocks to buy. Audit beyond the very old auto what people do is basically you know what and ominous. And camera also gets inspiration from a community on Redick. Called Wall Street bats. Followed by more than three million readers who spent 24/7. Talking stocks. Wall Street bats has held nineteen year old JP Hurtado first discovered the idea to buy shares of GameStop. Like. I certainly Cadbury saw GameStop. You know what are you are on December. Remote is number. The University of Illinois at Chicago student who says he never owned a stock before last year says Wall Street bets made a compelling case there were posts about came stops new hires. And rumors of Smart financial groups. Four. Games Applebee's this is it per game stop. But that was just part of the appeal members of the Wall Street Pat's community had also exposed a serious of vulnerability they were going to exploit. In post like this what titled bankrupting institutional investors for dummies featuring GameStop. It was revealed that a number of influential Wall Street hedge funds were betting heavily that GameStop would crash. Known as shorting the stock. These industry titans had borrowed heavily to sell shares of GameStop thinking they'd be able to scoop the stock up later at a lower price. Well when investors like JP and cameras started piling in GameStop went up way up instead of down our. One you know are posting about it no more people buying into epic against our work you know 200 point or share not. I know mostly near where I am not seen product or are its thoughts shut their doors. Then last year the Sox only worth as much as people think it is. When people season and going. They're gonna have. Pianist so because they want peace in that aren't there are hot then. Because they're more what do you popping them. That's sent GameStop a company trading at four dollars a share a year ago on an eye popping hair up more than 16100%. This. More than doubling today alone to close at 347. Dollars 51 cents. Test was Elon Musk even tweeting about the dizzying ride. Would you say doubt you quit this evening yeah. I donated money audit the Wall Street elite on the other side the tree. Those who'd borrowed money to bet on games stops crash were suddenly squeezed forced to buy back the stock at much higher prices than ever maj. Losing billions in the process. Some even vowing to fight with it called an angry mob of young traders. The question is do these retail investors understand what they're doing and does their outsized influence represented wrist to the markets do we have a new level. A systemic risk injected into the market by individuals that appear to be more gambling if you will and actually announced an. And now all the same thing is happening in other stocks to companies like Blackberry Build-A-Bear and EMC. And if the whole thing sounds too good to be true. Bats perhaps as entertaining as it is risky. I would approach at the same way your perch are going into a casino and that is here not investing their gambling and the history of bit people building. Economic security. Through this type of trading activity. Is pretty rare. Even though was playing seem to know the odds won't always be in their favor. I've seen people to lose their life savings or college funds not be able to pay their loans all. You know I never saw a map the ocean. Some solo fear of missing out playing out on wall Streeter thanks Rebecca for that still ahead here on prime the baseless conspiracy theories that are tearing families apart. What do you do if someone you love believes in Q and on. If you have an iPhone or iPad apple says there's a security flaw that you need to know about. And a pandemic continues to push more people out of the workforce we take a look by the numbers. First I treated the day actor George to K one of many paying tribute to comedian stories Leachman who passed away at 94. This message rest in peace. And save a lap for us when we get there. Welcome back everyone we turn to another sign of the pandemic Stoll on working parents especially mothers with so many American children learning from home there's a look at one angle of the school reopening debate by the numbers. 47%. Of working parents which shall. And learning remotely or in hybrid model are fully employed all the time compared to a much higher 71% of working parents students. Children are physically back in school according to new Franklin Templeton Gallup economics of recovery study. 44% of parents with children doing distance learning are now now come the workforce entirely. Compared to only 15% whose children are backing a school building. Disparities Starker for mothers 38% of moms with kids learning at home still work full time. 57%. With kids learning in person are employed full time. And about a surrogate mothers with children learning remotely are now Powell held her labor force according to one study. And we still have lots gets you here on trying tonight what researcher who predicted in the early days of the pandemic that hundreds of thousands of Americans who died. Think it will happen in the coming months we were afraid to ask. How he stole the spotlight at the inauguration is heading into this super ball and working on another original. And our conversation with amino Paris the children's book author and lawyer entrepreneur and east of the vice president news. First a look at our top trending stories on Three weeks after the deadly attack on the nation's capital and a new warning about ongoing domestic terrorist threats the Department of Homeland Security issuing its first national terrorism advisory in a year seeing violent extremists could be emboldened I didn't January 6 attack. Yeah parents. Warning comes as the investigation into the capital region continues to Justice Department announcing charges today against. FBI says it's identified more than 400 suspects and made about 135. Arrests in the attack. And DOJ officials say some rioters could face charges of sedition. You're always looking at any related litigation charges that he was only will bear fruit berries Jonas. Osceola county officials were investigating this disturbing confrontation between one of their school resource officers and a student at all. It shows the officer slamming at liberty high school students of ground. Here at home. Porsche appears to going conscious. Her body not moving as he puts ran handcuffs. The school district telling ABC affiliate WS TV but they don't hire the school resource officers that are placed in their schools. He Osceola county sheriff's office stating that we are collecting video witness statements and relevant information related to the incident we know that the school resource officer was in the process of trying to stop the student providing another student. When parents demand better color for the officer to be arrested him. Apple urge you all its customers to update their iphone's operating system immediately. In order to fix majors security flaws in the system that tech giants attackers may have actively exploited to security bug the company believes by updating operating system. It will prevent hackers from doing any damage now that the flaws have been discovered. And the vulnerabilities impact iPhone iPad users who should immediately update to IOS fourteen point four as a precaution. Pamela Anderson has tied the knot again. The Baywatch star getting married her bodyguards. For Anderson revealed the Daily Mail she said her ideas on Christmas Eve and a private ceremony at her Vancouver Island home quarantine driving some other parts of the opposite happening here Anderson said the lockdown robbed the pair together. Greeting to her and the marriage. If he learns mercy. Of the mites that live in mice. From rice didn't love. Becomes our legacy she well the country a week ago at the presidential inauguration and now Amanda Gorman is heading into the Super Bowls the 22 your total RW will be part of the pregame show hormonal oversight and original homes. Paying tribute too Big Three auto Reese for their work during a pandemic one as an educator the other nurse manager and the third a marine veteran. Welcome back everyone but have likely heard of Q and on the baseless conspiracy theory rooted in political division and due to its cult like following Terrence some families apart. At its height before social media company started cracking down there were investment of one point seven million members of Q and on related FaceBook groups alone. And we Q and ons false fantasy now at an impasse many families are hoping to stop their loved ones from going even further down that rabbit hole. Our TJ Holmes has the story. Symbols of Q among the angry mob that invaded the US capitol. Fired up by the misplaced belief that trump won the election. Aftermath of that day offers a glimpse into the impact Q when none is having on some feminists. This LA based filmmaker says he grew up in a conservative Christian family in a small town outside of Dallas Texas. Really allowed to watch you know. More secular media or economic. You know a lot of public political key chain according to Jeremiah his Mulder was especially devout. Alice Paul a lot of love by you know I was because I am going along she. Experts say she went on followers have swelled in number since the onset of the pandemic. Jeremiah says his mother was one of them. Speculate you as more ideas and where she artists like you know you know in the government's trying to you know. It silence us are wearing masks trinity you know China's behind minutes. The baseless Q and on conspiracy theory began with a false belief that Donald Trump was secretly battling a called ball of Satan worshipping pedal files. For control of government. Mcewing non believers have since touted a wide range of false theories. Some claiming DC in Hollywood a leads are operating a global sex trafficking ring others making claims about the assassination of JFK. And even the existence of UFOs. There's certain things and they pocketed and obviously that's makes us I'll point out overheard slate. There's always center's basement nation art she's just like and wrong. Jeremiah blames Q and on for being the final wrist that destroyed his relationship with his mother. Maybe before that it felt like there was a chance that are preparing something but I feel like your comments basically been Arnold. Jeremiah is far from alone this read it support group called Q and on casualties has over a 100000 members people sharing their personal stories. It's official my family is cutting connections with my grandmother another says both my parents are part of Q and I feel helpless. There's a place to go to understand why oh why this happened to your loved one. What they're going through one thing felons you and that the community of people. Who can commiserate with you can X help you through this process. Many Q and on followers falsely believed that there would be some sort of last minute intervention to keep Donald Trump in office all is part of a preordained plan. But experts say the transition of power provides a prime opportunity to start to repair broken relationships. People are recognizing things didn't happen were predicting. And that there are different groups that are forming in going in different directions some groups are turning on trump. Some groups are turning on each other so this is a real test of patience and it's also real tests of La. Because what is going to work. Is reaching out with unconditional love and acceptance. A test it is indeed our thanks to TJ holes from that and we should mention that ABC news did reach out to Germany as mom. But we have not received any comment pack. And turn back to cope that is we surpassed 420000. American lives lost we pulled back almost a year ago to the scientists who tried to warn officials at the situation was far more dire than many people realized. One of those doctors was James Lawler. Correctly predicted our current deaths total in told ABC news in July that we're not yet at the intermission of this twisted story. What is his latest warning ABC's Trevor all reports. There's growing concern at this hour over a possible outbreak. Of a mystery virus. In January when he won. Final moments before that nineteen would change society for ever. What's in the world was ignorant of the looming legality. Chinese health authorities are still working to identify the virus behind and new movie out please. Central city Opel hunt the CDC says the risk to the American public is low but they want to be worth. But a group of current and former government officials and scientists were watching closely and saw the horrific writing on the wall. This series of email chains called red dawn. Doctor James Lawler. Infectious disease specialist who served in the Obama and bush administrations. Reacted to the Pentagon officials waving off the pandemic as essentially a bad flu. This was mine somewhat tongue in cheek response to that and I described great under statements in history. Napoleon's retreat from Moscow just little stroll gone bad. Pompeii. A bit of a dust storm person a bad summer heat wave and Wuhan and just about flu season. In early February the red dawn group turn their focus to the diamond princess. Cruise ship off the coast of Japan in which was overrun with an outbreak of cope in nineteen. The number of confirmed novel corona virus cases on board this quarantined cruise ship nearly doubling. There more than 200 people with the virus aboard this cruise ship. With the ship then under intensive quarantine measures doctor Lawler was part of the team climbing on board to investigate. The irises rapid spread validating his deep concerns despite these. Pretty aggressive infection control measures that passengers were taking. They were continuing to to get sick and to be identified as cases and so. That really brought home to us potentially explosive transmission. That could occur. By that point the virus had already landed in the US soon exposing a testing system that was woefully unprepared. But many top officials including president trump continued to downplay the threat. Trump even suggesting his administration's response to corona virus would be more effective than president Obama's handling of the Swine Flu. Reference to his death poll that now seems meager by comparison what. They did and the mistakes they've made. They were terrible they were horrific mistakes 171000 people died. However weeks before doctor Lawler was sounding the alarm about an outcome far more grim. A private webinar with the American Hospital Association. He estimated a corona virus death poll of 480000. Americans a calculation he called conservative. Unfortunately eleven months later he's been proven right. This week the US roaring past 425000. Deaths on pace to potentially a clips lawless estimate next month. We last spoke with doctor Lawler in July he had this ominous warnings about what was lying ahead. There are still a lot of twists and turns in the plot of this movie so I think where we're not even yet to intermission. And so we're gonna have I think unfortunately a few more surprises and the few cliff hangers left. Trevor alt ABC news New York. Certainly a drama that we would all like to see ended very soon doctor James Lawler is here with us tonight doctor thank you so much for your time I wanna pick up up on that idea of cliff hangers. That you feel are still to coming sent back in July that the virus could still surprise us how worried are you about the new variants and do these mutations make it harder to model and predict the course of the pandemic. Well they did make it harder to predict and we're learning more every day. I am concerned that these new variants. Are and are potentially more transmissible there are certainly concerns. The new variants and we've seen in our effort in Brazil mail I'll soon be able to evade some of the therapeutics that we have. And even many render our vaccine is slightly less active well do we don't have definitive proof of that and yet. It's all century. They know they they seems Hugh. I'm crest Wednesday planned arrival. Other variants that we may not recognized yet and even bearings that could. On her and spontaneously in the US and certain. Just means we have a little bit more complicated problem when we thought. Almost a year ago you said the 480000. Americans could die from cove in nineteen. A described the response he got back then as it sounds like some people were trying to really dis associate with and that sinking and give us a sense of what your thoughts are now that your predictions are sadly seem to be coming true. Right hook up at the time there is certainly. A lot of shock and disbelief. It is testaments where all the nudity. Be honest it was just doing the math and I think that's why I'm. A lot of infectious disease smugglers but I had predicted very similar courses. It is obviously sounded but we program. Potentially exceeded those numbers. Weasel of a month to go before it is ending years since. Seems that predictions are we we probably will come in higher. And I'm I think this reflects the fact that we really not done a great job of mitigating. The impact and of the pandemic. It earlier this week I asked doctor felt she looking back what he would do over if you could she was his response. You know very likely it would have been an early early on me to really try to get as much more information. Well other couch. The fact that this virus can be spread by people without symptoms we did not know that Dan. I wish that I had known it early then I knew it. Because if I did it would've likely been differences and more stringent recommendations. Did official should have known or guest at least that asymptomatic people could still spread the virus and was at a major mistake. The mistake I think that the evidence was there are clearly there is evidence that asymptomatic people. We're able to show voters. Didn't Shannon and won't. Quantities that should be concerning for transmission and a timing thing. People even experts didn't want to believe it means there are found any excuse they committed to discount the data and and discount the observations they were seeing. But but we should not very early on in fact taking them there were many in late January. Were. Proposing that exactly that scenario that is an automatic transmissions and turn out to be an important mechanism opera in nineteen. And we should have taken more aggressive actions are. What lessons should the Biden administration take away from what's gone wrong and what do you think. Reducing dash and asked that they'll do a better job in the trump administration. I think messaging has to be one of the top priorities so much has been lost than in the messaging while you are in the last year and it's allowed. Who were confusion and and brought him more tragically disinformation. Plan to you brought to really sweep through large segment of the population. And that's created a situation where we haven't been able to act the in the unified manner is a country. So hopefully focusing on what network messaging in and education and public awareness will mean one. Bogus for the new administration and is seen growing out scenes or will be among the remainder challenged. Leisle and it's really a two Carter is curious if you hold the trump administration. Accountable for. How high the death told is in this country. And I guess a little bit afraid to ask but what do you think ultimately the death soul will be in this country. It's clear that we're going to see deaths from the mid nineteen. For a long time in his country even after the vaccine is believed rolled down. Well we'll continue to see a long tail hoopla and gas and and will probably never be rid of wrangling her. They're very low level similar seeing deaths easy from being an ammonia. But I but I think will still accumulate a large number of deaths over the next year end. Possibly several 100000. Mule or unfortunately. Plan which regards to lose the last administration. I think there's. Mistakes we're made it and many levels. And down when bureaucracy and federal levels state and local levels as well. Clearly one then that was missing was strong national leadership coming from the White House. The end when I'm in discussing it and the seriousness. All of them threat. And creating unity and action and among blue people even something as simple as wearing bass and we could've had. Consistent messaging. From the White House I think that would remain significant in. We don't look at countries it and done it well countries like Japan. But which haven't had dramatically lower or great dads won't per population in the US. Sue. It's not true that there's nothing we could and done we could have gone a lot differently. And we would have been much better position when and we ticket passions or early Harden and I'm focused nationally. We appreciate your insight and your time tonight doctor Weller thank you. And when we come back author Mena Harris on being raised five some strong women. Welcome back everybody phenomenal and ambitious two words have been turned into female empowerment brands for women of all experiences vile woman with a fascinating background who encourages all of us to be on the apologetic Lee ourselves. She is in Harvard educated lawyer entrepreneur a children's book author and the niece of our new vice president Pamela Harris that woman she is Nina Harris who joins us now Mena thanks so much for coming on the show tonight. Media think you grabbing me so before we talk about your book I wanna go back to exactly one week ago today when you sell on the stage at the capitol watch your aunt a woman of Jamaican in southeast Asian descent being sworn in. As madam vice president it was momentous certainly for the entire country but what did it mean and feel like for you personally. Goksel a reminder I actually getting it does to you did today I can't believe it was just a week ago I think that really does today and I mean it still deals. Surrey all I'm watching it via a bear in person then and why is extraordinary and I eat out we have a lot of deep personal. Means you need you know I've experienced seeing what you are white women and families and teen girls and children and everybody across the world is that in my god yes. Elected the first female vice president and US history. Right and I figured even more momentous and for yourself it was your little girls and and then feeling in and being seen just read a page shared no to that cartoon this will stop what's inside us from flowering from now on. When I hear too that or to this I won't mind it's in powering of course that is a little excerpt from your latest book ambitious girl it is a powerful and sweet talk about a little girl's journey after she sees a strong woman on TV labeled as too assertive and too ambitious tell about the importance of making sure that young girls have books like his have these kinds of examples with characters. Who look like him with messages like this available to them. It is so important we know that representation any you know about who we just talked about right representation matters scene possibility an opportunity matters and that goes to the point that. You can't meet you can't see great and I hate me coming you carry it was real I think you know first hand me most was my is actually older daughter where you we have all the classics and their wonderful pieces of children's literature but at a certain point I started asking like where the characters weren't the black children right where I'm -- Stanley that look like our hers and an. I think time is seen not only that yet you can't see that Sheen what she's seen she wants UDG. Bush now been going around last year statement she wants to be a president and shot when she grows up and that's because he can't remember written for president because she read a children's book. I'm agents and this is not just maybe an important or my black Robertson Stephens all represented on the pages of books it's good for all of us right this is the whole point of seeing a woman in this position of power and leadership on the national stage end. All of us need to see all of you to believe it and I my hope is that you know Adam white families bully is read these looks at half black girls doesn't mean character and aspired to there you know this didn't of the world their leadership their story. You raise a good point a lot of people are gonna see the books and see that they have girls as central characters they're gonna assume that these folks are for girls but it's very important for boys to see early on. Young girls. In this kind of capacity and I write children's books as well it was important to me to have my son see children of color in the books that he reads there's a lot of research supports just how important that is for identity and forward self worth since you brought all of this together to start phenomenal a female power lifestyle brand that brings awareness to social causes tell us about that and and the phenomenal products it that we may be already familiar with. Yes and I actually am wearing my per email such your today. It's me it's people he stripped. Wanting that I didn't meet any kids off there any sort and their connection with the unexpected and huge. While I talk about becoming aren't really accidental thing it was hard not on my bucket list of all my ambition and then being that I want to Ritchie in the world and it surprisingly was not on my list but I make the point that it's it's similar and that it's about storytelling it's about. You know raising awareness about having conversations and I'm pushy young dialogue around issues that Crosslin. And I'm not really about centering under Brazilian communities and this is an interesting is on when color and doing not an every you know way possible on every platform possible songs that you boats are an example others sometimes mr. Carroll's it's your continent at duke community what it. First she's that we are very very active orange white is equal pay in is to immediately making the point that women of color on experienced athlete I differently than white women right and said conversation that I am happy to see in his gain a lot more certain mainstream you know engagement but. 35 years ago you know we mean really started. It doing this works a lot of people forget that even know what equal pay eighth stood for that you know it's not a celebration it is it's not how evil payday it is a recognition of how much further into that next year that women have to work. It tucked in for hours mean Harris thank you so much author of ambitious girl available now in bookstores and wherever books are sold. Thank you so much for joining us appreciate your time. Yeah. And before we go tonight our image of the today. A rabbi pictured during a special meeting in the German parliament today is international holocaust remembrance day in honor of the day the house woods' concentration camp was liberated. Me we've never forget the millions of lives lost. As we strive for a better tomorrow. That is our show for the salvation stay tuned to ABC news alive for more context analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. Have a good night.

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