ABC News Live Update: Attorneys give closing statements in trial of Derek Chauvin

Plus, all Americans ages 16 and up are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and the FedEx shooting was one of more than 50 mass shootings since the Atlanta spa killings in March.
30:01 | 04/19/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Attorneys give closing statements in trial of Derek Chauvin
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's update America is bracing for a verdict in Adair Jovan trial. As he attorneys prepare for closing arguments this morning. The fate of the former police officer charged with murdering George Boyd will soon be in the hands of the jury nearly 2000 national Guardsmen stand at the ready around Minneapolis cities around the country. The fair for all outcomes. We're live in Minneapolis with the latest. And faxing roll attitude of major milestone more than half of American adults have now received at least one dose. The focus is now shifting to children and every 116 and older is eligible. Fighters also expanding clinical trials to children as young as six months old Stuart doctors say they're keeping and I. And a marble on Mars history has been made more than a hundred million miles away as the first tower controlled flight successfully took off. From another planet we have more on the little helicopter that couldn't and what it means for the future of space explorations. We begin with the trial of Derek Shelvin attorneys are set to give their closing arguments today before the jury begins deliberating. Meanwhile protests over recent police shootings are heating up across the country as officials braced for more potential unrest. ABC's out stresses in Minneapolis with the latest. Tense clashes between demonstrators and police going into the morning and Raleigh, North Carolina police declaring an unlawful assembly several taken into custody. In Minneapolis Derek show opens fate very soon in the hands of the jury panel invoke my Fifth Amendment privilege today. Closing arguments is set to begin this morning after three weeks of intense testimony from 45 witnesses. Including George Floyd's loved ones in medical experts and more than a dozen members of law enforcement the former cop facing three charges to second degree unintentional murder third degree murder. And second degree manslaughter prosecutors arguing show opens actions killed Floyd when he pinned him down Nittany on his neck for more than nine minutes but healthy persons subjected to what mr. Floyd was subjected to. We have done as a result of what he was subjected. The defense arguing Shelvin acted reasonably and within professional standards and that Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose and a preexisting heart condition. It's right now the defense also accusing bystanders who gathered and demand is shoving get off of Floyd. Of distracting and threatening the officers the nation closely following any possible verdict and cities across the country remain a racial reckoning tinderbox of following the recent police officer shootings of thirteen year old Adam too little in Chicago. And Donte' right near Minneapolis where tensions are rising. Around 2000 members of the National Guard already deployed to the area to Guardsmen injured in a drive by shooting over the weekend the city also moving public schools to remote learning starting Wednesday. From coast to coast preparations under way in San Francisco discretionary days off for all officers are canceled. The same in New York City and in DC officers beginning around the clock twelve hour shifts starting today. An ounce Phares joins me live now from Minneapolis with more outs let's just seem like there as a city is preparing for this verdict. Hey Dan loath to say you know this city is on edge is not an overstatement much of the downtown area here a lot of the businesses are already boarded up. She drive around Minneapolis you'll see national Guardsmen positioned in different areas this is a city that has been dealing with this incident every day nonstop since it how. Happened almost a year ago of course everyone here and across the country wants to know what the verdict is going to be dire. I am an outlook we expect it here. In the closing arguments today both from the prosecution and the defense. He had ever getting ready for those closing argument so later this morning we expect the prosecutor will. Make his case to the jury as he has done the last three weeks telling jurors that it was Derek children's. Actions. His knee on top of his knack for more than nine minutes that those actions killed. And led to George Floyd's death we expect the defense attorney Eric Nelson will tell jurors what he's been saying for the last three weeks that. Derek shoving attack. Acted appropriately and that. It was at George Floyd's drug abuse. Fentanyl overdose and possibly untreated heart conditions that led to his death that you were expecting it's gonna happen. Later this morning at the Diane this could go to the jury as early as this afternoon. And Alex we are a little bit of a back and forth with the attorneys and the judge at the end of the week. Over exactly how in the jury would be instructed before they go off. To deliberate so what do we know about those jury instructions at this point. What you know those instructions are very very important Diane for both sides say they sort of create parameters for what those attorneys can tell. The jurors during closing arguments and they also instruct the jury. How they should consider each charge and how they should consider each piece of evidence of that will be very important to judge we understand has been working on those instructions up until the very last minute and even. Possibly before closing arguments are going to happen. A meeting a hearing in the courtroom about that the judge has told jurors once they begin deliberating they will be sequestered and they will. Deliberating into the evening hours every night until they reach a decision Diane. Have you can hope for short but prepare for a long Alex. Perez in Minneapolis Forrest thanks Alex. I'm ray and Terry Austin from the line crime network for more legal analysis of the trial and where we are now Terri thanks for being here we've. At this point heard from 45. Witnesses throughout this trial who do you think in that group had the biggest impact on this case. Good morning Diane good number of them were very and pactel on the prosecution side. I have to admit the bystander. Pulled kept saying to do its Floyd. Listen and do what they want you to do Charles McMillan he was the first one on the stand who actually brought tears in his eyes and I think brought tears. To the eyes of the jury so he was dairy moving big airy and packed full. I think also that the prosecution is going to want to raise in their closing argument. Testimony from the use of force experts particularly as it relates to is tiger and Sargent solar clue girl was the one. We'll what's called to this teen by the 911 dispatcher. And I think his testimony was very important he basically said. That at the time joints Lloyd stopped moving Tillman should have removed his restraint from his body. And I think Steiger was excellent as an acts are and that stood out in my mind because he was able to say this was against policy. And this was excessive use of force. As good defense witnesses were consent I did not think they were very. Moving or be airy N packed full I do think that the one who was called back. Nicole McKenzie was called back because NB. Excited delirium and that was an interesting theory and I think they jury might have hung on to that as well they probably also hung on to doctor howler. But I don't think he was positive for the defense because I think Jerry black wells. Cross examination of doctor Fowler really put some holes in the argument as far as the defense was concern in terms that cause of death. And I imagine testimony from doctor Martin Tobin is gonna pay a key role. In the closing arguments today what do you think are some of the keys that the prosecution is gonna want to highlight today as they try to sum this whole thing up for the jury. Well you hit it on the head Diane and always because he cannot talk about or the prosecution it looks like there might eat two of them who will be giving the some nations but. Eight can't be over an old war and repetitive and redundant because you don't want to lose the jury. So I do think that the prosecution is going to hone in on as far as the medical evidence doctor tell them because he was excellent he and backed. And to the jury look you can put your hand onion next and you can squeeze it we don't need to did test to see whether or not your airway is blocked when you put your hand on your neck because you can tell. I'm common sense that that is what is going to a car so he had a number of moments like that and he made it very clear. To the jury that George Floyd died because of this low oxygen because of that compression both on his neck and his back. Out of the individuals who were restraining George Floyd so I do think that. They will spend some time doing that closing up on the testimony. Doctor tell them because he made it simple and he made it clear. And what about the defense what are some of the key points you think that Eric Nelson needs to focus on here to try to raise reasonable doubt. What you think Erica Nelson said in his opening and I think he will repeat this in his closing is. Look it's more then just nine minutes and 29 seconds he's trying to establish that back. That his client was dealing with a multitude. Of issues not the least of which in his opinion was the crowd and making sure that the crowd didn't end to be and that they didn't get. Too overly rowdy and so he's using Nat and he's saying that. Derek children how old police procedure he'd file policy and he was concerned. Ed Joyce Lloyd might jest come back and have this extra strain. Which is why he did not remove the restraint so he's going to try to argue that that drug use also caused his death that he. You might or call engines use that made 2019. Accidents to shall. That this is what George late does he uses does this probably caused to his dad. And so they're gonna use all of that and in the last thing they Nelson is definitely going to talk about. Is judge lake heart and how that you contributed to his death. Let's. Under the charges because children is charged with second degree unintentional murder. Third degree murder and second degree manslaughter so what are some of the main points the jury needs to consider. For each of those charges. Well before and eat it. Unintentional murder which is the second degree they're going to have to show that there was an assault and backed the assault was and attention on they're gonna have to show. That what Tobin was doing was assaulting George Floyd he didn't intend to kill him. But by eight keeping his restraint on top of the body that that was an assault and that ended up in the death of two exploit. As far as the second degree he asked to show that there was it depraved mind. That children did not care about the individual and all of that evidence having to do with the duty of care that was never given to George Floyd I think he's going to influence the jury as far as that's concerned. The second degree manslaughter all of the information you saw about eat unreasonable use of force. The negligence that we saw because he didn't remove the restraint and I think the jury's going to look at all of that and they will be able to come to the conclusion that. In fact children who was on reasonable that at the point where there was no. Pulse there was no breeding there was no moving there was no resistance and yet. Children did not remove their restraint from George fled and I think if nothing else Diane we will see I'm manslaughter. I think all in all. That gave the case has been proven by the prosecution. But I am not. Posited that the jury is going to come back with the tax counts of the murder counts but I think that it will be a bit easier. Then to justify the manslaughter. On crime hall's legal analyst Terry Austin tale is great to have your analysis thank you. Think he Diane and we'll see you again soon when court resumes this morning for closing arguments we will carry that live here when it happens on ABC news lives. And we're learning some new details now about the mass shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx last week according to the gun violence archive of the shooting is now one of more than fifty mass shootings we've seen in the United States. Just since the Atlanta spot killings in March now police say the guns in that FedEx shooting were purchased legally. Well cars in Indianapolis with more. This morning new details in that mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis that just slept eight innocent people dead. ABC news has learned that a year before the attack the alleged shooter in nineteen year old who previously worked at FedEx was flagged by law enforcement his own mother calling police last march fearing he might turn violent. Until last year the police department felt that he wants dangerous. The urging her to himself at least here the FBI questioning the teen at the time police taking a shotgun away from his home and placing him on a temporary mental health poll. Four months later authorities say he legally bought an assault rifle in later bought another authorities say he used both in the attack. Indiana has a red flag law which bars anyone legally deemed dangerous from buying or owning a gun for at least six months. Could this aloft. If it'd been implemented possibly of stop this attack. Sure if it could Indianapolis is police chief says it's unclear why that didn't happen and they're now looking into whether his case was ever brought before a judge. Now we're learning more about those eight lives lost for the victims were members of the local six community including armored chi chill that. A blog and mother and grandmother. She is not going to be a success and she stories that just bin of this country for years she built ties with so many people. Need to stop making people statistics. Over the week to in the alleged shooters families this day men saying they tried to get him help and apologizing to all the victims and their family members. We should point out that this is Indianapolis is third mass shooting this year alone and here at the scene there are no flowers. There's no memorial some residents tell me they're simply known to the violence Diane. The sad god will car in Indianapolis thank you. And starting today all fifty states are making the code of nineteen vaccine available to everyone age sixteen and up. More than 50% of American adults and that received at least one dose of the code of nineteen vaccine and Wentworth has the latest on the race to vexing the country. This morning open eligibility adults over sixteen in all fifty states now able to sign up for the covad vaccine. This coming on the heels of a new milestone according to the CDC more than half of all adults in the US have received at least one dose of a vaccine. Doctor Anthony found T telling Martha Raddatz on this week he anticipates a decision by the end of the week regarding Johnson and Johnson's vaccine. Which is being investigated over those extremely rare occurrence as a blood clots. I would think that we're not gonna go beyond Friday in in the extension of this poll was there will very likely be a decision. The Wall Street Journal reporting the FDA had initially considered only adding a warning to the company's vaccine but ultimately. Recommended a ponds because of concerns that doctors wouldn't treat adverse reactions correctly. For millions and I regulation can't come soon enough with fears that the variance could be worse in children than the original strain. The vaccine researchers are now focusing on kids. Doctor Xena goods three year old son Handel was the first in his age group to take part in a Stamford hospital fines or vaccine trial. He got his first shot last week. He had the Sar arm Favre like. For a male and what limit Lana manager of public and they. This keenly also enrolling their seven month old son he gets his shot this week. Doctors say it's vaccine in children is essential to reaching herd immunity. Children under eighteen may eighty million people in this century substantial contribution to reducing. Chest this little virus. In all roughly 5000 cable take part in that Pfizer study they hope to have their results by late fall or winter also meant darn is starting to recruit children for its trial as well and Diane. I would point out here at Levi stadium this is the busiest vaccination site in the state of California setting a record backs and eating 2121000 people and a single day. And the team president tells me that they have the capacity to do even more. And mass vaccination sites like this are incredibly important as one in every ten Americans has now tested positive for covad. Diane can't where were thanks for that and for the first time president Biden is calling this surge of migrants crossing the border a crisis. Now new questions are being raised about a Houston facility for migrant girls that was suddenly shut down. Chief White House correspondent to city of Vega has the latest. This morning this massive Houston warehouse housing nearly 500 unaccompanied migrant girls is shut down. ABC news obtaining this exclusive video staffers removing their belongings and girls being bused off the property a police officer telling thirteen it was for their own safety. Boone. The Department of Health and Human Services abruptly ending the four million dollar contract with the nonprofit that ran the center after just seventeen days. Multiple sources raise disturbing allegations about the conditions. Not enough staffers to accompany children to the bathroom some girls told to use plastic bags to relieve themselves children sitting on cots most of the day. Nonexistent outdoor space. There were more treated like merchandise rather than treated as human beans this migrant rights advocate toured the warehouse two weeks ago and was troubled by what he saw the girls were not allowed to get up unless it was this hour. RT is arrests and even their meals. We're delivered to their cots. The national association of Christian churches to run the site they specialize in disaster relief not caring for migrant kids. And this morning there are serious questions about how this group was awarded a four million dollar government contract in the first place. A lawyer for the church group tells ABC news the administration including health and human services secretary Javier but Serra. Personally requested their services and that they did what they could do to help under the direction of HHS. As for the girls many now relocated to other shelters like this one in Cuddy so springs Texas. Others reunited with their family. The administration and White House officials are refusing to answer our repeated questions about how this church group was vetted and how they came. To be awarded this contract a White House spokesman does tell me that quote. This specific site did not meet the by the administration's very high standard for child welfare. Diane our sources are telling us there were multiple allegations against the center and that's why it was close down. And to say Avaya at the White House for us thanks for that reporting to Syria. And Britney Spears has a message for her fans and a new Lindsey Graham video. Spirits she's saying and how fans are reacting. We come back. Welcome back investigators are looking for answers after mysterious and deadly Tesla crash over the weekend. Two men were killed when a car slammed into a tree and burst into flames now police say they don't believe anyone was in the driver's seat. Marcus Moore has that story. That. At night but they didn't hear. This morning near Houston investigators looking for answers amidst the wreckage of this Tesla model S. Two men died when the car slammed into a tree and then burst into flames. They'd be up higher in Atlanta played. 1030 feet tall. Firefighters battling the fire for four hours as the car's high energy battery continue to reignite old boy and over again. The forty saying they used more than 30000 gallons of water but eventually had to let the fire burn itself found. The electric vehicle battery fires are different down or your combustion engine Kirsch regular gasoline source. And officials telling ABC news the two men had taken the car out for a test drive. After dropping off their wines at home. After the crash one man was found in the front passenger seat and the other in the back seat. Police say at this point there is no indication anyone was in the driver's seat and they're investigating whether the car. Was an auto pine. Evidence of the crash scene allegedly shows the car was traveling at a high rate of speed that ended up more than a hundred feet off the road. Marcus Moore ABC news Dallas. Marcus thank you acknowledge time is pushing back on a federal safety warning about its pellets on tread plus. The new alert comes after child was killed in an accident involving the machine. Now the Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging all users with small children at home to stop using the product immediately. Amy robot has the story. Telecoms bikes and treadmills have helped them become the hottest at home fitness company with over four point four million members. The pandemic sending their revenue soaring 128%. For last year. But this morning the Consumer Product Safety Commission issuing an urgent warning. About the pellets on tread plus. Urging users with small children in their home to stop using the product immediately saying they can become entrapped pinned. And pulled under the rear roller of the treadmill CPSC. Sharing this disturbing video of a little boy playing with a ball near the trend plus. When suddenly he gets stuck. And then pulled under the treadmill eventually managing to break free Wi. House 39 incidents. Objects test for most importantly children. Besides that is the vice and we believe that this warrants. Putting out of public health and CD warning. It's 183 of those incidents involving children including one who died after an accident with the tread plus machine. Pellets on fighting back calling the warning an accurate and misleading CEO and co-founder John Foley telling members. He has no intention to recall or stop selling the 4300 dollar treadmill. But encouraging users to stay vigilant with their safety measures saying tread plus is not for children under sixteen. And children pets and objects need to be kept away from the tread plus at all times. Brenton Ratliff says his six year old daughter Jocelyn slipped and was dragged under while playing on the tread plus. She towel and treadmill cool her layer underneath. It was pretty dramatic. Both pellets on and CPSC are in agreement on the fact that children under sixteen. Should never be using to tread plus since 2019 CPSC has received 22500. Reports of injuries from many kinds of treadmills still CPSC says the accident they are seeing with the tread cluster are troubling a lot of injuries happen when treadmills but not like this being sucked underneath the treadmill. This CPSC says if you continue to use the treadmill they recommend keeping the machine in a locked room. Unplugged with the safety key out of the reach of children Diane. Right could device Amy thank you. Britney Spears is assuring fans she's totally fine while taking your questions at a new in mr. Graham video. The star appears to be addressing concerns about the well being amid a conservative ship battle but some fans are not taking her words at face found you. Maria Russia has the details. This morning Britney Spears sharing new post on instant Graham assuring concerned fans she's OK yes I'm totally borrowed. We are extremely happy as a beautiful beautiful children. Iron. I'm taking a great great now the case and I'm enjoying myself. A reassuring message but fans behind hash tag free Britney campaign still searching for clues in what they say are the stars cryptic posts. Like this one last summer when one fan told Britney to Wear yellow if she needed help soon after she posted a video wearing a yellow top. This latest video leaving some on easy one commenting on Spears' body language the way she keeps looking to the site and swain. Don't know what satisfaction really means that these thoughts I think it will look at an annual arson don't try to analyze it. But I don't think a lot of people will be satisfied until she's on Asperger's says come rescue me and he held against my will and I don't think. Days going to come others countering the speculation. Once and riding she's enjoying herself and taking a break please respect Britney. Earlier this year the wildly popular New York Times documentary free mean Britney Spears taking a closer look at the star struggles with mental health. And her life under her father Jamie spears court approved conserve it or ship. She was so open hand and vulnerable. How we treated her with disgusting the singer revealing she cried for two weeks following the documentary released saying in an answer Graham post she was embarrassed about how she was portrayed. And we reached out to britney's dress for comment on this latest coast guy and so far we have not heard back. KO Russia thanks for that. And NASA made history on Mars overnight when we come back the remarkable new images from the first helicopter to ever fly over the red planet. Stay with us. Welcome back NASA's ingenuity helicopter made history overnight completing the first successful controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet. The helicopter sent back powerful images of Mars after surviving dangerously cold nights but temperatures as low as a 130 below zero. ABC news transportation correspondent GO Benitez has more. Overnight celebrations at NASA after that historic flood. Did admit a they have performed its first flight. Overpowered their content and other climate. Ingenuity capturing these incredible new images from the red planet. Pictures like we've never seen before. Confirming that we have helicopter. Data products helicopter telemetry helicopter events. Brought to Mars by its Big Brother the Mars rover perseverance. The little helicopter that could now sets the stage. For a new way to explore other planets and we got a firsthand look. This is fun yeah the test failed. Up one of the blaze. Why lol. Oh my gosh this is like paper exactly but it is strong enough for you to spin it through this very thin atmosphere adds 2400. Revolutions per minute. Mimi Ong is a project manager for NASA's ingenuity. Everything as soon there. As to weigh less than four pounds. Ingenuity had to fly entirely on its own with almost no atmosphere after surviving dangerously cold nights a 130. Below zero now the science begins. Research that could change the way we look at the universe. And Ursa hopes. So what does the sole meet wall NASA now knows for sure that it can control powered flight. On another planet the kind of research you can do what this Diane is just unlike anything we've seen before. Amazing GO they need says thanks for that. And closing arguments in the trial of their children are set to begin shortly arcana Moulton is in Minneapolis with more on what we can expect high Kenneth. Diana for three weeks of testimony in nearly fifty witnesses it all comes down to this the closing arguments in the Derek Schuermann trial. Prosecutors will use that witness testimony and graphic video evidence to wrap it all up as they try to prove to the jury fisherman is guilty of second degree unintentional murder. Third degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. Special assistant attorney general cease like her or him a book closing for the state. Special prosecutor Jerry black hole take care the rebuttal if needed I was expecting Erik Nelson won't handle showbiz final defense argument as he works to create doubts about the State's case. Nelson trying to convince jurors that George Floyd die from drugs and preexisting heart problems we also understand the jury what we sequester as they deliberate. Diane. I'm Kenneth Mullen in Minneapolis thank you. And our coverage of the child Derek Shelton will begin in just a few minutes in closing arguments start we'll bring that you live as it happens. And that doesn't this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us remember ABC news live it's your for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you back here when court resumes until then. Stacy.

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