ABC News Live Update: Biden announces more than 200M vaccines have been administered

Plus, an independent investigation is underway in Columbus, Ohio, after the fatal police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, and a look at the threat from climate change.
16:02 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden announces more than 200M vaccines have been administered
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us in today's update president Biden is celebrating after hitting his goal of 200 million vaccines administered in the US. Before his 100 day in office. Now the president is encouraging everyone over sixteen to get vaccinated as soon as possible. To put it simply. If you waiting for your turn. Waste no longer. Let us but there are new concerns as the pace of vaccinations is slightly down this week averaging around three million shot today. Compared to 3.3 five million last week. The CDC says the drop started the day before health officials put a hold on the Johnson Johnson vaccines. To examine possible ties to rare blood clots. NASA says its Mars rover has converted some of the planet's carbon dioxide rich atmosphere into oxygen for the first time. The Mars oxygen in sight to resource utilization experiment or moxie in the first technology and it's time. Moxie produced about ten minutes worth of breed of oxygen in its first rather NASA says that's a critical first step as it moved toward the goal of sending humans to Mars. And the ingenuity helicopter has made its second flight on Mars NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab treated the mini helicopter also had no milestones. With higher altitude a longer cover and lateral line. But since we likely will become allies colonizing Mars anytime soon we will need to take care at planetary. President Biden is kicking off birthday with a virtual summit to coordinate with other nations in the fight against climate change. The leaders will discuss reducing carbon dioxide emissions making technology let carbon capture cheaper. And the economic benefits of investing in climate solutions. Biden's calling on the US to slash emissions in half by two point thirty. The International Energy Agency reports global CO2 emissions are projected to increase. Nearly 5% this year erasing the drop in emissions during the pandemic luck. An Ohio officials have launched an investigation into the deadly police shooting of sixteen year old look higher Bryant. Body camera footage shows the teen appearing to lunge at someone with a knife in her hand before she was shot and killed. But the family called the officer's use of force disproportionate. Trevor alt is in Columbus, Ohio for us with more on this Trevor what's the latest. Good morning Diane overnight we saw a more anguish more outrage here in Columbus, Ohio as a result of another fatal shooting at the hands of police and because the city has mated unprecedented move to release body camera footage very early we're getting a firsthand look. At how this shooting happened it those shots were fired by officer Nicholas rerouted. He was responding to a 911 call of an attempted stabbing. And that shooting happens within ten or eleven seconds of him getting on the scene you can see. From his body camera that there was an altercation he arrived and it appears to be that young girl sixteen year old buck higher Bryant. Is wielding a knife and lounging at another young girl in the pink and that's when officer reared in. Fires four shots he hits much higher Bryant did she later died at the hospital and now. An investigation is underway to determine whether officer Riordan was justified in firing those shots whether he violated department policy. Or broke the law even. Because this is being handled by an outside agency that independent investigation. The interim chief of police here in Columbus can't comment specifically on. The shooting and though he does say. That according to department policy when there is a deadly threat officers are authorized to use their weapon. He says in circumstances like this say an officer could use a taser if they have the time in the space but. They are within their rights to use a weapon of course that's something that that independent agency is going to be working to determine themselves. And we've heard of course with that body Kara footage released early with a 91 calls released we know the city says they are committed to transparency. That may here. Is promising accountability here in this investigation by the separate agency might take weeks or months but the city is saying. They've had. Police involved shootings before it happening just within the past few months they are going to get to the bottom of what happened here and determine whether or not. Any policy was violated or in laws were broken. In this fatal shooting a buckeye Bryant Diane. And I teacher broth in Columbus for us thank you. And we're getting a look at the maximum security prison where former Minneapolis police officer Derek show and is being held. After being convicted of murdering George Floyd children will be at that Minnesota facility until at least June when he sentenced. Meanwhile a new federal investigation will examine whether the Minneapolis police department has a pattern of unlawful and unconstitutional. Practices. Last night on ABC news prime Lindsey Davis spoke with George Floyd's brother below this and the Floyd family's attorney Ben crime. About both the verdict and that new investigation. For us I like to start with. You've been cut and they meaning claiming that there will be a conviction in this case from the beginning what was it like in that actual moment. When you heard it had come to fruition. So they. Total I. Won't. I'll it is only in what was even I don't want them to it. I was going to bring in Poland and the burden call away outward. And thirty it is it is jury in his. Home and I want to hear I'll rich people who are nervous. Guilty. You don't see it being given team and it. I was always happy. I want to do some it now. You know I have my problem could always see you feel I'm Lana. Or shoot. What does change going for a look like for you. It is. She didn't do this autumn leaves in ninja the joy I but is it believes. We need to present a an automobile Greeks could easily video equipment and Anwar she did as a person Cuba's RR. There are mom and martyrs. Are no whole Omaha. Dead meat and these duties. We beat the deal all follow immediate. While mutiny. It's devastating. Was gonna all we're police and he days. It didn't lose I don't know it is this you shield every day and unfortunately. The sole. Tape. Of you who was fueled in media and zero golf course I'll. We waited all of whom he's. Column where. I'll tell you where. Big huge problem. This huge draw it on your strong and please call our property you and I continue to any other people who lie. Her. I had written countless clarity. Are our family job we'll be spent in it. All of this world Rihanna Taylor who do you just. And mr. Condit is peered Thomas just reported the Justice Department has launched a so called pattern or practice investigation. Into the Minneapolis police department what we learned from this probe that wasn't brought to light in the Derek Schuman trial. Oh my adult birds. An investigation. Our leaders you are my problem right now. We are there was systemic racism and this. Is the way community whether it be at least. And we believe. This is a well. Did you do you eat bigger. An implicit bias would that it is smooth manner but we don't George car. Yeah direct result of old police is no black people. It was but certainly you know. I don't engine power. Barack Obama appointed Ali to even humans. Are. We're witness mark. Part of its. Black bean boot this seems to me that he's. It's normal it's sort of you supports the same thing will. They are. Usually good at it today where you gee we are she hadn't changed him. Whether there was no need it was a Macedonian. An assignment with a loose and reject any who ordered it a little bit. The man who was slightly and then why did are now. Our myriad of yeah street. They usually you don't know me man who would lead cards radio model didn't Brady's. We need DOJ engine consumer. And American scene here. Heartless. It's still honestly last question to you. So many people have said it had it not been for this video we may not have had to come to the same conclusion. That have that we move was reached yesterday. Words that you would like to say to Darnell a Frazier who shot the videotape. I'll. It is not and I Wednesday eat these funny honest I can thank you but I did you did. And it honestly he's good at Ryan's path. To do bird. She was a new outlook to measure because she can say is world hot dogs are they did. I thought it was the world. It was the people he put in place to the other dude it. And I didn't know we have a Beatles being edited and you'll. If she grew it is useful join us being a student at. She's now she is the end and you shouldn't toss it right now because I don't know how to say it daily news. I think globs of oil or aren't. I call on our. Well. It well edited in all hope Obama brilliance. She's just powerful way to go to Lulu and I. Shall always win in Canada and China will be Powell why use it shortens. Our thanks to Lindsey Davis spent cramp and felonious Floyd for that interview. And none is Earth Day we're taking a closer look at the Great Lakes together they make of over 20% of fresh water on the planet. Ten in the past few years water levels have gone from their lowest numbers on record. To their highest. We'll look at what that's doing to the environment why it's happening and the effort to turn things around stay with us. Welcome back on this Earth Day president Biden has set a new poll for the US to becoming zero emissions economy by the your 2050. Pledging new green jobs and highlighting what he calls the cost of inaction on climate change so what is the real life impact of climate change. Jane jerseys in Holland Michigan with a look at how they are trying to combat the devastating effects. Of coastal erosion on Lake Michigan. Enough feelings and this is Lake Michigan to 105 greatly. The five massive lakes straddle the US Canada border it. You can more than 20% of all freshwater on the planet. And in the past year. They've seen the highest water levels are ever reported. And now increasingly violent storms are pushing that high water against the shoreline. You voting and sending homes crashing into the water. You just hold your breath. When you feel the end here. The winds start to rattling the windows. You know here comes. In the last eighteen months this gorgeous lake. Has been torturing the people that live here and the highest water levels in more than a hundred years of records. It has family is like the grave that lived in this house behind me literally living on the yet some. Concerned when this storm is that they're home woman now let me just co laugh. And it keeps collapsing tall absolutely. When we bought it says Charles. It was about a 45 degree angle was all vegetation we have and that can believer now. Over the blossom just beautiful. And now it looks terrible looks you know looks like. Garbage field down there. Rays right Donna hail Mary they just can't save their home. They've installed a 550. Foot steel wall when their neighbors and its reinforcement boulders and Sandra. Let me installation costs about 2200. Dollars per floods and distant an erosion protection is not covered by most homeowners insurance. Does this water base today it's more under a flood of it's called natural event is the reason why you could no longer build. Properties 500 billion shore. Let me break it down the Great Lakes have cycles high water and low water and that happens just about every thirty years or. In the last seven years Lake Michigan and link here on have gone from their lowest water levels on record. To the highest an unprecedented sling that water scientist down Simon Says is the result of the climate change. When you look at all the evidence temperature. Hydrology Hydro dynamics. And that's a factor. Greenhouse gas emissions and the human impacts were having in a planetary basis. Simon and so many others calling for a global carbon diet we. To reduce our production of greenhouse gases that way we could slow down the warming of our planet and help preserve the Great Lakes freshwater is right here. Rated you know that we're looking at and it's gorgeous it's beautiful when we want to protect and preserve it for the future not just for us but for future generations. So the connection is there at every. Have been changed from water levels high to low happened so quickly usually the cycles take about thirty years we know that the water level is going down on the Great Lakes now but that doesn't mean that the erosion stops Diane. I ginger disease thanks for that incredible look at that. And ginger has more on all of this in it's not too laid an Earth Day special airing tonight at eight and 10 PM eastern right here. On ABC news live and also streaming right now on Hulu. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us remember ABC news like this you're free all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown. Stay safe at a happier than. Oh yeah. Good evening on this Earth Day millions of Americans in the communities would stop this might have taken the first step to survival. But it is day of teach ins mock funerals rallies marking. And songs. Does not convince enough of us that the threat to our life on earth it is clear and present. We may have cast a vote for death.

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{"duration":"16:02","description":"Plus, an independent investigation is underway in Columbus, Ohio, after the fatal police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, and a look at the threat from climate change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77248092","title":"ABC News Live Update: Biden announces more than 200M vaccines have been administered","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-biden-announces-200m-vaccines-77248092"}