ABC News Live Update: Biden’s exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos

Plus, eight people were killed in shootings at three different spas in the Atlanta area, and Tiger Woods is back home after being severely injured in a car crash.
29:29 | 03/17/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden’s exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update president Biden covered a wide range of issues in an exclusive interview with our George Stephanopoulos. They talked about the fight against called it. When is everything going to be normal from there it's the crisis at the border. A lot of the migrants coming in saying they're coming in because you've promised. To make things better do you have to say quite clearly don't cop. And how Biden plans to deal with some of the biggest issues facing our country and generations. I want better six weeks felt OK give me a break because. We have that exclusive interview coming up. Plus the latest on a deadly shooting spree in Atlanta at eight people were shot and killed at three different spots. In the area now many are wondering where the victims targeted for being Asian. From there what kind of would drive you to do such events. The latest on the investigation and the suspects now in custody. And Tiger Woods is out of the hospital and back home what he's saying now about the car crash that left him seriously injured and his recovery. But we start with that ABC news exclusive interview president Biden joined our George Stephanopoulos for his most extensive interview since the inauguration. Touching on things like the border voting rights Letterman couldn't and the fight against Coke in nineteen. You sell your goals for the country hundred million vaccine doses by next week hundred million dollars out the door every American eligible. For the vaccine by adults American they may first. Something close to normal. On July 4 but tell everyone when is everything going to be normal for Americans the first logon to be able need to July forced. Deadline unless people listened. Wear masks. Wash their hands and socially distance because not every one by July 4 will have been vaccinated how do you get the politics out of this vaccine talk. I honest to god thought we had an out I honestly god thought that one tree guarantee we have enough vaccine for everybody. Things was start to come down while they have come down a great deal. But I just understand the sort of macho thing about. Mike can get the vaccine armory is an American my freedom to not do it. Well while much of the patriot protect other people haven't emphasizing the positive how is life change for you. Since you got the vaccine like and hug my grandkids. They take over the house I can see them I'm able to be with them. I've had the vaccine and secondly. It has changed my life in the sense that. I've been able to demonstrate to other people that I doubt whether people are expected to take humidity was safe. Mom to make the case that it is safe to take the vaccine. It's important to take their backs let's talk about the crisis at the border some heartbreaking scenes down there now. Right now and a lot of the migrants coming in saying they're coming in because you've promised. To make things better it seems to be getting worse. By the day wasn't a mistake not to anticipate this surge well first of all there was a surge. The last two years in independent nineteen and twenty to resist certain as well this might be worse know while it could be but here's the deal first of all. The idea that Joseph Biden said come because I heard the other day that. They're their communities in Norman nice guy and I want to show you this. Well here's the deal. They're not the adults from being sent back number one number two. What do you do it and unaccompanied child outcomes of the border to repeat what trump didn't take them from their mothers to move them away behold human cells or senator. We're not doing so what we're doing in his we have brought in brought it HHS and also brought in FEMA. To provide for enough safe facilities for men do not to get out of control. Of the Border Patrol or should not designed to hold people for long periods of time particularly children. Get them out of those facilities. And most of them come with a phone number so what we're doing is we're putting together entire organizational structure. So that within seven days are reborn again the food contact that number find out whether there is. A mother a father whether it is safe whether it's secure circumstance. To get the child to that. Adult it's gonna take some time that he get those policies in place again. Do you have to say quite clearly don't com. Yes I can say quite Cody don't coma were in the process of getting set up. In a stock can take a whole time is to be able to apply for asylum in place. So don't leave your town or city or community. We're gonna make sure we have facilities in most cities and towns run by DHS and also. Access with HHS health and human services to say you could apply for asylum from where you are right now. Make your case we'll have people there to determine whether or not you are able to meet the requirements you qualify for asylum. That's the best we can do this in addition of that while we also changed circumstances on the ground in those communities you're gonna diminish the reason why people want to leave in the first place. Director of National Intelligence came out of the report today saying that Latimer prudent. Authorized operations during the election under would denigrate you. Support president trump. Undermine our elections divide our society. What price must he pay you'll pay a price eyes we have long talky and I would refi are known rolled through well. And I had a conversation starter opposite I know you when you know me. If I establish this occurred then be prepared he said you know he doesn't have a soul I did say that to me yes and to end his response was. We understand what I wouldn't be in a wise guy was alone with him in his office that's how it came about it was wind. President Bush's that I should look in his eyes and saw a soul. I said look theorize and I don't think absolute fact recent we understand each. Look most important thing dealing with foreign leaders in my experience and I'm dealt with an awful lot on my career. Is just no the other guy so you know glimmer of who you think he's a killer. Who I do so what price must he pay for Tracy you're gonna pay well you'll see shortly. I'm mark and on others by the way we ought to be able that old that trade expression walk and chew gum at the same time. Replaces words and on racial injustice to oh worked together that's why are renewed the start agreement with the that have you had occurred while he's doing mess that but that's overwhelming interest humanity. That we diminish the prospect of a nuclear exchange president trumpet. Breach deal with the Taliban have all American troops leave by may first. Are they going to leave. In the process of making that decision now as to when they'll leave the fact is that downed. I was not a very. Saw we negotiated deal that. The president the former president are worked out. And so we're in consultation with our. Allies as well as the government and that decisions and ingredients in processed locally to take longer I don't think a lot longer that may first is tough. Could happen but. It is tough because look. One of the drawbacks. George missed going to be like. Send script people listening here but. Boom. It is some. The failure. I have an orderly transition. From. Trump presidency to my presidency which usually takes place from Election Day June to ton re sworn in. Has cost me time and consequences. For example we didn't realize how bad things were in terms of lack of vaccines we were not able to get access to this information. That's part of vest walked one and the issues were talking about now in terms of Afghans let me ask you about Governor Cuomo of new York and you said you want the investigation. To continue if the investigation confirms the claims of the women should he resign. Yes I think you probably going to be a prosecutor to. But usually be. How about right now you said you want the investigation continues. He sought. Chuck Schumer senator Schumer senator Gillibrand during congressional delegation don't think he can be an effective governor. Right now can be certain older when that's a judgment for them to make about the spirit that you re effective. Here's my position to spend my positions as a Rhodes of Oscars were. A woman should be presumed it to telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and become victimized by are coming forward. Number one but there should be an investigation to determine whether what she says is true. That's is going on. And been very clear thing I say her to claims he's gone so I think captains and by the way may very well be. There could be a criminal prosecution is attached to a high just don't know but let's investigate and a mile I don't I don't noted expert I've I started the presumption. It takes a lot of courage woman to come forward so the presumption is a should be taken seriously. And should be investigated and that's what's underwent. Our thanks to George of that interview and we'll have plenty more of that exclusive interview with president Biden including what's next on his agenda his relationship with the vice president and of course his dog major bite and that's coming up. At 11 AM eastern. Let's go over to Atlanta now where eight people are dead after suspected shooting spree in three spies. A suspect is in custody and now Asian owned businesses have been warned to be on alert. As police investigated the gunman was trying to target people of Asian descent seem Boson Sami has that story. Georgia authorities are investigating three crime scenes across two counties. And what looks like a series of deadly shootings at Asian massage parlor. Or deteriorate. Arab and are your and rural after a police chase that took them south of Atlanta. Authorities arrested this man 21 year old Robert air and long. Police say he was seen on surveillance video outside the scene of the first shooting around 5 PM Tuesday at young Asian massage parlor and a North Atlanta suburb. Moments after these pictures police say he started gunning people down outerwear. Grow a people were running for their lives police say the two Asian women a white woman and a white man were killed they say a man who is Latino survived his wounds. His niece says he wasn't even apt to business and was caught in the gunfire. He was coming out and destroy or beside the massage parlor and others who have this Friday and good outside. Investigators say it is extremely likely that long is the same redundancy nick two other shootings. More than thirty miles away in northeast Atlanta. And they point to a black SUV seen on surveillance video near the crime seat. Just 45 minutes after the shooting in the suburbs police were called to this spot in Atlanta were three women were dead inside. While police were there the call came in from yet another spot across the street where another woman was shot and killed. Police tell us they don't know if race is the reason for these killings. But to be safe they're putting similar Asian business is on alert and stepping up patrols. I mean you. Son there look at a motive. Would drive you to do such a thing. President Biden has been briefed on these killings and it's important underlined that this is happening as we've seen an increase in the amount of violence directed. Against Asian Americans violence that's connected to this racist throw it. Asians are responsible somehow for the rotavirus because of where that virus began again we still don't have a motive in this case but that is one that police are looking at. And it has authorities and cities like new York and other cities with large Asian populations. Stepping up patrols. Is being Asian communities. One other point that we're hearing from police here in Atlanta that they're looking at. I don't know if you can notice behind me but this is a 24 hour spot where this happened a number of these in the area and they're surrounded by strip clubs. And so authorities are concerned that one of the possible motives here is that this may have been an attack against. Women and they tell us they're having a hard time. Interviewing some of the possible witnesses in this area because of the work they do. All right Steve dozens Tommy in Atlanta force a complicated case they're thank you. And the deep south is facing a rare severe weather threat at least four states are on the highest alert for severe thunderstorms that could bring intense tornadoes. And damaging winds. Chief meteorologist ginger zee joins me now from Jackson Mississippi. With the latest ginger good morning what's the latest timing and track of these storms right now. Well there are rounds this store is this is going to be a day and afternoon and night and overnight advent and it's really a weeklong severe weather outbreak and you can hear the birds chirping you can see the sunshine lighting up the capital here in Jackson behind me and that's what deceive people. Sunshine. Is fuel for violent tornadoes and I don't like to see clear sky like this because that means that we got the fuel let me take you to the map we deal already have tornado watches that include Little Rock. Certainly Pine Bluff over to Memphis and even Tupelo that's the 1 PM this afternoon and so this year Weathers Arianna moved parts of Texas their people without power on the order of almost 70000 customers thanks to those damaging winds. We had the day before the day here at lack a lightning last night it was striking her affiliate WA PT have been in touch with all meteorologists there and help with a hallway they're generator was Friday and they went off the air so they're sitting in the dark there. And that again it was just kind of a lion before the big outbreak in the outbreak is Bailey today and I think this is what's gonna happen I think we're gonna end up seeing we just saw high risk expanded into Birmingham Alabama that high risk. Is the first to march higher risk we see in this country since 2012 the first high risk we've seen. Any month since Tony nineteen sweep a couple of years of quiet and you can CNET and violent area today anywhere from eastern Arkansas and Louisiana right to Mississippi here into Alabama that's who are concerned about. And I can't emphasize enough there will be rounds so I think we'll start to see some pop this afternoon. At after this the northern once this morning and they are also the CD overnight and that's when it becomes merely very scary. It will also move east because it doesn't just hop right at the after -- gets out of Mississippi and Alabama you gonna end up with that warm front lifting but it's the cold front that's gonna kick off storms which could include tornadoes from Savannah up to rally but anyone Virginia West Virginia Donna Jacksonville Florida needs to be on the lookout going into Thursday there's so much to talk about we don't get this type of high risk often and we also don't see it in such popularly Clayson and that's what's. Extra concerning today. Cancer is and injuring a lot of people are on high alert for this severe weather that you explain. What exactly does that mean and what should people Larry doing right now. Yet this did Mississippi has not had a tornado yet this year which is not normal they average about twelve for the first three months of the year and they are in this tornado drought meeting people haven't been about as much here's what you need to Knox when you have that watch issued that's your time to say okay we're getting ready we need to have that tornado shelter today the day where we could see those tornadoes that you can't survive and lesser underground. Or in a tornado shelter spelled your thing that you can do when no warning is issued. That's our that's when you got no more time you have to get to some sort of shelter eagle square stay away from windows he certainly get into the interior keep got a base that you did that I think people don't realize till it you helmet on a bike helmet that'll save you from some significant damage to your family and hey. What's hurt to have that prepared something else that not a lot of folks think about because they don't think it's gonna happen to them. When it does happen somewhere today. Have a rendezvous point bring you your family your friends know where you're gonna end up meeting. Because it gets very confusing I haven't been unfortunately in a lot of these situations. Throughout the last two decades and you see a lot of shock after a storm like best and you see a lot of confusion and so having a plan always ups Diane. Operated by as ginger zee in Jackson Mississippi thanks ginger stay safe. The and now to the pandemic and new concerns about some Americans reached using the vaccine. 72 million Americans have already gotten at least one dose of the vaccine but states across the country are seeing a rise in code variance. And vaccine hesitancy in the pilgrim is out of vaccination site in New York with the latest in a good morning. Diana raissi a vaccine into arms and urgent as ever with concerns of new variants hanging over the US while more than half the states in the country are now easing restrictions. Karen New York areas of concern now account for about 51%. Have been cases here. On Tuesday did Brazilian area which is thought to be more contagious was discovered in Massachusetts. Now the good news is about 12% of American adults have now been fully. Vaccinated but some states are now dealing with a new challenge. More vaccines have been takers that by the administration now watching that campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy. Last night in DC there was a public vaccination and that we're doctor Anthony out she was joined. By 25 diversity interfaith clergy they were all vaccine on camera. Hoping to encourage others. To get the vaccine when they can't Diane. Already the pilgrim in New York Forrest thanks Ciba. And jury selection could hit a snag today in the trial of the Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd. The seven jurors he did last week will be questioned about the historic 27 million dollar settlement between the city of Minneapolis. And George Floyd's family the question is whether that settlement could impact the ease jurors' ability to be impartial. So are nine jurors have been seen his attorneys will need to select total of fourteen including two alternate. ABC news libel have gavel to gavel coverage of the showman trial once testimony begins. That's scheduled to start on Monday march 20 ninths we'll have it right here on ABC news lives. And here's what we're watching in Washington today at 12:20 eastern First Lady Jill Biden will visit. Christa McAuliffe elementary school in Concord, New Hampshire with members of the McAuliffe family. Christa McAuliffe was killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986. After being chosen to be America's teachers in space. At 1 PM eastern president Biden will host a virtual meeting with Irish prime minister he held Martan and place of the traditional White House Saint Patrick's Day celebration. And at 1:30 PM eastern vice president come on Harris full ceremonial swearing in new Environmental Protection Agency administrator Michael Reagan. The first black man to lead the EPA. And the pandemic is changed the face of flying when we come back we get a first look at American Airlines biometric sporting. And why the future of air travel could center on your phone. And your face. Welcome back as advocate. Push for vaccine equity across the country and pop vaccine clinic in Los Angeles is turning to an old school approach. To major vaccine reach areas that need them most ABC's Katie hard time takes a look at the effort and the results. Unbelievable to me I am sitting here and I still cannot believe I already have good. And I've seen after five unsuccessful attempts floor Molina 53 year old nanny. Now has her first dose of the -- nineteen vaccine he means. All lines because. We have had family members have passed away from. This. And neighbors. Bid. Probably if we had had that opportunity. To get this then backseat and they live problems diet. In the parking lot of a church in Salinas south Los Angeles neighborhood nearly 900 people were backs needed over two days. In this community didn't 90% non white wine by people it had told them but only want any actual had been vaccinated this grassroots effort street tanks back. There's an alarming gap in vaccination rates across the country in areas like south LA. Hit hard by the pandemic and home to many essential workers ex talk of the event like this in stories so called vaccine chasers. Can't currently down. Exactly so it's for the community. By the community. And it's about providing vaccine to mowing come. Use of color. South anyway with the most hard hit and Atlanta coded pandemic highest rated down. Highest rate of infection highest rate of hospitalizations. And we need to get vaccine into the arms of the people of the people of south. The turnout proof of the demands you Ari had to three fell with more doses today. You know we ran a doses. We have to going to have more doses and bring them over and we'll continue to do that the issue is vaccine access and most people in south LA have not had access. To the vaccine there's not hesitancy. People left questions of course but people want to get vaccinated but the issue was there was nowhere for them to go. Delores Rick's learned about the vaccination site at her church around the corner signed up. One day after her ninetieth birthday she got her shot and you ever gotten better get for your heart now. Do you visit feeling of release CNN. Again unity and I got it done. Volunteers with local faith organizations mobilize around this to square mile area. I would team okay. Knocked on thousands of gone. Thousand dollars 1000 okay when then followed by calling two registered. I'm anything about 85% of the people understand your. Don't even know how to use a computer. So when we should've been endorsed that Hayward fifth extremely grateful. Fighting for vaccine Equity One door knock at a time and they hope this is only beginning. Why wasn't important you are to be a part of this outreach. Wow when I got my Mac. Almost back tears tonight hi I'm having my mother. 91 year old in memory and memory care sentence. Well that's very emotional I have many look to visit would turn haven't been able to fraternity cannot leave the sidelines of the things I think. Hearing our time ABC news Los Angeles. It's important work being done their thanks for that Caylee. And now to an ABC news exclusive looking at the future of air travel American Airlines is testing new biometric technology that would Spaniards face rather than aborting past. Transportation correspondent GO Benitez has a first look. Federal this morning an exclusive first look at new technology that may change the face of trouble with your face American Airlines showing ABC news what it calls the future of the air traffic. Bio metric board in light of concerns over cove. Everything in our airport that you experienced today didn't exist a year ago. Are any of the year we can deliver that much technology. Technology like this a camera scanning your face to confirm your identity. Without ever having to scan a boarding pass American has been testing this on some international flights but now there hoping to blunt says on domestic flights to. And the airline plants also use this technology and other points along the journey like the bag dropped to check in those backs. So enjoy what you're saying is the future of air travel as your phone and your face in the future may not even need your phone just literally facial recognition. Can get you through the airport. Airlines are increasingly turning to new tack to increase confidence in traveling safely. Delta now launching a touch was on board payment system and united working to eliminate long lines a customer service counters. Simply scan a Q war code and launch a video chat within agent rather than speaking to one in person. And TSA now testing UV light technology to clean those bins at security. Even though just some of these measures are in place right now we're already seeing a huge number of Americans take to the skies. Breaking pandemic records TSA screening more than sixteen million people so far this month. The last three weeks have been our best book in week since the pandemic started. If you look at how it's made it will be running 80% of our schedule that we are running back 2019. And you might be wondering what happens all of that data collected with a biometric screening. Pull American says that that is all white from the system within 24 hours. And it'll live only on your phone after that. They hope to launch this within the next few months. Gee nobody tells ABC news Dallas. Interesting stuff GO thanks. And we come back Tiger Woods is back home this morning he would he's saying yeah. About his car crash and his recovery is also ahead a deadly series of firework explosions rocking Southern California. We have the latest on the investigation. After this break. Welcome back Tiger Woods is back home in Florida this morning an opening up about his recovery three weeks after a series car crash. Specialists say the kind of fracture he suffered typically takes three months to heal and end a physical therapy begins. But being home means he's likely not battling infection chief national correspondent Matt Gutman hunt the latest. The. This morning golf superstar Tiger Woods is home recovering from that horrific rollover accident. That shattered his right leg woods announcing on Twitter that he had returned home and he is working on getting stronger every day. He added he is grateful for the outpouring of support. Encouragement. Over the past few weeks was had been treated at cedar Sinai medical center and harbor UCLA medical center where he was rushed for surgery after the crash. Doctors and plenty aimed metal rod screws and pins to stabilize the shattered bones in his right tibia ankle and foot first responders say they had to use an accident peak prime bar to yank out the windshield and pull wood's to safety he had just started to rehab from his fist back operation it's very fortunate that mr. Lewis. Was able to our commodities like woods who was wearing a seatbelt was driving to a television shoot to win the accident happened. That particular stretch of road is notoriously. Dangerous thirteen accidents in thirteen months now we understand it's. Sheriff's department is wrapping up its investigation. Into exactly Howell this crash happened. But so far LA sheriff has been clear about a couple of things. He's ruled out alcohol and he's not going to press charges backed up and ABC news Los Angeles. All right Matt thanks for that and a few more things to know before you go to people are dead this morning after a series of firework explosions near Los Angeles. Investigators say the illegal commercial grade fireworks went off at a house damaging nearby homes and forcing several blocks to evacuate. Police are now investigating the incident as a possible felony. LeBron James is making history in the baseball world. The lakers star is becoming part owner of the Boston Red Sox joining the Fenway sports group. In addition to the Red Sox the new deal also increase his stake in the British soccer team the Liverpool football club. The bronze says his future goal is to our own an NBA franchise. An on the Saint Patrick's Day near city is still planning to hold its annual parade. Organizers were determined to keep the streak going but they've redesigned this year's parade to adhere to Kobe restrictions at just 25 people walking around. And Chicago's also celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with its tradition of turning the Chicago river green but the move came as a bit of a surprise. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot cancel the tradition last year because of the pandemic and she promised to do the same. For 20/20 one but she changed her mind at the last minute. In an effort to lift spirits boat crews started dumping a dye into the river at 7 o'clock on Saturday morning with no public announcement to avoid crowds. This city has been turning the river green to mark the holiday since 1962. Happy saint Patrick state took off. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Zeta thanks for joining us I remember ABC news lab is your story all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern. For the new update Stacy.

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