ABC News Live Update: CDC issues new Thanksgiving travel warning

Plus, Pfizer submits for emergency vaccine authorization, and President-elect Joe Biden sends sharp criticism toward President Donald Trump for his most recent attempts to change elections results.
16:10 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: CDC issues new Thanksgiving travel warning
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us and today's update this CDC is issuing a new warning urging Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving. Or spend the holiday with anyone outside their house phone. Major airlines are reporting a rise in cancellations that millions are still expected to fly or drive somewhere for Thanksgiving. The US broken records yesterday with nearly 183000. New cold cases in more than 80000 people hospitalized with the virus. The good news is that help is on the way advisor says it's requesting. FDA emergency use authorization for its vaccine today if all goes well the most vulnerable couldn't get the vaccine. By the end of this year and I'm pleased to have doctor Darian Sutton an emergency physician in New York City here to break its all down for his doctors. Good morning guys great to talk here you know. How big. Is this news from five's are today and when do you think the general public can expect this vaccine. Or. Good morning it's incredible news actually now that we have these efficacy breeze reported by Pfizer and return it which are both MR any vaccines. It proves that there's possibly some major hole in the future treatment of the nineteen and most importantly prevention as far as ruled out on distribution I think. I think possibly we probably won't see it. Until early next year or into early spring. And let's talk about this CDC warning we've heard in the past that because of the ventilation risk on claims is low if everyone has amassed gone so. Why do any to avoid traveling for the holidays. What right now has never been more important to pay attention be vigilant and be mindful of the baca now not only are we having this epidemic we're experiencing an. An incredible surged. Matthew stated earlier we have the most amount less stations meat wrapper reaching over 80000 most recently compared to our prior surges in April and July are at least 60000. So now it's an important time to pay attention and every possible thing in order to mitigate the spread of this Cyrus also prevent hospitals and overdue over. Urban hospitals from overcoming your. And when they say don't celebrate with anyone outside your house all what if your household is just one or two people. So that's the unfortunate case you know as a person who is also wanted to celebrate with my family after realize that my household is separate from my household and out of my grandparents and it really is not agreed time you combine households and what we're trying to advise people is that tries best you can to mitigate these factors and separate I'd really would advise people not to be involved in indoor gatherings closed insulation. With multiple households this increased the risk spread. And as someone has to be said or it is important under pay attention it's better to have zoomed Thanksgiving and out of conference from the hospital or new years. And we've been seeing more restrictions like Turkey is in place how does that help quite as a matter of someone's at a restaurant at 9 PM vs 11 PM. So this becomes a sticky part I have to say that I personally disagree with establishing her views I think when rules given out in order to service mitigation backers we have to be direct identify those places that are high risk in out how do you and and and and state that are high risk in making sure that we close those areas and curtail the amount of people are. Eating those areas. Are there curt you're personally think that it. It can it can lead to more people distrust in the system because it's not. Understood easily and elect someone importantly says this virus is not a vampire doesn't just attack it night. Yesterday most of these outbreaks are occurring during the day and my years at a news outlets are hurt you what people surging in the tune beat that hurt you and lead to more. An ongoing discussion on that for shore at New York. Which I know is where you work as well where I live you know it was hard hit. By the virus in the spring now horsing positivity rates creeping back up are you worried about a re peat. Absolutely have to say that as I worked in New York during the items pandemic I saw what looked like when hospitals reached capacity and when you run out of room inevitably mortality increases so what we're trying to say in the states like California and New York settled or not suffering heart is free orbit eighteen. They're most densely populated are most at risk or X. Exponential growth right now we have every mitigation for look urban. And I I got a viewer question on Twitter that I wanted to addressing you this person's asking if it's true. And it you have Kobe and you can be listed as a Kobe debt. Even if you died of something out of the so that commonly heard misconception so can you explain how it really works. This is actually important question to answer because accurate Austin what you've left understand is that when you're committed to the hospital often times more often than not Haitians at other morbid issues such as hypertension and diabetes. And unfortunately that person were to die. There inevitable death have listed as bad as diagnosis but also listening contributing factors like their morbid issues are retention and diabetes also important to note it Kobe and create additional mortgage issues like respiratory failure and real failure during globalization X to the armed person who may not be equipped understand the city of port can look like someone outside of other issues between ruby but this is not to be confused as someone has admitted orbit nineteen and during hospitalization the die is never weak due to their initial cost which most are and more often than not -- -- And so they would not have died had they not contracted cove in nineteen is that the idea. Agree exactly your right doctor Darian Sutton is always great to have you thanks so much for joining us today. RU 200 U champ. And president trump has invited Michigan lawmakers in the White House and elastic aperture reimburse his election loss. Jones legal team is hoping to convince several Republican controlled state legislatures to ignore the voters and instead choose electors who wouldn't vote. We're trump when the Electoral College meets to finalize the election should take Abu Mazen Wilmington Delaware with the latest on this. People what is president elect Biden's teen saying about the president's actions right now on this front. Well good morning guy and in fact we saw the president elect himself in a rare form yesterday a doling out of his sharpest criticisms yet again the president trucks were struggling to find the right words to describe the president's behavior and trying to delegitimize the votes are still not conceding this election and also blocking the transition process abiding called the behavior damaging I think that president trump will go down as one of the most irresponsible president in American history is more of that exchange with my ABC news colleague Mary Bruce. In your view mr. professional what do you think the president his -- what are Americans witnessing. We choose my words sooner. It's incredibly damaging messages being sent to address world democracy conscience. I'm saying it is com. Well I don't know his motive but I just think is to response. All right now Biden says that legal action is not off the table against the GSA the agency that's supposed to kick start this transition process however he says their right now. Law suits would ultimately not speed up this process so what he says is that no matter what happens he believes he'll be sworn in on January 20. And pick Biden spoke with governors yesterday about the pandemic in afterward he took its strongest stance yet. Against a national lockdown saying it's not going to happen so what more do we know about what he does plan to do to tackle the virus. Right that president elect to release sounded frustrated when reporters asked him that yesterday she feels like this is something he's cleared up over and over again and again yesterday he's actually -- want to shut down the country he was to shut down those virus he does better than me a national lockdown instead he wants a targeted approach because different areas of this country face different challenges he said yesterday in his meeting with his bipartisan group of governors they also discussed and universal mast mandated with a thumping they understand is needed and that it's not a pool closed the member rather a patriotic duty. And Biden's also meeting with speaker Nancy Pelosi and senator minority leader Chuck Schumer today well can we expect from that meeting. Well the president elect to be spending his 78 birthday which happens to be today H here in Delaware meeting with the leaders of his party the for the first time he's sitting down with the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi so there's a lot to discuss the for the first time you're sitting -- -- the election and we know Biden has repeatedly said that he wants congress to pass a common nineteen relief package to help the American people war struggling through the skin damage and we know next week congress is heading off when -- long a weeklong break without passing this club in nineteen relief package -- be really interesting to see the church whether this is something that comes up in the discussions today will be of course monitoring that the transition team feels that this is just another example of biting continuing to work for the American people and pushed through and to regardless of whether the top administration is working with them on this transition or not. And I take a moving Wilmington Delaware thanks stay. And now to the new developments in the embryonic Taylor case newly released police body camera footage shows the moment her boyfriend was ordered to leave her apartment. As a third grand jurors speaks out in an ABC news in courier journal exclusive here's Michael Strahan. And back yeah. View yeah we'll. New this morning rarely seen police body camera footage shows a moment Kenneth walker in order to act to the apartment of his girlfriend. 26 year old Rihanna Taylor minutes after police officers are killed her while executing the search warrant. Are people who are. Yeah yeah right but yeah. In practice. Oh. Yeah and that's what's normal and not for the life. Posted on his car for cover. What do you look what could prove nothing about. But they're created. Walker said he and Kayla were in bed when he heard a loud bang at the door and little honest you know who isn't and no I say things are just congregate notes of little clothes seen. Lou it is I yelled police search form please search warrant. Walker said he never heard police announce themselves. A legal gun owner he grabbed a gun and went to answer that the war. Moments later officers took down the door. Walker say if unaware they will police. He got off one shot striking Sargent Jonathan Mattingly that everything had signals it's boom boom boom term force school closure intent. Stuff threat whenever that was I want to get on my family those just Whelan got far. And Barbara Rihanna and guards armed to the ground and house phone and what went down his point shot within it were thirty shots in return. A lot of people will look and say. And it seems a little bit access to dissing Michael there are thirty shots normal on the situation. I don't know how many were necessary and that's Horton to tell because. The initial shot barrage for so quick. Also new this morning rare brain injury recordings from the Rihanna Taylor case yeah. The you. Asked that we have sad and. Juror number three hit her first television interview expressing frustration with the grand jury proceedings. Alleging jurors weren't given all the evidence. I felt like it was. I was going to give my right to judge me as a interrogate. I've needed them. The present and all the evidence and make gains in your mind should there have been more charges brought back out meanwhile will be Margaret no officers were charged in the death of Rihanna Taylor. Tate whose life ended in a matter of moments put her name has become a rallying cry yeah. Yeah. I. They call for reform. For racial equality. And for just. And. Okay. I thanks so Michael Strahan for that reporting agencies say her name Rihanna Taylor special 20/20 event. With Louisville's courier journal tonight at 9 PM eastern 8 central on ABC. And with more schools closing and returning to remote learning parents are struggling to keep young children engaged with the material she hears aerial Russia put some advice on how to make sure kids get the most. Out of their virtual classrooms. More and more schools are. Closing their doors to in person learning due to covic spikes across the country and parents like Angel Colby are stuffed trying to navigate this new world. A virtual learning. Yesterday he had an ounce down into the day he was pretty frank they were on resume. Trenton eighty 2230. In the afternoon at a kiss her third grader has been learning remotely but he's having a hard time focusing. It's who are horrible and Atticus is not alone many parents of elementary school students save their children are struggling to stay engaged still we turn to child psychiatrist doctor may not Chaudhry for health should first. Gauging success. House expectations change but my fourth grader compared to my younger kids academic curriculum itself. Starts to become a little bit more orange jurors are parents can look to see you. What subjects can artworks are not sitting in order windy night how difficult is she next keeping kids in gate to. How I'm sure that. My daughter actually engaging with what's being talked to her through her computer's current cost them what did you learn today when she talk through your understanding the material. I'm spent months working well and it's not. A lot of times kids will quietly struggles she finally providing support. Did house support me emotionally when we're all frustrated consistency. Foundries structured the likes lot of holes for the minds the more they can do that proactively and more you concurred and how her street chain are mismatches and expect. Teachings while there are many challenges doctor show Audrey says there are some positives to virtual learning he means there are learning how to communicate more and navigate these challenges. And getting glimpses into each others like it in half before. And doctor Chaudhry recommends setting up an activity with your kids that signaled the end of the virtual school day and this helps them. Get into a routine it can be something as simple as playing outside for a few minutes or even just plain a favorite song. Diane. Good tips aerial Russia thank you for that. And that other that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis us evacuate at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran's. For the breakdown.

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{"duration":"16:10","description":"Plus, Pfizer submits for emergency vaccine authorization, and President-elect Joe Biden sends sharp criticism toward President Donald Trump for his most recent attempts to change elections results.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74323348","title":"ABC News Live Update: CDC issues new Thanksgiving travel warning","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-cdc-issues-thanksgiving-travel-74323348"}