ABC News Live Update: CDC recommends pausing the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Plus, officials calling the shooting of Daunte Wright, an “accidental discharge” that resulted in his death. And the prosecution prepares to rest their case in the Derek Chauvin trial.
28:05 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: CDC recommends pausing the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming lets us in today's update as second night of protests broke out at Minnesota after body camera footage released. In the deadly police shooting of Donte' right. Officials are calling it an accidental discharge the officer involved in the 26 year veteran in charge of training other officers. Q what Wright's family as saying this morning. And breaking news this CDC is recommending a pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson Colvin nineteen vaccine here in the US. The agency says the recommendation comes out of an abundance of caution after you case is a blood clots in people who receive the vaccine. We have more on that and the new treatment raising hope for those already infected with open. And the prosecution is expected to rest their case in the trial of Derek show Wednesday. Yesterday George wasn't brother took the stand with an emotional testimony about the type of brother. George was. Cardiologists also testified that Floyd's heart stopped due to lack of oxygen it's not because of heart disease or drugs. We have the latest on what to expect as his offense starts calling witnesses. But we begin with that breaking news about the Johnson Johnson vaccine the CDC and FDA have released a statement. Calling for a pause on Johnson Johnson vaccinations after six reporting US cases of blood clots in vaccine recipients. In a pilgrim has the latest from Brooklyn good morning Eva. US government calling for a pause on the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine this after six people developed a rare disorder involving blood clots about two weeks after receiving the vaccine here's what we know about those six people they were all women between the ages of eighteen and 481 woman died. A second woman is in the hospital in Nebraska in critical condition about seven million people have gotten the J&J vaccine at this point although the number of these. Cases with this rare disorder are very small out of an abundance of caution the US government. Hitting paws on the use of the J&J vaccine. Diane all right he then in Brooklyn thanks for that. An earlier on GMA George Stephanopoulos talked to doctor hashish shot about the calls to pause the Jane Jane vaccine let's listen. Countries are let let me play devil's advocate here for a second safety first of course. But six cases out of seven million has an infinitesimal percentage. Is the FD overreacting here. Yes good morning doors sinks roaming and I think the FDA is getting it right and let me walk through it again you're absolutely right I believe that JNJ vaccine is exceedingly sage. These are very rare events. But we don't know if they're linked to the vaccine and we don't know if there are other cases out there that we've missed. And so leads to the right thing to take a policy brief pause kept gather some more data. Meal plan. And then come back to the market are no other people to be upset about this. This is how our system more fair moods were as we always err on the side of sixty I think this is the right way to go so what's gonna happen next. There what's gonna happen next is there's going to be a meeting of the advisory committee for the CVB for the CDC they're gonna review all the data. The FDA is going through data probably of all the folks who've gotten vaccinated what we know what we're tracking. And then based on that they're gonna fake and you set of recommendations and my senses are gonna underdogs. Think they may not only Maine make it you know more for certain types of people over others. To see but this is. I mean we mark but it data driven decision and this is Heidi to. We only know already that there are some people many people who are hasn't taken vaccines is is like to increase their hesitancy what's your message to them. Eight it might and there are people who are worried that this is an increased hesitancy my strategy on this is always been we should local the American people. We should share would of them that we have a system that is its. Very vigorous. Yeah I'm making sure that drugs and vaccines are safe and that's what is happening today we have a system that's work. And so I personally hope that this will build more confidence in the vaccines. That's I think what people should be focus on is a system that really works protects you and your overall message on the vaccines. I think the change a vaccine is both terrific and its efficacy and it is exceedingly safe. Based on everything I know I feel comfortable having my family get it and we'll see what the FDA and CD success. Our thanks to George and doctor job for that in cheerio. Meanwhile about forty people have been arrested for rioting are violating curfew after new video was released in the fatal police shooting of Donte' right. Crowds clashed with police in suburban Minneapolis and police say some officers were injured. By objects thrown by the crowd. The demonstrations come after the Brooklyn center police chief released body cam video of the shooting saying he believes the officer meant to use her taser instead of her gun. ABC setting Ramos is in Minnesota with the latest. Overnight. New protests erupting nationwide from Portland to Seattle. City that has police in Minnesota clashed with demonstrators took the second night in new role. Some businesses were reportedly looted from their front windows smashed in Brooklyn center Minnesota seemed roughly forty arrests overnight over the deaths. Of twenty year old Don T write an unarmed black man killed during a traffic stop in a Minneapolis suburb. In the body camera footage released 24 hours after the shooting police say the officer involved accidentally discharged a gun instead of the taser. Killing the young father. As I watched a video and listen to the officers' commands. There's my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy there taser. But instead shot mr. Wright with a single bullet a mix up the police chief says they train to avoid we train whether handguns on our dominant side. And or teaser on our weak side. The fatal encounter happening just before 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon when the police chief says Bryant was pulled over for an expired vehicle registration. When officers ran rights need through their system. They discovered a warrant out for his arrest court records show that more it was issued after Wright's failed to appear in court earlier this month. Following misdemeanor charges for allegedly carrying a firearm without a permit and running away from law enforcement police say rice was trying to get back into the vehicle when the fatal shot was five years. Right driving the car for several blocks before crashing into another vehicle. Wright died at the scene. The medical examiner ruling in a homicide saying he died from a gunshot wound to the chest Wright's sister diamonds telling us how she hopes her brother is remembered and what. This we are now learning the name of the officer who fired that shot officer Kim potter who has been with a force for 26 years. During that fatal traffic stop she was training another officer she remains on administrative leave. My position. Is that. We cannot afford to make mistakes that lead to. The loss of life. Of other people in in our profession. And so I. Do fully support. I releasing the officer of her duties. And Stephanie Ramos joins me live from Brooklyn center for more on this stuff they what are you seeing there. In the aftermath of these protests and what are you hearing from people on the ground. Well Diane we can see the remnants from the clashes between protesters and police last night here on the ground. Right in front of the Brooklyn center police department we concede trash. Bottles of water glass littered everywhere you can probably hear these street sweepers making their way through. Trying to clean up this mad. Also last night across the city law enforcement and the Minnesota National Guard was. Spread out across this area trying to protect businesses some of them looted and you can still see national Guardsmen posted right outside the the police department behind me now. Obviously very tight. Tens situation here overnight people are sacks. In a briefing overnight the sheriff's department said their main gold last night was to maintain peace and they tried to maintain as much order as they Clyde. Some officers as you mentioned Diana were injured. And a police tell us that. Paid a small amount of businesses were burglarized that we are hearing from Dante's family in days say they would like these protests and demonstrations remain. Peaceful. I am right sent me around us in Brooklyn center Minnesota thanks Stephanie. An earlier on GMA Robin Roberts spoke too daunting Wright's parents and his mother shared details about her last phone call with her son. Can you please share with us what you all said teach other. He called me and he's the mom had just been pulled over Harrison for why it. He's they said they pulled me over because editor fasteners hanging in the rearview mirror president you'll take him down. And then he's that. He said well they're also asking for insurance admissible in the police officer comes back up to the window. Giving on the phone and I can explain and give them all the insurance information he's okay. Them and it the police officers came back up to the window and asked Dante to step out of the car and Donte' central was MI and trouble. And that officers ever gonna explain that when you step out of the car so and they asked him to put the phone down. And I heard the phone getting put down pretty hard and I heard an officer ask for them to hang up the phone and then. I didn't hear anything else I tried to call back from three. 34 times. And then. The girl it was worth it answered the phone. This is that these days side never any room lane in the driver's speed. Crisp Doug so this is how amazing man suddenly. Speed comes back. The police chief and he said that he believes that the shooting. That the officer meant to shoot the taser not her garden. And that it was an accidental shooting. Do you accept that explanation mr. right. I cannot accept. Allow small son. He's never coming back I can accept that but I think it must state this Latin doesn't sound right. You know resolved as soon as minimum force of 26 closed total cease years. I'm Kinney said. I would like to see justice served and her held accountable for everything that she's taken from months. Many people are upset that it again another black man has lost his life at the hands of police but you all have been consistent in calling for peace and calm some this is right what you want to say to those. Who who want to take to the streets on behalf figure side. I don't want to saved thank you so much for the support. And standing bios and making sure that my son's name has been heard and asking for justice. And asking for. That we that we get everything that we need out of those and making sure that my son's name doesn't get swept under the rug and forgot about what. Mr. miss us right. Tell people about your son or my son was an amazing loving kid that he had a big heart he loved basketball. He had a two year old son that's not going to be able could soon play basketball if you. Yeah sisters and Brothers Betty lump sum let students and uncle. Gets fed grandson. He had a smile that were made up the room it was so big and brain it didn't it. He was so he doesn't mean leading braves sudden he's never. And then there need to set this whole place take it away from and we had our. Carts pulled out of her child's. He was my baby how. And thanks Robin Robert and the right family for that interview. And I want to bring in former NYPD detective mark Claxton of the black law enforcement alliance for more. On this case and the general topic of race and police saying that this once again ignites mark the police chief Tim Gannon. Releases body Kim video yesterday saying the shooting appeared to be accidental. And that the officer likely meant to drop her taser instead of her gun we heard the right family there are at least Donte' stats say that he doesn't. Except that you've been in line of duty what was your reaction when you saw the video. Com world moderate my initial reaction. Is they're seeds and we're stuck in this tragic time to.

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{"duration":"28:05","description":"Plus, officials calling the shooting of Daunte Wright, an “accidental discharge” that resulted in his death. And the prosecution prepares to rest their case in the Derek Chauvin trial. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77046739","title":"ABC News Live Update: CDC recommends pausing the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-cdc-recommends-pausing-johnson-77046739"}