ABC News Live Update: COVID-19 on the rise in dozen of states across the country

Plus, the candidates are back on the campaign trail after their final showdown in Thursday's debate, and a new investigation into a Louisville police commander involved in the Breonna Taylor case.
10:03 | 10/23/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: COVID-19 on the rise in dozen of states across the country
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update with eleven days to go until Election Day nearly fifty million people have already cast their vote. Including. Vice president Mike Pence the vice president noted in Indiana this morning after president trump and former vice president Joseph Biden faced off. In their final debate last night. With new rules in place and muted microphones they were far fewer interruptions in the first debate but the candidates still clashed. On topics like health care immigration race. And of course the pandemic. We have no choice we can't lock ourselves up in a basement like judge he's citizens murdered on you know we're learn to live with. People are learning to direct. And both candidates are back on the campaign trail today Joseph Biden will deliver remarks in Wilmington Delaware and tonight president trample hold a rally in Florida. The FDA has approved the first official treatment for common nineteenth the anti viral drug runs as a beer can now be administered to patients ages twelve and up. And that treatment cannot come soon enough the US just reported 76000 new cases one of the highest one day total since the pandemic started. And Boston Public Schools are going remote after a big jump in the city's positive Tim that he grade I spoke with Boston mayor Marty Walsh about the decision earlier this morning. I think that it's about the safety of the kids and I think that there's going to be a lot of decisions about made another. Economy has across America make it better second guessing dirt guessed by the end of the day about keeping people safe and alive. Meanwhile First Lady Gilani a Trump's office announced today the White House grounds will be open to visitors this weekend. Four annual Halloween festivities that gates will open to Frontline workers military families and school children accompanied by parents. The announcement says social distancing measures will be in place and guests and staff will be required to Wear face covering. And mandatory evacuations are underway in Colorado where wildfires have burned more than 400000. Acres our reporter is on the front lines. You can see behind me there the buyer is aimed at trying to firefighters called his grounding. And when that happens in these conditions the fire it's virtually unstoppable. This video taken from a commercial cross country flight shows an overhead view of the east troublesome fire. Now the largest wildfire second largest wildfire rather in state history. At some of the strongest winds of the season are expected in the state of Colorado this weekend making the virus there even higher. A Louisville police commander is now under investigation in embryonic Taylor case. Major Kimberly Burr brink and oversaw the unit that executed the warrant at Rihanna Taylor's home the night that she was killed. ABC's Alex Perez has more. Removal police major is under fire for allegedly interfering with the investigation into brie and a Taylor's death. Police confirming major Ken Burr brink has been administratively reassigned depending an internal investigation. Into allegations that she measured investigators for sensitive information. About evidence collected at the scene of Taylor's killing one calling it a cross examination. Major per brink oversaw the unit that was serving a war into Taylor's apartment the night she was shot and killed by police. Who came looking for drugs and money allegedly connected to Taylor's ex boyfriend but found nothing. Police say officers opened fire after Taylor's boyfriend to Kenneth walker using a legally owned gun. Fire what he called a warning shot saying he nor Taylor. Heard the numerous times police say they announced their presence. I get shot we return fire. This is not a storm Hun somebody down this is not new one on an act. This is nothing like that officer John Mattingly who the FBI found was hit by Walker's a single shot telling Michael he believes a mistake that cost Rihanna Taylor her life. Was that they did not break down her door sooner how would you have done it differently if you could. We would have either served a no knock warrant or we wouldn't on the normal thing we do which is five to ten seconds to not give people time to formulate a plan because it that it happen. I'm Tony Mike that it happen. Count their mile. You believe should be a lot of if you had just. Storm did yes. And that given time. Only one officer was indicted by a grand jury in September with a single count of endangering three of Taylor's neighbors. No one was charged directly in the young EMTs death prompting outrage from the public. Re. And from jurors a second grand juror no coming forward to set the record straight. Saying the jury was never given the opportunity to consider stronger charges including homicide. And overnights Kentucky governor and UB share calling on the attorney general to release all information about the grand jury proceedings. In light of the claims have made by the jurors. And it's still a lot of changes happening you won't pull the city Kelso they're just approved a new use of force measure as they continue. To work on the reforming the police department Diane. All right Alex pres thank you. Switching gears now to Black Friday shopping will look a little different this year because of the pandemic and sold the timing of some of the sales. Rebecca Jarvis has more on how to stay safe and get the best deals. There's numerous speaking in long lines. Overnight door busters. And battles over bargains. I have been an annual tradition during the holiday shopping season but. This year Black Friday is going to be. Anything but traditional retailers economies are soccer's he'll eat and all and we're seeing. As many of those and of your deals won't be in the storks but on their web sites. Wal-Mart with online deals spread out over three events starting November for low is online season of savings starting yesterday. A Deloitte survey expecting 64%. Of holiday budgets to be spent on line. What if you do you plan on going to the stores retailers are making big changes to protect shoppers. Target announcing a new system to move waiting in line online. You can actually reserve your spot and lying you can at a time if there is a line you'll be notified seat also up and yet it's more crowded and you expect. A retailer even offering more than 8000 new curbside parking spots nationwide car. The contact Liz experiences of big selling point that many retailers are offering now did. Nordstrom extending curbside hours even offering complimentary gift wrapping with all purchases. And what are your best shopping resources might be this is your fellow and that's because a number of retailers have their own apps their own web sites. And if you sign up for their loyalty programs you'll be eligible for additional savings one word of caution though if you sign up with a working email address or something they. He used frequently you're gonna get a lot of emails about deals so better to create an all new shopping address you're not tempted. After December 25 and keep in mind this year because the retailers have begun a lot of these sales. Already in the month of October they're also extending the error re turn programs so that it's a longer window. Such that you can make purchases earlier. Give them out after December 25 but make sure that your checking on that before you make your purchase so that you don't miss the window if you do want to make a return. I am tonight great tips Rebecca Jarvis thank you. And Apple's new iPhone twelve and twelve pro officially hits stores today. The new five G Smartphones include a sharper camera and the magnate on the back of the phone different taxable wallet. The release comes the same day Apple's first ever iPod became available nineteen years ago. For more on your latest science and technology headlines here's Mona clothes are opting. Since today's tech quite a legal setback for over and let the companies must classify their drivers. As employees not independent contractors that's the ruling of a California appeals court backing of a lower court's decision. The companies can now appeal to California's Supreme Court. Just in time for the holiday season new tools on Google shopping plot formal allow shoppers. To know what they're getting the best deal possible you'll also be able to track product prices and receive an alert and bigger discounts are available. And Sony's PlayStation five will come with some entertainment counts pre loaded and the console along with an optional remote control the remote includes. Dedicated launch buttons for Disney plus. Not flick Spotify and YouTube the remote will also work with compatible TV's the PlayStation vita debuts next month. Those near tech bike stand I'm happy with my PlayStation teal and it played tapes and cassettes back to you should. I'm leaving on it thank you. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane this NATO member ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see back here at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown. US official actually announced that a deal had been reached only to have to take it back and put things on hold. And for a few agonizing hours. There was the very real possibility that everything would blow up. But by mid afternoon everyone was smiling they came back here to the White House to participate in the hastily arranged signing ceremony. It was another of those historic occasions in the White House east room the president stream. After nine days of intense and difficult bargaining. The interim agreement between Israel and the Palestinians have been achieved.

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{"duration":"10:03","description":"Plus, the candidates are back on the campaign trail after their final showdown in Thursday's debate, and a new investigation into a Louisville police commander involved in the Breonna Taylor case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73788847","title":"ABC News Live Update: COVID-19 on the rise in dozen of states across the country","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-covid-19-rise-dozen-73788847"}