ABC News Live Update: East Coast braces for Hurricane Isaias

Plus: The return of the NBA, and Beyoncé releases a new visual album.
25:11 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: East Coast braces for Hurricane Isaias
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update easily as has been upgraded to a category one hurricane. The storm already tore through the Caribbean causing flash flooding and mudslides in Puerto Rico. Now the East Coast is bracing for impact from Florida to Maine rob Marciano is tracking it off the Miami. Also ahead the NBA is back in action players start of the season arm in arm kneeling during the National Anthem. But they are the only ones making a statement were inside the bubble for basketballs powerful comeback. And beyonce dropped her new album black is king overnight and it's already trending the visual album is a year in the making. See Al her daughter's stole the show. But we begin with doctor Anthony fat gene CDC director Robert Redfield testifying before congress this morning. The two will take questions on the need for a cohesive national strategy uncle but nineteen. The US is reporting more than 15100 new deaths in the CDC is projecting as many as 30000 more in just the next three weeks. But corona virus cases were down nation line wide last week for the first time since early June and hospitalizations. Appear to be flat. ABC's your thoughts is following a hearing for us and joins us now with more from Washington Kiet. The last time thought she was before congress he said the federal government is not in total control of this outbreak what do we spec. Expect to hear from him in right field today. Yet you don't that's a great question and maybe weekend monitor the live pictures I noticed that doctor thought she was coming in. To the room there where the subcommittee hearing is going to start. It said Gary go right there you can actually see a doctor patchy getting ready to sit center stage he'll be side by side at the seas CDC director is well. Also the assistant secretary for HHS admiral Ret Gerrard will also be there I mean these are the three top leaders Diane. Right now when it comes to corona virus and a national strategy. A federal strategy as you know. Doctor about she and the president. They haven't had that the most. I guess we should say up publicly comfortable relationship. I think from the very beginning. And we have seen them at odds with regard to this science. And and what the president wants to believe in wants to see for this country. So at the beginning you saw the press conferences that were being held at the white house with the corona virus task force. Without Hsi and doctor birds and also read field and other members of the task force side by side with the president and those task force meetings would go on and on and on. And it nag you never really felt like you were getting something out of that there was a lot of speculation you had about she talking about the science to what needs to be done doctor Burks would come forward and support what about she was saying and then the president. On a number of times would throw out things about possible cures and vaccines. And and do we need masks and yes no should we add more to the precautions. And it just became really difficult. For bout she and the task force to do their job and get the right messaging out so now. Here we are finally having a opened a hearing where all of us will be able to. Listen to very direct back and forth about what should be done. At a federal level to try and bring down. These numbers I mean right now more than 43 million cases a 150000. Deaths in those numbers. Are climbing Diane. Yes that's not a great picture right now we do try to tell the good news or we can find it that here and we are hearing some good news about some vaccine progress what's the latest there. Definitely. Things are moving forward and their moving forward quickly. Right now there are three promised seeing trials going on there's about eight in total among all the different companies Diane. But three trials going on right now with me Daryn. AstraZeneca and also Pfizer and then we heard this week Johnson & Johnson now reporting. Headway as well but still. Even though operation warp speed is in full force and there are a number of trials going on and a lot of good news coming out of of what could possibly happen here. With regard to a vaccine for all of us summing getting that shot in the arm for every single American. It right now it looks like 20/20 one. For high risk patients. That's where we're seeing we could see a vaccine that's workable by the end of the year Diane right certainly hope so Kara Phillips from Washington we appreciate it here thanks. And the program giving millions of jobless Americans an extra 600 dollars a week formally expires today. And Walt will replace those benefits still to be determined congress is deadlocked on a potential new stimulus plan. Senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce is in Washington with the latest Mary good morning. Diane good morning while overnight another round of talks failed to make any progress emerging from that meeting the White House chief of staff that he is not optimistic that anyone relying on these benefits we'll see relief any time soon. Now late yesterday senate Republicans and Mitch McConnell made a last minute attempt to try and extend these payments. But it just 200 dollars Democrats want them to continue at the full 600 dollars and they called the Republican move. A stunt they date with the politically callous attempt by Republicans after failing for weeks to come around a more comprehensive plan. The bottom line here at these benefits for thirty million Americans are expiring the last checks partying gone out and there is no deal in sight. Replace them Diane. Diet and grim outlook and Mary thanks and let's bring an ABC news business correspondent Deirdre Bolton for more on this. Huge rat it's expired we have no deal so what now. Well it's not just this question of thirty million Americans who were benefiting from that 600 dollar per week that federal benefit Bruce that we were just talking about. It's also the kind of workers Diana as you well know people who normally would not qualify for unemployment benefits. Did this time around as part of that cares acts I'm talking about gig economy workers. Freelancers. Is self employed some not only is this number of thirty million people a huge number. This were also talking about a very widest swath of the American population. And of course as we see states you know stopping and starting at of course having to change some of their plans because of the pandemic. There are numerous people who really needed this as a lifeline people were using this money to buy food to buying Madison. To pay for child care still this is really going housing evening. So this is really going to affect a lot of people since it has stops and at dinner one of the point a contention seems to be this argument. That benefits are so high that people are choosing not to go back to work what do we know that that. So of the University of Chicago their team of economists did put at a study that said that 68 percents. Of the people who were receiving benefits were action be making more. Then they wouldn't ban in their normal salaries but even those economists who put together that study they say listen there's a few caveats. We even have discrepancies in turn only meaning that the people who were hurt first the people who were caught first were off in a low wage workers so for example. Janitors in nonessential services nonessential businesses. Food service workers so the fact that the low wage earners were caught first. That has skewed the data higher. But as our might resist telling us of course this is a huge debate on Capitol Hill as we know Republicans of course want to reduce the payments and 200 dollars a month. And of course Democrats are saying listen at a time when the recovery is very shaky. Do not fix what's working I believe that 600 dollar per week plan in place at least until the new year and. All right Deirdre Bolton for thanks Erica. And as that debate over the benefits continues so does the debate over schools New York is now releasing new Kobe guidelines. While in Colorado a fifth grade teacher is gaining global attention after sharing a look inside her socially distance classroom. The New York Department of Education is out with new guidelines for potential culprit nineteen outbreak in schools. Saying they'll close a school for two weeks if two or more children in different classrooms test positive for the virus. From coast to coast parents and officials are trying to make decisions about the reopening of schools but with so much still unknown. The key issue here is staffing. And the ability or school districts to dispatch and plant importantly what the Paris. The safety of students and faculty is still raising concerns with teachers' unions across the country saying they'll support a strike if they feel their school system isn't doing enough to protect the faculty. Around the world new safety protocols have been put into place with plexiglass barriers on lunch tables and South Korea students in facials in Myanmar. And in Greece classrooms are sprayed with disinfectant. Here mind. Tasks. Spaced out three feet apart hurts. You're in the US fifth grade Colorado teacher Katie O'Connor hoped to give her students of video preview of how different her classroom looks when prepped for coded. Berg's firm. The way. What she captured instead it was a series of emotional moments actually realized how different her classroom feels. Apparently didn't immediately hopeful on paper because it we'll pass it around. Collected in what world business. An elementary school classroom. It stinks. If those. Make. Over a week later the video now has over. Form million views and counting. Your reaction to. Lower. Its is so crazy to me. It's and I feel like is really being sharing our outlook. New normal schools as. That new normal includes a lot of uncertainty O'Connor still has no idea how many kids will actually be in her classroom and how many will join virtually instead. Just like a soldier and now where I hate. When apple is making the decision it's a well or four she says while she's excited to go back she's also anxious. There's so much and I don't sell. And every procedure from recess to lunch. And drop path completely changed. And so its discs excited over. And O'Connor says thanks so that video she's had an outpouring of support and encouragement from teachers all over the world. Now she's hoping that when school starts here over the next few weeks but people give teachers the patience and grace they need as they figure these things up. And that's breaking news one marine is dead and eight others are missing after an accident involving an amphibious assault vehicle off the coast of California last night. ABC's will Carr joins us live in California will what happened. Well Diane there is a search and rescue going on right now for those eight missing Marines off the coast of Southern California it comes after a minute marine amphibious assault vehicle spoke on the water during a training exercise. Overnight we know fifteen Marines and one sailor were inside that vehicle at the time of the incident eight have been recovered. Two were Ross to the hospital one is in critical condition one is in stable and we have confirmed that one marine. Was killed. The Marines are part of the fifteenth expeditionary unit are you do that to be sent quickly to respond to emergencies across the world at any point. The amphibious assault vehicle they were training in to be launched from a navy ship and then use like a regular armored personnel carrier when it hits the beach. The commanding officer of the fifteen Amy you tweeting. We are deeply saddened by this tragic incident I ask that you keep our Marines sailors and their families and your prayers as we continue with this search and obviously everybody helping. For some good news as a search continues die. Absolutely will thanks. Former tropical storm is say S is now a category one hurricane. The storm all has already brought flash flooding and mudslides to Puerto Rico now the East Coast is bracing from Florida to Maine. ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano is tracking it all fours from Miami good morning rob. Hi good morning Diane S a forecast has gotten more ominous. In our furry after doing some serious damage to Puerto Rico want to get to those images right now because that's dramatic stuff that happened at the last two days. Intense amount of rain on the western part of the eye on the that a kids being carried out by soldiers out of those floodwaters. And flash flooding and mudslides or some of these more hilly towns. Are really doing some some mud damage there are so tough go for Puerto Rico no doubt about that. The Dominican Republic as well. And now it's it's ramping up into formidable hurricane with tropical storm warnings and hurricane warnings out for much of the Bahamas and Turks and caicos which get a today. Lot of warm water here not a whole lot of land so we expected to become a category two hurricane tonight into tomorrow morning getting abreast of Miami then west palm Melbourne. Tomorrow night into Sunday. They getting close to Charleston of the Carolinas Monday Tuesday Tuesday night even making a run after north states show. There is not a whole lot of confidence still with his forecasts are that Collins what you have to focus on meaning that the entire East Coast. Is going to be under the gun here for potential impacts storm surge one to five feet was as winds fifty to eighty plus mile per hour. And four to eight inches of rainfall not just the Bahamas but I think got along the coast of Florida. And Georgia and even the Carolinas with damaging winds and dangerous surf rip currents off course if those youth who dare go in the water so. High impact event coming here as we are already on the ninth. Named storm of this season Diane. And rob Puerto Rico and the Caribbean are still rebuilding from hurricane Maria plus a Puerto Rico they've been dealing with the pandemic and earthquakes. So how worried should we be about this new hurricane season for them. Well we saw what already what's what this hurricane did sit Puerto Rico and they weren't too route. And they got all the strain in a hurry and mats and flash flooding happened so alien and when that happens we add hundreds of thousand people without power that the infrastructure still fragile. After her team Maria and running water we had over are a dozen people without running water at one days and at one point and and then Dora Mae came through. The Bahamas last year. Parts of the northern bombers not even close to being rebuilt and they're getting impacts now. From this storm so you know rebuilding his slow on the mainland's even slower as you can imagine some of these island communities so. It's it doesn't bode well for this jacket circuit she's. Fun ravaging touched on it's been an active and early hurricane season is that an indication of what's to come for the rest of the season. You know it and we had. Our first named storm before hurricane season even started. And that's not typically it you know. Something that four boats bad things to come but this year that's certainly been the case we have all the parameters that are come together 22 producer and active hurricane seasonal or on our ninth storm. The ice storm that's your earliest we've gotten to be ice storm on record and we are still six weeks away. From the peak of hurricane season and just look at that map we've got to other systems that are coming off. The African cozy with all this Kate very season which of these islands just off the coast and east disturbances come off and they make their way typically all the way across the Atlantic so. It's getting to be an act of time to peak though as I mentioned is not until really the first and second week of September that's really starts he things ramp up. And water temperatures are above average up and down the East Coast. That's not a good thing so we're more than just a little bit concerned about this hurricane season amidst the Kobe pandemic. Not a good combination but prepare for the worst and hope for the best right. So it can do permit. And rabbi know you'll be tracked and it all forest here to help us out so thanks for that and stay safe front. Sanctions and a season. Civil rights icon and congressman John Lewis was laid to rest yesterday after a week of celebrating his life. It was an emotional funeral service in Atlanta with lots of talk of the importance of voting which is a right that Lewis spent much of his life fighting for. Three former president spoke at the funeral of president Brack Obama giving a eulogy C Boson Sami is in Atlanta with more. A young kid from Troy. Can stand up to the powers and principality since I don't know this isn't right this isn't true. This isn't just. We can do better. America was built. By John lose. A this is how America is saying good bye to John Lewis the civil rights freedom fighter and congressmen who made good trouble a good thing. He was the great grandson of slaves and at his funeral in the middle of this pandemic were three US presidents who came to pay their respects. John Lewis is a walking review to people. Who thought. Well. We ain't there yet we don't work alone time. Didn't it under Baghdad. And kept movement. This job and I had our disagreements of course. But in the America John Lewis fought for in the America I believe. And differences of opinion. Are inevitable elements and evidence of democracy in action. Lewis was a lifelong public servant who once bled for the right of black Americans to vote. And Thursday president Barack Obama the first black American elected to that office delivered his eulogy. His relationship with Obama was an important one like many black Americans Lewis wasn't tears tonight history was made. And Obama was elected. And some day when we do finish that long journey towards what we do want. A more perfect you. Whether it's years from now or decades or human of the takes another two centuries. John Lewis. Will be a pounding pop. Of that polar bear. Better a mass. At his service Obama spoke strongly about voter suppression he says is still happening today. Every senator. Those in power who are doing their darnedest. To discourage. People from boating. By clothing polling location. And targeting minorities. And fumes would reflect the bud you're alone and attacking our boat rides the float to cope with good. Even undermining the Pope spoke Arabic. Runup to election. That's going to be dependent on mail in ballots so that little. Lewis was a hero to many including twelve year old Thai Parikh Faulk who he met years ago at a commemoration of the march from 1965. We're Lewis nearly lost his life marching for voting rights decades before the boy was even born. John those was my hero my friend. Let's honor him Madigan and good trouble. Congressman Lewis was beloved it was buried in an Atlanta cemetery founded by freed slaves with the time. Had nowhere else to bury their dead with dignity. The final resting place for man so much purpose. May oh. There was a lot of concern expressed at Lewis this funeral about the upcoming election and in particular about. Potential voter suppression the message that was delivered over and over again. Make sure to vote. And a vote early. Diane. Quite a funeral service Tivo some sunny forests in Atlanta thanks Steve. And John Lewis's legacy was on display last night as the NBA tipped off in the Orlando basketball bubble. This is the first game since the killing at George Floyd and many players took the opportunity to speak out on issues like racism and police violence. As for the games themselves. There were no fans in the stands with the stars legs Diane Williamson and LeBron James still put on quite a show ABC's TJ Holmes takes us inside the bubble. Every player. Every coach even the referees taking a knee during the National Anthem a concerted show of unity. As the NBA returned with two games overnight and with a message and the spotlight not just don't its superstores but social justice and racial equality. Justice. The first game of the night between the New Orleans pelicans in the Utah Jazz tipped off with clear showcasing messages instead of their names on the back of their jerseys. Peace freedom say her name. This first official game inside the so called NBA bubble comes four and a half months after the league suspended the season. After a player tested positive for the corona virus that player Utah Jazz senator Rudy go bare. He just happened to score the first points of the restart and knock down the game winning free throws tubes. Game's great woman who let the other day Ingram got too ridiculous to treat. We understand was going on the side right now. And we're used in this can be platform of the players and coaches but organizations to continue to stand strong one. The NBA bowl seeing success so far at the Disney wide world of sports. Living on campus social distancing and consistent testing has led to zero reported cases of cobra nineteen in the latest round of testing. So if things go as planned the NBA finals would wrap up October 13. That issues he around the time the new in beating season would start. We'll deal with that issue down the road but on the other front the MLB of course we know what's going on with the Marlins they had outbreak. On that team in that organization will now the Phillies have announced they've had two people in their organization. Test positive a Covert nineteen and now they have shut down all operations. At their stadium in Philadelphia for the time being they've had to reschedule some games the Phillies will not be playing a series that was supposed to have this weekend so. In BA. Has some positive things the report in terms of Covert no players testing positive in their latest round of testing. MLB seems be going the other direction Diane of course the difference here. In BA operating in a bubble. And thanks to TJ Holmes for that report and a few more things to know before you go Brandon Taylor. Is on the cover of the latest edition of O magazine it's the first time the cover photo has featured someone other than Oprah. Taylor was killed by police and a no knock raid on her apartment in March over says she wanted to use what ever megaphone she has to bring attention to agree on his case. Champagne sales have dropped to its historical low with producers and friends saying they've lost an estimated two billion dollars in sales because of the pandemic. With your celebrations winners went weddings dinners out. Not as many people are popping bottles of bubbly. And beyonce is highly anticipated new visual album black is king dropped overnight on Disney plus. The 24 time Grammy Award winner says the album is a re imagining of the story of the line can take a look. Okay. Okay. It's in the same. Minutes or so. Afraid that lose lose. As beyonce dotted Blue Ivy stealing the show. Black is king is available to stream now on Disney plus and we should mention Disney is the parent company of ABC news. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed up thanks for joining us. I remember ABC news live as your story all day with the latest news context and analysis up next doctor Anthony found she and Robert Redfield testimony. Before congress had a great weekend.

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