ABC News Live Update: Growing concern over COVID Delta variant

Plus, Amazon’s new Sidewalk feature raises privacy concerns and Chris Harrison steps aside as the face of the “Bachelor” franchise.
15:07 | 06/09/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Growing concern over COVID Delta variant
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us and today's update president Biden is on his way to Europe for his first international trip since taking office. He's expected to make big case that America is back and try to mend frayed relationships with key allies. Biden is set to meet with Queen Elizabeth and British prime minister Boris Johnson in the UK before attending the G-7 summit. But the highest stakes meeting comes in Geneva where he will come face to face the Russian president Vladimir Putin's. Biden is expected to confront who'd been over cyber attacks election interference and human rights violations. But also look for areas where the two countries can work together. And back here at home the debate over college athletes' rights to be paid is front center. NCAA president mark Everett is testifying before the senate commerce committee on a proposed rule change. That would allow players to make money off their name image and likeness rights while still in school. Several new state laws granting those rights are sentencing effect July 1 now the NCAA is asking congress for help in creating a federal law. The Supreme Court is also set to rule on a case that could affect those laws before the end of the month. And Pfizer says its vaccine is at. During the final phase of trials for children ages five to eleven. The children in the trial get two shots at a lower dose and was given to adults. Been on a Cotuit variant first spotted in India seems to be infecting young people more than other strains. The delta Varian is now the dominant strain in the UK and spreading fastest among twelve to twenty year olds. Earlier today and GMA former acting director of the CDC doctor Richard Lester talked about the growing concerns are on the new variant let's listen. How concerned. Should we be about this. Well let me rob amid the good news about the delta variant is that the vaccines that are currently being used. Are effective against the delta Varian for what it says to me. Is that when there's widespread transmission around the globe it is far too soon to declare victory here in the United States. Even though the numbers here in the US are looking really really good they're going down I mean in just about every state. But still knowing this what kind of precautions should families take who have unvaccinated children. What precautions should they take right now. Yeah and so you know the delta virus points to the fact that kids are at risk of guys that strain it appears affects children. At a greater rate and so even though the numbers are going down you need to be careful around kids especially kids who have. I have a medical conditions led like gas left the current guidelines are Medved unvaccinated people may include children. How Wear masks indoors when the are gonna be around other people. Thankfully it's it's getting to the warmer weather and more people are outside and being outside. Without mask is a very safe it's safe thing to be as long as you're not in the union very crowded conditions. And it's been great to see people out and about where we heard an in this report. About Pfizer in the final phase trials for children ages five to. Eleven so what do you say go to parents or there's a lot of concern there a lot of parents who do not want to get their children vaccinated. Danny wed what I say is is doing I'm gonna do and that's made for the studies to be done. A look at what's taking place here and around the world look at what the recommendations are and then make an informed decision make sure all of your questions are answered so you can make a decision. As to whether vaccination is right for for your child. I think kids then what we're seeing around the globe with new variant screen up. Raises concerns in recognizing that while children in general do quite well with his fire so they can discredit to others who don't. Vaccine children may be an important part of the way we try and knock this out for good. But until that time the sole much. Debate heated debate about whether or not children should have to Wear a mask in schools so. What's your take on. Well you know my take is if it should depend in large part on what's going on locally. So if you're in a community where there is significant transmission going on. Having kids Wear masks makes makes a lot of sense if the rates of disease in your community here are lower than what we would even see for the flu. Then I'd say yet you can make a decision not to use masks I think it's not it's too soon to decide what's happening this fall. All right our thanks to doctor bouncer and Robin for that interview and president Biden also treated about the delta variant writing. If you're young and haven't gotten your shot it really is time. If you haven't Amazon echo or rings security camera you may sharing your Internet connection with strangers. The company just activated a new feature that boosts the range of Amazon devices but opens some of your Internet bandwidth to others. Rebecca Jarvis has more on the technology and the new privacy concerns surrounding it. Their authority and millions of homes across the country. Amazon act goes and brings security cameras but this morning a little known featuring batted inside your Amazon devices called sidewalk has automatically kicked in sidewalk not only links all your Amazon devices together it also shares a slight severe Internet bandwidth. With your neighbors Amazon says the intent is to help you locate pets are lost items makes setting up new devices around your home easier and receive notifications from your security cameras or security lighting even if your Internet goes down. Sidewalk uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals to pool small amounts of Internet bandwidth from multiple locations. Creating a so called mesh network bit boosts the range of Amazon devices nearby. The good part is that if you have devices that are outside the reach and you're our cameras are come to a light shatter this issuers. Your signal is reaching them but sidewalk is turned on automatically. Raising questions about security should bigger question is what data might be collected are passed around age and really for a lot of people are concerned about privacy coming Amazon used these networks and they're creating in the future. Amazon says the transmissions are tiny in size in federally encrypted the also tele BC news. To protect customers sidewalk is designed with multiple layers of privacy and security to secure data traveling on the network and to keep customers safe. Amazon says this shouldn't slow down your Internet connection they're just using very tiny small amounts. Of your Internet bandwidth as a result of this new functionality but if you're not comfortable yet. You do have to opt out of sidewalk and here's how you do that if you haven't Alexa opening of blacks avenue. Go to settings go to what counts settings select the Amazon's sidewalk. And move this slider over to disable that will disable this functionality. For now die and. All right Rebecca Jarvis thank you. And Chris Harrison is leaving the bachelor after nearly two decades the longtime host has been on indefinite leave after defending a former contestant photographed at an antebellum themed party. What it means for the future of the franchise when we come back. Welcome back longtime bachelor host Chris Harrison has announced he is stepping aside as the face of the franchise he hosted for nearly twenty years. The move comes after his defense of a contestant photographed at an antebellum theme party TJ Holmes has more. Over the years we've seen a lot of bachelor's and bachelorette scum adults. Chris Harrison is out. ABC announcing the longtime host is stepping aside as the face of the franchise he's been a part of for nearly two decades on in Easter Graham Harrison writing I've had a truly incredible run as host of the bachelor franchise and now. I'm excited to start a new chapter I'm so grateful to bachelor nation for all of the memory we've made together tonight the journey begins again. In a franchise known for a shocking character of the dramatic exits I'm kinda. Yeah business. Harrison has been the consistent presence throughout the 25 seasons of the bachelor and seventeen seasons of the bachelorette and their multiples kennels until the host sparked his own controversy earlier this year defending Rachel Kirk an elf after photos of her surfaced attending a plantation themed party into when he nineteen. In his heated conversation with Rachel Lindsey the show's first black bachelorette. Until well it well Rachel isn't going to look at here is it not a good looking when he anyone else. I. Didn't have where commissioners she celebrate old south to sell its I would slap party what would I read it at that party. My guests these girls got dressed and went to a party at every time an eerie eighteen years old. Now does it really don't carry I don't know Rachel huge army though uproar pushed Harrison to apologize. It was a mistake I made a mistake. I am an imperfect man I made a mistake. And I own that. Stepping away as guest hosts is filled in retired NFL linebacker and Alter a manual arts show leading the conversation on the last season's after the final rose from. Former bachelorette and Bristow and case Adams or at the Helm of this new season with this unfamiliar territory. For unscripted dollars in. What's the long term how does this play out over the long tail. Died as a all right our thanks to TJ Holmes of that report and let's explore that a little bit more with the help of ABC news contributor and series sex and radio host. Mike muse my good morning to you first so what's your reaction Chris Harrison stepping aside. After nearly twenty years. Well good morning I'm yes I think that it's six. Yeah. Angle so anyway we're best. Yeah you want because Chris Ayres has always has been a part of the Max literally everything as the excuse the masters series you're pretty much introducing him. Hey when you being around someone over twenty seasons as long as he has been the masks are you really get to know personally come into your house. I'm every week if you will enjoy seeing the master wind out of him is his his. I'm Greg. Also saying that it what is needed and also let's say that it was necessary. The area this season record to nine as you know and I do believe that this season brand names in India in the weight. Handover conversation with the racial. I think dwindle as far as he may wish it. There was is no quicker return in his sleep in the wake the backdrop for a happen in our society today. Our society is having typical conversation around race and race relations and race dynamics. Thanks for in the weight and keep doubling down on the big risk it's okay to be ignorant about a subject. But it has been doubling down in the insisted in the entire. And how he did Powell was what I believe what caused people to how. Have a reaction to him so where he needed to lead the platforms and Edwin B common continues distraction. Below. Happening so Mike where it isn't franchise go from here how does this change things aside from just. Who has been a host. You know and you're right. I talked about this awhile ago in his first came out like cool and I think our paraphrase Lewis who would have thought that will be discussing the concert delay in the bachelor. I think that faster hasn't really important moment in our society and pop culture always always up to mirrored our society to reflect. What is happening within our nation. Yes this this show about dating below we are now going to be do that and and bachelor production company that you know produces a bachelor they have a chance now you're really. Not necessarily expand the conversation on race is not their job let me do you have an opportunity to moderate discourse through the want to offset these contestants what happened these other thicket Texas who have. Half of the master or the mass arrests. They can really begin to ask questions because I don't you think about it and win most of America go down on the first day a second day these. My question is did you come up hide -- I think that master it is unscripted television. They chanted truly making unscripted my allowing these conversations to come forward and go forward I think not only will it contest has learned but it gives a chance for. Let's look into the views of America because contestants console in different parts of the country bestseller different kinds of viewpoints. And what better way to learn about the viewpoints and different reasons of our country did you contestants who have net. Not to put the blame I'm raise reckoning embracing theory on the massive contestant that's not what I'm saying. But they do have an opportunity and they so choose. To really advance. And to help moderate this discourse in their own way. Fantasia Adams and Kayla Bristow have stepped in as temporary replacement so they're getting great reviews so. You think though keeping gig. I sure do hope so Diana I think how I think that mixed is interesting one because they were former contestants. Politicians who they don't want they had. Have shown that there aren't afraid it says speak their mind and to see here opinion that you nowadays than he would choose choose. Getting behind the war in front of a camera. We're getting are behind her front of a microphone at. I think we do now have a responsibility. I'm not to be afraid to say our opinions right into the moved. I'm comfortable and damaged in situations those who have proven I'm that they are able to do now hand are willing to do that and I finger and tiny but dynamic is needed to move forward because of the vascular and I just can't save them Max learned to accept the sale of debt. Passes sailed as last season. They now have. Have to redefine themselves and then when that is I don't know how they can do business as usual and I think those holes would help them lead them into this next. Sarah the master. All right ABC news contributor and Sirius XM radio host my news thank you might. They use. And that does a British ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed thanks for joining us in a murmur ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown stay safe. Thailand this from its. Bases where we have a real junior freedom over. And these big contingent of self determination that we felt. But we don't tell people that they're not as.

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{"duration":"15:07","description":"Plus, Amazon’s new Sidewalk feature raises privacy concerns and Chris Harrison steps aside as the face of the “Bachelor” franchise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78174543","title":"ABC News Live Update: Growing concern over COVID Delta variant","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-growing-concern-covid-delta-78174543"}