ABC News Live Update: More than half a million US lives lost to COVID-19

Plus, the Supreme Court rejects former President Donald Trump’s attempt to keep his taxes away from NY prosecutors, and an independent investigation into Elijah McClain’s death is completed.
29:27 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: More than half a million US lives lost to COVID-19
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update more than half a million Americans have now lost their lives at qualifiers. Last night president Biden held an emotional candle lit memorial remembering those lost. And calling for unity. But just not be a story of how far we felt and how far we climb back up this vision will smile protect. This nation will know somebody needs to. This nation will go Joey can't. And there's new hope on the horizon the new announcement from Johnson & Johnson about its vaccine. Also ahead new images from the united airlines' new in flight emergency you can see where debris actually made a hole in the side of the plane. The new details from the NTSB on what may have caused the engine to blow apart. And the major defeat for former president from the Supreme Court is rejecting his last ditch effort to keep his tax returns and financial records. From prosecutors investigating him. So could the former president face criminal charges. We begin in Washington where president bite in the First Lady the vice president and second gentlemen all led a moment of silence. From more than 500000. Lives lost to curb in nineteen. The administration is working to ramp up the vaccination effort is Johnson & Johnson says its single dose vaccine could be authorized by the end of the week. With more than twenty million doses available by the end of march Mary Bruce starts a soft and Washington. An emotional president died in instilling in nation with a somber moment of silence. Marking a staggering milestone more than half a million Americans dead from the corona virus. Well remembered each person we've lost. The lives they lived. And loved ones they left behind. We will get through this I probably should. The president memorializing. The lives lost and urging Americans to fight this pandemic together as we all remember. I also ask. To act. To remain vigilant. To safes stay socially distant. To mask. Get factually when it's your turn. And this morning some good news Johnson & Johnson announcing its authorized they expect to deliver enough doses of their single shot vaccine. Two banks in 820 million Americans by the end of march the administration now racing to catch up with delays caused by winter storms we don't anticipate. At all backlog doses will be delivered. I'm that we. The CDC now reporting that more than 44 million US adults have had at least one dose of the vaccine. And nearly twenty million have had both doses and there are clear signs that vaccinations along with the since early January weekly deaths in nursing homes have declined by about 70%. In fact the coded tracking project reports cases in nursing homes last week. When the lowest recorded since may in Illinois Kate Wrigley and Ashley Kennedy haven't been able to visit there 85 year old grandfather in person at his nursing home. Since March. They say they're grateful he's getting his second vaccine dose this week. We're excited Brett looking worried set rain we get to see him again. Me we miss him so much we know we're very space he's still your witness. Now it knew Kobe variants emerging there is still a long road ahead a new study. Out of San Francisco OSHA the California bread bury it may actually be more infectious than other strains they say that could help to explain the explosion. That we've seen in that state. Researchers are now requesting that the CDC added to a watch list of concerning variance Diane that would make it the first US variant to be added to that list tank Mary Bruce in Washington Forrest thanks Mary church and as Kobe case has come down lock downs are easing up Governor Cuomo has announced that movie theaters here are New York City. Well reopen next week for the first time in almost a year. This as the governor faces backlash from miss recording the number of nursing home deaths in New York State in pilgrim has the latest. Overnight New York City announcing plans to loosen coated restrictions planning on opening movie theaters in a limited capacity for the first time in nearly a year. Movie theaters in New York. Or people are marked the first interstate 40% capacity. More than fifty people were screening. Yeah hits a ball. Is it because. Indoor dining is back in million. The move seemingly ripped through this weekend's Saturday Night Live skit comes as the State's governor Andrew Cuomo is under fire. Quello who was praised for his early efforts in the pandemic is now in the midst of scandal. The FBI and federal prosecutors in Brooklyn investigating how his administration handled nursing home deaths during the pandemic. After an aide admitted the administration withheld the nursing home death told from state lawmakers. Out of fear it would be used against the state by the trump administration. We created devoid. By not producing and a public information quickly and I get that. But that was exploited. With misinformation. People playing politics. Republicans putting politics. Personal attacks personal agendas. The governor now pushing nursing home reforms as well as easy other restrictions that coded numbers here in New York are actually down. New cases hospitalizations. And deaths are all on the decline I had and we'll take the good news or we can find it even government Brooklyn Boris. Thank you and the NTSB's as a fan blade on the engine of the united flight shows signs of so called metal fatigue which may have caused the engine. To blow apart shortly after take off the UK is now banning Boeing triple sevens with that engine transportation correspondent yield Benitez has the latest on the investigation. This morning new images from the NTSB showing even more damage from that triple sevens mid flight emergency over Colorado debris from the engine. Hitting the fuselage leading this hole in the side of the plane luckily missing a fuel tank. This as we learn new details about what may have caused that engine to blow Hart. The NTSB's saying the preliminary investigation shows evidence of metal fatigue when metal is weakened to such a point that cracks for. Investigators say one fan blade broke off hitting a second black. For the fan blade it was fracture risk and damage if it is consistent with it being struck with a friend like separating its route. And into it. The UK now banning triple sevens without specific Pratt and Whitney engine from flying into its airspace. Most of those planes now grounded in the US and Japan while the engine is an older model no longer used in newer planes more than a hundred triple sevens still have them. Requiring deeper inspections. In this case does a question of when where those inspections done where they've done properly. And why did this airplane have this crack that eventually led to a catastrophic engine there. And this weekend we saw very similar incident in the Netherlands with a 747. Cargo plane. Engine parts falling after a mid air explosion the debris injuring two people on the ground. Meanwhile we've reached out to the engine's manufacturer Pratt and Whitney we've not heard back. But on Sunday the company said this that it is actively coordinating with operators and regulators to support the revised inspection interval. Of these engines that power. Those ripples on this Diane. G a Benitez thank you. And now to the ongoing disaster in Texas temperatures have started to warm up but millions are still. With out water and critical supplies aren't high demand ABC's Marcus wars in Dallas with the latest forest there mark is good morning. Diane good morning you know things are improving here in Texas but there are still millions of people under a boil water notices this winter storm. Bursting pipes at homes and businesses. And we've also seen water main breaks up across the Dallas Fort Worth area and the storm having a major impact on the supply chain there have been long lines for basic necessities like. Food and water at grocery stores and they. Food distribution sites across the region. And then you compound all of that whipped the sticker shock that that people have been experiencing with the electric bills. There are people who told us that they've received bills for thousands of dollars in the midst of this crisis. It is important went out this morning that depending on what kind of plan you have. Texas does allow companies to charge a variable price so win the demand is low. That bill will be low but they can skyrocket. When the demand goes up. State leaders have vowed to address the situation but this morning exactly what they will do. About those high bills is still unclear we know that the governor did call an emergency meeting over the weekend. And ultimately. At least in the them short term here has ordered a temporary moratorium on disconnection due to those high electricity bills Diane and I. I ABC's mark is more in Dallas thank you and this morning the senate is set to hold its first public hearing on the capital insurrection. Lawmakers will question top officials on the security failures that led to the reach of the capitol they also look to determine how to better protect the building moving forward. Senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer joins me now with more on this DeVon good morning this is the first time we'll hear from some of the people in charge of capital security on that day. What are you watching for. They're good morning and it's also. The first time that lawmakers who lived through the echo insurrection. Watch CB yet be able to ask questions and those who were charged with making sure they were safe and secure as it was going on three of the officials will hear from today Diane have resign they resign immediately after the attack. Their former capitol police chief stevens' son former senate sergeant at arms Michael stinger. And former house sergeant at arms Paul Irving those are the guys. Or supposed to be in the capital keeping people safe walls and hear from acting DC police chief I'm Robert Conte. How much of the Syrian. Is gonna really focus on two questions. One why wasn't the capital more fortified ahead of time clearly there was a failure in preparation. The second question is why didn't take so long for reinforcements to get there once the capital was overrun. As senator Gary Peters of Michigan the top Democrat on one of these committees today Diane that he wants to know what went right what we're wrong. And how we can prevent this from happening ever get one crack and it ended and you actually get some answers particularly to that second question why it took so long to send back up. But the hope is that we'll start to get some of those answers today Diane if you look at the timeline of events on January sees it took nearly five. Hours for the first National Guard troops to show up back at the capitol after chief's son. First called for help there and competing narratives as to why that was delayed with a including whether the White House. President trump may have played some sort of a rule there it's also clear from the early indication that there was general confusion among those three now and we just showed you stinger Irving. In signed over who had the authority to actually the National Guard who were with the ultimate approve or audit that lead to some of the delay those questions. Will be asked today no doubt that there is going to be a follow up here and I hammered the Defense Department will appear as well. And then DeVon former capitol police chief Steven son is one of those three officials testifying today who actually resigned. After the attacks you a letter earlier this month saying the intelligence leading up to the event did not indicate it would become as violent as it did. How much of the hearings using Walt focused. On that intelligence and what. They were working. To huge part of this oh equation Diana knew was this a failure of intelligence. Or failure. Act on what was already know it's very unclear. That will give it a final answer to David chief's son that we're expected. It's here today will come out and maintain that he simply did not know was going to be dispatched he says in a letter to Nancy Pelosi that you referenced earlier this month that there was no specific evidence. Often armed plot to invade the capital that may be true. But his letter also suggest and that perhaps there was a failure of imagination to anticipate. What was clearly some obvious indications on the Internet that these are groups that were gathering planned to be violent there were calls. To demonstrate there were calls to T gone some these members of congress. So much as an aftermath of 9/11. Are our security officials were faulted for not imagining what could be the case I. I suspected that will be or get a lot of attention today as well. And Evan they're stark differences in security preparations. For that January 6 rally which turned into the siege and for black lives matter protests over the summer what do you expect to hear on that contrast today. Yet just look at the pictures here on the stream Indies were from last summer riot police in body armor tall fencing tear gas the smoke bombs. We remember those pictures and then to contrast that. With what we saw I think capital on January 6 capitol police armed with little cans of pepper spray and bite cracked fencing to keep those mobs. An insurrection is out of the capital it's a huge question today in this hearing Diane why it was a White House shall fortified. In the face ends relatively peaceful black lives matter protests that have been going on in the summer she and the capital. Really left wide open on January 6 Democrats have suggested that perhaps politics and optics were at play rather than facts. An objective threat assessments and we suspect that a lot of questioning today. We'll get into those issues. And Devin Dwyer in Washington for us thanks Evan. Instead. And then hearing starts at 10 AM eastern we will bring it to you live right here on ABC news live also happening in Washington today at 4 PM eastern president Biden pulled virtually hold his first bilateral meeting with Canadian prime minister just injured out. And at 6:15 PM eastern congressional leaders will hold a moment of silence on the steps of the capitol. To honor the more than 500000. American lives lost to of the nineteen. Former president Trump's tax returns are now in the hands of the Manhattan district attorney. The Supreme Court rejected Trump's attempt to cheap his tax and financial records away from New York prosecutors. As they investigate him for alleged fraud and other possible crimes chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl has the latest on this good morning John. Good morning Diane this is a big defeat for Donald Trump the Supreme Court rejecting his last ditch effort to keep prosecutors. From getting his tax returns so now might have. Patent DA Cyrus Vance we'll have access to eight years of trump tax returns. And it's not just don't Trump's personal returns and you'll also have access to these were tax returns and financial records of the various prompt companies. Did you order for the Supreme Court rejecting trumps effort to block this was a one sentence order it was on signs. But there were no dissents so that means that if Donald Trump. Was counting on the three justices that he nominated to Supreme Court to bailed out of this he was sorely disappointed. Trump responded with the lengthy written statement said in part. That the investigation in New York is quote a continuation. Of the greatest political witch on in the history of our country. And he said the Supreme Court should never let this fishing expedition happen. But they did. Diane. All right Jonathan Karl thank you. And then an independent investigation into the death of Elijah McClain is now complete. Maclean died in 2019 after being restrained by police then injected with sedatives. When we come back what the investigation found. And what his family is saying this morning stay with. Welcome back the family and Eliza McClain is speaking out this morning after learning results and an independent investigation into his death. The 23 year old died after being restrained by Aurora Colorado police and injected with a powerful sedatives. Now the new report finds police had no legal basis to even stopped and Stephanie Ramos has the latest. This morning's a family a palatial McClain is reacting to the independent investigative report. Condemning a war Colorado police officers and paramedics for the death of the unarmed black man. Does glared terrorists and Lugar are its say the same thing we've been saying years and her hair. The report released Monday state steal more police officers did not have the legal basis to stop and frisk or choked the 23 rules with autism. Why should died in August of 20193. Days after he was stumped by officers responding to pre 911 call about a suspicious person. And stop. Stop three officers wrestled him to the ground put in an inch hole colds and handcuffed him. Every amenity Bennett injecting him with can mean a powerful scented it. The report criticizing a war EMS for giving him that shot even though he wasn't resisting. Quote giving the 140 pound McClain a grossly inaccurate amount of the sedative a -- 3190. Pound man. So what we see is a young man. Everything right he was murdered these acts because his race Maclean suffered cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. Where he died three days later. A lies his family still heartbroken. Active Oakland loaded with low. May as. Well we just this. And we miss merry. Diane the Aurora police department has not commented on that report it was paid for by the City Council the family has filed a lawsuit against the city. Diane Stephanie Ramos thank you enough for more on the results of the investigation let's pretty former NYPD chief of detectives Robert Boies. And former Detroit police chief Isaiah McKinnon good morning gentlemen thank you both for being here Robert I'll start with you this report says. I'm McClain was injected with an inappropriate amount academy now make. It's made on the scene. Are you mess that now wait to seated social as well this is dangerous situation and meet us senate is to begin next troll environment not. Industry. Mr. cannon was only in height dish she sees Malia and so I was made by the police. India. And the UMass has its own. I don't know was aromatic Chordiant. I think this practice tests and as a hundred new really is dangerous other agencies courts country music. I think it's far can media and controlled situation. Not industry not directly or any additional armed attracted via Aurora police are still using old doctoral this line residuals. Moguls as a shock. Most police agencies are well aware that many used. We stopped using the EP nineteen in the real reviews. Just to really get things were. Police choke hold sleep role whatever. Of those situations to things but. We're really just trusting him to sin accurate in my. And Isaiah the investigation found that police had no legal basis to even stop McLean little own risk. Or choke him what do you expect will happen to the officers involved not at these findings are out there. That's sort of the suit in that respect to police department or prosecutor but I think of me is probably the best case. War be having in middle progression. Those officers because. Parcells obviously as a sad acting. Sketchy Satan sketchy is that throwing things are. I'm trying to lose. Are committed premises. I think that that may help oppression prism with those people what would record a tremendous difference here is being. Those people who need mental health professional. Candidates and act a person is acting in a way that Kurds. You know or soon. Your cholesterol or to other. We're old that we have to be any blood horse and officer we are important to you priest and be administer. We had to be what reverend might be what are we came out of the police academy. That's not the case obviously we can't do all. Having a person wouldn't it is a strong press on in that area can. Basically. Help all those kinds of things that we do. And Robert Colorado's attorney general is also conducting a criminal investigation in this case the Justice Department is conducting a civil rights investigation. What do you expect to see Adam those investigations given the result of this independent. We've seen Jiang during it was new chief and here is slowed and she immediately bench or in god shouldn't while. So we see some change LeRoy is ready that he's begun a second day would be a look at can be news industry. So I see. Right now via media is not given as a which is mediated soon crumble licensees or if you watch. If you see what happened is arguable whether they had the right stuff stuff mr. McClintock can more as a suspicious person. Again sketchy shouldn't. Bond rates to activists are so he's not surprising easings who happen. And you see additional coming in fact that it shall call. Academy all these things contributed to oh fluid has changed here is an assassination of his arms were still using these these. Challenges and Islam. And I as it let's talk about change because today marks one years and Aman. The three men involved have been indicted for murder and Georgia passed a hate crime law after his death I don't think. That case patted his death change the conversation. Around race over the past year. I was actually a number leases have been sighted throughout the past two years. I haven't led you think about what's happening here breast the most important thing or one. Time and we bring in Samoa. We have to do Cyril. Terrible background. Of them and continue to do. As Laura arsenal because we don't know what they are holding her registry since Messinger or what happened in Washington. Last month. We had a number I don't. Alternate on a monthly loss would. I don't know to what extent they weren't all but the reality is. A horse is not as we get to know whether his O and Woburn ma has a lot of us are all I have a duty to serve the community to safeguard lives and property. There's an eyewitness prison or diminishing respect and constant source of all of liberty equality justice and Vermont my. Don't you don't bring along wasn't in the continued training we have what. And robber you're ready touched on this a little bit so Isaiah I'll direct this to you it's been about nine months now. Since George Floyd's death on the heels of our breeze death sparked a national outcry. While kinda changes have we seen in a police department since then. And what changes do you anticipate going forward in addition to what you're saying in terms of scrutinizing better from you. I think there's there's certainly. More training. At saint redness. We have to be mindful of those people were supervising people who were involved and on what's most important unfortunately sometimes. Clinton's go Chris. We need to see look and see the number of people minorities or females. Are stopped by police are regular reasons. When I was aren't listening or are we won't regularly. See. People of color. Really well admitted the offices are the kind of key factors in terms are kind of people that we now. Ours are armed in our. Police departments in the season they are doing. Well be able to yes late hear us and Nancy Solomon has already mentioned it is so that's what he's been done TG those social sense. Oh and yes she was right. Are we need to sit on top just you trained and well we're something that you do on quarterly basis. He can be Summers now here is rich you can reach out in a Euro since. What's this common goal and east beat. Robert Boyce Isaiah McKinnon thank you both we appreciate your tent at a thank you. And here's a live look at Capitol Hill where in just under thirty minutes congress will hold the first hearing on the capital's Steve with officials responsible for capital security that day. We'll have full coverage for you right here on ABC news live stay with us. Welcome back and the opening bell ringing on Wall Street stocks are set to open lower after sharp losses yesterday in the tech sector of the NASDAQ fell two and a half percent following a 9% drop in Tesla shares today investors are watching fed chair drone Powell. Who will testify in front of the senate banking committee right down the Dow is down slightly just about flat. And a few more things to know before you go the leader of Oklahoma's Cherokee Nation once Jeep to stop. Using the Tribe's name on its suvs. She checked Costin Jr. says he thinks it's time for corporations and sports teams to retire the use of native American names images in mascots for their products. OSCON acknowledged that keeps use of Cherokee lightly comes from a well intentioned place. But that it does not honor their pride. She responded saying their vehicle names have been carefully chosen and nurtured over the years honor and celebrate native American people for their nobility. Prowess and tried. Company adds it's committed to a respectful and open dialogue at. And this gives national spelling bee is making it won't mostly word shall come back. Because of the pandemic the spelling bee was called off last year for the first time since World War II. This year it will hold several rounds virtually leading up there in personal competition. At Disney World this summer between a dozen finalists for the v.'s interim executive director hopes spanning the competition over several weeks. We'll be fun and exciting for the kids and we'll help them cope. It was a difficult situation. And pop music is taking a hit this morning. Yeah. The French duo down on the credits his legs get lucky and one more time. There are splitting up after twenty years and six time Grammy winners broke the news NN video aptly called. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm vendors give thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is your point of all day with the latest news context and analysis we'll be back at the top of the hour of coverage of that person's hearing. With the officials were responsible for capital security. On the data buildings over.

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