ABC News Live Update: Hurricane Sandy advances on the Gulf Coast

Plus, the FBI investigates sexual assault allegations against breakout Netflix star Jerry Harris and tips for parents to help their kids work through remote learning frustrations.
13:48 | 09/15/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Hurricane Sandy advances on the Gulf Coast
Good morning I'm Diana stayed oh thanks for streaming with us in today's update we start with some breaking news the city of Louisville has agreed to a substantial financial settlement with the family of Rihanna Taylor. Taylor was fatally shot by police in her own apartment six months ago. We're still awaiting details on the settlement but it's expected to be announced as early as this afternoon now in addition to the payment the deal is expected to include police reforms. Including a requirement that commanders must approve all search warrants before they go to a judge. Some of the police were serving a no knock search warrant when they broke down Taylor's door to her boyfriend says he didn't know who was pounding on the door and fired what he calls. A warning shot. One officer was hit in the leg police returned fire kitty Taylor and killing her. The grand jury is still deciding whether to file criminal charges against the three officers involved. Wildfires in the west have now killed at least 27 people as they burn across California Oregon and Washington State. The air quality in the western US is now among the worst in the world. One San Francisco volcanologist warns breathing outside without a mass would be like smoking eight cigarettes. And this is a surreal scene at a double Heather in Seattle between mariners and the opening is. Tell us the players were wearing masks trying to play through this smoke but certainly a game like we've never seen. In better news from California over the last seven days just three and a half percent of covad nineteen tests in the state. Came back positive that's the lowest rate since it started reporting these numbers back in March. A just a month ago to give you an idea the positive test rate was nearly twice as high. But there are still growing concerns over cove in nineteen particularly on college campuses. Right now nineteen of the 25 biggest US outbreaks are in communities with college students. Indiana university in Bloomington has quarantined three fourths of the Greek cast on campus. University of Wisconsin and Ohio State University have already canceled bear spring break for this year. And we are monitoring what continues to happen on those campuses. Meanwhile Jerry Harris a breakout star from the net puts documentary cheer is reportedly under FBI investigation. USA today reports the investigation stems from allegations by teenage twin Brothers claiming Harris sexually harassed them online and at cheer competitions. Amy Roebuck has more on that. Jerry Harry. The 21 year old from the popular Netflix dot Q series cheered who became an instant fan favorite if you haven't watched cheer on Netflix yet. When you you will see why everyone loves this guy sharing his signature positive energy with Alan. This year. The Villa on the Oscars red carpet. And even with Oprah. Is reportedly being investigated by the FBI for allegedly soliciting sex and explicit photos from miners. USA today reporting FBI agents executing a search warrant at the star Chicago area home. Following allegations made by two twin teenage Brothers. Who described a pattern of harassment that started when they were thirteen and continued for over a year. According to the USA today report. An official adversity brands a cheerleading organization which used to employee Harris wrote to police in August. The dated learned of inappropriate sexual conduct allegations against terrorists. According to a. Our interviews with the boys into what has been reported salon forests meant. Inner actions between Charlie and Sam and Jerry Harris started in late when he eighteen and it continues through earlier this year. According to court documents now obtained by ABC news. Harris allegedly sent text. Attempting to make plaintiff's meeting here is in secluded locations. At various competitions. Like this one sent to the twins that read hey by the way I found a place for us to do stuff it's actually pretty good. That brother seeming to shrug off the alleged advancement telling USA today I just didn't want to make a deal out of anything at all. Somebody needed to do something in order so you. Prevents him from continuing to initiate these kinds are relationships. We as. Other borrowings according to USA today after finding some of the alleged explicit exchanges between Harris and one of her sons. The boy's mother reported Harris did United States all star federation the governing body of all star cheerleading the Fort Worth police department and the F. BI aren't any really looking out well. Represented as for Harris said they categorically dispute the claims made against him. Which are alleged to have occurred when he was a teenager adding we are confident that when the investigation is completed the true facts will be revealed. And we should note Harris has not been charged with any crime again his representatives are katic or categorically disputing the claims. Against him Amy robot thank you for that report. And that's the latest on hurricane Sally the storm is one of seven tropical systems churning in the Atlantic right now making this the most active tropical season to date ever recorded. The saudis current taking aim at the Gulf Coast and experts say could bring quote. Extreme life threatening flash flooding and storm surge. Earlier I spoke with Mobile, Alabama mayor sandy stimson where the outer bands of Sally are already being felt let's listen. We know that storm surge an extreme flash flooding our huge concerns how are you preparing for that. It's so we Bob. The margin stated I'll respond people battered old city from the page dated to about the progress being. How warm or rent you personnel. And so we're ready as we get the but then branched that movie ever attended deploy them. Do you find it harder to prepare for a storm that threatens with with. Flooding and with surge as opposed to with wind. She found that the not necessarily harder to prepare but that would prepare to vote. You know in the security mobile Leo portray what a lot while while most intriguing. So you have a slow movement stalled although a lot of praying that you gonna have a lot of tree damage. What that man a break it. And I know your county has two storms Elgin shelters rather but unlike usual you're advising people to avoid a evacuating to them. Because of course the corona virus threatened crowding concerned so what are some of the challenges. That you're facing now in handling both the pandemic and a hurricane at the same time. Bush spoke politely and I areas they pandemic is slow down and so we don't have a section right. But and we've been a situation where we did have been very don't look good we don't have enough shelters to cover everybody if we had separated people. With the social distancing. What do you want residents in your area to know right now. So you know the most important thing right now as it is sustained. Because about flooding that flash flooding. You get cut off more you're trying to go. And then you would think the rescue personnel. Risk becomes site you. And we see it so so many times book trying to either get away or help somebody else they don't realize just how quickly these waters Ken Ken men. And then they themselves are trapped how worried are you about those scenarios. It's well. We're prelude that are change and opportunity have themselves with the suburban area until that bowers a challenge but we have some about how they followed by. But the bad understand without water rescue group that sought to get about it. And what do people outside the storm zone due to help you right now. What did they monitor what happens in what that is an of the damages. Then that's always been an outpouring of I'll support you know to help bears localities that have been hurt. And so we just hope that you'll look at south Alabama and they where we are in a cup but I. It mayor sandy Simpson from Mobile, Alabama we appreciate your time this morning wishing you a safe journey through this storm sir thank you. If you very much Diane. We're gonna move on it to Wal-Mart which is taking aim. At Amazon prime launching its own delivery membership program Wal-Mart plus has a lot in common with Amazon prime but there are some big differences. Including the price ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has more on that. This morning Amazon prime officially has a mega competitor with the launch of Wal-Mart plots. Twelve art's new delivery service offers unlimited free delivery on more than 160000. Items including groceries plus in store benefits like scanning ago which lets you scan items as you shop and check out with the Wal-Mart at so there's no waiting in lie. And discounts on fuel when you fill up your tank. At ninety dollars a year or 129. Which costs a 119 dollars year leak or 1299 monthly. Sox seem worried. Right now that Wal-Mart class and that after that it's taking over market share. But the growth rate of Wal-Mart e-commerce is me such a rapid re. They should be cared for the near future Pope service is better. Experts say it depends on what you want. Wal-Mart class may be more beneficial for you if you're someone that goes to Wal-Mart are more rare trees within Islam crime you're able to have access to their Amazon prime gay and probably just earlier. Then mouse. Another key difference if you love to stream trying video comes obviously with Amazon prime. Not with Wal-Mart plus but if you are a frequent driver in your hitting the roads a lot. That five cent discount at her dissipating gasoline stations will really come in handy if you're a Wal-Mart plus member. Keep in mind Wal-Mart plus is not available everywhere in the country right now you can go to Wal-Mart dot com to see if you are in a location that is participating. They're long term objective is to be nationwide. Diane. All right good tips are back at thank you. And as families struggle to make virtual learning worked this school year as some say young kids in particular. Are struggling to keep up so what can parents do to keep the little ones engaged. Aerial rest chef went to the experts to find out. These are pictures both frustration. Parents and kids trying to navigate the new world of virtual learning. This kindergarten are clearly over it. Already unit is now trying to blame our armed warring. Many parents sharing their struggles as they try to get their young children to participate in online schooling. We turn to doctor Dave Anderson a clinical psychologist with the child's mind institute to answer some of parent's biggest questions first up. How to keep things interesting how to he Sundays in the. You stress or look or any non. Through that experience is a little know you're gonna Bieber who learns that this. Figure our what might you must usual recipes. That articles Shamu. Next how much is too much when supporting your kids remote learning how much are we expect to Serb part our children physically. By being present an ax to them during their lessons. First you see how long CCE. Are. I intervene as minimally if she didn't. And how should we set our own expectations. So what you expect me kindergartners to get out of virtual way. I'm a former sonics. In that chase her learning is accepting. They are my ED. Shear and you remind me what's new recruits. As well. We he's waiting. Zones and I'm sure they. And when it comes to keeping your kids occupied doctor Anderson says take this small moments as a win. Many working Arabs. And you learn lessons bias is. You know incredibly lucky. Crusher and it's. And asked her concerns about too much screen time for your kids while their virtual learning doctors say. Not to stress about it die and they say it's important for these kids to have that social interaction even through the screen. And it's important to have structure to their day but you also have to balance it with giving them some time for exercise some art creative play and other. Educational activities dye and screens and then I think those values and another window long ago there were back in March or April screen time concerns went and find my. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana sans thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next a briefing in Alabama on hurricane Sally. Thanks for spending your screen time with us and stay safe every line.

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