ABC News Live Update: Jobless claims rise as millions are still out of work

Plus, guidance on how to safely celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and frustrations mount among Biden’s transition team as he warns delays will cause a setback in battling COVID-19.
16:19 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Jobless claims rise as millions are still out of work
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update new unemployment numbers shows 742000. People filed jobless claims last week. That's slightly worse than expected and up from the week before. More than twenty million people are currently claiming jobless benefits and right now there's still no federal stimulus to offer them actually support during the pandemic. Wildfires are raging in the west again. The Mountain View fire has burned more than 20000 acres so far. Of that match fast moving fire has killed at least one person and is forcing hundreds near the Nevada California border to evacuate. So far the Mountain View fires only 20% contains. When he twice wildfire season has already set records in some areas it's expected to continue into next month. And Wonder Woman is coming to Greek theatre near you. And Karen Ingraham from the highly anticipated sequel is being released in theaters on December 16 and then on HBO Max on Christmas today. This is the biggest blockbuster to launch a simultaneous release which could pave the way for more to follow. Wonder Woman herself gaga got treated overnight we never thought we have been told to hold onto the release for such a long time but COLT would rocked all our world we feel the movie has never been so relevant. I hope that will bring some joy hope and love through our hearts. Meanwhile the US has hit a grand new. Milestone 250548. People have now died from Colvin nineteen in his country. Now several states and cities are putting limits on the size of household gatherings but some sheriffs are pushing back saying they aren't going to enforce the Israel's. Here's TJ Holmes. Tensions high over covic crackdowns as states try to limit the size of holiday gatherings amid soaring corona virus cases. Elected leaders clashing with officers tasked with enforcing the new rules. In Akron Ohio the City Council there just approved a rule to find homeowners 250. Dollars if they're caught with more than six guests but enforcing that rule the city's police union says it puts officers at risk. Just by knocking on that door creates a confrontation. And I don't think that our officers should be placed him. While in New York several sheriffs are taking on governor Cuomo's new restrictions that limit private gatherings to ten people ahead of Thanksgiving. As a lawyer and former judge and a sheriff's. I believe it's a violation your rights how sheriff Richard Jordan you know even calls a new restrictions unconstitutional. And he's not alone. Others share is taking to FaceBook telling followers they will not be peaking in your window to count the number of persons at your table on Thanksgiving. But Governor Cuomo fired back saying they don't get to decide which laws get enforced. I'm a law enforcement office. I enforce the law us. I don't think the pick and choose nobody saying. Knock on doors count heads and in Hawaii officials strongly enforcing their Covert restrictions and if you violate you could end up in 52 year old Colleen probate. From California the latest traveler to wind up in custody accused of breaking her fourteen day quarantine. Police say she didn't complete her say her travels form or check into her listed quarantine location instead of posting so freeze like these on social media. Flouting the rules leading Maui police right to work now she's facing charges. A quarantine violation. Is punishable by a penalties about one year in jail we've arrested hundreds and hundreds of people. Like this traveler from the California and we are taking fourteen violations very seriously. And Diane there is no indication anywhere from any law enforcement agency that they are going to start doing raids that going to be knocking on people's doors on Thanksgiving Day doing a headcount and all the people off in costs no. But the CDC still. Recommends you follow all the safety measures follow the recommendations. About what to do on Thanksgiving Day also keep in mind folks just because somebody tests negative the day before they come the oust. That is no excuse for still skirting the guidelines for the distancing for the match so keep that in mind. And you know I Diane another thing to keep in mind this may be may be reconsider. Your Thanksgiving Day plans because of being responsible on this Thanksgiving could ruin your Christmas or next Thanksgiving to something to keep an. Can ruin all of them TJ Holmes thank you. And a newly married Ohio couple is speaking out after their wedding turned into a cold in nineteen super spreader events. The bride groom and dozens of guests have since tested positive for the virus. It's just one in a series of super spreader weddings across the country. Will Reeve has more. Newlyweds Anthony and McHale of vowed to support each other in sickness and in health. But they didn't expect that solemn promise to be tested at their own wedding as they told Cincinnati's WL WT and I didn't think that. Almost half her wedding guest regarding its. Now 32 of the guest set their Halloween ceremony have contracted cove in nineteen. Including the bride the groom and three of their grandparents. Even though the couple cut down their list to 83 people provided masks and hand sanitize or. Their wedding is now being called a super spreader event. Well play. Secrets very Dantzler reruns. Are stationed at known. This is just one of multiple weddings linked to cope with outbreaks nationwide. And October wedding in New York with 113. Guests led to at least 34 cases. Put 159. People in quarantine. And forced the closure of several schools in Washington State at 300 person wedding is now linked to more than forty corona virus cases. The sort of advance. Is his very frustrating to public health because it it increases those numbers it makes our job a lot harder. And in rural Maine the CDC blinking an August wedding a 55 people. 2177. Confirmed cove in cases. And at least seven deaths weddings can be perfect storm where we left on our guard at distancing. And many let carpet especially when weddings have people traveling in from a lot of different cities. It just increases their ranks. Beyond an average day you're going to be her ex. Evian Mikhailov told ABC news that they feel grateful and lucky that every one of their guests is okay and has fully recovered. They said they learned no matter the precautions one takes. -- it is very hard to avoid. Fan and I will read thanks for that report. And joining me now for more on this ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein it Dr. Brownstein Thanksgiving is now just a week away we all want to gather with friends and family. Those newlywed seem to think that they were taking the right precautions for their wedding so what can people learn from these events ahead of Thanksgiving. Thanks Jack and I mean we've been talking about this over her and action complicating factor here is an agreement takes exception to roll right by quarantining each social distancing mask wearing should every present looks at their personal situation he's looking to get around it should and that's the reality is she instigated indoor settings and then you are these 21 for and so we how. The English at long and hard Thanksgiving and how did you try to get rich the real ideas your heart limit. Gatherings to house full right to its status as soon -- launched its shape when you bring people from the outside action especially if you graduation which is hostile to right its course opening windows an inch and all the sings well but clearly seeing with your postal will be Porsche now of course we can clearance Palestinian teenager trying to get something safe but the reality is just can't be business as usual when it comes Thanksgiving this year and what college kids coming home for the holiday what steps and they say they keep their families saint. I mean the same thing right so hopefully these students are already quarantined because the best thing would be to fourteen to fourteen days or going to the council should clearly I can be challenging especially as a huge problem around this country still needs some you know week quarantine testing to reduce risk and also when their home trying to reduce those risks and activities on Gary Odyssey of virtual and limit shopping. And going it's -- -- -- whatever you commute to stay within a bubble will be social importantly we just hit 250 pounds each deaths in this country we are broccoli approaching 300000. By the end of this year or whatever we can do now call or its reddish and also on top of that it's not just about students going it's also about her courage and they -- -- With enough trying to get back safely as well. At thankfully we've got a lot of promising vaccine news this week an Oxford is now the latest there in phase two trials soon to be in phase three. How much does it matter to have the potential for different vaccine options. Well listen how they multiple options. Is how great because teacher and how they're different occasions spoken about coal storage and supply chain and availability of doses should I think he's gonna be especially important to look at the data from the phase three clinical trial because bush somebody's our teens might do well for younger populations might do well elderly population so much in those options will be great to see if she is actually charged with me in those recommendations. And they do this every year for the slip. -- and we have many options and hard to furnish our population so but as an individual you're just gonna be seeking one. Senior and how she doses that vaccine mean how. How mature such but. I think August manufacturing to use its so great and will ultimately mean that more people can have access to this vaccine. And in terms of the who gets it. First so what do we know about that at this point and will people who already had Kobe will they have to wait for people who happened to get the vaccine first. Yeah this is actually an easy question. And in fact it's not true because the first don't know your immunity levels so you didn't meet you works as you don't know personal communication and also be able to track would be incredibly difficult so the harsh reality is the recommendation will be for everyone simultaneously reached down he said a worst health care providers front line workers essential workers and the vulnerable we'll get access this are seeing first and then rule will make its way down the broader population but it will not be defined by whether you didn't acted before and are. All right doctor Don Brownstein we appreciate it thank you. You. And president elect Biden is scheduled to speak virtually with several governors today about federal and state responses to the pandemic they can move days in Wilmington Delaware worth more on that face. President elect Biden now says of the trump administration's delay and sharing information she is causing his transition team to fall behind year what of the Biden's team's options at this point. Well hi Diane there is increasing frustration within the biting transition team safety and the very least they should be getting the briefings on the pandemic and the Roman alphabet a vaccine now would eventually be approved a so far there's been none of that and frankly should basically American allies are maligned yesterday the president elect said that -- delay could potentially put his administration back weeks if not months and then he wants the politics is possibly can move ahead and planning for this pandemic can also planning to roll out of that potential vaccines and figuring out what to do from day one. At what should we expect to hear from the president elect when he meets with these governors today. But the president elect and the VP elect to a both these meetings virtually with a bipartisan group of governors and that's significant on many fronts in order for Biden administration to be successful. In a ruling out the vaccines across the country or even amassed commanded or any kind of federal regulation they would need cooperation from these governors on the ground so. This really really important otherwise he becomes a fragment at a plant that basically could potentially fall apart so in the meeting today are we talking about a half Korean how important that cooperation is and how to make sure it happens once the tea coffee and state by name some of his senior staff this week 11 can we can't what can we expect. To hear about cabinet appointments. Other riding transition team has been indicating for quite awhile now that the Clinton eagles' top level cabinet appointment around the Thanksgiving holiday we're Talking Heads of departments like state depends. Treasury and justice and they're considering several people were very few spots so far action in REE tapped one member of congress to be part of the administration the congress and in Tikrit central Louisiana will be senior advisor at Joseph Biden Lugar considering we're looking at whether you'll be considering even more people from congress right Democrats have a very slim majority in the house she and are looking at. Georgia does choose senate seats that are now in Iraq not to seek remedy to take control of the senate is while still in the bite team decides to tap into more members of congress should be making invited legislative agenda really difficult to achieve the complete their brick wall that the president elect say yesterday he could possibly based in the senate well if he -- more members of congress that could be very difficult for him moving forward. Renting at the moving in Wilmington Delaware Forrest thanks thank. Switching gears now to rebel Wilson's dramatic transformation the stars speaking out to People Magazine about how she turned 20/20. Into her year of health. This morning actors and comedian rebel Wilson is revealing how she went yeah. It bit. The forty year old tells people in a new interview you never wanted to be about the number because it really isn't about that. It's about I was doing some unhealthy things to my body and I just wanted to change it and become a healthier person. She adds it comes down to sell fourth and self love one big changed her diet as she recently explained on the drew Barry Moore show. She should I had a real. Since. From my body ready to EOK. I must act forty pounds. He's he is saying. Wilson says she used to eat roughly 3000 calories a day. Mostly from cards like sweets now she chooses healthier options like fish and chicken while also giving herself to cheat days a week. Allowing yourself may have a little something every now and then brings them fun and the whole process yeah. This ribs the other big change her exercise routine. Which now includes regular guy and do they work out still Wilson says it's important to remember nothing is forbidden. Even fast food saying I just might eat half of what I used to eat before you now. An I'll have a burger and a few Fries and then you feel fine. She adds ultimately I'm just trying to go for overall balance he really conversation more route what does all the local I would just be Sheila light and less about. How you look at lesson before and after it. Wilson says the key to her success has real I think that she was emotionally eating and then addressing wise so this really was. About her mental health as much as her physical health and now she says she not only has better habits but she learned to value and love herself that much more. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Dziena remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis house you back here at 3 PM eastern for the bring them.

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{"duration":"16:19","description":"Plus, guidance on how to safely celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and frustrations mount among Biden’s transition team as he warns delays will cause a setback in battling COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74299319","title":"ABC News Live Update: Jobless claims rise as millions are still out of work","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-jobless-claims-rise-millions-74299319"}