ABC News Live Update: First lady reveals son Barron tested positive for COVID-19

Plus, new research shows HEPA filters can filter 99.99% of COVID-19 particles on an airplane and the largest wildfire in Colorado history explodes overnight.
24:21 | 10/15/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: First lady reveals son Barron tested positive for COVID-19
Morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us and today's update as corona virus cases in hospitalizations. Surge across the country. We're behind the scenes of a new study on coal bed and air travel CB experiment and findings on how particles move through an airplane. Also ahead the New York woman infamous for calling police on a black bird watcher makes a virtual court appearance. The African American man. He's. How might. The new details this morning about a second 911 call she allegedly made during that encounter. A new wildfires have broken out in the west with the largest fire in Colorado's history exploding overnight. And the new fire threatening homes near Los Angeles. But we begin with First Lady maligning a trump opening up about her experience battling covad nineteen in a new statement the First Lady calls the symptoms a rollercoaster. And reveals that son Barron trump also tested positive for the virus senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has more. The revelation came in a blog post on the White House web site the First Lady writing that in addition to her and her husband. They're fourteen year old son Barron also tested positive for the corona virus. Saying Barron initially tested negative but quote my fear came true when he was tested again and he came up positive. Luckily he is a strong teenager and exhibited no symptoms. She says she experienced body aches a costs and headaches and felt extremely tired most of the time mrs. trump says both she and Barron have cents tested negative. Quinn tell Beirut was doing the president quickly pivot did his Supreme Court pick. A fantastic job when he got them. He then use the news as part of his push to reopen schools he had it for such a short period of time. I don't even think you know we have the Mariners just fine now he's tested negative for. Because it happens people haven't had it does get the kids back to school we got to get the kids back to school he's long downplayed the viruses affect on children. Children are almost at a and I would Obama's aides definitely but. Almost immune from this disease. But the American academy of pediatrics says nearly 700000. Kids have tested positive. And even though children often have mild symptoms. Scientists believe children playing an increasingly important role in spreading the virus to older people the First Lady says while recovering she reflected on her family. And the hundreds of thousands of other Americans also impacted by this virus. And she acknowledges that the first Stanley is among the lucky ones receiving the world's best medical treatment something most families don't get. Writing I want people to know that I understand just how fortunate my family is to have received the kind of care that. We did. And the First Lady also says that in terms of staying healthy quote compassion and humility are just as important in keeping our mind strong. To see a vague in Washington thanks for that report. And signs are mounting this morning of a new cold mid wave sweeping the country the US has now averaging more than 50000 cases a day. Six states are setting records for hospitalizations in cases are rising in at least 38 states plus DC. Policy lab researchers also predict a significant increase over the next four weeks. Earlier on Good Morning America doctor anti catchy offered his thoughts on claims of herd immunity to the by. Chris let's talk about herd immunity the White House has embraced his group so called Great Barrington decoration which talks about hurting me want to show everybody part of the decoration. It says that he good talks against lock gas thing goes on to say the most compassionate approach. That balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity. It's allow those sort of minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this focused protection. What do you think of focus protection. He you know Georgia that declaration as a couple things in it that I think of fooling people for glisan says things. Gotta like apple pie and motherhood a we don't want to shut down the country I say that all the time. We he's certainly want to protect the vulnerable however. Hidden in there is the implication. That if you in fact let people get infected and worry about. Essentially protecting the vulnerable. There's about 30% of the population. Has underlying conditions that make them more susceptible to getting the adverse. Events and outcomes of serious disease with Kolb had nineteen. If you just let things ripped and let the infection go no masks crowd it doesn't make any difference. That quite frankly George is ridiculous because what that will do is that there will be so many people in that community. That you can't shelter that you can't protect. Who will go to get sick and get serious consequences. So this idea. That we have the power to protect the vulnerable his coat all nonsense because history has shown that that's not the case. And again if you talk to anybody who has any experience in epidemiology and infectious diseases. They will tell you that that is risky and you'll wind up with many more infections of vulnerable people which will lead to hospitalizations. And deaths. So I think that we just got a looked at square in the eye and say it's nonsense. Has your Thanksgiving doctor found she warns gathering with family and friends is a risk especially with people coming in from out of town he's as each family. We'll have to evaluate for themselves if it's worth that risk especially if there are vulnerable people in the family. And a new landmark study is out today about coded an air travel as we approach the holiday travel season. How risky is it to fly on a crowded plane during this pandemic transportation correspondent GO Benitez has more. This morning with a mannequin on board were getting a look at. Can't help particles may move through an airport. The Department of Defense working with United Airlines conducting 300 tests over six months the mannequin reproducing breathing and coughing whiff and without a mask. When the dummy wore a mask the results were encouraging though they haven't been peer review the risk of transmission. Is virtually nonexistent. Virtually nonexistent and again this is this is this is it's a US military study. Here's how the tests work the mannequin was equipped with an aerosol generator technicians would have agreed and cough with a mask on and off. Using more than forty sensors throughout the plane to detect the spread of droplets the researchers found that with a mask on only zero point 003%. Of particles actually made their way kid to another passengers breathing easily. But the team didn't attempt to replicate what might happen when the infected person stands up or moves through the camp. I'll let senator Tom people that I know exactly what they should do. But when I am telling people is if you are inclined to travel or thinking about air trial. There is a reason today he's in this independent study that you can deal and you can safely and. The study also reflected similar earlier studies that found a plane's unique air flow helps minimize risk on a plane air flows down from above each seat not front to back. This helps limit person to person air flow -- a filter eliminating 99 between 99% of airborne particles including viruses every two to three minutes. It's just last week the International Air Transport Association released new research saying the risk of contracting the virus on a plane appears to be in the same category as being struck by lightning among one point two billion travelers they found just 44 published cases of potential in flight transmission mostly in the early days of the pandemic when masks weren't required. This study is conforming that you know among all that different places where one can get infected and flights might actually be. One of the safest places to be in. But remember flying involves more than a plane as more people shark traveling for the holidays airports will also get busier so experts remind us it's critical to Wear that mask as you walk into the airport. Go through security board that airplane sit through the flight. And land at your destination. Now there are some caveats of the study they only use one kind of mask a surgical one. And they simulated just one sick passenger on a completely full plane but clearly this was an extensive study and he gives us a real good time. All right Jim Benitez from LaGuardia Airport GO always good to know these things and for more on this study and traveling safety during this pandemic. Infectious disease doctor Todd -- and joins us now doctor Allan thank you for being here. During her. So you like so many in this hits home for me know so many of us have family overseas that we haven't seen in months because of its pandemic already not a holidays are coming you have to wonder. You know is it safe for you have to forego those gatherings com. What's your take away from this study in terms of the safety of traveling to get there. I do you think that studies very encouraging Diana I mean the bottom line is when you think of it. When we talk of all people place time and space. One would think he airplane would be very unsafe right is indoors there's lots of people during close proximity needs spent a lot of time on the plane. I think what we're seeing. Need everyone's masked. What went to bury you need the boat flying is. Circulation the ventilation on the plane is really optimal so what you think the the normal room you can have fort sixth air exchanges per hour that's considered excellent. I'm playing gears air exchanges every six minute so that's ten times. Our in our ten times already airs exchange also humid air coming down. Home which is going to dilute any infectious particles and as you heard GO stable floor you have those half. Apple developers tools can filter all those bilateral particles are you really have a very safe. But now with what this study showed as a matter is there it's your mask. When you have these. I'm nick adkins with the aerosol generators these particles only three. 400 thousand particles. Are getting into the airspace of the person seated next to you or in on the edge bridge or in the Galley so all of those things are very encouraging. The the risk is low but I do want to point don't remember it's not zero but overall when you think about it. We're transmission in need either pointers on the safest places you can date. But I noticed the stresses on if your mask if your master what if you have the random person on the plane that. Doesn't Wear their mass for doesn't work properly or we all usually eat at some point during the flight how risky it is it is it if you're in in an environment. Where you know you and the need for example you have to take your mascot for a little while you don't want to trust and everyone else around Houston where there's properly. What are important point human behavior and a human behavior can protect us. And human behavior we're seeing across the country Q can harm us as well so you know if you're sitting next to someone who has. Highly infectious virus they take our math score you to go out your maps Benton and that's a different story. And the other part of it as you pointed out eight in the beating on the plane that's certainly the part we think about when we think about the risk of air travel but that's only one part of the process you have to get to the airport you might have to wait in line at the airport. He might have to wait in line to board and so on so how concerned should we be about those parts of the process. I think you all. Comes down to individual risks and I think it is important. That when you think about the elderly or people with chronic conditions. You really debated twice these days while traveling not specifically. About being on the plane or remember the more mobility. Mobility is directly proportional to buy oral transmission we've seen in many studies so you know I and our. I I still think that people who are more vulnerable. To think twice about traveling you didn't need any in any way shape or form. And in terms of people who do decide and for one reason or another that they do either need to travel for the holiday season. Or they decide that the risk is worth it what can they do to mitigate that. Instant seeing Colin nineteen infection prevention bundle that we've heard before. The but why shouldn't the distancing. The mask and avoiding crowds spending as much time outdoors if you're indoors open the windows try to optimize their ventilation. You know. I think we know we know this bundle but sometimes it's easier said than done. Now especially with the weather getting called a doctor how are we appreciate your time this morning as always thank you. Figured and and the Senate Judiciary Committee finished questioning Supreme Court nominee Amy coney Barry yesterday but the confirmation process is not done yet. Our senior national correspondent Terry Moran joins me now from DC Terry first start some of the big moments in big takeaways from the hearing so far. But the to me that really the big take away is this sense of justified triumph that Republicans have whatever your political view. The Republicans for all the better part of fifty years have been trying to gain control of the Supreme Court. Which staunchly conservative nominees. And justices to return back what they believe was kind of out of control progressive court. Candidate because there they set a day as mr. chairman Lindsey Graham said he said. You will what I shatter glass ceiling or the first on a shame and league pro life. Devoutly Catholic woman to sit on that court and they do you could feel that they had accomplished something from their terms on the democratic side. You know existing to see how they used to this hearing which wasn't going to go well for them because they don't have the votes. Ty Huff can really do some damage to Republicans in this election and the Republicans could feel it. Because they turned the hearing and or referendum on president trump. On his efforts to Bob strike down and eliminate. The entire Affordable Care Act with its protections for people with preexisting conditions and other popular provisions. And I think they caught Republicans off guard because by the final day by yesterday Republicans were playing defense on that there is and what we really don't want. The whole law struck down and that really is the other take away the car bogey theater about this whole thing. As this have perhaps presented in trying to have staunchly conservative justices on the court. When that nominee comes into the into the kind of confirmation hearing loss and Republicans are we don't know how she's got them she's gonna rule of course they do. And Democrats you know are you I want to listen to the nominee everybody knows who's gonna vote wind. That said a victory for Republicans in this battle. But they may have guns have suffered some damage in the war for the for the presidency and their own seats going forward. And Terry where does the process go from here has not done yet. Where I'm done yes a judge Amy Cuddy Baird has done her part Republicans will do the rest what we're gonna hear today. Our witnesses for and against judge Baird's confirmation. Those four will testify did to her character. There's a former clerk four student became her clerk the first blind law clerk at the Supreme Court and people who. Know her from her years teaching. And then on the other side Democrats once again coming back with health care with the experts who say that. Her long record NA which was made very public in how she would interpret statutes and the constitution. He is a threat not just of the Affordable Care Act. But to the woman's to a woman's right to choose to have an abortion under the constitution Roe vs. Wade so that's what we'll hear the committee will vote sometime late next week. The senate floor the following week and she will be on the court ready to go by Election Day just as president trump said he wanted a full court quote. To look at about. And Terry I just wanna make that. Clear because we did here throughout the course of these proceedings even Democrats saying when you're on the court not if you're on the court so even though they do still have this part of the process going. Is there any chance she doesn't get confirmed. I. Yeah I know why and less there is some some gigantic. Scandal is a woman who's clearly led. Very. Very public life and the life of faith and commitment to her guard teaching her Fam maybe you never know right who knows maybe she's got a secret life. As some kind of dastardly person but there's no evidence of that and then even that might not work so she's going to be on spring quarter in a couple weeks. Right timer and in Washington thanks Terry. Thanks to him. And now to the race for the White House sixteen million people 16 million people have already cast their ballots breaking records for early voting. And the stage is set at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia where 1098 democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden will face questions. From uncommitted voters in an ABC news town hall. This as president trump prepares for his own town hall after dropping out of the virtual second presidential rate debate that is here's Mary Bruce. This morning an election first presidential debate replaced with Tulane town halls. Front and center at the pandemic the president overnight again spreading medical misinformation. I'm amused and I can't. I give it just so that's good. But experts warn much is unknown about immunity some pitching voters in the red state of Iowa with nineteen days to go he's on defense. Campaigning in states he won handily in 2016. But that may be in play with Democrats gaining ground. The president admitting he's a little worried took. Six I'm a little bit concern and I'll tell you that. Down in most national polls trump was hoping for a boost from the second debate but after he tested positive the commission announced the debate would be virtually instead. Trump then refusing pulling out of the event now tonight Biden will answer voter questions here on ABC the special announced a week ago. Just yesterday it was announced that trump will also appear at a separate town hall in Miami at the same time. This side by side events sparking some push back on social media. No issue off limits voters telling us they want to hear about health care the economy and race. Hear more at least meet you gentlemen. What their plan is uniting us and Venetian. Less than three weeks ago but already more than sixteen million Americans have cast their vote early voting records being shattered across the country. Long lines from Tennessee to Georgia and Texas. Now overnight abiding campaign and Democrats announced they raise a whopping 383. Million dollars in September that's a record breaking sound. But by and still has to convince some undecided voters and right here tonight he will be fielding their questions and our George Stephanopoulos as you can see voters will be socially distance everyone. Here in the crowd will have been testing we have been tested as well just another sign of this truly bizarre campaign. Now just nineteen gays to gab Diane. All right ABC's Mary Andrews thanks Mary and tune in tonight for ABC news town hall the vice president and the people who. Posted by ABC news chief anchor George Stephanopoulos that streams tonight at 8 PM eastern right here on ABC news lives. And the New York woman infamous for calling 911 on a black bird watcher has made her first virtual court appearance. Amy Cooper faced a judge as prosecutors say she made a second 911 call. Accusing the man of trying to assault her today Norman has the latest. Amy Cooper infamous for this racially charged incident in Central Park yeah African American man. Huge corn. Myself and my daughter appearing in court virtually overnight charged with falsely reporting an incident in the third degree. Yeah rep. The on camera confrontation sparking outrage across the nation in late may. Avid bird watcher Chris Cooper who is of no relation to what's in Central Park when he came across Amy Cooper with her dog unleashed against park rules I said two billion minutes and dogs in the ramble have to know we should all times but Cooper claims she refused to leisure dog and made that 911 call please call the cops. Please cold yeah. Yeah African American man threatening my. Please tell notably Mike. And overnight the Manhattan district attorney releasing new details about a previously reported second 911 call allegedly made by Amy Cooper during the encounter accusing her of again and falsely claiming that Christian Cooper. Attempted to physically harm her. Telling dispatchers he tried to assault terror but prosecutors telling of course she later admitted he did not come in contact with air. Any super will likely end up completing a program designed educator about racism in Christian Cooper is that he's accepted her apology and he's focused on fixing policing and addressing systemic racism. Diane. Senay Norman thank you and a few more things to know before you go Colorado is now fighting the largest wildfire in the State's history. That cam in peak fire has been burning since mid August and grew by more than 20000. Acres yesterday alone. Firefighters have been working round the clock their efforts are paying off though they say that fire is now more than 50% contained. And a new fires burning near Los Angeles threatening homes near the Redlands. This fire season is the worst in California's history burning more than four million acres so far. The 20/20 billboard awards celebrating music's biggest stars last night looks a little different than usual. Posted by Kelly Clarkson in the event featured a range of performances in an empty dolby easier. That included an emotional dedication from John Legend to Christie to begin after the families devastating pregnancy loss. A. Posted along with tonight's big winner with nine wins including top artists followed by Khalid who took home five awards. Other winners included Billy Ray Cyrus will lunch bags and Billy Irish to name a few regrets and took all the night's winners. And a teenager with eight siblings is winning the Internet with her tired mom. Halloween casting check this out that thirteen year old and Cheerios stuck in her hair and child on one leg another child on one arm and a cup of coffee in the other. Her name is Jillian her own tired mom told GMA. Gillian tease me try to manager big active family and also our profession but she says Gillian helps a lot. So she gets it hence why the costume was so perfect congrats to Jillian awesome Halloween costume. And well done on helping mom. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm claims data thanks for joining us and remembered ABC news glad it's here play all day. With the latest news context and analysis up next. In the time of coded. Maggie really takes a trip to new wedding hot spot for Americans miles evacuate at 11 AM eastern stakes in.

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