ABC News Live Update: President Biden announces national strategy to fight pandemic

President Biden's executive orders include a mask mandate on interstate planes, trains, and buses, plus, U.S. cities are running low on vaccines, and the UK mutation continues to spread.
26:22 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President Biden announces national strategy to fight pandemic
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update president Biden is getting to work for the new national strategy to fight the pandemic. Calling it a quote wartime efforts. The new president signed several executive orders including a mass mandate on interstate planes trains and buses this is doctor fat she returns to the briefing room. Here with the white house Press Secretary is saying this morning. Meanwhile cities across the country are running low on the vaccines. Near city is expected to run out today this is the UK mutation of the virus continues to spread what you need to know about protecting yourself. And whether you should Wear to masks. And a multimillion dollar mystery the search is on for the winner of that massive powerball jackpot. The winning ticket was sold at a convenience store in a tiny Maryland town so who is walking around almost a billion dollars richer. We begin with president Biden rolling out ten executive actions to tackle the pandemic on his first full day in the White House. The actions aimed to boost supplies and deliver on his promise of 100 million vaccinations. In his first 100 days in office senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has the latest. This morning president Biden is ramping up the war on Kobe nineteen calling the vaccine roll out so far a dismal failure for. 100000. American to die. That's more than have died and all the World War II. 400000. This is a wartime undertaking. Biden is launching a new national strategy to control the virus an increase vaccinations. And making this promise to Americans. We will defeat this pandemic let me read clears from this point. Help is gloom Mawae the president Thursday taking ten executive actions including requiring masks on interstate planes trains and buses and ordering international travelers to get a negative Kobe test before coming to the US. And quarantine once they are right he's also using the defense production act to order private companies to manufacture needed supplies like swabs masks and specialized syringes it would allow health care workers to get an extra dose of vaccine out of Pfizer vials increasing the number of available doses but would January on track to be the deadliest month yet. Biden also delivering a dose of reality. Let me be very clear. Things are going to continue to get worse before they get better. The president is promising 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days. And bristled when a reporter asked if he should be aiming higher. Far higher feed you where the US right now. We will announce to you all city is not possible c'mon give me Britain and. Doctor Anthony's algae later calling the president's goal reasonable with the aim now to try to get most Americans vaccinated by the middle of the year. I believe by the time we get to the full we will be approaching a degree of normality here's Paul majority O'Meara yeah. Safe passage if we get. The majority of Americans 7085%. Vaccinated by then we could have. The degree of herd immunity that would get us back to normal the concern I have. It's something we're working on is getting people who had vaccine tested and see who don't want to get vaccinated because many people skeptical about that. After being sidelined for months by president trump doctor fat she back in the briefing room and seemingly relieved. It was really something that she didn't feel that you could actually say something and it wouldn't be any repercussions of that at the idea. That you can get up here and talk about what you know what the evidence what the sciences. And no that's it. Let the science speak. It is somewhat of a liberating feeling. Next day the president is shifting his focus to the economic fallout of this crisis you'll be signing even more executive actions intended. To help provide more aid to families are really struggling to put food on the table also trying to speed up the delivery of those direct stimulus payments to most Americans and is also looking at ways to try and help workers who simply don't feel safe we're turning. To the job Diane these are all steps intended to help Americans who are really hurting. But to also try and help a hurting economy. Right Mary Bruce forest at the White House thanks Mary. An earlier on GMA George Stephanopoulos pressed white house Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the Biden administration's plans. But let's get to some of the questions right away we saw the president bristled there at the at the idea that his. Goal for a hundred million vaccines is not ambitious enough but that's not just a press complaint. It's not just a partisan complained doctor Paul off it. Children's Hospital in Philly is a member of the federal vaccine advisory board says we can do better and we have to do better. Well George and we're gonna wake up at today's us president's second full day in office he's waking up right now probably thinking about co that in what we're gonna do to get the pandemic under control and our objective and setting that bold goal a goal that many health officials called bull but the time still continues to be is to set our own markers but also set markers for the American people. But when we reached that goal and are constantly well we're gonna build from there so we're not we're not packing our bags at a 109 shots in the hands of Americans but we want and make sure. That people know that we're gonna hold ourselves accountable and we're gonna do everything to make sure getting as many people vaccinated as possible. There were signs of community at the inaugural a couple of days ago the course that was the theme of the president's address but are you already running up against. The limits the the unity and handed them Republicans are signaling that your economic plan is too big Mitch McConnell city look at the president's first day. And should it looks like a big step in the wrong direction Kevin McCarthy's complaining about the immigration plan in the climate plan they can't even come to an agreement on how to run the senate. So is reality setting in. Well first though the package that the president proposed is big because the crises are vague and the components and there from money for vaccine distribution. Two cut at a allowing Americans took high for unemployment insurance money to reopen schools. Those are all key components to get us through this. Pivotal period of time. But this is exactly how it should work Georgia and it feels may be an unfamiliar it's odd to many people including even all of you. The president of the United States laid out his agenda laid out his bold vision there's going to be a discussion with members of congress of both parties about. Where we go from here it felt like some pieces they won't like some pieces. We'll figure out what what the sausage looks like when it comes out of the machine but at the end of the day he felt it was important to lay out his bold vision for not just Kobe than addressing it but also immigration crisis that. Also has been not addressed in many years and is long overdue. And had them the president wants were the republicans' hopes Republicans come aboard on his package. But you might face the prospect of having to go it alone Democrats with a through this fifty votes in the senate is that way it is the president. Committed to maintaining them filibuster. So you can do that. Well George he's an optimist by nature a hacking confirmed for the American public but also. He's a believer having spent 36 years in the senate that when the country is facing a crises and we're facing multiple right time right now not just health. The pandemic that. Baton Democrats and Republicans are going to have to come together to agree on a package to address this crisis because if they impacting. Democrats Republicans red states Blue States and he thinks we can get to a bipartisan package. At the same time we're not going to take tolls off the table because addressing this is what he was elected to deal coordinate start organ or pursue a bipartisan package first and do all the work to have those conversations. Thank you understood amendment doing away with Phil that's right keeping it let's talk about impeachment we've seen if Republicans. Already saying they wanted to delay the impeachment trial for a couple weeks is that better for the presidency and get more of your cavern in which refer to get it done right away. Well the good news is our cabinet is starting to get confirmed who wanted to be expedited but it looks like Lloyd Austin is on his way to confirmation. Average of Haynes was just sworn in by the vice president yesterday we need this to pick up Alan America's getting him in his seat as pivotal this point in our country. But. You know George. Again you know the president is somebody has focused on working with both parties to get both his cabinet through get address the crisis we're facing and not us we're gonna work to do every day we'll see for successful. Our thanks to George for that interview now so far the CDC says of the nearly 38 million distributed vaccine doses only seventeen and a half million. Have been administered and many cities like New York are reporting shortages are with Johnson has more on that. This morning amid fears of the new coded variant on the rise in California the pace of the vaccine rollout growing more desperate. Wait times for a shot reaching five hours at the largest capacity vaccine site in the US Dodger Stadium. These shots. Our way to save more lives what's were at full capacity this site. Can comfortably in the same hours we have here and help the at least 121000 people get vaccinated. New York City expecting to burn through its supply by the end of the week. Mayor bill the blahs you don't now asking the federal government for permission to use second doses as first doses. He need more vaccine and we need it now but the CDC urging people to try to stay within that three to four weeks schedule for the second shot. What we have here is vaccine that's ready to go the at Lenox Hill Hospital if the vaccines are replenished soon they're set to run out of first doses within days. When you open up those appointments how quickly are they booking up minutes. Within minutes within minutes I think we opened up a thousand appointments and they went in just under ten minutes. In an effort to curb vaccine wastes operation warp speed is now enhancing supply kits so that each Pfizer vaccine vial can yield six doses instead of five. This as reports surface that some states are recording how many unused or spoiled doses they're wasting. Figures they are required to report to the CDC. Among the lives lost Andrei Pelletier. His kids learning of his diagnosis just days before Christmas he passed away January 12. We watts didn't play. Every breath and he. Andrei honored by the New Hampshire department of public works where he worked for 46 years. Coleman's real people please social distance where your mask wash your hands. Now there is some encouraging news on the horizon doctor Anthony felt she says Johnson & Johnson. Could apply for emergency use authorization for its single dose vaccine within the next couple of weeks. And a board member for the company says they have a goal of producing up to 100 million doses. For Americans by April. Diane. I would Johnson for a south the Javits Center thanks let. I must bring an epidemiologist ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein for more on this. Doctor Brownstein good morning in a New York City is on track to run out of first doses of the vaccine. By the end of the week so should cities be able to use. What they have set aside for second dose is asked first doses when this happens. Thanks to an I mean break this is an unfortunate development it's that as the demand is far exceeding the supply and we see delays in shipments right this is hurting the roll up her the issue is that we've extended. Access improved. The groups that can have access to change our policies in this. How could increase. New moral acts so we're not ready for the certain major brush. And it's important person don't want vaccines he's sitting on shelves by we want to stick to the track meet weeding are doses does not evaluated in clinical trials and why. Are sort of the effects of these vaccines especially with these new dire straits the title here at the second just doesn't have to be exact. But we want to stay as close as the recommendation. Because we do let's concerns of some new data to Israel that is pushing this conservative the single dose being attacked and we still have to see that idea but to just looking at this climate change any indication that we can meet the demand that's what the by the administration is promising that supply will come through and we'll figure out these logistics we got to count rather than changing our recommendations under his. So case numbers in the US seem to be plateauing finally but. Doctor fashion warned yesterday that new strains could cause a new spike in cases what do we know about these new strains at this point and how worried should we be. I mean you always suspected that he teaches we're going to be harder this virus evolution because more buyers who have. There are more occasions it will gather and we do have some concerns about some parents rarely happens you keep hearing it that the south African Gary we know how. This US based staring at that is showing up in California we're still trying to study that. Overall it's looking like these parents are no more dangerous signal to more people but the more teaches me how. The more strange how her health system and more hospitalizations and death several C I'm. Don't even the logical reason is that potentially you're shedding your monster these news Darius is just more RS is over there it can change hands niche potentially you're prolonging your setting meeting to intermediate just like ten to isolation needs these longer need a virus can let's stay on surfaces longer working interest sell more easily we're still fully understands. Best the big concern of course is around the vaccines that overall early data shows that our teams work but over time -- is concerned that the taxi will diminish an efficacy. Over all these actions are credible also some agents. Buffer but we want to make sure that these are teams get ruled out so it's more permanent ever to get vaccinated and while waiting in line does basic interventions like mask. Asking in social distancing. Now with these more contagious variance on the rise should we be wearing different masks or even double laughs. It's agreed question right because mask. He has been at the center of our response certainly actually show this we get a study that we published. Can we need to keep on. They can can bring transmission down in the community and its huge variation straight there's talk now. The gators the surgical masks and 95 mask and he knows that certain tasks are for better protection and especially with this you are asking why did you think you know NASA. How multiple layers know this idea of I don't ask is great because it creates is. Additional she'll especially if you're out of interrupting with others. And of course this double masking component she can create a better fit because you have these multiple layers but overall should be thinking about it a real and that's. Strategy divided administration is focus 180. A mass. All it should be hundred days of battery packs and you know there's a lot of focus on the U how to get those N 95. Or robbing the population. That's the really good idea difficulty with this usually wrapped up production we'll see. You better mouse across populations. Well decay and 95 masks those seem to be getting more popular lately. Yeah those are Bree you're not. Let's get into the 95 but there are better than surgical masks and their action quick cheap you can get to keep all our members orange they're they're widely accessible how do you recommend that their actions far better than using the claw. And really protect these fish you know wherever people get access to better pass. That will create better protection. And president Biden also rolled out what he called a full scale war response wartime response. He passed a number of executive orders yesterday ad they include. Using FEMA to create vaccines centers broadening the pool of professionals who can administer the vaccine and that masked mandate for interstate flights trains and buses set to name a few. What are you heard yesterday what do you think we'll have the biggest impact. I mean it's really impressive I mean. I stated the good part yesterday click through these plants there is a whole lot in there so many up so much of what we needed all right first round and testing and vaccines should eat better pretty. Regular defects so there's a lot and there might you probably uses lots no vaccines. In a distribution it is are the big part of this right and you need to improve our infrastructure report seeing shortage issues we need better coordination between state locals Murat they soaked edition of FEMA has a good idea. So we need obviously improve our supply chain and under public health departments how pre vaccination sites especially when it comes harder reach populations. Either focus on his high flow urban areas but also carries a rule areas. And then of course you know the turnaround actually hesitancy her touching mentioned that yesterday you know of course that is somewhere beaten each rep or education to explain how he's vaccines work and why they're so important and then finally I think just the ability for people understand their place in line their oh eligibility and how to fix this problem just surely looking for a quick hits and getting. Access I. I think we all those things we can start going well on one million vaccines that day you know hopefully to three and yet there they just you know gets us to herd immunity down much sooner. And we also are they about an unexpected visitor from Vermont. Yesterday oh yeah a good. So I don't know you can see the image that is that is on the screen right now but just had imposed curfew images before you put Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. On your doctor about you pillow and in the frame behind him so we are right now looking at. Bernie Sanders ever your children. They just another in my shopping this morning but we were having little of it doctor Brad dean always great to have you think you. Listen. And the impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump could start a little later than we thought. Up next the timeline from congress and how the former president is spending his first few days out of the White House. Welcome back the impeachment trial of president Donald Trump and former president Donald Trump may be on hold for another two weeks. Trust legal team is working to organize his defense and might need some extra time. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has more. This morning as former president Donald Trump starts to get his defense team in order. Republicans are pushing to delay the impeachment trial for at least two weeks saying trump needs more time to prepare Republican leader Mitch McConnell sending this proposal to Democrats insisting this and it cannot short circuit the due process for trump. But just hours earlier House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled she was ready to hand over that article of impeachment to the senate. They've now informed us there ready to receive. The question is. Other questions about how would trial will proceed. But we her. We are ready. Would Democrats now when control it will be up to majority leader Chuck Schumer to lay out the timeline for a trial trump left Washington before Biden even took the oath of office spending his first full day out of the white house on the golf course he's had a hard time finding a legal team to defend him. But now he's named his first lawyer South Carolina attorney butch bowers to represent him. Not proposal from McConnell is now consumers' hands his office tells us they are reviewing it some Democrats open to this idea of holding off if Republicans can agree to quickly confirm president Joseph Biden's cabinet picks. Diane during a Rachel Scott forests in Washington thanks Rachel. And here's some events we're watching today in Washington and noon eastern president Biden will meet with vice president Harris for lunch at 12:30 eastern. White house Press Secretary gen stocking will hold her third press briefing shall be joined by National Economic Council director Bryan. And then around 2:45 PM eastern president Biden will deliver remarks on his administration's plan to combat the economic crisis. We will bring you that as well live right here on ABC news life. And still ahead the search is on for the country's newest multimillionaire. The winning powerball ticket was sold in a tiny Maryland town but the winner is still a mystery. We come back what we know about who might be walking around almost a billion dollars richer. Welcome back funerals or taking place today in Baghdad after two suicide bombings in a busy market yesterday. At least 32 people were killed and dozens more injured. Prices has claimed responsibility for the attack amid heightened political tensions. Over planned early elections and a severe economic crisis it's the first terror attack in Baghdad and more than two years. And now for the latest technology headlines here's Kenneth mountain. Should today's tech fights a federal judge has ruled that Amazon does not have to reinstate parlor. The social media site was popular among followers of former president from it was kicked off Amazon's web hosting service for allowing incendiary speech and other content seen. As inciting violence. Netflix is launching a new feature providing suggestions when you can't decide what to watch the shuffle play optional display titles. Based on what you've watched recently if you don't like what's offered another button appears saying. Or something else. And the Biden administration has hit that message on the White House web site is in the coding on the site and it says. If you're reading this we need your help building back better. It ends with a link to an office that aims to improve digital communications. Bill protect bites Diane I would definitely. Not get that job coding. Utterly no raving about computers. Back to you. You and me both my friend Kenneth and thank you. And now to that multimillion dollar mystery someone bought the winning powerball ticket worth more than 700 million dollars. At a convenience store in a small Maryland town the big question now is who. Will Reeve has that story. This morning. This might be the lucky spot in America someone bought the winning powerball ticket worth 731. Million dollars right here. At Richard ravens crossed Tony market in Mona coney Maryland. OK well we got the call at 7 o'clock. No lottery commission that we have had sold our store had sold the winning moderates. Nobody knows who won the jackpot yet and may never know. Maryland is one of seven states where winners can choose to stay anonymous. Well so it's an intense lottery debate you know some people want us to name all the winners we like allow people the cup ability to select Hallie committing claim their prize. The tiny mining town of 300 families is buzzing. Locals say everyone knows and looks out for each other like Richard plans to with his stores hundred grand windfall from selling the winning ticket. My employees are gonna benefit from a show and I'm going renovate store. How are your employees going to benefit already given some of my. Mortgages and fair leave. People that needed out his advice to the mystery Maryland winner. Have a plan hired a financial sailor right away I got those earning your way and I got out a little while. With an already bleak job market compounded by the pandemic. Time's been tough down the creek as the low Makoni locals call their town but the winning ticket could be literally the jackpot they need. That's the best thing about living in a small town like this when something like this half fans. You automatically want to share that with every one else. Michelle told me that around here a thousand dollars can feel like a million she hopes that if the winner is from here they use some of their winnings to help the community. She expects that they would because around here. They look out for each other. Now the mayor has had to dispel rumors that has been spreading among the locals that it might be one specific person he says no way. And has had to put that person under police protection according to a rumor going around Tony market Diane. Everybody is lining up on the front yard running appease and that putt well read thank you don't. And a few more things to know before you go millions of people are in the path of winter storms on the move this weekend. Dangerous wind chills will send temperatures below zero in some places snow is expected across the midwest with severe thunderstorms in the south. Fourteen to face off this weekend hoping to make it to the Super Bowl Tom Brady is looking freight tenth Super Bowl appearance. His first with Tampa Bay as he gets ready to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on Sunday. The defending Super Bowl champs the Kansas City Chiefs will go head to head with the Buffalo Bills. The big question is will Super Bowl MVP Patrick will homes be able to take the field. After he was injured during last week's game as of now the league has not cleared him to play on Sunday. And if you love all of The Herald means of Bernie Sanders an inauguration loved the way our producer Josh does well. You're on the Vermont senator is capitalizing on it by selling stretchers on his website for Jerry. 100% of the proceeds from this 45 dollars chairman Sanders crew neck. We'll go to meals on wheels for months the description on his website reads quote Vermont jacket from on gloves Vermont common sense. And that doesn't fit as ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you back here at 11 AM eastern with a new update. Facing.

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