ABC News Live Update: President-elect Biden's $1.9 trillion plan to fight COVID-19

Plus, President Trump prepares for an unprecedented second Senate impeachment trial, and law enforcement is ramping up security in Washington, D.C., and all across the U.S. as Inauguration Day nears.
11:06 | 01/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President-elect Biden's $1.9 trillion plan to fight COVID-19
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update president elect Joseph Biden has unveiled a nearly two trillion dollar plan to tackle the pandemic. It calls for an additional 14100 dollars in direct payments to most Americans the plan also includes a 130 billion dollars to help schools reopened safely. And 160. Billion to build a national vaccine program and boost testing. They're not president trump is preparing for an unprecedented second impeachment trial. Our new ABC news Washington Post poll shows that 56% of respondents support efforts by congress Barger president comes from holding public office. And 54% think he should be criminally charged for inciting last week's capital Bryant. They assess security ramps up in DC it across the country with just five days to go until Joseph Biden this morning. The FBI's warning all fifty states to be prepared saying violent extremists could overwhelms local state and federal law enforcement. And more than 3900 Americans lost their lives to coat the nineteen this week that's 25%. Higher than any other week since the pandemic started. Meanwhile more than thirty million vaccine doses have been distributed in the US but only eleven million have been administered so far. And now. To history made in Ohio after years of discrimination and losing her job at the Hamilton county sheriff's office charm Maine a gutsy ran against her former boss and one. Now she's the county's first woman and openly gay sheriff can whitworth has her story. She knew early she wanted a life in law enforcement told that fourteen years old. You can't do that she was defiant and determined and I announced it to my family and my uncle. View was president he was a former police officer we since say police department retired. And he probably told me you know alleged army unit suck it happen. You can't do that. You're not allowed. You're a woman and women do not work in uniform like debt they don't ride in cars they don't enforce the laws. Now at 63 years old in her hometown. She holds of the department's highest office. Charming McAfee is the first female sheriff in a history of Hamilton County Ohio. The entire time he was telling me why couldn't do it com I was thinking about it my mind how I was gonna get it done. And how I was gonna achieve that of the more than 3000 departments in the country women make up just 3%. Of working shares. For me personally. My biggest challenge was to prove myself. And group myself every day. There was never a day. Then I walked in since sheriff's office in this uniform. Wearing these bands that I didn't know I have to be twice as good. As anybody I encounter is any situation. I have almost zero margin for mistake. She's also. The first openly gay person to hold that ranged in Hamilton County but what it here. Whites the saints here now they're holding this post she. And my uniform on and substandard kitchen. And she started crying she just looked at me assert Kernen. It's been kind of decline for us. Well rising through the department she kept her personal life personal. You know people did try to find out about me and I did experience discrimination I did experience harsh. Words in treatment because people thought I was gay. Surrounded by suspicion she says a coworker wrote a gay slur on her bathroom door. I would easily tenant at that time. And imagine Bob being treated that way would as a woman who's holding high rank. How things can go for people. In this business Ian in jail so I took a picture of it. And I took it down to our administrators at the time my administration. Armed and bomb they laughed about it was funny and yes they laughed about it many jokes about it. And that is when I knew I mean I flat absolutely knew I was on my end. I was on my end to deal wins whatever hardship came my way. Com and I wasn't gonna get any help and then after an altercation outside a gay bar she was cited by police. The citations later dropped but the damage was done she was out it. And reprimanded her but she says it was only then that she really began to live her life I. Amiri a woman. Barrett who I love here and we marched in the pump it's kind gay pride parade. She also says. That's when they hate began to show at work after endorsing that curry ending to pictures of me in my uniform. Where's my wife and I think. That was just too much for some people in the sheriff's office. And calm. And those people time. Happen at the time she was in command of 600 uniformed employees and commander of jail services. Can't holding the rank of major she says she witnessed excessive use of force by officers and was frustrated that they were not being held accountable. She says she voiced her concerns to the sheriff at the time. Jim Neal arms tool to stand down. I was told to go with a slew. I was told to stay in relaying McAfee claims that after she spoke out sheriff Neil then tried to demote her act the woman who was once named a law enforcement officer. But the year. I always looked up to her dog during the years that I've been here. She is things got real tough I could always go down to her office and she's just. Yes she's just amazing woman she really is. According to court documents sheriff Neil cited an internal affairs investigation that concluded McAfee had created a hostile work environment. McAfee. Refuse the demotion. I refused a demotion. And because of that. He had to fire he'd he'd and he just flat fired me. It was so home. May fifth 2017. That I walked into his office at 9 AM. I walked out of the office at 920. And I was done I was stripped to my uniform. My livelihood. Everything I'd work for for so many years. She believes he fired her because she was openly gay and for alleging excessive force was used by other officers sheet then filed a federal lawsuit against Neil this suit was settled just days before she took office meal and the department did not admit to the allegations that Mike Duffy will receive over 200000 dollars in lost wages Neil declined to comment determined to run a better department reform the criminal justice system and hire qualified and diverse staff members. She wasted no time. Making history yet again winning the election for county share. All the felt tremendous it felt great and it might mean. It let me know that people knew the truth. The people knew that I was telling the truth. Let there occurred an amount I hit you Korea if she's not running for this year she promoted 32 year old Jacqueline reed to major. She is the first African American woman to hold that post and Hamilton County put it means the last. It means. Pratt and gland has stayed Islam did. Means heart work. And it also made my children very proud what is something mount always. Strive to accomplish what she says after years of watching men get promoted before her she nearly gave up. That may Duffy was always encouraging Har. Never thought I would make it this far better. I'm very proud spell it out because I was ready to walk out the door. Opening and you know she approached incidents. Unique team and each young teen in a woman's paints. An asset to the onion or has ready to change. It stays steady easy so wouldn't you say said New York fourteen year old south now. Wow that is Greek question. I would say a I would see. Charm mean you've done good. Expect. Sheriff Mike Duffy says and now in her role she wants to change the culture with in the department 21 that better recognizes the people they supervised. And people they police bringing trust into the community. Diane she said that part of the job when you Wear a badge is to help move people along in their life stand. I love that care where we're at thanks for that story. And now to some of the top headlines in technology today here's ABC's Alex percent. In today's tick bites new galaxy phones from Samsung. The three new devices range from 812100. Dollars the less expensive model costs the same as Apple's iPhone twelve the most. Costly one features a new camera set up. Mold them go on sale in two weeks. How global Collor has been finding nearly ten million dollars to FCC says thousands of calls were made with racism threatening messages they target people and feisty including voters and political candidate. The company use color right deeds ball bearings that make the colts look like they're coming from a local number. Joseph Biden has a new Twitter account to help build a following the board's inauguration. He's using the Twitter handle that pres elect Biden. Biden's team will take over the official presidential account on inauguration day. And those are take bites Diane back to you. All right Alex thank you and that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed up thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news light is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. House evacuate 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown. US air flight 1549. Had just taken off from New York's LaGuardia Airport bound for Charlotte. The Airbus 31 it was fully loaded. 150 passengers and crew on board. Within minutes the plane crash landed into the icy waters of the Hudson River all indications are the plane struck something a bird strike most likely. The pilot used the river has a runway in order to make a water landing. The great news everyone made it off the plane safely.

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{"duration":"11:06","description":"Plus, President Trump prepares for an unprecedented second Senate impeachment trial, and law enforcement is ramping up security in Washington, D.C., and all across the U.S. as Inauguration Day nears.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75278839","title":"ABC News Live Update: President-elect Biden's $1.9 trillion plan to fight COVID-19","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-president-elect-bidens-19-75278839"}