ABC News Live Update: Putin says Russia has COVID-19 vaccine

Plus, Seattle’s police chief says she’s stepping down following a vote on department cuts, and is college football’s season in jeopardy?
5:43 | 08/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Putin says Russia has COVID-19 vaccine
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for streaming with us. In today's update president Vladimir Putin says Russia has the world's first approved cove in nineteen vaccine. He claims the vaccine passed all necessary tests but scientists around the world warned. It has not completed phase three trials and could be dangerous US health and human secretary services secretary Alexei Zack tells ABC news. The point is not to be first with the vaccine but to have a vaccine that is safe. And effective. Two US based vaccine trials are currently in pastry. Seattle's police chief Carmen best says she's stepping down after the City Council voted to defund the police department. Unless vetoed by the mayor the department will lose 100 officers and 3.4 billion dollars. Best is the country the city's other first black police chief and single officially resigns its September. And the fate of college football is expected to be announced this week. One of the top conferences in the country the Big Ten days reportedly on the brink of canceling the entire season. Now many wonder if other conferences will follow. The FCC commissioner is pushing for a football season telling ABC players are thankful to fumble like environment where they would be safe from Covert. And a new study is taking a closer look at popular face coverings most states in the US now require people to Wear masks in public so which ones work best. Here's ABC's either pilgrim. As Nast become required in more and more places across the country. Scientist at duke put fourteen commonly found options to the test for testing. We put our head forehead. Against care. They recorded video as a person spoke into a box housing a laser beam this is looked under the hood and the goal. To see how effective different types of masks were at keeping droplets from getting an out. Day diet thirty diplomats and alive. Stay healthy people you conceded green laser beam illuminating particles as the person spoke. You can also see the green droplets coming out of the mask institute the box this is the no mask their results. Not on masks are created equal. Duke found the top performers to be the fitted and 95 which have a sealed fit around the wears now. Also doing well the surgical mask and the poly cotton. The helped mask which last week was banned from several airlines in the middle of all fourteen tested. It effects unit where. It doesn't protect people if by chance yeah it is and you don't know you're very surprised to see how many articles can well. At the bottom of the pack the Bandana and the popular and fashionable Gator prior to the pandemic often found on runners. This one here. It is police use heat lots of little particles. Duke found the fleece Gator actually created more tiny droplets than speaking without a mask. Mass breaking down big yards. Needs to move multiple little gods. Of course these new dramas could be problematic because he had an easier time. We anybody year cuts to curb rotavirus we don't know what size droplets big or small make people sick or. How many drop was it takes to infect she what we do know and this six pyramid confirms. Most space covers cut down on the transmission of those droplets. And we should point out most of these masks were only tested ones and researchers say their study was designed mainly to show how simple it is to test these masks. Our team of experts say the key to amass is too picked one you'll actually Wear because something is better than nothing. I think seeing a pilgrim for that report. The billionaire club has a new member according to Bloomberg analysis apple CEO Tim Cook is now worth over a billion dollars. That's based on a mix of his salary his apple shares and the money he's made from selling Apple Stock. But he's still a long way from some of his peers like Mark Zuckerberg whose worth nearly 100 billion. Bill Gates 121 billion and Jeff base those who is worth 100 in 86 billion now for the rest of today's tech headlines here's Kenneth button. At today's tech fights a legal challenge from Hoover and left a California judge is ordering the companies to reclassify their drivers. As employees instead of independent contractors that would make them eligible for minimum wage and benefits mover a live say they plan to appeal. The gaming industry is booming during this covic nineteen pandemic a new report says gamers spent eleven point six billion dollars between April and June. That's up 30% over last year more than ten billion dollars of that spending. Went toward buying new games. Sony is bringing back a popular line of wireless controllers the dual shock for with a fan favorite thanks to its wide range of color options. They can be use of PlayStation four. But they won't work for the PS five price tag. 65 dollars goes your tech rice diet my friend back to you. I pray thanks came out there. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceo thank you up for joining us to remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next Jim day's top stories stay safe everybody.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Plus, Seattle’s police chief says she’s stepping down following a vote on department cuts, and is college football’s season in jeopardy?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72306239","title":"ABC News Live Update: Putin says Russia has COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-putin-russia-covid-19-72306239"}