ABC News Live Update: Sally cleanup underway as Gulf Coast under new tropical threat

Plus, the CDC predicts 218,000 Americans could be dead from COVID-19 by October 10th, and “Cheer” star Jerry Harris has been arrested by the FBI for producing child pornography.
17:57 | 09/18/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Sally cleanup underway as Gulf Coast under new tropical threat
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for being with us and today's update their report raising concerns about how controversial testing guidelines were posted. On the CDC's website last month. Think people who weren't symptomatic didn't need to get tested for of the nineteen now a new report says CDC scientists did not sign off on those guidelines. Also ahead cheers star Jerry Harris is waking up behind bars this morning we have details on allegations against him and that federal charge he's now facing. And we're counting down to the at least TV's biggest night is just two days away. More than a hundred stars will appear live from ten different countries Jimmy Kimmel is gearing up to host from an empty Staples Center here how they're planning to pull it all up. During a pandemic and well water rose finally have her moment in the spotlight. What is your favorite season. Awards. We'll have it up where you what you can expect on Sunday. But we begin with Sally rescues are under way after the storm brought extreme flooding to parts of Florida and Alabama some. Even resorted to getting around in kayaks in Gulf Shores, Alabama. That's right near where the storm made land fall but now there's a new tropical threat for the Gulf Coast and in Jersey is just back from Alabama. With the latest ginger and this new system is the 22. So far this year. What do we know right now. Well Diane my hat seriously just dried out from Sally yet we've got. Others on the map and one in the gulf that looks concerning so let's go ahead and start with. What we have with Teddy that's going to be mostly an impact to Bermuda and some high surf along east 'cause but nothing more than that Kelly's remnants moving out and chapel the depression twenty Tia says this is the 22. If it becomes will Fred which is the next neem. And there is a potential that it could be alpha depending on which summed it looks like Wilfred will be the name and it could happen as soon as later today till after it becomes a tropical storm. The model there have been a lot of trouble with this so there's a lot of uncertainty but there's also a lot of time and this is why I think anybody from Brownsville to Corpus Christi. Houston and Galveston even Lake Charles, Louisiana that was hit so hard by Laura. You all need to be on alert because it looks like that why aid. Cone on the outside of the actual track is the part we can focus son and I will tell you that it's going to push water no matter how strong and is our house syndicates to the most. Gonna push water toward the coast that's going impact tides and also the rainfall there's plenty of tropical moisture with this easily could see five to ten inches already. By early next week. In southeast Texas. Stan amazing now we're already near the end of the alphabet in naming these storms. And Tinder what's the latest on the rescues in the cleanup from Sally. I mean you've had overnight at least two deaths reported in Georgia both trees falling onto a home and a person. And then you can see the video there when you got this saturated soil and you even have a little bit a wind left over from Sally that was the case not only in Georgia. But in North Carolina but he summit satellite image earlier Sally is moving on and so we're gonna say goodbye to Sally. And any of her rainfall later today but that was not before leaving eight to ten inches in some of these places. Along the southeast into the mid Atlantic self. They have long lasting impacts and they can be very broadly fell and that's why I think tropical storms and hurricanes. Means so much to less and dissing Diane we said Wilfred would be the last of our alphabet we would go to the Greek alphabet next to alpha bay that we've only done that once before. In recorded history in 2005. Just goes to show how active this season has been. Danger you covered so many of these storms and each one affects areas a little bit differently. What do people impacted by Sally need right now and how can people help. They need to number one to not forget that Sally happened that happens all the time the news cycle moves on we move on we've got another stunt to gets here and it felt like about what prophetic. Even when I covered hurricane Michael in 2018 and funny teen. And Italy cat five I mean washed away Mexico beach terrorized Panama City made it unwinnable for you up. It really until today and they still have problems. And people forgot if he lasts around right now you'd say he did you know we had a cat I had. Two years ago and people might say no I don't remember that because our minds have so much to look at so I think they need to remember. Iowa an actor rates show Laura in Lake Charles there's so many days the wildfires. They also need money people is monetize and clothes and all that stuff money that money that they need and they need a lot of it. Right changes you Forrest thanks ginger glad to see that home okay. And the world has hit a milestone corona virus cases worldwide now top thirty million. The CDC now predicts the virus could kill 2181000. People by October 10. Meanwhile a new report is raising concerns about those controversial testing guidelines posted on the CBC's website last month Stephanie Ramos has the latest. This morning would learning Covert nineteen testing guidance posted to the CDC's web site last month. Was not approved by CDC scientists according to the New York Times. The CDC state on their sites that people without cope at nineteen symptoms exposed to the virus did not need to received testy. The language instead reportedly coming from the department of health and human services and the White House corona virus task force. This comes as the head of the CDC doctor Robert Redfield. Has come under fire from president trump for comment about wearing masks and when a vaccine may be widely available its affiliate Vega asked White House testing coordinator admiral rector walk about this earlier this morning. The CDC director was correct that the widespread use of a vaccine hundreds of millions of people will probably not happen until mid next year. But the point that I wanna emphasizes we can immunize five or 10% of the population and get 90% of the benefit. By ring fencing the vulnerable like in nursing homes are vaccinated our teachers. Or those who have hypertension so both are correct if we had a vaccine even a few million in November it can make an enormous impact on the health of the country. But it is also true that everyone who wants a vaccine may not be able to get it told mid next year. Here near city schools will keep their doors closed for in person classes for at least another week. Because of safety concerns and staffing but the mayor says. They do plan to hire an additional 4500. Teachers so they can get these kids back in the classroom Diane. From had an apparent looking forward to that Stephanie Ramos thank you. And president company Joseph Biden are making their case to voters with Election Day now just 46 days away. The president spoke to a crowd of mostly mask with supporters at a packed rally while Biden took questions. From uncommitted voters at a socially distance town hall ABC's Mary Bruce has more. Over and over again Joseph Biden ripped into the president's handling of the pandemic we have to Rihanna through the American people are tough. We've got to level the American people should let shoulder. There's never had started up and able to step up. This president should stepped out. At a socially distant drive in town hall Biden took the president to task for knowingly downplaying the severity of the virus he knew it. Ignored and did nothing as close to criminal. While the president is eager to give Americans hope that a vaccine may come before the election. Biden stressed it will likely take months to fully distributed I don't trust the president. On vaccines. I trust stock proud she. If Foshee says the vaccine is safe. I take the vaccine on the issue of race while the president has flatly rejected the notion of his white privileged Biden was quick to recognize it sure I've. Benefited just because I don't have to go through what my black Brothers and sisters and had to go through. And when asked if he would accept the results of the election something trump has refused to do occur for the full results that count every vote. The former vice president also putting Russia on notice warning there will be consequences for election meddling has done again which it appears to be be appropriate price to pay. With 46 days to go Biden was sharply critical of how trump is ramping up his campaign events in the midst of this pandemic there is a big differs between. People walking. Moving along and people sitting down cheek to jowl shoulder to shoulder a thousand of them breathe and I don't want another. Moments later in Wisconsin trump speaking to hundreds of supporters standing shoulder to shoulder most without masks attacking died in and poking fun at his town hall. Is he what is done is they've got cars they've like cars in a pocket so we didn't think that happens. The president also comparing stay at home orders to house arrest it out loud to me you're not allowed to talk to anybody you have to stay at a prison. Become friends. And today president rob and Joseph Biden both have events in Minnesota where they are hoping to make their market it's working class voters. That's it begins its early voting today Diane. Primary neighbors in Washington for thanks Mary. And TV's biggest night is now just two days away the primetime Emmy Awards are Sunday marking the first major award show of the season. And the first since the pandemic started. So what can we expect from this unprecedented show a lot of TV's biggest stars live from their living rooms here's we'll gans with more. Prep. Is your favorite season. Awards be cute boy era. But nothing. Award season is officially upon us TV's biggest night promising an award show like we've never seen before. The Emmy Awards bringing together 138. Starr is live from 114. Locations across ten different countries how will they pull it off. Who knows. One thing we do you know Jimmy Kimmel hose from an empty Staples Center in Los Angeles will be joined by a few prisoners but everyone else will be live from their living room as the winners are announced. All eyes are on its creek and it's leading lady Catherine O'Hara in the comedy categories it's for me. Which scooped up television critics association's awards this week. There I I I can't couldn't stressed. And watch out for watchman. It's the most nominated show the night and was named program of the year at the TCA's it star Regina King will likely be one of many movies stars. Aiming to take home television's. Biggest honor on Sunday she's up against Kerry Washington Octavia Spencer. And Cate Blanchett. Hole he Hollywood. As for John a series looks like a successful nights in store for succession. Cookies at the HBO show at four to one odds that the force is strong with its competition. Disney pluses the man Delorean concede Bibi you noted going home with his first ever and the award. And even though their virtual this year the Emmys are still promising to be full of the classic glamour and style that we're used to. Just ask best actress nominee. And Daria I definitely. Hello look if you need aegis walk my living room carpet and just. And looking and is here with me live to break it all done well I wanna give him big fat how great outlet you Ramsey's house. SE or Israel I am so thrilled to be here OK let's talk red carpet fashion because I know you love it this is usually such a big part of awards season but ever wanted to be home this time so. How do you make a fashion statement from your couch. Well I think we're gonna see this go one of two ways right we have our. Typical red carpet all stars that we're used to seeing we saw some day and there in the piece who brings it every time. Jennifer Aniston is up for her seven Emmy award and she has been a mainstay on the red carpet writes I think we're gonna see these celebrities some of them going full glam full hair full make up. They're just gonna go for it doesn't matter that it's in their living room it's still the Emmys right. And then on the other end of the spectrum I do think we're gonna see some people totally just in their pajamas like. I think they're gonna lean into the fact that it's twenty Tony it's a weird year and they're just gonna put on their slippers and just it'll be like their rights. Flippers bucket of popcorn exactly where yet yet there seem was ordered knocking at the door he had I think they're just gonna lean into the facts I think we're gonna see both we're gonna see full glam from some and then full pajamas from a kind of love both of those things I mean if that was my first Emmy Awards I would totally dress up you have to yes but if I'm Meryl Streep and I'm nominated for the. Gazillion times area made 11 am going to be in a messy done. Yet the glasses exactly. Didn't do that sticks out this year this is the most diverse class of Emmy nominees ever course of the standouts well I think the first person that comes to mind. If Nicole buyer right there's a show on Netflix called nailed it she's the first black woman ever nominated. In that category for outstanding host. She's making history she actually said that she found out by Wikipedia. And give it. So she's making history this year but it is like you said the most diverse class ever there's still a long way to go especially when it comes debt Latin acts representation but. It is it is the most diverse any class ever which is something to celebrate out for shore and then. We have to put you on the spot a little bit I want you to tell us who we should watch out for and give me your predictions OK well luckily this year there's overlap with both of those things I had who'd look out Korn who my favorite is the littlest Joseph from Canada that I can't see the full title of their rhymes with Ritz creek okay. But it it's really is Cinderella story this year right it's started out their days and the leading lady right there Catherine O'Hara says that just a little bit assassinated yeah oh has new UI like practice her boys can make will do the entire rest of the report in. More not black. In the media the picturesque bridge like this moment I'm content. No but that's the show to watch they're nominated in best actress best actor supporting supporting. And best comedy series and it really it started out the budget for that show Dan Levy who created it said. Fourteen episodes of that shell would be the same as one episode on a show with a normal budget so they kind of came from. Really really humble beginnings and look where they are this year lot to watch out for their speaking of watching watchman HBO's watchman the most nominated show the night. Expect a lot of winners from that show as well and then succession for best drama series so. Yeah it's going to be sent to find that and weird Emmy Awards. And who do you want to and I mean that hat obviously Catherine O'Hara is gonna take game. I think she's gonna take it knock on all delayed so just touched. It's I don't know where it doesn't when that call will make sure he's okay everybody. Are being picked it isn't about to technicals will also create to have you here and I and here's the bad sinuses so much fun watching oh my god I kind of want to wanna watch you watching it can also don't collide like I'm seeing a gap ever and continued in and see me throwing my popcorn when. Ritz creek. Takes at all I think we will have that and the sides grief because don't forget that you can also add on to an end to the countdown to the Emmys right here on ABC news live Sunday at 6:30 PM eastern. 3:30 PM Pacific and you can watch the full awards show on ABC Sunday at eighteenth. And a few more things to know before you go breakout star of the hit Netflix show cheer is waking up behind bars charged with producing child pornography. Prosecutors in Chicago say 21 year old Jerry Harris repeatedly requested sexually explicit videos and photographs from two underage boys on social media. Attorneys for Harris did not comment he's expected to appear in court in person on Monday for a detention hearing. And at that hearing his attorney is expected to request that Harris be released from jail because they say he's at a higher risk of contracting corporate nineteen. Pine sol has been approved by the EPA to kill corona virus on surfaces. The disinfected with proven effective against the virus with a full ten minute contact time on hard non porous surfaces. After testing from a third party lab. The Clorox Co. which makes pine sol said in a statement that they hold the new approval. We'll increase access to disinfect since that can help prevent the spread of over nineteen. And the Internet is going. Bananas over a live virtual table read of bad times it made my Hyde Matthew McConaughey Julia Roberts Morgan Freeman Sean Penn Shia LaBeouf Brad Pitt Jenna Brad has been and it Muller. Came together to reenact the eighties cult classic. He's up receive begin there. Resume bombing has been John Legend she later said on Twitter that every famous person on the planet was on that call. But it in this moment that really said viewers over the top. Hi Brett. You know cute so you were. City so sexy. So even Brad Pitt couldn't hold a straight face nor could anyone else the call for that matter. The whole thing was organized by Dane Cook Dana thank you for that. Gotta love that Brad and Jen reunion. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana fan thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next Martha Raddatz cross country trips. Biggest isn't what's on voters' minds before the election. We'll see right back here at a Lebanese.

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{"duration":"17:57","description":"Plus, the CDC predicts 218,000 Americans could be dead from COVID-19 by October 10th, and “Cheer” star Jerry Harris has been arrested by the FBI for producing child pornography.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73095466","title":"ABC News Live Update: Sally cleanup underway as Gulf Coast under new tropical threat","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-sally-cleanup-underway-gulf-73095466"}