ABC News Live Update: Tropical storm takes aim at Gulf Coast

Plus, historic heat triggers fires in the West and the former head of the FDA warns the delta variant could become the dominant COVID-19 strain in the U.S.
30:25 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Tropical storm takes aim at Gulf Coast
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks for streaming with us in today's update of tropical storm is threatening the Gulf Coast. Parts of the south are bracing for dangerous flooding with up to a foot of rain expected in some places. Meanwhile in the midwest more than forty million Americans are dealing with historic heat with temperatures hitting triple digits. Chief meteorologist ginger Z is tracking it all. Company cases arise in several states with low vaccination rates as we learn more about the dangerous Deltha variant. This is the CDC announced as hundreds of confirmed cases of heart problems in young unvaccinated people. You're the director of the CDC as saying this morning. And as we get ready to celebrate Father's Day and June teams meet the dad hoping to change the face of black fatherhood in America. But we begin at that tropical storm taking aim at the Gulf Coast the governor of Louisiana's already issuing a state of emergency that storm. Is expected to make landfall there early Saturday morning. ABC news chief meteorologist ginger zee has a closer look at the storm and where it's headed ginger what do you see right now. The day and it is moving moving quickly it's what we call a hybrid storms is kind of like a low pressure system trying to be tropical it looks like it could become tropical storm cloud that. Later this afternoon no matter what it becomes the only impact I really want to focus and is the heavy rain. Now there will be other impacts it will go through those but let's start with how it goes down and the timing of it so will move this group of thunderstorms really that started to rotate toward the coast that's why you see tropical storm warnings. From intra coastal Louisiana to Pensacola Florida. That includes Alabama coast Mississippi coast and a big part of the bird of Louisiana. Timing wise is happening. If we want to call it landfall early tomorrow morning and then moving into the southeast through the weekend. And that's why it's not just the 'cause that want you to really watch this because northern Alabama and north Georgia by Sunday early morning far south Tennessee. Could see some of these six inch totals only talk about heavy rains and then North Carolina that's Sunday evening at 11 PM before we get into the workweek so it's gonna take awhile to get rid of it rains number one number two storm surge is still no matter what you've got a pushing water toward the coast you've got these low lying places. Mobile bay could see two to three feet over two Dax didn't back into Pascagoula. A Biloxi to look and then of course along all of those super low areas at Louisiana. Flash flood watch extends through even. You can see their Birmingham Alabama included Montgomery. And Atlanta so watch for any where it hit two to three inches for talk flash flood because happens fast. And there are places that are saturated by more than eight to sixteen inches above average in Louisiana and Mississippi you are going to get the heaviest but the six to twelve there Pensacola you can get some heavy stuff. Panama City my friends in Mexico beach over to Apalachicola keep an eye on that and then western South Carolina you're and that six inch range too so it's really about the heavy rain day and going into the weekend for people who have just spend. Inundated this spring. Our chief meteorologist ginger zee hoping at a when there's Stacey thanks ginger. And the west is seeing some historic heat as temperatures there reach over 100 degrees. The heat is even causing fires in Arizona and Nevada and people from Texas to California. Are bracing for possible blackouts ABC news' chief national correspondent Matt Gutman has more. This morning the dome of heat scorching the west is expanding in shattering records for multiple days though tens of millions of Americans sweltering in temperatures above a hundred degrees. Triggering these fires in Arizona Nevada. And it's pushing electrical grids. To the brink the skyline in Dallas door kicked and utility companies from Texas to California are begging people to set thermostats. At seven. And brace for possible blackouts. And yet it is still Texas. We springs experts say climate change is baking heat waves more intense more frequent. And longer lasting it is also super charging the mega drought that is drying up lakes and reservoirs that millions. Homeowners and farmers relying on for their water supply looks like I'm walking in the middle of the desert but until about a year ago this was fifty feet underwater now. Folsom lake has been shrinking so fast that state officials tell us the by December it'll just be tool rivers. In a small pool of water. California some of the best muddling anywhere where droughts. And yet it could not predict how bad this year billions doing clubs. A day and overnight California's governor declaring a state of emergency here lots of places in California notching. Over a 110 degrees. And he would citing the extreme heat apparel but basically what this emergency proclamation does is free up utility companies to ramp up operations. To keep people's air conditioners going they don't want them to turn the thermostat to load nothing beyond our below 78 degrees but they want people's air conditioners to keep. Go in. That's because a lot of people don't know this but extreme seized kills more people every year than any other kind of extreme weather. Diane good to know IBC news' chief national correspondent Mac gotten and thank you. And the suspect in a deadly Arizona shooting spree is now in custody. Police say the gunman killed one person and injured dozens after opening fire in multiple locations wheel cars in surprise Arizona with the latest. This morning an investigation is underway after a shooting spree that left a dozen injured in one man dead or what. I shall not be a restriction on we'll get technical and herbal herbal. The deadly spree starting just before noon on Thursday than spanning eight separate incidents in Glendale Peoria surprise and along the west valley freeways all within ninety minutes. So good no circle will go on. And areas Arnold or around these are restoring Eagles this. We don't know the nexus we don't know what the motive was we don't have an idea of what. This person was thinking when he went on did this. The alleged gunman opening fire people on quiet side streets and busy interstates from this white SUV police cornering the suspect about ninety minutes after the initial shooting saying they found at least one gun in the SUV during the arrest. But the tall people who survived three were shot others were hit by shrapnel or war involving car crashes. They're all expected to be OK as a shooter set to appear in court later today. I will car and surprise Arizona thank you. And as a delta Kobe nineteen variant spreads five states have seen in nearly 40%. Increase in cold it cases in the past two weeks. The variant is now confirmed in 41 states and a former commissioner of the FDA warns it could soon become the dominant strain. This is a CDC investigates more cases of heart inflammation among young vaccinated people Stephanie Ramos has the latest on that hi Stephanie. Diane good morning as the delta period rose here. The US and more people get vaccinated the CDC is now investigating cases of heart inflammation in young people who have received the Kobe back seen. More than 300 people under the age of thirty. Are experiencing minor car died as an inflammation of the heart muscle or parent card died as an inflammation of the sac around the heart most people who developed heart inflammation after the Pfizer corpsman -- seen recovered quickly. After medication and rest the CDC advisory panel has pushed they're meeting to next week to discuss these reports now the CDC is still. Strongly recommending the vaccine to anyone over the age of twelve. Especially now. As some parts of the country are seeing a rise in Kobe cases five states with increases of nearly 40% or more in the past two weeks. Health experts pointing the finger at the highly contagious delta variant which is now confirmed. In 41 states they're warning it could soon become the dominant strain Diane. Thanks Stephanie Ramos thank you an earlier on GMA we heard from CDC director Acela Lansky on those rare heart issues and the danger of the new delta variant let's listen. Ought to start with mile car died is that rare heart inflammation there are now more than 300 cases being investigated. Of course that's out of millions of people who've been fully vaccinated. Is there enough evidence though now to officially confirm the link between the vaccines and this rare condition. Good morning with thanks for having me Adam we certainly are I looking at this carefully we have an AC IP needing that has been that's scheduled for our next week and we are going to be out eager to look at that data add during that meeting. What I will say is over 200 million doses of vaccine have been given and really these events are really quite rare there as you know minor self limited they generally. Into resolved with. Reston standard medications and what we're really saying is the risk. I'm disease itself we've had. 300 pediatric deaths we've had. I'm over 4000 children with BMI nasty Cinderella have resulted in even more das 36 more deaths. And so what we're really saying is in that context. These cases of mild heart inflammation. The risk of that which are quite rare. There are overwhelmed by the benefit of getting vaccinated. Is so we we we know that it's rare and that's your message to parents here but many are still on the fence though trying to. Wade these risks how would you bring that message to them. What I would say first of all as I have three kids and all of minor vaccinated and the really most important thing that you need to do it because several of the parents with your choice I'm in making this decision and that if your make an informed decision where you listen to the science around the vaccines the safety of the vaccine so overwhelming data we have in the safety of vaccines. And how effective they are at preventing severe disease and sickness in your children I think you'll come down the way I did and vaccinated children. I wants her to the delta variant first identified in India we know it's highly contagious as we mentioned now identified at least 41 states here in the US. Do you expect this will become the dominant strain here and if so how soon. You know. Yes I think that that's probably going to be the case is also now the dominant strain in the UK essentially what happens is when these viruses mutate they I'm do so with some advantage to the virus in this case. It is more transmissible it's more transmissible than the alpha variant of the UK Marion that we have here we saw that quickly become a dominant strain in a period of one or two months and I anticipate that it's going to be what happens with adults a string here. And so far we know the vaccines have been effective against this variant but it's already mutating in so called delta plus variance. Is it only a matter of time before there is a strain though that's more resistant to our vaccines. Certainly that's what we worry about and let. We're trying to avoid so what we do now is that as viruses mutate they do so I'm with some advantage to the virus one of those advantages could be that it invades our vaccines and that's really what we're actively trying to prevent. Which is why we're really encouraging people to get vaccinated I will say as worrisome as this without the string is with regard to its hyper transmits ability. Our vaccines work right now they are working and what and they require actually two doses are to be fully vaccinated to work well so I would encourage all Americans. Get your first shot and we need you for your second get your second shot and your people be protected against the south of variance from. Resist the kind of thing needed to reach president Biden's goal of 70% adult vaccination. By July 4 we only have just over a couple weeks to get there. This is one of many things that we're doing two try and reach that goal and two go beyond that goal in the weeks after that I am so yes I think that this is one of many many strategies. I'm we have rides we have and child care we have incentives we're trying to meet people where they are and provides. If the oath that they need to get vaccinated so. I'm really really honored and excited to have him I'm be with the vice president that historic Ebenezer church today. And to meet some people where they are and understand why today with the day they decided to get vaccinated. Turner thanks to with Johnson and CDC director Michel Woolen ski for that interview. Meanwhile the CDC's releasing some new guidance on cruise ships the agency's lowering its assessed Cobb address for passengers from very high. To high and clearing the way for fully vaccinated people to get on board but it's still recommends people who are not vaccinated. Avoid cruise ships the new guidance comes after Royal Caribbean delayed the departure of its newest ship after eight crew members tested positive. They all had mild symptoms are no symptoms the company says they tested positive before their vaccines were fully effective. And voters are headed to the polls today in Iran's presidential election but many people are staying home in protest of what they call a sham election. Iran's supreme leader barred hundreds of candidates from running now his protege appears set to take control of the government ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. Is in Tehran with the latest Martha good morning. Diane we are right outside a polling place in Tehran the polling place is a mosque there's been a huge portion. To get out the vote here fact the Iranian revolutionary guard corps said a vote is worth more than a precision. Guided missile into the heart of the enemy the Ayatollah himself. Voted this morning he said is that it is a CN. Not to vote of course the man who was expected to win is his hand picked candidate and cleric named right EC. Every buddy we talked to inside that polling place that they are voting for write you see. But 60%. Of the population is expected to stay home out of protest because moderates who wanted to run. Were disqualified but right EC does support the nuclear deal the president Biden is trying to revive although it could be awhile before they get. It's about Diane right Martha Raddatz in Iran thank you. And capitol police officer Eugene Goodman is set to throw out the first pitch at tonight's Washington Nationals game against the New York Mets. Goodman was seen on video leading rioters away from the senate chamber on January 6. He's also credited with intercepting senator Mitt Romney before he walked into the mob directing the senator instead to a side corridor. Tonight's pitches just the latest honor for good men who was awarded the congressional medal in a unanimous senate vote. Is also chosen to escort then vice president elect Kumble Harris to the stage on inauguration day. And the US has a new federal holiday for the first time in forty years. President Biden's son the June 18 national Independence Day act into law yesterday giving national recognition. Two a day commemorating the end of slavery in America. The got a closer look at the meaning of June teens and how this bill came together so quickly. After the break. Welcome back federal workers have a day off today in celebration of June 18 after president Biden signed a bill officially making it a national holiday. You're looking at Galveston Texas this morning we're on June 19 1865. The last enslaved Americans were finally freed two years after the emancipation proclamation. Senior national correspondent Steve Boson sunny joins me now with more on this milestone good morning Steve. Happy June team to you Diane the holidays actually tomorrow but the federal government has already set to recognize it today. For most federal workers the last time the president signed a holiday into law was the king holiday and it was President Reagan. President Biden made June 18 a federal holiday with his signature and then. All of a sudden a holiday that was mostly celebrated by black families in black churches is now a holiday for all. The vice president held the hand of the 94 year old woman who helped make this happen. This Opel leave from Fort Worth, Texas marched the streets for years trying to make due to the holiday. June tape doesn't just celebrate the freedom of American slaves it marks the day they government. Freed the slaves you're late years later when federal troops moved into Texas to free the last remaining slaves. It is no accident that this is happening after this summer a protests and the change in conversation. Over race in this country even so there's still some concerns. In some corners that this is more symbolism than substance more than a dozen states have passed new laws that many say are aimed at black voters. And some of the lawmakers in Washington who voted for the holiday. Are standing in the way of reviving. Parts of the voting rights act legislation that many feel focuses on racial equality. Diane. Writer Steve us and some you have region TNT used Steve. And I also point out to viewers June team together we triumph a soul of the nation's special event premieres tonight at 9 eastern on ABC you can see it tomorrow. At ABC news live and on Hulu as well but again that is tonight on ABC. At 9 PM eastern 8 central. And in honor of Father's Day we're highlighting a group dad's changing the face of black fatherhood. Dad's united organization is working to set the record straight on negative stereotypes about being a black father in America. Helping others in Baltimore sixteen by coming together to help educate and unify families and their communities. And I'm very happy to have a founder of dad's next organization Michael Cornish on today Michael thanks so much for being here happy early Father's Day and happy June 18 to you. Our appreciation for me so much and give facts. We do to Michael amp Q where you got the idea. To create the dads united organization how does all star. Our low honestly I was alarmed though when I had Mathieu there are some situations when their mother much Charles argued Chris. I'll leave her Jewish soul. I'm short term marketable that is and offer some of the first. Mark been an arrogant. But I'm really look at it like Aurora I'm not an application must show his I was Ariba. I'm not accused me so how can arched at some hope we don't hurt or kill me if I'm not an adored need to be fought is in my community investment Berezhnaya is shopping on W our. Hearts Burton and then anybody but. You know we applaud as we have children. And we live in the community. We have a huge deal organically. And we removed. Jurist she wished we are also pops brass are Berezhnaya and it starts out on moon Rosenberg. Are not ignore him so popular aspect and Barrios Arab controlled asthma or used. So was it because you were a single father at that time is opposed to a single mother that you weren't able to access the resources that he needed accessed and. Our belief I believe that it was also Nowak. Should resource. Thought what cannot bear but it was. I'm and again don't do that followed that need more in the shoot. Brought Hamas rockets and resources us out there but it is is it's a title role in trying to go for resource whose present black problem. As aboriginal far it has taught you get. Resources. And this fall among the resource and Edinburgh. Brad not RCA in your heart and sent a resource. Disorder are still route which are. So how are you hoping to now help black dads who might be in that same position now. The governor how are you hoping to help fathers who might be in that position now. Artisan. Oh my. Community engagement approach for our. My opinion is so much hangs arm bar ma the west bar much more to a certain partnership doesn't it's so much in the barn where we are saying hey mommy helped build. On this life devalued. What does it actually there are tribal bureaus don't measles what did you value what you know also I think he's doing what are below corner community engagement programs are missions currently in a nutshell is younger bodies through community engagement. Community engagement that's how I started growing a lot of buzz and modern minimum age mattered far this. Filler and get hostile right then on Monday and then there's another didn't community did you celebrate. That is apart they're not meeting gave us who embarked. It's it's a great points to what people get wrong about black father heard you say you want to set the record straight what do you mean by that. Are we want to control America it is bizarre Nazi era there are laws about say. Don't kill you'll also are. You know when you hit you president. Are you not just you'll do. Mayor Macedo the spot to another shot outs are. Deserted and you. Know. How O. It was. I didn't say you know sit out and it made you more aware so poorly controlled under merits. You know being bid to control him person not just words but actions do intend. You know her gaze through everybody ought to just general Bennett got what your daughter has shown are. It is a flier you know no matter your child lives you you live here you know we need to chair again. So Michael how are you celebrating Father's Day this week in and what's your message to all the dads out there. Also this aren't they region we are rebar a lot of art center aren't you bound drew oh Giroux admits it was the first all black none. Cisco Oracle partner. Turn all acts are nuns or finished. Army lost. About 17118100. No I was abandoned it was grass almost has hit. On drugs didn't need those on the record I'll probably know about you want to challenge our new it was so much so when Clinton. Bob pies and that. More is being all our moms. Chance of nonviolence. Most. Armed and minds seem remarkably complex underground trade in a memorial gardens. Though we have lost your garden violence armed soldier and James were cutting end and a Kirk you know we're going to be don't media baron in there period. Yeah and there in quite literally. My vocal artist founder of dad the united organization we appreciate you setting such a great example for your kids for all the dads out there and really for all. Thanks for all your work Michael. Brokerage Brendan Byrne. And Amazon prime day is coming on Monday but if you're not a prime member don't worry and other retailers are also getting savings this year we're telling you what to watch for. And we also have incredible story of an Alaskan hiker who survived forty hours alone in the wild fighting off cold. Hunger and get this group look grizzly bears. We'll tell you how she did it after the break. Welcome back time to take a look at today's instant technology headlines here's your to Bolton. In today's tech bytes. As her hitting mr. Graham reels and just debuted on the ads and video feed after being tested internationally for a few months and they may look like any other real loop eight and up to thirty seconds lung but the ads can be identified by a small sponsored tax. SpaceX is sending more military equipment into orbit at falcon nine rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral carrying a space wars GPS satellite. Stage one of the rocket returned safely each earned nine minutes later. And finally this morning another reason to get your car and shot. 30% of Americans surveyed by dating app bubbles so they wouldn't go on a date with someone who is not vaccinated. Bubble is introducing a vaccinated at John user profiles. To show they've gotten their shots. Those are your tech breaks and Diane back to you. Bahrain tangible than banks. And Amazon prime day is just a few days away the come is operating what it calls 48 hours of epic sails for prime users. But other retailers are also getting in on the action offering deals of their own ABC's aerial Russia has a closer look. Battle of the retail giant Wal-Mart and target going head to head with Amazon and other retailers for your dollars on prime day. It has to come up. Very competitive Amazon is of course the 800 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to e-commerce basically any retailer you've ever heard of probably has some sort of competing sale happening. Amazon prime. Here Amazon promising 48 hours of epic sails starting Monday targets deal days offering not two but three days of savings touting no membership fees and not to be have done. Wal-Mart with its four day deals for days teasing what they call Black Friday like savings like 300 dollars off this I home nova robot vacuum and mop. Do you could take. An HP laptop per Bose headphones put when your Amazon cart could mean your best buy car putting your Wal-Mart cart and then it before you click by just have all three tabs open and take a look at the prices. Amazon DD GMA a preview of what to watch for like 50% off this echo dot. 25% off Mario Kart life part of their toy selection for kids. And up to 40% off Graco baby products what are some of the big deals. Or it. Really think customers are going to gravitate towards. Things to help them get back to that sort of normal life luggage also beauty products now that we're going out and socializing with friends and gambling again. We have to put our make an odd she's. An Amazon says some other deals to look out for back to school supplies if you can believe it HP and Lenovo laptops already on sale an ad for the best strategy. Keep checking back on Amazon's web site over the 48 hour period a prime day new deals will continue to pop up. Diane good tips area arrest seven thank you. And then Alaska hiker is telling her story this morning after she says grizzly bears chased her off the trail. Leaving her stranded for days now we're learning the details of how she -- out alive ABC's Caylee hearts on has her story. After forty hours alone in a deep in Alaska wild. This morning one hiker is battered and bruised but has a harrowing story of survival to share. It many times I. A group of grizzly bears charged 55 year old Spina Kiefer chasing or offer hiking trail she's sending them off with hairspray. And my artwork while there was charging me so why my pepper spray I don't my side. And then she knew was sure she was charging me. Great first ray. And then I said. And then he's stuck to his shark about when he he so start old. He like turned around. Rent on what scheck and Barry and oh. Most in the woods she taxed at her husband saying she needed help. But then she stopped responding to calls and messages setting off a massive search and rescue operation. More than a hundred people including ski patrol rescue dogs and Air National Guard the in scouring the wilderness through the following day and into the next night. Kiefer could hear helicopters overhead but they couldn't see her. You actually able to build a Cyrus calls are to be able to resolve warm and not sustain herself through the night. What are. Matches. My husband had given me. Went your thinking oh my he is site and then there are moderates. Who used the man that night was sloping ordered them. Heavy rain May Day two of the search even more challenging eventually forcing me effort to pious but just an hour later Kiefer finally found her way to safety. I was just so thankful to be a lot of until might get. The challenging twelve mile trail keeper was attempting to follow worn tigers to be prepared to encounter Beers in news. Diane be prepared for the unexpected is critical the Alaskan outdoors authorities there say hikers should always carry hairspray and matches like Fina. But also a satellite communication device even a personal locate your beacon but having seen as grit determination. That helps tale. Diane sure does kid a hard time thank you bet she's very grateful for the bears spray and those matches. And that doesn't fit as ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed up thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. But the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back you're at 11 AM eastern. With the new update Stacy.

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