ABC News Live Update: US Capitol on high alert for possible threat

Plus, President Joe Biden calls out Texas and Mississippi for dropping mask mandates, and “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison speaks out after stepping back from the franchise.
27:06 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: US Capitol on high alert for possible threat
Good morning I'm Diane this data thanks for streaming with us in today's update US capitol on high alert. As the FBI warns of a serious threat from right wing militia groups. Thousands of National Guard troops are working with capital police prepared for all possible scenarios we'll have more on why the FBI says today's date is significant. Also ahead of the debates over reopening. President Biden's calling out states like Texas and Mississippi for dropping their mass mandates. Meanwhile the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is now being used and vaccine mega centers as one cruise line is now offering a fully vaccinated crews. Doctor. And it battle bachelor host Chris Harrison is speaking out for the first time since stepping away from the franchise. And I'm wondering why would you defend raked over demands. And more on Harrison's response to the backlash and whether or not he'll return as host in just a few moments. We begin with the security warning on. Capitol Hill the house state late last night passing to build before leaving town today. Amid threats of possible violence US capitol police say they have quote obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breached a capital. So why is today's so important. ABC's chief foreign affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has more. The intelligence bulletin says it's starkly the US capitol remains an attractive target. And Evan known militia group could try to breach the capitol today. The FBI intelligence report says the so called 3%. Jurors unknown militia group. Good allegedly tried to get some 50000. Supporters to come to DC around the state. And could be plotting diversionary. Tactics such as detonating a bomb to get law enforcement away from the capital and then try to stormont. But unlike January 6 with some 800 writers breaching the capital itself and thousands more swarming the grounds. The entire capitol complex is now surrounded with fencing. Razor wire on top and 5000 National Guard troops and the acting chief of the capitol police told lawmakers because of the threat. Security has been beefed up even more. We and he asked our security posture. We take immediate steps. To let. National Guard as well as our work force know what to expect the intelligence was specific to march 4 so warrant today. Because some far right conspiracy theorists like Q and on. Believe Donald Trump will return to power today. March 4 was the original presidential inauguration day before 1933. When it was moved to January 20 what is unclear is how Saarland this intelligence is one law enforcement source telling ABC news. That the initial intelligence does not support 50000 people descending on DC. But they say what ever happens they are ready. We are prepared to respond appropriately. We do have some concerning intelligence. Even though the house will not meet today this and it will. But because of these ongoing threats these fences with the razor wire will remain for weeks if not months and the National Guard. We'll be here until at least mid march Diana's. Mid march Martha Raddatz in Washington wow thanks. And here's what we're watching in Washington today at 12:45 PM eastern white house Press Secretary Jen Psaki will hold a briefing with secretary of veterans affairs Dennis McDonough. At 2 PM eastern president Biden vice president Harris and transportation secretary included jets will participate in a bipartisan meeting with house members on infrastructure. And at 5 PM eastern president Biden is set to call members of NASA to congratulate them on the Mars rover landing. As a third vaccine rolls out across the country 53 million Americans are received at least one Kobe vaccine dose that's about 21%. Of the adult population in the US. Now some states are easing restrictions apple as the White House Warren's. Now is not the time to let our guard down with Thompson has more from the vaccination center at Yankee Stadium. The CDC saying the next few months are critical with the country on the cusp of a potential fourth wave driven by new variants. Since a peak in early January hospitalizations. Have dropped by 65%. But the CDC pointing to a slight uptick. Covert cases have increased 3.5 percent within the last week fatalities up more than 2%. And this morning president Biden calling out states like Texas and Mississippi for dropping mask mandates and lifting most restrictions. I think it's a big mistake the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking that can be charming song takes off his mask. Forget it. Doctor Anthony found she warning against claiming victory over the virus too soon I don't know what they're doing it but it's certainly from a public health standpoint is ill advised. Overnight Mississippi's governor standing by his decision. We're just simply doing the things to give our people. The power back to do what they think is best for themselves and their fan like. Texas opening businesses to full capacity and ending its mass mandate next week some applauding the move I'm about done with masks. And as states begin to reopen questions still remain about when schools across the country will return to normal. George speaking with secretary of education or Mikhail cord don't know. Earlier this year were teachers he said here administrator as well Wu would make you comfortable. To be back in the classroom right now let's enjoy double father and I have two children that attend schools and had been attending this is the beginning of the year and for me. What I would want for my children is what I would want from all of the children in America is to make sure that there are clear mitigation strategies that they're being enforced. That they're my students are are safe out I wouldn't compromise on health and safety. To go into school but it can be done we've seen it certain models across the country that we have to lift. So we can learn from one another and safe and we open our schools. The governor of Texas may be dropping the mask a mandate from many major businesses are not. Places like target Macy's best buy Starbucks and others will still require masks which means it will now be up to employees to enforce their own rules Diane. My way Johnson thank you. And as more Americans get vaccinated some are starting to plan their summer vacations. Now some top doctors say data might even are comfortable traveling. With a few conditions are GM and each has at Newark Airport. Has more. This morning major news from the cruise industry Royal Caribbean saying its newest ship is set to hit the seas in many from Israel. But this time all passengers must be vaccinated. It's just one of the signs that people are eager to trap and with the news that the US will have enough vaccine supply for every adult by the end of may. Many are already making play happy. Is it safe. GMA spoke with six infectious disease experts all of them saying their optimistic about taking a trip this summer. As long as cases continue to lower and with some other cap he hopes the main one. Being vaccinated. The highly effective against these particularly sit here he's really just an hour how well we're going to give. Doctor Natalie Dina bio statistician with the University of Florida is planning on traveling with her husband and two young children. While her kids won't be vaccinated she knows children can spread the disease but points of the data that shows severe illness is less common among young children. In the states reporting the American academy of pediatrics says up to 2% of child covad cases result in hospitalization. Doctor David Rubin with a Children's Hospital of Philadelphia says he's also feeling hopeful about traveling to see family this summer. My mother. As fully received directs the nation's and and it feels safer and with declining transmission. That opportunity is open not just. I'm thinking about end points which I think is important for the optimism of the American. Public. And our experts say may be choose direct flight C spend less time traveling less time. In airports but we should tell you that all six of these doctors say that if there is a rise in cases at the time. They're gonna cancel these plans to just make sure you're watching those numbers Diane. Good advice GO thank you. And frolic all the latest on to bring an internist ABC news medical contributor doctor. Good morning thanks your being here in this that this content of this vaccinated people only cruise. Is really interest and you think this could be the future travel. Morning Diane thanks so much for having me. I think. This is one example of how we might see the vaccination. Or concept common play. Whether it is. Long trip. Vacation. Any good at this issue with the resign Israel as we know Israel's been a leader Rex nations. With significant doses. Formally received both those errant so. Part of I think we're thinking about context this finding. Community transmission when community transmission and lower and you have vaccinated each individual. That is encouraging and and help her any kind of surges we've seen in the past. And doctor proud she has said that states like Texas that are lifting all of their restrictions and that's ill advised but what are not state senator slowly lifting. Some restrictions like reopening movie theaters or indoor dining at limited capacity. And I think it's really important that we not let her guard Noelle that the virus we'll find its way. Ten acting more and more people we do that and so we remember this summer sir and other moments where we let our guard down. And at the virus made its way to many people now that changes yet vaccinations and we've got to double down and getting as many vaccinated all. Moving forward. And it is your district public health guidelines and only moved a wide reopening would meet admission rate all. There's evidence that endured any increases risks. And there's evidence that. Gatherings without people being vaccinated. Just think about it and are really an important way which. Contacts our community transmission and assessing risk. In areas where cases ours are lower. I think you can ease on the on the restrictions if you happen. And didn't vaccination plan that smooth being. And there are. There's community transmission that slow absolutely. That being said it's still mourn a mask it's so important in this and those are public health. French and tactics we know our work transmission and. People on an issue that's probably getting the most attention around the country has for months is the push to get schools reopened. Is it say for teachers to go back to the classroom for their Max natives based on the data we have right now. Think that it's not safe for that to happen I think we should it. Have teachers be vaccinated. As much as possible before they go back to school and I know in some case that might be all and we want to get out. School reopening. Has been on and it's awful way that we say. And not she rises in transition right. And how might the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine out and it's out. Cannot help speed up just process and also make distribution more equitable. Absolutely Johnson & Johnson vaccine is just another tool we have in our vaccine. Toolbox. To prevent some of the year and in critical disease hospitalization end all vaccines he got. And so it's really important that that we did those vaccinated. As a response to another increase in supply of drugs to boost the US music for and I and it hasn't handled temperature storage require. Which makes it easier to distribute. And doctor. Thanks for having me. And that's the water crisis in Mississippi winter storms and freezing temperatures caused dozens of water main breaks now many residents of Jackson have been without water. For more than two weeks Victor can no. Is there Victor good morning. Diane we are right outside Jackson's main source of water. And frustration this is Jackson's water treatment plant while they have made. Some progress just yesterday they were forced to shut down again because of some debris that was blocking the flow of water they've got back up and running but nowhere near 100%. The entire city is still under a boil water advisory. It has now been more than two weeks since those winter storms crippled the regional states like Texas Mississippi if in Tennessee. Well ready they don't really have been for short trip to handle that kind of cold water mains breaking in the freezing temperatures. Jackson's outdated water system got knocked out about sixteen days ago. Many have gotten their water back but tens of thousands are still without running water mostly in predominantly black south Jackson. Unable to take a shower brush their teeth even flush their toilets they've been relying on bottled water. Public works crews have been busy repairing the 100 reported water main breaks but they keep getting setbacks like that shut down yesterday. And Diane there is no real timeline for when water will be restored or even when the boil water advisory. Will be lifted. Content Victor can estimate people still using Rainwater they collected melted snow or water they build they're tied up with when water was still available and Crennel incredible it's been going on more than. Two weeks Victor Ken and Jackson Mississippi thank you a New York governor Andrew Cuomo is apologizing amid allegations of sexual harassment. Cuomo addressed the issue during his first public appearance in more than a week. Up next the reaction within his own party and why the governor says he's not going anywhere. Welcome back Andrew Cuomo is standing his ground or accusing to resign after a third woman came out accusing the New York governor and inappropriate behavior. In his first public appearance in a week the governor insisted he's not stepping down she did however apologize Stephanie Ramos has the latest from Albany. In his first public appearance in a week New York governor Andrew Cuomo addressing the sexual harassment allegations that threatening his political career. I now understand. That I acted in a way that may need people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional. And I truly. In deeply apologize for. I feel. Forceful. A Barrett it. And frankly. I am embarrassed. Buy it. Cuomo apologizing publicly after three women came forward accusing him up unwanted advances. Two former aides accused Cuomo of sexual harassment. 25 year old Charlotte Bennett's claims the 63 year old governor made it clear to her that he wanted to sleep with her. I'm embarrassed. And hurt and I apologize. That. Somebody who interacted with me felt that way I he never knew. At that time that I was made keen anyone feels uncomfortable. The attorney for Charlotte Bennett Deborah Katz refuting that claim saying in a statement my client reported his sexually harassing behavior immediately. To his chief of staff and chief counsel. We are confident that they made him aware of her complaint the governor also declaring this we want to know this from me directly. I'm never. Touched. 81. Inappropriately. But two other accusers say things did get physical. Former aide Lindsey Boylan says yeah governor to her and unwanted kids. And and a well who met Cuomo at a wedding reception in 2019 said. The governor took her face in his hands and asked to kiss her claims the governor has denied. Establish sexual harassment you don't need physical kind almonds can be enough soon. Following the allegations state lawmakers called on the governor to resign. National democratic leaders stopped short of that saying bill wait for the independent investigation. While the three term governor says he's not quitting I was look at by the people of the state in New York. I'm not going to resign. And Diane the New York attorney general is conducting an investigation into those allegations. And the governor says he will cooperate fully put asks that New Yorkers wait for the full report. Before framing an opinion. Diane and Stephanie Ramos thanked. And bachelor host Chris Harrison is speaking out in his first interview since stepping back from a franchised. Our Michael Strahan sat down with him to discuss why Harrison defended the show's front runner in the wake of a racism controversy. And what happens next here's Michael Strahan. It was a mistake. I made a mistake. This morning embattled bass pro host Chris Harrison sitting down with GMA exclusively in his first interview since stepping aside from the franchise tonight. The journey begins again. After facing back Westwood defending front runner Richard Kirk a male. Whose past recent social media posts over liking a photo containing a confederate flag in attending an old south plantation themed party in 2018. She has since apologized for Dole's actions. Can shoot for or holding each opponent won't. I'm me. I am so sorry it paerson made this case to Rachel in the picture shows first black faster read. Slug it well it will Rachel isn't going to look into scenery is not a good looking when he when he won out. And I did that where consumers should celebrate all south to sell it by outlets of that party what would I read that at that party. I think the biggest surprise for a lot of people that we've seen them with the post a BR a turning point for the show. We have the first black bats are in the franchise's history after two decades to be an on air. The move that are already being criticized as too little too late by by quite a few people would now lesbian olds overshadow. By this controversy. Over race in the but not just by a contestant on the show but also by its own host didn't that you are the face of this show. So a lot of people and I'm wonder why would you defend Rachel Kirk event. I am an imperfect man I made a mistake. And I own that. I believe that mistakes doesn't reflect who I am. Or. What I stand for. I am committed. To the progress not just for myself. Also for the franchise. My guests these girls got dressed and went to a party had a great time Neary senior salt. Now does it make it okay I don't know Rachel you tell me you said quote is it not a good look at 2018. Or that not a good looking 20/20 one couldn't bear the big difference so and so what is the deal what is the difference for is there. There is not. Antebellum parties. Are not okay past. Present. Future at knowing. What that represents. Is unacceptable. In that interview would Lindsay Harrison also using a term he now says is unacceptable. I am not a global police there's plenty of people. William people who live for us in this world right now Lindsey later discussing that controversial interview on her podcast. During that conversation he talked over me an apple during that conversation has privilege was on display never gave me room to talk and he never gave me room to share my perspective he wasn't trying to Schering she was just trying to be. Part I am saddened and shocked at how insensitive I was in that interview with Rachel Lindsey. And I didn't speak from my heart and that is to say I stand against all forms of racism and I am deeply sorry. I'm sorry to Rachel Lindsey. And I'm sorry to the black community. Sister conversation were Rachel living she's been a target. Auto line intense harassment and bullying so much so. But she's had to deactivate hurt it's a grim account have you had a chance to talk to her it if so what would that conversation I talked to Rachel not since she deactivated currents to Graham account but I talked to Rachel initially and I apologized. And I want to do so again I am incredibly sorry to anyone. Who is throwing hate. Towards racial Lindsay. Please stop. It is unacceptable. Do you think the reaction that you received. Has been fear I am. Not a victim here. I made a mistake. And I own that it. Racism. Oppression and these are. Big dynamic problems and they take serious work and I am committed. To that work. Here's who says he's been working closely with a quote race educator and strategist. Along with faith leaders and scholars like doctor Michael Eric Dyson. The doctor Dyson often talks to me. About counsel. Not cancel. And that is full accountability. Understanding. When she didn't understand owning that. Learning from that seeking counsel often in the community that you hurt. Learning from them listening. Gaining experience knowledge. And moving forward so you are the right person to lead this franchise. Into the future you feel. I planned to be back and I want to be back this interview. Is not the finish line there is much more work to be done. And I'm excited to be a part of that change mama worked we don't Chris I cannot agree with you moron Matt. Right our thanks to Michael Strahan for that interview. And mission accomplished. Until it was and see what happened to this basic shift right after and stuck the landing. And why some key officials are still calling this mission a success. After the break. Welcome back let's take a look at today's science and technology headlines as money. Claws are out. And today's tech sites Google is planning this stop selling ads based on your specific browsing history the company says it will abandon tracking technologies that identify users. Across multiple web sites amid growing concern about privacy. The move could shake of the digital advertising industry. Gamers may soon be able to enjoy and new version on than attendants wish the latest models expected to be equipped. With a bigger screen a seven inch Samsung LL ED display mass production of the console were reportedly started June with hopes of meeting the holiday demand. In sports and it felt fans may be facing big changes when it comes to watching games. The league is reportedly close to reaching a deal that would make Amazon's prime video exclusive homeless Thursday night football after the 20/20 two season. The Wall Street Journal reports all the new broadcasting deals could be done by next week. Those are attacked by expanding or personal bubble I'm. Back I'm ready Monad thank you don't and a few more things to know before you go UK's Prince Philip is recovering from a heart operation. Buckingham Palace has a 99 year old had a successful procedure for a preexisting heart condition. The palace and he's expected to stay in the hospital for several more days quote rest and recuperation. Villa has been in the hospital since mid February. And SpaceX is celebrating a successful mission with one giant cake the star ship exploded. The landing seem to go pretty smoothly but a few minutes later. Bill Polish ship just burst into flames now yeah it's not clear what caused the explosion but SpaceX is still declaring mission a success. Saying they were able to gather lots and important data and that nobody will. It's for them. And Shaquille O'Neal looks a bit like he was going to space says he was caught on camera taking a nap check it out. There is going all in here. What would be worth it. News. So former teammate Dwayne Wayne did the only thing one can do in that situation. Your court in the video and posted it on the Internet of course as Shaq having commented on that astronaut style helmet he was wearing he does have sleep apnea. But sleep experts tell me it's likely device aimed at protecting him from corona virus and space dust. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane as you know things are joining us. I remember ABC news let us your free all day with the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back here 11 AM eastern. With the new updates Stacy.

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