ABC News Live Update: US reinstating travel ban to fight spread of COVID-19 variants

Scientists say U.K. variant likely more contagious and possibly more deadly, plus, the House will present an article of impeachment against former President Donald Trump to the Senate today.
13:50 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: US reinstating travel ban to fight spread of COVID-19 variants
Good morning I'm Diana Taylor thanks for streaming with us in today's update nationwide corona virus cases are now over 25 million. As concerns grow over no variance from overseas. The US is restricting travel from South Africa banning most non US citizens who recently traveled to the country. From entering the State's travel bands from Brazil the UK Ireland and 26 other countries across Europe are also reinstated. The UK Varian has already been reported in at least 22 states scientists say it's likely more contagious than the original strain and possibly more deadly. Being on a CDC says nearly 22 million vaccine doses have been administered so far and more than 41 million doses distributed. But some stage or temporarily canceling appointments saying they don't have enough supply in stock. Johnson Johnson is expecting their vaccines phase three results within the next two weeks. Between the FDA could issue an emergency use authorization by mid February. President Biden will issue two executive orders today one will end the ban on transgender Americans serving in the military. Secretary of defense Lloyd Austin voiced his support for the move her his confirmation hearing last week. The other order aims to increase the amount of federal spending going to American companies but closing loopholes in federal government spending on foreign products. House impeachment managers are set to present an article of impeachment against former president comes to the senate today. Senators who will act as jurors will be sworn in tomorrow but the trial is not expected to begin until February 8. Law enforcement officials are also looking into threats against congress members ahead of the impeachment trial. 7000 National Guard members will remain in Washington for mid march. An ABC news political director Rick Klein joins me now don't pack it all great cat do you expect this impeachment Trout to play out. It's I am we have a little bit of a break which could still quite a chance the started acting some of his agenda but when it begins in the senate. Everyone kind of knows what the evidence is they'll be presented a lot of it is on videotape. And a lot of it of course involves witnesses who were themselves members of congress. The intriguing will be how many Republicans support it is only a small handful who have indicated an openness to. Are supporting impeachment Bob we will preserve the presumption is that most will not supported. A little wrinkle just this morning though is that senator Rob Portman a Republican from Ohio is up one more moderate Republican sometimes clashed with president trump has announced his retirement. That is joins did put a lot more pressure on him to potentially be a vote in favor of impeachment and boring president trump. From holding office and he's gonna just igniting new a new little fire inside the Republican Party. Over who should be the successor in states like that we're seeing it already be in the play out in primary senators doing a lot of pressure on this out looming impeachment vote. And you do risk losing Republican support for things that Colvin relief for immigration reform. By pushing ahead with the impeachment trial. Yeah I think they've given themselves no choice at this point and and I think from democrats' perspective they say that there needs to be accountability. The process was such that they voted while he was still president. But there's a number of Republicans. Who made perhaps the forthrightly perhaps disingenuous slate saying now that time that it did impeachment and anti for trial is that this is offended deep cuts against the themes of unity. That we heard just last week from Joseph Biden what him whether there. Whether they're being sincere or not it's certainly something that some Republicans are going to site. There's no question that having this trial with all of a former president which is never happened before is going to ignite some partisan passions will further some of the divides but again. From the Democrats perspective someone has to be held accountable for a hit his actions in this case it's president trump who the house says it is already impeached with a bipartisan vote. And dominion voting systems as saying president Trump's personal attorney former president trust personal attorney Rudy Giuliani for defamation. Seeking more billion dollars of the company says Giuliani and his allies deceived millions of people into believing dominion. Had stolen their votes and fixed the election so what exactly is Giuliani up against here. Well they're up against a large corporation that has a vested interest in seeing that there is justice served. I admit to other people who spread lies misinformation. Are held to account and a major way we already know there's a push to this far Rudy Giuliani but dominion. Has been the subject of a series of bizarre meandering conspiracy theories. Involving Hugo Chavez of Venezuela no basis in reality. Some news organizations that that spread some of this misinformation have issued for attractions full on air apologies. Rudy Giuliani has not back down though he continues to maintain in the platforms that he's given including on his radio show that he has evidence and that he was right in what he said. I think 1000001 point they make is that a lot of the things that Rudy Giuliani said there were false. About their company he didn't say them in court he said that publicly because in their view he knew that they wouldn't stand up in court that they be slapped down by a judge. I'll but this is that this is an interesting test case. Of misinformation disinformation and political lies deceit how Rudy Giuliani response to this and if there's some kind of a major legal settlement involving dominion. And speaking at cases Rick the Supreme Court today dismissed a case over whether former president trump violated the monuments clause. By illegally profiting off of his presidency what exactly was this lawsuit alleging and why was it thrown out. Yeah this is one of those other constitutional areas were BK we came experts and all humans is not a fancy. Centuries old way of saying up profiting making money off of just some kind of of a favor. And eager to Molly in his closet in the constitution that are roughly similar basically they say that a president. Can't profit from from either patent it federal or state government entities or from foreign entities. While he's in office now president trump said many times that he's gonna put his business interest in a blind trust. In fact that never happened and he always retained a business interest he at a very high profile property. Right here in DC that got a lot of business from foreign entities oh as well as from from state governments up over time in. In this case you had some of the local state governments like DC and Maryland saying we want to test this now by tossing it out. It's basically the Supreme Court saying they don't want to touch this very political issue. You in there in a highly charged partisan time they're saying it's moot because the president's no longer in office from the perspective of the plaintiffs they want a resolution on this but they're hoping that at least there's a precedent set. About how seriously courts will take you mall humans clause some people thought this was going to be a pretty easy case against the president if it pursued. Now it's going to end as the trump presidency ended a week ago. And Rick and its early days but the ABC news it's those poll shows high approval ratings for president Biden so far both for his response. To the corona virus and confidence in his ability to unify the country can he translate that into support. For policy Wednesday. Yeah this is fascinating because there is broad support for the themes that he put out you know upwards of 70% plus support. For the concept of unity a lot of folks weekly even during this poll a clip of his inaugural address and people genuine generally across party lines thought it was genuine. But the catch comes we start to get into some policy areas. And when you look specifically at some areas that impact immigration like the Muslim ban the border wall that's for partisanship comes back and comes back pretty quickly and pretty fiercely and those are the limits that you come up against this one thing to have people clients it is generic notion of bipartisanship and unity it's another thing to say okay here are some specific areas. The president had conversations with a bipartisan group a lawmakers over the weekend. Doesn't appear that he's got a broad agreement on his Kobe deals so will the reality is that de Washington is a polarized place and that didn't change from last week. All right Rick Klein or political director always great to have you Rick thank you. And the Miami Heat is announcing a new effort to fight the spread of corona virus while still hosting live events. The team will start allowing an limited number of fans to attend games later this week with the help of corona virus sniffing dogs. Victor Kendall has more on that. This morning. NBA teams from new experimental defense against the corona virus Kubrick nineteen detection dogs similar to the canines on patrol at airports around the world leader this week the Miami Heat will stations specially trained dogs at entrances to the American Airlines Arena. Did try to sniff out the virus that causes Kubrick nineteen. Here's the planned. Dogs will sniff danced before entering by walking past them. If the don't sits that signals they may have detected cove in nineteen and that then will be asked to leave along with their group and give it a full refund. It's really really interesting dogs are amazing creatures and their noses are way more powerful than ours medical specialists point out that research done in this area is exciting but preliminary. No study has been scrutinized by peer review or tried in a public place like the arena where the key play and the FDA has not signed off on this method of screening. Dogs have been used to sniff out possible Holmes summer have even detected early stages of ovarian cancer. They have up to 300 million smaller centers while humans only have about six million making dogs uniquely equipped to detect sense humans can't. We're trying to do is fine if there is an odor all organic com and basically bet is telling us that there is 88 different what we're hoping is that the dogs and figured out around but. Infectious disease experts warn that a traditional coping test is more reliable. And our concern that these dogs could give people false comfort. Innovative tools like dog sniffing. Court is really exciting but it shouldn't give this false sense of security and and truthfully you should be still override aren't widespread passing to fully get this pandemic under control. The Miami Heat will have some rapid tests on hands for people who are either allergic to or afraid of dogs. Most importantly though all other Covert protocols remain in place there's a limited number of fans to ensure social distancing everyone will have to Wear a mask at all times. These dogs are just an added layer. Diane. And I will tickle the security can get Victor candor thank you. And dance mom star Joseph Josie last says she has never been happier after coming out to her millions of fans over the weekend. Many are calling her announcement incredibly meaningful will Reeve has more. I am really me. Really. I'm really happy guys and sensation Joseph Josie what radiating joy after sharing her truth. She's part of the LG BTQ community. I am CG and this at eight cents. As unchecked see what a singer actor and YouTube superstar isn't putting a specific label on her sexual orientation. She's gotten support from her parents banned gay celebrities like will mas ax and Ellen DeGeneres. And right now in the super duper happy and that I want to share everything with the road I really do but I also want to keep. Things in my life private until they're ready to be public. Great now what matters is that you guys know that no matter who you love. That it's okay and that is sound and that the world is there freed. Speculation swirled in the seventeen year old posted his tick tock dancing to born this way. Lady Gaga as iconic and of itself. Seeing this video her most popular ever getting millions of years and this picture she tweeted providing further proof it's. Seymour first got attention is part of the popular dance moms series global yeah. Her effervescent personality and her big boats and made her a phenomenon. She's sold out stadiums on national borders he appeared on game shows and released around. For YouTube page alone attracting twelve million subscribers. See what is aware of her massive platform. This weekend she retreated messages about the example she sets and the role model many young LG BTQ people will see her ass. Glad president Sara Kate Ellis said C was story is a reminder for LG BTQ youth to love who they are. And to find safe and welcoming environments to speak out. This support for Georgia continues to roll in including from her former instructor and star of dance moms. Abby Lee Miller who posted on its Gramm quote. I always knew the world would be a more colorful positive sparkly placed with a kind loving dazzling triple threat like UN it. A shining example for the kids out there to live their best lives each and every. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back your 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran. For the breakdown.

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{"duration":"13:50","description":"Scientists say U.K. variant likely more contagious and possibly more deadly, plus, the House will present an article of impeachment against former President Donald Trump to the Senate today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75472560","title":"ABC News Live Update: US reinstating travel ban to fight spread of COVID-19 variants","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-us-reinstating-travel-ban-75472560"}