ABC News Update: Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin crew land safely after spaceflight

Plus, conflicting guidance on masks in schools and officials won’t rule out canceling the Olympics at the last minute.
40:26 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for ABC News Update: Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin crew land safely after spaceflight
Good morning everyone I'm Dennis data thanks for training with us Jeff baze does and three other passengers on board we'll Argentine shepherds. Have returned to earth safely after a successful flight to the edge of space. We edible recap on the lunch and what the crew is staying now. Meanwhile rescue workers are racing to find survivors after devastating flooding in Europe. At least 200 people have been killed and nearly 300 are still unaccounted for taking in Germany Belgium and parts of the Netherlands and Switzerland who. An entire communities are at risk of being completely wiped off the map. Another questions about whether the disaster could have been avoided as the National Weather Service says they issued a warning two full days before the flood hit. And in the US more than eighty uncontained fires are burning in thirteen western states over 2.5 million acres have burned so far this year 720000. More G. Then this time last year. Officials say the giants bootleg fire in southern Oregon is even making up to Harold cumulus of buyer driven thunderstorm cloud. That can make its own lightning which could potentially spark. New fires. And this morning we saw Amazon and blue origin founder Jeff pesos and his crew successfully launched to the edge of space the team traveled 62 miles above the Earth's surface. With its history making moment now Richard Branson who also just completed his own lunch to space. Is training a message of congratulations setting his best all the passengers transportation correspondent GO Benitez has the latest. Boards of rocket and capsule making his. She just gave them that his group reached the edge of space 62 miles above the Earth's surface. Sitting at each of these windows the largest ever to fly to space. Each seat getting a nearly perfect view the astronauts walking out to the capsule boarding the news' Shepard and launching just after 9 AM eastern. So what happened on board their short journey into history and two minutes after the launch they accelerated to three times the speed of sound mock three. The astronauts experiencing about three g.s as the reached the edge of space. Sits like having a gorilla sit on your chest think about three times your body weight. Pressing Tarrant are nearly three minutes after launch the capsule separated from the booster putting them in micro gravity. Wait list for another three to four minutes yeah. Then six minutes after launch they buckled up again and started falling back to earth terror she slowed its descent to about sixteen miles per hour before it landed softly in the desert had just one mile per hour welcome back there heard that. Reaction to all of you the whole voyage just eleven minutes. Still look at year old made those. Best day ever. Doubt he. Days those his brother mark 82 year old Wally funk and eighteen year old all over Damon emerging from the capsule after their historic trip. Wally funk now the oldest person ever to be in space a dream come true for the woman. Who started training in the sixties for women in space program but was never given the chance to go. Until today. I Cuba needs says thanks for that and for more on this historic blondes. That's pretty natural businesses that chemo Lucia AE and former NASA astronaut at Columbia University professor Mike mass amino. Mike as a former NASA astronaut what was going through your mind watching today's launch. All the anti China agreed on an important Hakeem you do is to see you. But at times through my mind is always is really really happy for her for a everyone of blue origin just appraisals a crew of specially wallet. This is a great moment. Right right there are seen her get a chance ago I'm in the young man of course I was the mere zero so I was happy for all individuals all the people on the blue origin team. And then just beautiful to watch this thing you're all. Automatic vehicle burial are nominated candidate. Launched perfectly to boost comes an accident until with a gas and do it again. And need to experience the weightlessness up those big windows a look at aren't kidding safely so. Really excited for what happened today in it and am very excited about the future. Mike we also saw the crew's reaction when they landed high fives hugs popping bottles what does it feel like when you go to space and then you land safely back on earth. Still Nash who you can. Reflects our current displays so you did and it ended in always end well end. You know you're very grateful to be back go back home again to see your family and none of those in. Really special moments and kind of strange and unusual look around the planet at Rogers a couple minutes ago I was up there so. Are produced a local government and didn't see you camera in the name in all the equipment at the daughter. I came what does this mean for all the engineers and everyone else who worked hard behind the scenes. To get his crew into space today. This is. A U relief that every big went well for them of course. And I gotta say hey Mike good to see you sir but I'll run he almost had become Vista joint asked about program a decade ago if they would have been. Bomb what do I think about the students I think about the young people that saw this happen. Ed good you know it's clean that's the thing about it is Cole is fun you heard their reactions but you know what if you're going to still in sciences do you want to science and engineering new experience a lot of coolness. And he's Otis the trip to space. Have decided to not travel to 41 different countries never pay forcing a vote for because it was work right so you travel all around the world you may find yourself traveling into space so I say for everyone out there who sees this this is your future this is accessible to you. Not necessarily pay at a couple 100000 dollars to why don't blue origin. But you can be part of this and you can goal we're never thought that you belong you could go. He not sure do you think. That message hits home. That this can be you and and this appealing to young people given there was an eighteen year old on board the youngest persons ever travel space. That's absolutely correct of the fact that while he thought was there as well right week we've we have had. A restricted access to space and that is because it's just sold are dangerous right now just took so much effort to make it happen but you knew that nation to do it so we've evolved beyond that point to now we have a lot of commercial entities that cable wanted to ramp up quickly and push to technology and sold. Get old people more involved in making this happen. They run again it right there are people from all walks of life and soul you know into the sort of like looking at professional sports you don't have. Have to be the star quarterback to be associated with the NFL right you could be a trainer but you still get to know Tom Brady kind of voted for it is the exact same way here I don't like I don't Nobel Prize we're Google Talk about astronauts and up because Robin ball in the process so just get involved into dolls you might find yourself there. And it slowly gentlemen could stand by for a moment and our Michael Strahan was actually able to speak to tip basis just moments after. Blue origin landed back on earth and I want to take a look at that. It is as you know I didn't come. OK. Liberal are no reports. And allow me. Okay okay. With the ladies. Tell me you will feel. Lifelong dream you can spend yeah. So to Hollywood feel the big big blue were created there. Amazing I've been speechless of the way. To put into words what we've just experienced when we did this in the photos of players something. Good news and it was really amazing it was that the views we're protect and never seen anything so. And I don't get the big music when we talk you didn't think I wonder I'm curious about how good it changed yet. In Abuja got back put any initial thought when. Initial thought is. I can't believe you know I've heard it and read it I can't believe how. The Earth's actresses. So we're sitting here. Looks huge you know we're surrounded by Earth's atmosphere were breathing you know time is seeing all life on this planet. When you got there you see this this. A little thing. And conviction Hillis how precious it is and how fragile this of course we did here and there you go to describe to. I know we saw here on on the ground and you've got to choose to do that he would get to describe. Total body acceleration for that would lead yet deceleration G forces. Along the way up it was it was surprising too heavy we had we have been briefed on it when it's something else entirely to actually feel your skin youthful. The share up. And facilities you know we had about three she's on the way up on the way two five g.s and unfortunately the trend looked fine she's been reduced status check with. And then she you know I got another astronaut did you know. I'm sure it'll look too good on their lives. That we observed that we both observed this and we talked about the Carly back. It feels. Which is really weird is you never really experience of furniture clothing and its call ahead scream and this almost like you revolved views. I know that's impossible but that's what usually feels almost like you com home. It also opened it exceeded that dictate hope and by the way my expectations were high. And it is well over the it was incredible. Or he told me yesterday you know you've read that you keep me in my room and greeted him. How does America. And his moves going to be tough to beat. According. It's going to be pretty tough that he diluted. This circus there's a new article and it was it was really special just so honored to be part of so happy view represent. You know my mom and dad my sister suffered lifelong. Dream just comfort. Yes I didn't look too good because you wrote these books or us in the C his lifelong dream come true view part of the I mean this is you only have incredible incredible bond. This only. It's too you know that's Tillman that's true and hopefully you know. My brother has been part of the brewers program the very beginning. We need to get everything I did in my life and I couldn't had a better part of this they. Yeah. Two I'm Zuma people. Who look and they go get away billionaires a lot of those days but this is me. You've traveled to space. This is so big in terms of education through they're going on this planet moves clinical. Then maybe you have secret so there are several things good here you know every kid on this planet has potential. And for a lot of they never get hooked up to because doesn't get bombs and one of the things that much potential this inspiration. But does little kids get caught astronauts inspired me things like this inspire kids and that's a big deal. Good he doesn't think he'll it is we need. Going to space so that we can see it's true that we've got tons of problems here better and we need to work on those in the here two we need both. Good work of the problem we have here end. That's always been away and that's the only good way we can do both and we need to be. Use more comparable. Space vehicles so that we could one day this decades from now. Move all heavy industry including industry. Off into space so that we can protect this place. It's gonna take a lot of time a lot of hard work will be my generation that does it reveal in the road to space for the future generations. Can build that is. I'm happy for you happy for the quality of happy for. The verdict that we can hear you scream. Yeah. Extremely proud of you both they've. QB street where does he never. It's. I wouldn't consider doing this to us on today mostly make. They think they're very. The graduation rate. Let's look at the problem I don't I'll never speech live frequent. Talk. I thought fantastic man who think you'd think you. Quite a moment there at Michael Strahan and the base those Brothers in van horn Texas right at the lines say. Let's go back to astrophysicist at key Belushi in former NASA astronaut Columbia University professor Mike. Mass amino. Mike what do you make. Their reaction there again you've been there are you go to space you come back in land safely back on earth. And at biggest elated. You're you're happy because you got a chance to do it happy that you back home safely. I didn't what I took from that. Brief comments on that we that we saw there which is great. Here that grows when general hazel sent about it. And it is and you you don't think that when you're on the planet when you see and you know and intellectually museum on the planet and you see how thin it is this is so it's the relationship growth. Talking thing the pop. Often layered onion and the rest of the onion that's the size comparison between the atmosphere ignorance of the planet and I think it also shows I think some of the benefits. Can I couldn't that's an appearance in all the what we're seeing is the effect that being in space can have our people and I think it's gonna raise awareness of environmental issues and how important to take care her client division since she's got an atmosphere. And you look at the other direction up and you don't see anything we check out the neighborhood is the world's ago we need to make this planet world sort of throwing the current. Grateful to noodles comment. A graphic way to put it and Hakeem Alan pick up on that says what we heard their from pesos. Was Powell he then wants to tackle some of the issues back here on earth and one of the things he's talking about is how. You know it in his words he's building the road to space but is for future generations to piggyback on that and hopefully. It on his own words take polluting industries in May be be able to put those out on space so we can help our own planet. How realistic do you think that is a now Opel do you feel when you think about the potential that this could bring. Well they don't we speak potential universe is full of potential right we live to universal start off with just electrons protons neutrons in light and yet here we all our audit of human potential is incredible right we work together Cady Coleman astronaut Cady Coleman stated earlier today yielded on the news broadcast. That we work together we can accomplish just about anything I joined space research almost thirty years ago and act quickly realized that yeah the things that were asked to do. Are virtually impossible act to start but yet we do them because. Humans or don't we can do wit and we will DeWitt and so is just a matter of we old and stability for us right now to have economic stability and you have to have the political will to make these things happen because of nothing else clear credibly expensive. And my when you look at the big picture here what do you think a broader impact is not only of this flight. But when you look at what Richard Branson just did launching his own mission and to space where they also. He had a few others got to experience something very similar to what basis and his passengers experienced today. And you look at a company like SpaceX is doing all sorts of revolutionary things when you think it all means for the future of space travel is place exploration. Oh rented I think. It's gonna open and more and more they talk about democratizing states leave don't. Have to be a NASA astronaut to be able to go to space I think it's even more than net that people are gonna be able to. Utilize states. Her research trigger for discovery for exploration. For promoting the this some of the programs in our country intercepts and two ways awareness. I think there's lots of ways people can use states. And until now there are two to celestial Beers is really important possible for a lot of people to get their unit do research. Example my students at Columbia. Who had an experiment on a blue origin rocket one of the fifteen previous flights. And they didn't want medical exterminate the I was hoping to them we're able to afford to do that because of this or this opening up of possibilities in space when you can't do we can't let you. Think about it now let's face is available to warmer people not just individuals but you wanna experts in us policy to restore an observer. Those who want to use it for researchers' discovery are developing SARS thing now they can creatively thinking about it and and I think that's that's what's so exciting is that now we have access you have more ways to get there than we had even just a couple of years ago. And it can you talked about this access because going to space used recently reversed the reserves. Just for. For professionals now we're seeing quote unquote space tourists. Being able to go up and they've got a lot of flack for this because this is something right now reserved for the ultra. Well be but you said flying an airplane used to be like that and now it's accessible to mean almost everybody's so how far away do you think we are. Having the space tourism space exploration accessible to the wider public. You know that's a good question but it's one that I can't answer because nobody knows the answers that question but we can't draw parallels right political automotive industry builds a thing we're billionaires millionaires to cross country road trip and automobiles to show that they were safe and reliable. But yet when I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s what we guarantee that you had a car and if you did. The guarantee that it had air conditioning right within that night either to thousands happened. And of course now have been a car somebody beat kids half now right are all well equipped so our technology goes move forward it does become cheaper in the future and sold this is still at the very earliest stages whole lot have to work out there and shake out but the good news here is that sold far they've been safe and reliable and that is really good they've also been Brigham price down steadily sold. The tree and all the right direction our. I think you allude Shay and Mike mass amino we appreciate your time today thank you. Thank you thank you. And coming up there's a new mass warning for children as the school year for many parts of the country's just weeks away when we come back. Well unless the American academy of pediatrics is advising for all kids. We're heading to schools this. Welcome back to out of the latest on the pandemic capitalizations. Are on the rise in 37 states as a highly contagious still the variance surges across the country. Trevor off has more from Tennessee. This morning the American academy of pediatrics com. Contradicting guidance from the CDC saying all kids returning to the classroom need to mask up. We learned a lot this past year and one of the things we learned is that masking works. The AP's new guidance recommending children over the age of two Wear masks regardless of vaccination status. Coming as some schools are back in session. These pictures showing mask was Arizona students starting their new year after some districts there already decided to allow kids to come back without them. We hope all we have are safe and effective vaccine or younger children or to be here in our. As of now only children twelve and over can get the vaccine. The feasibility of determining a very high level whose vaccinated and who's not among students is really going to be challenging. But at least nine states are attempting to block mask mandates from reaching their schools this as the country battles the contagious delta very it. The weekly average number of cases in the US up nearly 300%. In the past month nearly every state seeing increasing Coby Casey's. In Florida one hospital system raising its Covert fret too high. After seeing its hospitalizations more than double in the past two weeks. A top doctors vaccinations are still the answer. And Diana of course a child doesn't have to be infected with cope it nineteen to be profoundly impacted by at this morning ABC news has obtained exclusive unpublished data from the CDC. That says over the course of the pandemic an estimated 1191000. Children. Have lost a primary caregiver took over nineteen associated death. Diane. That's Trevor thanks for that let's bring an epidemiologist ABC's medical contributor doctor Todd Eller and for more on this actor Chad thanks for being here. Sense of all of this because this seems a conflicting guidance on masks and schools the CDC says. Vaccinated students and teachers don't have to Wear masks now the AP says everyone in school should Wear masks so. What do you recommend. You're good morning Diane no I think this is this is interstate you know one viral dynamics are such that cases are rising. In Europe a substantial part of the population that unvaccinated. Still most children are. Then I think it does make sense what he and American academy of pediatrics is saying that that level of safety and consider asking for when your when your in school. At the same time. You know the CDC guidance of them and saying that if you are fully vaccinated you really protected. And around the airport you don't necessarily up to mask I mean. You know that I think that's okay is well with that said. Overall cases are on the rise a lot of unvaccinated children you may not know who's back seat and who's not I think it makes sense right now. To consider masking indoors. And we look for people who had to Covanta right there may not be vaccinated but they say will I already have immunity because. I already have it. Well so you know their right you know that you would have immunity but the question is would be better if they got more immunity and we know that the vaccine actually raises those key antibodies. To a higher level than the actual virus does so I still think it makes sense to listen to car and guidance which says still get vaccinated it's okay to wait while you could wait three months after infection before getting to actually very it was still recommended those vaccines are so powerful. And we Florida health officials call the recent surge in cases of pandemic of the unvaccinated. Now we're getting some new numbers on that and Merrill in the governor's office says everyone of the 130 people who died of Covert nineteen last month. All of them unvaccinated. And Louisiana's governor says that since February 97%. Of the State's cases and deaths have been among people who were not fully vaccinated so. What are those numbers tell you about where we are in the pandemic right now. Write the statement that who we're in a pandemic of the unvaccinated U it is a bit stigma ties in which which I don't love. But at the same time. There's so much truth to it. Indeed get so disparaged that there's so many more cases again hospitalizations. And deaths that are occurring in the unvaccinated. That that I think that we just have to keep trying to us. You know. They get. Are you know other Americans roll up your sleeves and and then take the vaccine. But we're facing a lot of mistrust. That you know in the in the final 30% of adults remain unvaccinated. And you know I just think that again. Did you can talk to the people that you do you trust whether it's a provider. You know whether it's that he a religious figure that that you argued or close to or whether it's a friend but a trusted friend someone that you really think. You know he's making sounds I think that's the way that we have to sort of go door to door at this point to try to get people you know vaccinated it's tricky. It sure is stacked trailer and we appreciate your time today as always thank you. Pictured and meanwhile the Tokyo Olympics are facing a -- an outbreak with at least 71 people testing positive just three days before the opening ceremony. Two more US athletes elm entered health and safety protocols overnight women's basketball player Katie those innocent. Reveal that she's tested positive and Zach Levine is not traveling to Tokyo with the rest of the men's basketball team. Out of an abundance of caution but hopes to be able to join a team later this week. So let's talk about those positive test result just days ahead of the opening ceremony. With our Mary on K Mo in Tokyo. It came out your graphic yeah its brow looking around Tokyo but I know in real life here and there in the media bubble and some people. Of course staying in the Olympic village unfortunately have now tested positive it and had to go into quarantine there. What plans if there's a larger outbreak. While the big headline today Diane from Turkey or 22 Indian officials say. That are not ruling out a last minute an eleventh hour cancellation. Leave Olympic Games. Just think about that and what that means. The fact that we're just a couple Dave away from opening ceremonies the fact that tens of thousands of people pouring into Japan right now including 111000 athletes. Preparing for these Olympic Games. And officials say if they see a surge in cases if they see a major outbreak. That there is still a chance at these games could be canceled and yes it comes after already held one year delay of these Olympic Games I would add that daily news conference today with Bruce took your tweet when he officials. Another official said that if there is a major outbreak that they will have to reassess their could be a larger meeting with all the stakeholders. Of these games. But for now there hoping that the protocols that are in place will keep. That search from happening keep that outbreak from happening keep them from having to cancel these games. Ted Kennedy Howard me US team stealing and not only with. This news that they just got this morning but also with Dow losing these players due to positive tests. It's typical because I imagine you have these athletes. Even alternates who worked and trained very hard for these positions. On the east teams and to hear this new rules news this is extra added stress that they really don't need and we also know that when it comes to these athletes. There is concerned. There's concern not only for their own help but concern for anyone becoming contact wet and so we know that a positive case can have that ripple effect a domino effect. On the east teams in diet we actually found out would be a little digging and found out what teen USA gymnastics is doing. Just keep athletes safe and they actually gave us his background is information same officials Tim athletes have been separated from alternates. And they're trained separately everyone has their own room after that recent positive test that we just reporting yesterday. There are designated rest rooms social distancing and private dining hall. I daily Covert saliva test and athletes are sitting won her row. On buses that shows you would least. What teen USA gymnastics is doing to keep their athletes from getting code bit. Diet sounds like they're trying to be extra careful now that that alternate did test positive but. Officials there are saying that the athletes in general they're not all Bain decoded protocol so what are you hearing on that front. So Diane. Can you imagine 111000. Young confident. Athletes who are the top of their game all here in Tokyo fully vaccinated. Which brings a level confidence as well. How do you keep those people. Harlem you know a baiting these Covert protocols these masks mandate the short answer is you don't but took your Tony Tony is definitely trying. I we did learn from IOC official bet there have been. Some who've been flaunting the rules a little bit not wearing a mask not social distancing not following the rules we even lower from the IOC a source. That when it comes to. But says that there's been a little bit of overcrowding but we understand that the concern over this issue caught the IOC to limit their amount of people out. Athletes on this buses and we are seeing some of that with what team USA gymnastics is go away just reported there. And so I ask the spokesperson for the IOC about this. Earlier today and here's what she told me Diane she said what a quote her here she's that we have reminded continue to remind. All the National Olympic Committees have their responsibilities and follow the rules of the playbook its rules are in place for physical distancing including. Transport so again reminding athletes to follow what he called the playbook follow the rules. This will hopefully keep you safe. Hopefully keep that search from happening here and took you what really the Japanese keep or are concerned about again that drain on the system as they see. Really I think a record number of cases that it happened several days in a row consecutive days in a row of more than a thousand new. Davey cases approve it nineteen. Ranked tenets moaned in Tokyo so many fingers crossed for the athletes and for the games in general right now we appreciate their reporting Kenneth thank you. Thanks Diane. And coming up in Europe is facing his story deadly flooding hundreds have been killed and more are still missing. We come back I'm Maggie really has in depth reporting on the destruction. And the rescue efforts under way. Welcome back we are waiting to hear from jet pesos and the rest of the crew at a blue origin press conference in Texas after their successful mission to space we're gonna go there live. As soon as they start speaking but in the meantime. Rescuers in Europe are racing to find survivors after historic deadly flooding. At least 199. People have been killed and nearly 300 are still unaccounted for. As search and rescue efforts have been hampered by damage to roads Maggie Ruiz in Germany with the latest. In Germany entire communities are left to come through muddy rubble. After what some are calling one of the worst disasters to hit the country since move more to you. Death tolls still going to around 200 in Germany and Belgium nearly 300 are still missing. This little of destruction it's difficult for survivors to comprehend. That's still couldn't beat the. You don't expect people to die in the flats in Germany. You expect it may be in poor countries that you don't expect this year. But it was all too fast too quick. The satellite images taken Sunday showed the scope of devastation in Germany. On the grounds that devastation is built first hand people desperate to salvage what's left of their homes and their businesses. This woman at a clothing business and it was crushing her livelihood. Now uncle. How high was the water here. Around her neighbors are helping her see what they can't it's just them cleaning up for now outside help hasn't been able to reach them yet. In parts of western Germany the infrastructure has been completely up ended. Those floodwaters are so powerful just ripped through the pain and cutting off towns and neither are the kind of conditions that recovering crews are up against. Germany Belgium and parts of France for battered by heavy rains late last week. But it was Germany that took the heaviest tolls. The flash floods sweeping in at alarming speed to result the reins dream rooms into debris filled in reverse sweeping away corners. Trapping people in their homes. We saw this highway turned into the river they. Semi trucks and cars tossed around like twin. News you can see just how powerful these floodwaters are that highway behind me is so completely under water the split came ripping through here they've flipped cars. They live these trucks into each other now army personnel in tanks are here in the search and recovery mission. Trying to drag these trucks out. German Chancellor Angela Merkel paint a visit to the hard hit city of soul into this weekend. Pulling the damage shocking and surreal. Into the nearby medieval town a popular more than a 110 people died in that region from. Hello and that they added to dismiss telling us how he barely escaped with his elderly mother the line finished. Many of the homes from the fifteen hundreds or older pancakes with thick mud and many fear they all they have to be destroyed. As Germany remains in shock scientists are predicting more frequent extreme events. Or models shirts landing. She really tricky. How fast hands furious. Beat the effects she didn't these. Berry having raised our answer can keep calm our home market climate change and they're going to be more. Time. We're past time. Climate extremes are rocking our planet ultra in the most unlikely places. Siberia has one of the coldest winters outside of Antarctica but with temperatures climbing to above 100 degrees. You know dealing with a catastrophic failure season for the third year in a row. The implications. For dealing here. The buyers are destroying rushes forests which could potentially as celery climate change. And the heat waves from organ to Canada claiming the lives of hundreds of people late last month. The fires in California now region prompting evacuations now complete on them. In Germany for local meteorologists say that what he's experienced he's the worst flooding is at least 500 years. Perhaps no clearer sign that no one is immune from climate change. Still lots. I adults who believe this is real and it's here it looks like a nightmare or light and a bad movie Maggie ruling in western Germany for ABC news. Right Maggie thanks so let's bring back in our panel astrophysicist it came Alou shady and former NASA astronaut at Columbia University professor Mike. Mass amino as we wait that press conference with jet pesos and the crew. Lou origins first space play. Might what do you most interested in hearing about the when it comes to dared take about what went on inside the new Shepard. While they were out there. The decision to abandon you bitter about their experiences what this was it was like for them. And what what they take from it is this specially you know I mean I guess all of them actually. I wanna hear from a distance that we took based process the statement from the UN primary problem is gonna say something about that again who is true brotherly going to miss critical two Brothers gonna stay so young the young person eighteen year old felt like for him. And Wally funk or maybe more than all ridiculous that she's. She's been involved with the space program for a long time. During these during a person that the gone to space is an astronaut at the time wasn't right many years ago the timing was right today so. I think he's won at home we'll and uninteresting story yeah so. I came at a U what are you looking forward to hearing from them are curious about. Yeah well I'm curious if anybody looked out the window and looked at the space and what they saw and what they thought of it. You don't seem that the night sky without act the search interference is incredibly moving. I get to go too dark sky locations around the globe and I tell you the first time I saw. The night sky committed a place doubles thousands of miles away from any city. I felt like I'll see in the sky for the very first time in my life and I completely understood why ancient people were so when brawl with the sky soul these people that went up today they got that same experience that ancient humans Scott policy in the night sky good they see the Milky Way you are are are really want to know what they bought. And might keep one of the interesting parts about this take up also is that. The rocket system is reusable how interesting is that how far have we come. And science and how critical is that to the future of space exploration. Usability is and really important we threw a lot of technology you away behind Jeff visuals are actually told me. Oh and I didn't bother him and he was a young person seeing the Apollo road rockets going to the moon. Everything got thrown away Dixon for the command module will hear trucks and it's all those huge engines and everything. It was used together and there are printed at the bottom of the ocean he even if it. He you know couldn't live with the treasure hunters to return this to get this on the bottom of the ocean Apollo rockets a lot of those engines. Refers them on his home will be on his own dime. And donated goes to many museums and I think it is on the processor for persons are within a year there was quality and that that's a personal thing you know you don't drive a car across the country and it Fuhrman answered yet another cardinal your fellow and keep going. And think that Cecil we have here very simplistic way is something that is totally usable this shuttle was reusable solid rockets in the shuttle itself did throwing the external tank. But in this case it seems to be really efficient they learned a lot from NASA's experiences. And I think we usability is gonna drive down costs I think that's the main advantage. Right now Carson warmer people you know. And that team what do you think not only about the cost saving factors in making things reusable but. Even hear a turn for the regular grenades things are trying to make the more more reusable so that we can pollute less you've got these giant rockets that use just landed the ocean Seale later. And now it instead we save them we land them in some cases and we can use them again later. Now you know what's really. Jumped out to be today is that no one really talked that much about them. Blame dean of the rocket booster bright that was huge news not long ago that this new capability was brought alive and Alice considered routine and yes it definitely drive the price down but also scale we would drive the price down as more people would. Do this and it's more commercial applications for this type of technology cobble abort that will also drive down the price so everything is going to systematically step by step. Worried should be. Our diet and humiliate she might mess in Reno great to talk to both thank you. Thank tutored. And that does it for this news cast Diane Diane Maceda thanks for joining us to remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Us evacuate 3 PM eastern with your clothes for the breakdown. Stay safe everyone have a great rest of the day. All this program. I am grateful.

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