Abducted Florida Boys 'Well Cared for on Their Journey'

Grandparents of Cole and Chase Hakken plan to shield them from further media coverage.
7:21 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Abducted Florida Boys 'Well Cared for on Their Journey'
Hello everyone I'm Tanya Rivero in New York those two boys kidnapped by their own parents and -- to Cuba. Now back in the US in the safe hands of their grandparents who have custody. These are the grandparents speaking right now Bob and Patricia house -- let's let. -- today. -- let's try to show the club is thanking him. Begin would like today they Hillsborough county sheriff's. All of the law enforcement and government agencies that works alone tirelessly. Around the clock. To bring -- -- home. We really don't have -- -- all that they do until we need now. And all the factors. -- in their families make for a they took such good care of us that we feel we just made of -- and new friend and I want to thank them. I think you're all right behind us. They never made it through without -- -- -- He also again would like to -- -- State Department. In the Cuban government. Working sold quickly to bring -- green's sons Paul. They called us from Cuba. And let us talk to the boy. Before the plane even laughed and believe me many tears were shed in that round. -- -- us in this -- -- the then we just became a ladies and could not wait. That planes. And in its -- For many prayers and expressions of care Lincoln's parent from -- PM -- Our friends. Our coworkers. Our neighbors and complete strangers. Are what got us through this. And we -- Q. We would also like to thank all the people. -- diligently looked sightings. And calling in tips. And of course we thank you the media. We're getting out the end of cremation. Keeping this story out there. I personally. I appreciate your patience with the I know you're all concerned about me and wanted to media friends. That I could only concentrate. On finding -- Korean. As you can see I am doing fine. As you know that you're able to rescue the boy's family dog also. Nanny is a fifteen year old Matt scary here. We haven't checked out -- -- She was suffering from dehydration. -- -- problems. Along with ailments related to old news. Why did you bring your -- -- fear of next on medication and resting comfortably. And we do I'll still be time he didn't want answering here. At this time. We choose not to answer questions about the ongoing investigation. -- to dabble in any speculation. We will not be doing it any more press conference this. Interviews. Or making any public appearance. We appreciate. All your -- And there's. We would like the following -- calls. Messages and knocks on the door to comes when it. They are trying very hard to shield the -- -- media coverage. And we want them to get back to being normal. Everyday schedules. And just -- carefree little boys -- They weren't evaluated yesterday and they had been well here are on their journey. Only experiencing. Several fun night. We thought you would like to meet him. And key polite here's how they. Will not be answering any questions. Norm making any kind. You can take photos you bet if you -- Provided they collaborate. They have until it every winner at about their sailboat trip to Cuba another country as -- -- An airplane -- back to America and that every wants to take their kids. We asked that there be no mention of any -- for the past. Thank you so much PR -- -- -- -- here you see the grandparents coming out. With the two boys. Chase. And cold. They do look to be an excellent health as their grandparents that they describe them as normal healthy active little boys. Thank you seem to be in good spirits and good health. Clearly comfortable with their grandparents their grandparents describe the reunion has won a big smiled big hugs all around. Everyone very excited to see -- the boys. Your next American and went -- thinking. If you reporters acting asking avoids questions listening -- to -- about. If they will answer they are young just foreign to us that it may not want to -- anything. For the grandparents have made it clear this is the last time that the boy will be available -- the media they wanted to. There's the four year old taking a little -- on the draft. He's been through so much over the past few days. But it's very good to see that they seem happy and healthy and -- days. -- -- -- Adorable little boy. The -- that made it clear that. Fast hopefully not be available for any more pictures they were not available for interviews they want to return to life. As normal back to their day to -- life. You guys think of all these cameras and big Mike. Pretty crazy right. County want to say -- You can't blame them meaningful overwhelmingly little overwhelming for these two young boys will be faced with all these photographers and reporters. Here. Okay. They -- everything they've made a mistake -- Our sweet polite. Boy is being yeah. You all very much.

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{"id":18932656,"title":"Abducted Florida Boys 'Well Cared for on Their Journey'","duration":"7:21","description":"Grandparents of Cole and Chase Hakken plan to shield them from further media coverage.","url":"/US/video/abducted-florida-boys-cared-journey-cuba-18932656","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}