Abortion in the spotlight as some states vote for near total ban

NYU Constitutional Law Professor Melissa Murray and the executive director of the Georgia Life Alliance discuss the ongoing fight over abortion.
10:24 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for Abortion in the spotlight as some states vote for near total ban
As we turned out to the news on abortion this week just after. Into effect and now the Missouri senate also moving forward. How when the ban on abortions after eight. Weeks. Opponents of those efforts have spilled into the streets of Georgia today. Our Avery harper out was down there are out following the rally which also turned out. A prominent. 20/20 democratic candidate every tell us what's going on down there. Hi Devin well kissing Pearson Gillibrand senator Kirsten Gillibrand was here earlier today for that pro choice rally here at the Georgia State Capitol. It was an event that was into parts it was. They've roundtable talk with women let received abortions activists health care. Top provider of elected officials and that was standing room only about 75 people plus the national and local press were off ramp visitors room. I'm talking about these slew of restrictive abortion legislation that has been passed across the country. Senator Gillibrand. Definitely have some choice words about bats she says she is welcoming. The fights. To fight for women's reproductive rights in this country tables and what's yet to say. Make it clear beyond a shadow doubts that women in this country have a guarantee rights to an abortion. That it. Ends the Hyde amendment. Which this marks only blocks women of color and women with low incomes from getting access to abortion services. Third and in the stat I'm going to take if president. I guarantee access to reproductive health care including abortion no matter what state limit. And I can tell you one thing. If this isn't quite a pregnant trump wants it isn't I think she wants with yeah. The American people it isn't a fight he wants with America's women. End up like people half and it isn't loose. Now this is definitely a topic that we're going to continue to hear about it is important and on this is according to the New York Times. That women's role in the democratic gains in the mid term elections and they are expected to be the majority of voters in the twenties when he primary step. It's certainly going to be a hot topic in for harper one of artist campaign reporters thank you for that reporting every spring and now different voice from Georgia. Who's been guest here in the briefing her before Joshua Edmonds. Is the executive director of the Georgia life Alliance One of the sponsors of the bill that drew those protests today Josh so it's great to see you. What do you make of this this national attention that your state has been giving. Get in over these past couple weeks and now drawn into this 120 debate. Yeah it's so great to see that conversation about sixty flights as being brought the national spotlight. If people and asking me what what's the big win on these types of legislation in states around the country. Right now and minimize on especially here in Georgia it's that we're finally here this conversation and the last Communist policies that protecting life and wounding Georgia was 2012 that limit abortion. You twenty weeks. Of the curve on Georgia allows for a five month old baby in the moon the beating heart moving around them a reason to be imported nurse stay and that's it doesn't reflect the majority of our citizens values and beliefs on that has served as that are science. And perhaps this conversation not accurate to just your garbage and national scale. Which is just fantastic this. With what Georgia did you last week. When asked about the and the Alabama logged its it is notably different from the heartbeat bill that you helped pass in Georgia Joshua. Anyway is short of some criticism from a surprising corner and televangelists Christian televangelist Pat Robertson. One sure you know who opposes abortion strongly. Said overnight that Alabama went too far with this bill he said it's too extreme. Particularly because it doesn't have exceptions. For cases of rape and incest what do you make. That most restrictive abortion statewide in the country. Jersey noted Georgia's original works you know what. They include exceptions either way back there's there's an exception are all that Spaniards as well that allows her or she. Opera shop wants Iran outside the womb which was included in Alabama's law and normal originally removed that exception in the law as well. And the reason for that is because we believe that a child in the womb is a person. Then there's no reason that we can bond to justifying. Any child's life whether it's six weeks or twenty. So each each legislature is unique and different and that process of crafting policy committee process is is you need each stays. In our committee process all that language added an hour in his didn't. And and we we can't be universities are pretend to protect and more like in their stay in across the country. So you used I don't think that they're bought what is too extreme as barriers and. You know you look at what difference is there law is that Schaub wouldn't it didn't. We got accepted because that challenge the person noticed the premise of Georgia's laws well. It's a neighbor to protect life in the womb may not only candidates are your eight year old Cairo where we wouldn't we would support wholeheartedly. All right Joshua Edmonds executive director of the Georgia let alliance thanks so much for coming on Josh we're insuring your view appreciate it. I'll tune in to politics and legal angle on this abortion fight right now. Let's bring in Melissa Murray she's at NYU professor also focuses on Celanese a reproductive legal battles that are on the way analysts are great to see you. Obvious so. What did so many of these laws are bound for the Supreme Court they've explicitly said as much. Oh do you think there's any chance they are that the Supreme Court. Could find. And new nuance in the language we keep hearing from supporters these doesn't they've written in such a way. They think the Supreme Court will find something new to look at him. What the Supreme Court Ali takes its four boats to hear it case and get really just a patent on where that's worked weight both. Boats will come front. There are three reliable conservative Justice Alito justice courts and Justice Thomas who will certainly take acute like this the real wild car. Our chief Justice Roberts and newly appointed tucked it's Brett Cabot not. Chief Justice Roberts and justice cap or not both voted with a throat laps ball to not take each case because at its implications for planned parent let. It wasn't an abortion case the medical funding case. But again the conservatives on the court Hillary damper saying that they wouldn't take a case despite an obvious circuit split because of the implications for an organization. That is known for banning abortion note that suggest it. That may be there is some concern with Justice Roberts and with justice Cabot ops we're hearing too eager to take up the question of Roe vs. Wade right now. That sad there are lots and lots that are making their way through the courts at the right out this is only quite what legal challenge there currently at least eight that are pending. And that will certainly percolate up to the court whether one of those will be the ones that finally calls the question is anybody's got but it doesn't look like. They're calling the question and more and more business becoming more mart issued a court will be forced heater at some point. Yeah packed two of those cases are on the conference list for tomorrow when the justices in a room at the Supreme Court they're going to be looking. Deciding whether or not to take up the Louisiana. Abortion cases but Jordan its interest in I think your earliest if they did decide to take up one of these cases there are thinking here of the October. So we be getting into the campaign season the president and Republicans you can do some reporting on this. They're happy just to have this whole conversation. As we heard from Joshua Edmonds in the bloodstream right now they think this is an Energizer for conservatives. Absolutely whether or not this goes this Supreme Court. The Republicans want this central to 20/20. We know that this president ran I as a strong pro life candidate in 2016. He runs in such a way that he likes to inner jays his base. He hasn't focused on uniting the middle so much as he does. As uniting his core supporters and we know that this is an issue that excites. Evangelicals we heard him during a 2016 campaign use really graphic language in talking about partial worst birth abortion. At and his strongest supporters pointed that as a moment that actually. Was helpful to handing galvanizing his basin and they wanna do that again in 20/20. And Melissa edges to come back to this idea of the Supreme Court looking at some of these cases. You know weigh in addition to Roe vs. Wade you know there's a case called Planned Parenthood vs Casey from 92 which set out that undue burden. Test for so many of these laws in other words the court said. That states can't imposing undue burden on women I think a lot of people watching this debate right down these past few weeks are wondering. Don't all these state laws impose an undue burden. Could they really find out if that's not where you. What do you think the likelihood is that they could that they could C event that would apply here. Well it's not just KC that's the issue here at there's a 26 teen case that the court recently heard Koppel wanted to help Bertha tellers that. But actually gave the heat Casey standards. The fact that it feeds are going to have to slot they actually have to show your reasons for doing it. Match up with they're actual her as an accident how this up but why the women seeking abortion care. At February to eat standard and the court how they interact in Poland Alpert the palace that the Louisiana case that you reference. Concerns a lot of very similar to the ones struck down parliament help admitting privileges spot. And the court in Poland with Al but a lot which aim to protect maternal how. What things reasonably related to what was going on each had no discernible facts on the turn out is that what intent it's simply. To prevent women from seeking a portion cares the gang. We have another standard of our recent president its earliest when he sixteen and that's really where we should be looking not necessarily TC. But he that he that whole women's health gave to keep the. Great perspective Melissa Marie thanks great to have you has always drawn Phelps thank you for your reporting from the White House.

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