'Adulting' Series: The Art of Shaving

ABC News' Brad Mielke heads to the New York Shaving Company to learn how to properly shave.
20:52 | 04/28/16

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Transcript for 'Adulting' Series: The Art of Shaving
For all of you that there never quite picked up some of the skills you should have as it. We're gonna teach you how to do that right here last week our own bad milky learn how to swim with a group and who learning for the first time. Time he's learning how to she like a man like an adult the proper way with some help from our friends over at the New York shaving company Brad. It's a lot Brad take away. Hey you guys I'm in midtown Manhattan right now at. In New York sheep company this sort of a old school all time team shaving company whose mother clients getting worked on right there. I'm uniquely suited this guy's was great with the over the swimming segment last week because I have and I swim cap already built and and of course I know a little something about shaving. And keeping itself nicely trimmed as well butts. If you don't know what you're doing. Here an adult but you don't feel like an adult this is the day we're gonna change your shaving in life you guys self. Your kids don't worry about it out here you've got a few years Salinas but everyone else pay attention when introduced you to John about this place had a job aren't. That's placement Manhattan. In the middle of you know got a lot of old school New Yorkers walking around but when they want in an American well this is that back you're absolutely. It you know skies and a boy Nolan hadn't seen. So he won't properly taught how to do it you could suffer from irritation in England has risen bumps so it's our job to. Guys went to best it's nice to possibly shady. Solutions is so let's talk about us this hospital and show me what you've depending on how. I've got to raises in my shower and got out of bar so anything that's got to know what else that I have. Yes. Parts. This is unique here is all locally manufactured tools all national high quality. Ingredient. Okay his delicate policy. It'll. That's the song. Protect the skin and it's more a blind. Great for guys who is sensitive irritation and growing areas reason clubs and. OK Curtis. Again get all mainly small batches you use this win over the underbrush. We offer a different sense to choose from and he seems really fresh. Creamy consistency. Also. Former race and ethnicity moms they're Richard Oliveira which isn't planning to eat holes targeting may need some help replenish. Ask you talk to a guy do they usually know that there is suffering from all be shaved burns thinks it is think this is normal. Possible we'll yes it will be you know some guys you know don't know there is the solution to we have some guys just say no I had no choice. Witness list there are options. And parents play recently think he's and products and techniques combined almost forget you can achieve better. Actually he was so we're here what do these. He's leather straps that you guys so successful. Restaurant and movie. You seem with a straight razor. It it's called stopping and you would stop the razor often times inside an eighth and maintains the edge of the street racer like. Well aren't you have street racers you can only have no way Aslan and business. Inside this. From the. Looks like we'll let me let you keep our distance Ruben. And you guys together and Alice be careful. There and it's not extremely. Shark requires a lot more skilled and a lot more time. His preference but. Here at any. Any guy who wants lavanchy. Live this or any blame reason for that matter. Safety razor into the game. The school was open and this looks like the racer Michel exit when you get in a little bit closer and this is much more old school yes I was an immediate daddy. Grant us that you. He's. Just like that any. It takes one at least save lives and blades here. And even whose. Just dropped it right down the senator yeah yeah. And close it now this we think it is great for guys and sense of irritation its cleaning and cutting technology to act. Here this little tunnel couldn go any content reason. Does G yeah camera. Police are we gonna teach me to day everyday teaching had a seven if you get in there and in the united Shea did this morning and are already this cute little yeah Kelly the basics like that and athletes. Absolutely acts level and you actually has customers here today right you are so let's let's meet one of our customers here let's get to work against him. What how he would teach somebody to shaped properly explain what you guys know how to do this again we can't sheet you through the TV you guys solicited again. And this is where all the action happens thank you act that's. I was this. How are you. And what's it like you know barbecue missiles. That it too. It nice and all yeah. He has three years and endless and people coming to get there they Erica but you what's different what are you guys Britain the other partners don't. But the bus. It's an excellent fascinating. And experience. Product's excellent excellent excellent so who do we Sunni Peterson's are is certain our patients here are customers this. The ultimate cheating it's the SUBS. Would let. It was and NASA's Mars let's get John in the chair here. And Johnny modify ask if you questions here so so where you're coming from right now John on workman's bird. Your lunch break when you're. Reverend record matters writer and a corner at the hotel and so what you hear and he does need to get a trip when you look at four. I'm nice clean shave some pounds less than have someone else who worked for you obviously do a lot of savings. Take a day off we next. And so I mean what went on here behind as saying it was that sometimes you know born even knowing how to shave properly and you feel. Stood up. And so we. Excellent will will get on bullets on hand here but un. Get to work here I know that. Might break a little bit but here's Luna the blue dot. Lugo an excellent one nice to meet you and so you are or. It's. Our have been lit the habit of signal trouble the year but that behind the money there could in Arlington Brad milky. And a lot of men in John we just met with going to be shaped by a proper barber named Linda I think I heard not ludicrous. Right right back and if you're wondering if that are reluctant to ask are that it. You ever again. What would you tell John and. And the joys. And excellence. All right we've loosens its tie and get ready. And so John tell us you know what when somebody shows up here and what was the sort of person telling about Kitna getting in shape. Sure as lieutenant clo Elizabeth the first and most important thing is you wanna just look at their skin tight. Bidders in the right to see which direction hair grows. Time and handles solid the whole city parks. Clients get comfortable. We do all the work for it is time to relax you know yeah. Away from the hustle bustle in the workplace then. Its experience and pampering them. An excellent excellent John how you feel about it. Just point out by the way the lack of hair on display today we got any. Six guests online behind John to you but it didn't look so they had more than anything people that sea level in almost all the time. But. And some well known. Which raisers using you can Sosa back here we'll use disposable straight razors and mandolin is an hour heating solutions. In the great experience. Disposable strictly of that that's what it's certainly easier showing him from yet so a salaam game. Look it looks like that but we insert clean racer for each customer. I'd ever since and New York City packaging complete answer to company so they changed it's. Grade and all we get set up right here is who's checking out her. Shaking patients fluids and it's not all would a nice steaming hot towel. And accountancy Italy yeah. Shaving in the Cheryl at this hour and soften up the pores over the over the course opens here on new disease steam coming man and a again. The scene and switches and the suit. You're telling me that you should basically cheating yourself you're fresh out of the shower. Or or maybe put a towel yourself to sort accurate and yet here that's a fast and cheating in the shower or at this people floor. This enemy and let the law school color. Scheme. It's open gate open records and written. I just close. Close in here is a must feel very comfortable excess you look right now so different from. This gets you should you can you. If you want to feel nice and comfortable in my outlook you know would look scary person person in near. I wandered into your apartment but you'll feel there. This and eluding. We have a signal that way and he's got as patients. And he's an old. That's Andy's old brick buildings you guys got signal problems in this but don't get much more old Salinas. You see a couple of these couple of these customers that are settling down. For a nice New York shape with the street let's let's go back in here and our partners here. It midtown Manhattan and looks like we are joining. It earned the right she is getting some that everybody looks at what's happening. Coming in and. I always funny. Recommend using drugs yeah. That is saying much easier C shower and some oil news. And then you want to run your impression. I. We've we can use them here. It's and I just ask you this Steve got just a little bits you can hear every word achieving magic here. He was the word art institute Jon ordered to guard Barbara what's the word on phone this so nice and phone you. We're gonna last fall when you when you have your keeping. Yeah he wants and then ladder and you know like food city flashbacks it's morning here at the barbershop. You make an action movie actually make it actually makes water and a sheet thing peninsula and he went to president Clinton's stances on hot Latin. And let loose at home she would she didn't crush and leave your religious put the brush and how water. Personal Fremont and landed directly on this scheme he had seen consistencies in Latin ability. You get by using a brush yeah. Excellent and so Andy Johnson quite a bit. Six how machine continues. You'd rather or graduate and under reviewed it sounds like Mexican. Question immediately and that adds a lot you know we are seeing here is a beard well laughter is. The job since really focus on that ended here well. That they hear on the complaint I accept more elastic so easily come off. Here it's more elastic and we are coming in right at critical moments here. He's got the laid out yet Johnson sat Zulu chief she's cleared the runway and machinists are achieving. With the green. Yeah including her years of some progress. Cheating with the grange scene and hair is growing what Harry is going down what it is now. Yeah all the pains every guy's different. He always wanted to see what direction your hair grows and it usually get closer shave you can always. Re implying the allegedly cost against the grain. Excellence and consume and how can you tell us where you're neighbors right to say I'm Erik Christensen. See Ortiz hits a host of the ways it. So if it feels are smoother is that the test and that cigarettes and cigarette tax credits can't see them. What are what are there any kind of treatment against the grain to get like an actual sponsors and and it's not going. Absolutely not and shaved off right actually had a lot of guys do but most importantly what you want to disperse refuse to hear sheet with a grain Ers. And thanks we like more cream and plus games for those machines. Joining us today you. You not you you're just a kid but you if you wanna know heart shaped like a man like a true adult. You know in adult now let had to do these things right so we are here with. John Artur guy here he owns that your shaving club the are barber and Shawna. Our. Our customer here who's learning was in. We're gonna go back to Brad Melky right now he's with our adult things theories he learned how to shape. Like a man and aunt and are they going to save your face for a. There. You guys. Would I allow someone to save this beautiful thing it would allow. Anyone to take a night to this beautiful piece of artwork you see before you may be the answer to that is is made and I let's turn back. It is time. And now to John we're we're we're just in each other's homes future here that you're talking about. Foam and a lot of us don't have this this sort of foam machine at home so what you. Put you have with the Russians and shaking handing it yeah. They aren't have it's an excellent. Credits killed when a night. That's followed original and over here. As you see we have. We have sink and right behind me here we have cabinet effort hot towels even a sterilized or area right here but. So John let me turn to can't. Right and what are we doing when we now. All right so what you can do. Emily distinction if that holds a buildup could last evening. About shaving creams. Right so if you do. Put this brush and the hot water. That's what depth. And when you're playing hurt us now. Her little and that's all. That's all the things they need so it's quite federal king what do bush and a cream so it isn't your thing is when you use a lot more green than any. So just pollute it right on the tip of the crash. You know working and what you think your just like there. Nothing is ever look at all wanted to live the build up eleven. Marshall you my hand him. So it's your client is we'll carry that rich. They're glad they're that we create. What the lab machines. The sort you have this you have this machine that is creating now what we're seeing right there. Exactly I think but it came with the purchase is don't work. The decree it into the air well making it softer than you do like this. I answer that Yugoslavia's already serves that you're shaving basically. Jay get an exception baker each evening to let her really good shape he won't pass. And that's what a little golf. Can do multiple passes Bill Clinton so before you. With the green all across the great. Important and I'll keep building sometimes wish they clatter and as green as its all locally manufactured to. About fifty miles from the store here. Clients are still creating phone and answer sort of adding water and air water and Harris continues to fall. What civic sedan at the mystery of the rush that's where we see these Russian gas. Are people really looking like rarely seen that buddies and they got these cool display is going on there and I don't even really nothing you must. No into their bathrooms and steal stuff. Just make a difference is always one store properly here's facing more. Spoke passengers exit with this and it's this brush here is like that for a reason yet aesthetically looks also. Even action W veterans well. You always want to storm brushed Harris is now. Net drops again sign we don't want answered. After care products here to write in a guess as we. Turn the camera around here in BC. John King pretty much finished up maybe we'll talk a little bit about after care Hannity here that scandalous. Colony bagel and I suffer from. Actually any and you want to use. It actually that designs replenish its. It is only went out there witch hazel inviting me. Ingredients that Huff I'm Stan and losing them. And apply. She's leaving. If excessively use we use cars power rose water. Which is a mild strangest. As Hennessey. This game. The issue to replenish the scheme essentially taking their scale so I was wondering entry scan. And if they should all listen to Sheen power. And the powers to see this game guys who from Eric patient through college to reduce friction. This into the unknown militant stripe of red pumps can cost exactly yeah that's the last I feel like it's getting. Excellence in Iowa and lewd how we doing over here as a how does your customer. John how are how are you feel if feeling. Don't think a lot of research it before it on. Product. We won't be the last. John Q does join us is taking a break from his hotel job it's been honest fetal of the day and hours coming over here are very relaxing. The Beijing salute has consistently recently these little bumps they get these little while it began maintenance. And became the coast. Hugs and that president bigot you know I have. Such an account. You know at this year's John Brantley I get these involves a little and I can tell it there's like little red spots in my years sometimes what you for that some free care things that you will lowly heat in slightly bigger problem for guys that let you. It had here we have a piece it wash and appeared Craig. Well targeted with a beer only did I guess you know those yet there were Friday. Let's look at that although we get John all set up with by the way. Giants had to tell back and estates that money is back. Everett it gently and and you gonna set up a mask that was Aaron Gray more than what he gets relaxed. Let's quickly this all the time here did learns good viewed here today. We tell. Here's a look at it doesn't want to create. City. Appear to wash. Which is a clean air for the theory is and live life essential at Kutztown area and all x.s and cash half. It's a mile and today. Seasons in Cleveland and folks on the big clean. And that's what two dollar bet billions. Peter Crane and that's in sued condition. No assurances that the.

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