Agents raid Jeffrey Epstein's NY mansion, find hundreds of nude photos

The wealthy financier and registered sex offender has been charged with sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy, with some charges dating back more than a decade.
5:17 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for Agents raid Jeffrey Epstein's NY mansion, find hundreds of nude photos
We begin with the latest on Jeffrey Epstein the wealthy finance here and registered sex offender who has been charged with sexual. Sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy. Some of those charges are dating back over and decades so our Tommy Thomas. Has the latest Tom. Hey Kimberly make a new leader Jeffrey Epstein is hoping it judge grants him bail but. Prosecutors are trying to fight that arguing that his extreme wealth including access to two private jets make him a flight risk. The FBI says when they raided his home here in Manhattan. They found hundreds if not thousands of photos of nude women many seeming to appear to be under age. Now yesterday we were there in port when he heard his charges Epstein pleading not guilty. His attorneys are arguing that this fuels like double jeopardy because years ago Epstein struck a deal with federal prosecutors in Florida over similar crimes grating and immunity. After he plead guilty to a lesser charge but prosecutors are now saying that was only for Florida not for New York. The US attorney who struck that deal with Alexander Acosta the current labor secretary and house speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is calling on him to resign. Kimberly. All right thank you Tom and Alice stay on the story and bring an air antics her ski thank you for being here today. A business started ask you why is this happening now that's a great question and we put that question to the US attorney in New York who brought the charges and really he didn't provide an answer because this is being investigated over the last fifteen years this case. Was about to be brought in 2008 before. Alex Acosta gave him a deal that Tom just outline. And it's sort of been around but now prosecutors are moving forward and it may be because. They read an account of the Miami Herald which detailed that it believed and secret deal. That Epstein had arranged and the victims have become more vocal as well saying that they've never had their day in court. And you heard US attorney Jeffrey Berman from the southern district of New York say. That the victims deserve their day in court and they're gonna get it. Now one thing I'm curious about you mentioned that this has been going on for awhile Powell was Jeffrey Epstein able to you need justice for so long well if you listen to his defense attorneys. He Epstein thought. They had what. Though the defense called uncle mobile solution to all of this he pleaded guilty to lesser state charges back in 2008 served thirteen months and and in a county jail if it wasn't there very much he was on work release for most of it. And he thought that. That was it and he's maintained his lavish lifestyle in fact his arrest on Saturday. Came when his private plane flew in from his residence in Paris and so he still maintain six residences including his own island in the Caribbean. He has infinite wealth prosecutors said and that's part of the reason why they consider him a risk of flight. Yes so a lot of people have said that this case was mishandled you know back in the day I'm in particular in the handling that. With Alexander Acosta who's now the labor secretary in the trump administration so what does that connection mean for this case what. If its interest in when when prosecutors yesterday said in open court that they had found nude photos of females many of whom appeared to be underage. Perhaps hundreds perhaps. Thousands of those. Images it it added. Fuel to that argument that if prosecutors knew about this back in 2008 Heidi let that guy. Get off so lightly and so there there are still nagging questions and in fact we just heard from. A Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on the senate floor say that that a Costa not only needs to answer this the Labor Department needs to to come clean. And if he doesn't want to resign he should be fired. On the other hand Acosta has said look this was a legitimate agreement it required Epstein to serve some time it wasn't. Terrible time but some time and he had to register as a sex offender so Acosta has defended this deal. But it puts the Justice Department interestingly on two sides of the coin. All on one hand this was negotiated in secret and they're not supposed to do that the accusers are supposed to have a say and so the Justice Department on one hand. Is saying look we kind of messed up a little bit right now they're saying that the accusers need their day in court so date they are saying that. Four for at steams victims and they've they've asked for more to come forward this may finally be the justice that they're seeking. What does this say about our justice system though in general though when someone. Like Jeffrey Epstein is getting these sweetheart deals. For many and this deal was controversial from the start that this is rich person's justice someone who has. You know really isolated lives literally in a palace one of that. Nicest homes in Manhattan on east 71 street and a palatial estate in Palm Beach to say nothing of his home in Paris and the place in the US Virgin Islands in the place on the other Caribbean island and somebody who. Had connections and who had money and who was able to get himself a rather lenient deal by all accounts. On the other hand prosecutors say. None of that matters now because they filed these federal sex trafficking charges he faces 45 years in prison which at age 66 could amount to a life sentence if found guilty.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"The wealthy financier and registered sex offender has been charged with sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy, with some charges dating back more than a decade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64219309","title":"Agents raid Jeffrey Epstein's NY mansion, find hundreds of nude photos","url":"/US/video/agents-raid-jeffrey-epsteins-ny-mansion-find-hundreds-64219309"}