Alabama Senate passes controversial ban on abortion

The law would be the most restrictive abortion law in the U.S. when it goes into effect.
4:06 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for Alabama Senate passes controversial ban on abortion
We begin in Alabama the state senate has just approved one of the most controversial abortion laws. In the countries I wanna go to Abby crane she's a reporter from -- dot com. With more abbey I just want you to tell us what makes this the most restrictive ban yet. Earth are actually not like yeah our yeah knock it into line yet but yeah it just an. The controversial and uncaring. And no exception. There's no exemption incest. The demand. Democratic and try you pretty anatomy and then last night or else. I'm. Deafening engines currently extreme medical condition that they're. The challenge to it is. You're big challenge the big breakthrough or not relate. He and I just want you to give us an idea of what the environment was like last night as this was as this was passed. It was can't. I was opening gallery over the public it would packs tourists. Company air and a lot of protesters I guess that inmates from inmates hill. Some people unable. Coding or interpret. The way it. Let me used. Oh port and it'll tanks there after. They finally did it ever. You're got three hours. I believe me it end. A lot of our. She then did not being. Are they not siding with the investors still in. There is really an additional global interests are rational they're. Saturday jingle and her gun and tear that we're really talking about how he or she. His daughter's. But ultimately it. Yep pretty tense it sounds like so. I want to also bring in doctor you Shik a Robin saying. With physicians for reproductive health. Come doctor Robin saying you're an OB GUI in an Alabama and you called this bill in the statement that you wrote a grave mistake that would have a disastrous effect. On people in the state why do you say that. Mainly because. We understand that abortion is here women's horse for several reasons. And this will. As far as. Treating it and I are complicated pregnancy. Limits physician since. They're make good decisions. That's while it's not here. Yen so again one of the reasons it's one of the most restrictive bans to passing the senate is because. It it doesn't make any exemptions for rape or incest what were you feeling when you. Solvent that went through. How is deeply disturbed. Seeing that at Alabama made a statement so when it meant. That's our how much they are you us how much they value. Our understanding our health and our abilities as far as raising Italy's. Women are often cornerstone believes they know what they can and cannot dean they know what is best and I think that they can make those decisions along what they're out here rider. Com and street readiness news. And and finally before we go on as Abbie mentioned the bill passed but it actually. Isn't in effect yet what do the people in Alabama need to know about what's next. Eat fat people in Alabama need to know that we are still here taking here what remembered I didn't see you so rights and as lung cancer make sure this continues to be L won't elect he's at the past so you just focusing autopsy and take your. East news RA doctor you seek a Robinson an abbey crane. With a L dot com thank you both for joining us we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"The law would be the most restrictive abortion law in the U.S. when it goes into effect. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63053267","title":"Alabama Senate passes controversial ban on abortion","url":"/US/video/alabama-senate-passes-controversial-ban-abortion-63053267"}