Alyssa Byrne: Teen Missing in Nevada

The 19-year-old California woman was last seen by friends on New Year's Eve.
1:27 | 01/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alyssa Byrne: Teen Missing in Nevada
Hope is that she's out there and -- if you are. -- -- Today new information confirming activity on the -- -- cell phone after midnight but that's an activity it's either a call or a text. It is an activity at 003. Investigators confirm either call or Texas placed from -- -- Later than earlier reported but caution it does not mean the phone with an -- possession. Tweets from a Twitter user by the name of unless burned one posted these messages on New Year's Eve. After tonight you'll never be a part of my life and just lost all my trust in the person I trusted the most we've seen those and -- are still a debate as to the actual author of those tweets -- -- was attending the snow -- began in -- on New Year's Eve but she left the party into the shuttle back to the hotel we do have a credible eyewitness he talked to were in the horizon hotel casino. No one has seen her since Byrd's friends look for her -- went home with her things when it was time to check out of the hotel I want everyone to know that she's a wonderful kid. What are we -- -- sheriff's deputies tell ABC 7 NEWS finding Alyssa is their top priority. Teams of investigators are looking through hours of surveillance tape from the casino. A job that could take days and may now produce any -- so she very well could be on the casino floor not beyond any camera footage.

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{"id":18131055,"title":"Alyssa Byrne: Teen Missing in Nevada","duration":"1:27","description":"The 19-year-old California woman was last seen by friends on New Year's Eve.","url":"/US/video/alyssa-byrne-teen-missing-nevada-18131055","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}