Amazon faces backlash from New York City locals after canceling HQ2 plans

The tech giant decided to pull out of the planned Long Island City site after local opposition.
3:34 | 02/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amazon faces backlash from New York City locals after canceling HQ2 plans
Interior city a lot of people are not that's not happy with Amazon's decision to. Not build HQ to their second headquarters in New York's. Long Island City residents I talk to about it said it it would have transformed queens but then there are local politicians that are. Are thrilled at the idea that the were able to deter Amazon from. Building in New York's Long Island City for the latest on this let's check in with ABC's will Reeves. Will what are you hearing. While a Stephanie just over my shoulder our across the East River is the location in Long Island City where Amazon. Had decided to build its HQ two after a long years long searched scanned visit canvassing cities. Across the country. They finally decided after meeting with New York City and state officials earlier this week that the deal would not go through. And the reason is because they felt that quote they needed positive collaborative relationships. With elected officials and they felt they weren't going to get that what. Did the whole crux of this thing was a three billion dollar incentive. Deal that was gen there was. Predicated on. Tax revenue generation and job creation 25000. High paying jobs Amazon said would be coming. Too Long Island City just a short subway ride away from Manhattan. But opponents of the deal like progressive politicians including Alexandria. Casio Cortez and local council members said. That rent hikes would come with HQ two home displacement including being in the form of gentrification. All this stuff was going to happen they cents a day. Fought back a small but fierce campaign. Of sorry supporters of the project included more mainstream politicians like. Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor build applause you they're normally. Like oil and water but on this they were like peanut butter and jelly working in tandem to bring the project here. Because of the jobs that it was going to create the economic stimulus. Andrew Cuomo released his stating yesterday. When this deal the falling through this deal was announced he said quote a small group of politicians. Put their own narrow interest above their community through the New York State Senate has done tremendous didn't damage they should be held accountable. For this lost economic opportunity Stephanie. And will have you heard of where those potential 25000 jobs that we're going to these New York offices have you heard where they're going now. Well they're going to be spread out cities like Chicago. Austin, Texas even up to Toronto keep in mind there already 5005000. Amazon employees in New York City now. I spoke to one of them yesterday actually. Who works at the Hudson yards location on the west side of Manhattan. She said that frankly the employees are never kind of happy did they didn't have to move. But those 25000. Jobs are going to be spread out Amazon right now says they don't intend to. Find a new city for HQ two of course they have another HQ to being built right outside of Washington DC but. It's been awarded reopen the search they can go nearby here the city of Newark less than twenty miles from where I'm standing right now. Offered a similar tax incentive. Deal to Amazon for seven billion dollars vs New York city's three Stephanie. All right well thank you so much ABC's will Reeves for us thank you for the very Lee is song that.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"The tech giant decided to pull out of the planned Long Island City site after local opposition. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61105627","title":"Amazon faces backlash from New York City locals after canceling HQ2 plans","url":"/US/video/amazon-faces-backlash-york-city-locals-canceling-hq2-61105627"}